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    Thread: What is your country like?

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      What is your country like?

      Assuming your country is small you could probably do the whole thing, but if it's not or you just don't want to, state/province or city would be cool too.

      I was really curious when someone posted on here "My dreams have block cities, like the ones in America." "What other kinds of cities are there?" was my reaction, and I felt woefully ignorant.

      I've been to Canada, Mexico, Belize, and Jamaica, and have traveled around a ton of the US, but nothing compares to the view of someone who actually lives there.

      Texas: (if anyone wants more pictures, I can post some. It really is beautiful here. Max 5 images per post though.)

      I realize Texas is not a country, but the place is so huge and diverse there is no way I could go into the rest of the US (which I'm not even that familiar with, having just passed through a lot of places.) And I can't even do all of Texas, I've never been up in the panhandle. And if anyone lives in these varying areas and I've screwed up somewhere, let me know, I've only been in some of these places less than a week.

      Texas is beautiful, whatever your tastes. Now bear in mind that I've only lived in central Texas, so if anyone wants to add anything that'd be great, and these are massive generalizations. There are a lot more regions, you can see a list here.

      East Texas has tons of pine forests, (It's called Piney Woods, yay creativity). It's really green, so anyone who tells you Texas is all desert is lying their ass off.
      Spoiler for Piney Woods:

      Then you've got West Texas. West Texas is extremely dry, and parts of it are like a desert. There are plateaus and stuff there. Before you get to the desert areas though, there are farms and wind farms, if I remember correctly (it's been a while.)
      Spoiler for West Texas:

      There's the Hill Country, which is one of my favorite areas. It is very hilly (again, creativity), and usually has lots and lots of trees.
      Spoiler for Hill Country:

      I shall neglect South Texas because I haven't really been there apart from Padre Island to go to the beach, or San Antonio which is at the very northern part.

      Now I live in the Edwards Plateau area, which includes Austin. Lots of cities and suburbs around here. We do have trees, but they are not tall and pretty like East Texas. Don't really get a lot of rain (sometimes a month or two can pass without it). It's usually kind of humid and hot, around 100 F in the summer and 40-50 F in the winter. I've only seen snow maybe 7 times in my life, 6 of those where I live, only 3 of those have actually landed on the ground, and only 2 of them I can remember. My snowman was more like a mudman, and I had to take all of my neighbor's snow to do it. Freezing is much more common, usually happens in February.

      Austin: Austin is weird. That's their slogan: Keep Austin Weird. I haven't lived there but I've been there plenty of times, traffic is a bitch. To me the whole place seems a bit dirty their school system is not the greatest, and they have lots of homeless people, but one thing Austin does have is fun. It is full of wacky artistic people, musicians, oddballs, those kinds of people. It has tons of interesting places to visit, tons of live music, interesting parties, and the like. Some of these include Austin City Limits, Eeyore's Birthday Party, SXSW, and also hosts Lollapalooza. And you have 6th Street, which is like party central. There's a street near UT (I forget) that has tons of vendors selling handmade items, street artists, and the like. Very cool stuff.
      Spoiler for Austin:

      And you have suburbs scattered around. Very tight spaces. I'd like to post examples of houses, but don't have enough images remaining for this post Typical brick stuff, ranging from nice to shabby, and you get some really nice stuff around the rich part of Austin. I went to a house that was huge, had a secret room, marble floors, I think marble countertops, a pool, a hot tub, and a private boat dock onto Lake Travis o_o

      People are usually very nice, and we do have the whole "Texas Pride" thing going. I'm not sure why that is, it's more of a cultural thing than any pride in say, the Texas government or anything like that. We do have a lot of Texas history courses, Texas government, etc. Also if you know anything about Texas history, it's cultivated a lot of rugged people with rugged individualism. I think the very most part of why we have Texas pride is because other people take notice. No offense to anyone, but no one really seems to care if you're from Ohio. People do care if you say you're from Texas. They have an assumption that we will have a shitton of pride and while we do have some, we just fill that role.

      So yes, I do say that I'm a Texan before I say I'm an American. It was an amusing conversation with one of my friends that moved here from Virginia, she said "So you consider yourself a Texan?" and I said "Yep. So you're still a Virginian?" and she frowned at me and said "No. I'm an American."

      And we don't have tons of rodeos, at least not in this area. I don't know why everyone thinks rodeos are huge here. I have been to some before, but that's not the point. They are fun. In fact, my uncle moonlights as a trick roper. But again, not the point.
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      Since I won't bother posting about America (many people on DV live here and others know it well) I'll talk about New York State. Not the city, the state.

      I don't live near the city, I live in what we call central New York but everyone near NYC calls it upstate. If you were here you wouldn't think you're in New York. Nearly everyone likes the Red Sox, my town is filled with very conservative people (NY is democrat), there's hunting everywhere and some people even speak with a bit of a southern twang despite being born and raised here for generations. My town is very small (1500 residents) and the only supermarket is a convenient store, but down the road about 20 miles is an actual grocery store.

      I live right between Lake Ontario and Oneida Lake so boating is very common, as well as ice fishing. I live about 40 minutes north of a ski area so I do that in the winter a lot as well. The Adirondacks are to the north (mountains) and the Catskills to the southeast which makes camping a breeze. The summers are normally 70s and 80s and the winters are normally in the teens or 20s, though the occasional below zero day is common.

      My neighborhood is a bit more upscale, most houses being around 2000-2500 sq. ft. but just across the way is an apartment complex and down the road is a large trailer park. I live about 200 yards from a river which makes swimming and fishing easy to do but a rare occurrence since everyone seems to have pools (idk why). Behind my house (what separates us from the apartments) are some peculiar woods; they were planted by some random person about 60 years ago and are all pine trees planted in perfect rows. There are no branches on the lower part of the trees since no sunlight reaches them which makes trekking back there quite easy.

      Now the city, that's a-whole-other beast. I've visited quite often and it's similar to on t.v. but not quite the same. Random crap doesn't happen on every corner and everyone pretty much ignores you, unless you're in a car in which case everyone wants to kill you. Long Island is quite upscale and very expensive to live in and the residents also have an accent which I find quite funny. The roadside carts often have the tastiest food, so I love going to them and grabbing a bag full of roasted nuts or even a hot dog. (No ketchup, ketchup is the devil's sauce!)

      The Adirondacks to the north can be quite desolate, resembling Canadian forests and northern New England. The whole area is dotted with lakes and rivers which can take days to go through just one line of rivers and lakes. The mountains also make great skiing.

      Well, there's not much else to it. I live in a quiet little town about 30 minutes from a fairly large city (Syracuse, around 250,000), 30 minutes from two major lakes, 2 minutes from a river, 2 hours from a huge mountain range/state park, and 5 hours from New York City. Imagine West Virginia only colder and snowier with some big lakes; that's where I live.
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      Hey, NewArtemis. Glad you like Austin!

      If you ever want pics of Texas, let me know.

      <<<<from Austin
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      Guam is an...interesting little island.

      It's a constant 80 degrees here. All the houses out in town are very old and run-down with weathering. Junked cars everywhere. Feral dogs and cats everywhere. Everything is over-priced.

      The locals are all very kind people. Spam and rice is a staple food here.

      It's a very nice place to visit, but not a place to live.

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      I went to the small town of Launceston yesterday on the way back from my sister's house. There is a great second-hand bookshop in the shopping arcade.

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      It's got pointy green bits and flat brown bits and cold bits and hot bits and a bunch of other bits. I live in the pointy green bits.

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