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    Thread: control or not?

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      control or not?

      normal dream lucid false wake

      the night after i first came across this site and read almost everything i had a dream..

      me and few of my friend at my elementary school and we were talking and there was a leopard wondering around us(i think i dreamt it because i've been planning to buy leopard gecko these days) and i suddenly realised, leopard?, i must be dreaming. i became very excited and thought: i can now do everything i want, so i looked at the sky, still with the icandoeverything feeling, and the sky changed color from orange to blue and reverse a few times really fast. i awaked and wrote down in my DJ what i have dreamt , after that i woke up for real.

      it's weird because i didn't want the sky to change color, i just wanted to change something..talk to me, i tottaly new to this..
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      When you looked at the sky and thought of change, it changed. It probably wasn't your intention, just your subconscious linked the two together as a schema, therefore changing the sky color.

      A schema is a relationship between two objects, like a pencil and a backpack.
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      Congrats on your LD!
      It is the same as if you look at a digital clock in a dream. If you concentrate, even mildly, stuff will happen.
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