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    Thread: How old were you and what is your 1st recalled LD?

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      How old were you and what is your 1st recalled LD?

      Intro: I was six years old and I remember being in a dream, knowing I was dreaming, but could not reach the door that I thought would pull me out of it.

      LD: I was in my yard at home and there was a large German Shepherd snarling behind me. I used all the kinetic energy my body had and flew up into a pine tree. I clung on as the dog jumped and was able to bite my wrist. After awhile, the dog gave up and wondered off. Climbing down out of the tree as fast as I could and running around the house to first door I could find was all in slow motion. My conscious mind and physical body reacted with fear, screaming at myself to move faster, heart pounding, losing my breath.

      I woke up briefly only to force myself to go back to sleep to finish the dream.

      In the front yard of my home the dog was glaring at me from across the lawn. Snarling, snapping in the air, ready to take off running. I was about 15 feet from the door to get inside. I tried to move but my legs would not budge. The dog took off straight for me. The sound of its paws on the ground were thunderous. Just as the dog lunged my hand reached the doorknob. The air from the dog’s mouth, as it chomped down, blew my light blond hair away from my ear. The door, a portal, away from the attack. It was over.

      I woke up immediately and wish now that I had the understanding of what that door truly meant.

      Open to feedback and comments on the true validity of my interpretation of a lucid dream that I remember having years ago.
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      First off, hey! Happy first post!

      Doors are often seen as portals. It is a common lucid dreaming technique to use doors as a means of teleportation or changing the dream scene.
      It sounds like you naturally went for the door as a "way out", and your mind automatically fulfilled your desire by taking you away from the attack once you reached the door.

      Did you realize it was a dream before you woke up in the middle there? Or was it only the second half that you knew it was a dream?

      My first lucid dream that I can recall was when I was a child. Dunno if you know the movie "Spy Kids", but the dream was based on that. I remember realizing it was a dream so I grabbed some cool gadgets and put them in my pocket in the hopes that they would come home with me, into waking life. Needless to say, I woke up disappointed.

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      I was 16 and the dream was of climbing the stairs in my house but things were foggy and moving felt weird. I realized I was in a dream and looked into the next room. I awoke after only 30 seconds or so.
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      I was around 13 or 14 when I had my first intentional LD. It wasn't anything special, just a little 5 second LD, then I woke myself up.

      My actual first one happened when I was about 7-8 years old. I dreamt I was at church, the sky was red, and people's heads were exploding, blood and all. I wanted to get out of the dream, but it took longer than it did. Pretty freaky.
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      I was about five when I had my first lucid. Welcome to the forum!
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