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    Thread: DreamViews Easter Egg Dyeing Contest 2015

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      DreamViews Easter Egg Dyeing Contest 2015

      Hey everyone! It is I, Mismagius again, here with a new and fun event for everyone! DreamViews's first ever annual Easter egg dyeing contest! Let me explain how it works and some of the rules before you guys get dyeing! (^_^)

      There are three categories you can submit Easter eggs to, Painted, Photoshopped, and Photographed. Painted is for an image of an Easter egg that has been drawn or painted, the painting or drawing can be done with real paint/pencil or digitally, whichever you prefer.

      Photoshopped is for Easter eggs that have been virtually dyed with an image editing software, doesn't have to be photoshop. Just get an image of an egg and dye it by changing it's color, you can also add on symbols or little pictures. Finally, Photographed is for Easter eggs you've actually dyed and taken a picture of.

      Up to three images can be submitted per category, the eggs can be dyed in any color(s) with any designs and markings or images you want on them (as long as it isn't obscene), and there are no restrictions on the amount of Easter eggs in a picture. Submissions will be accepted for a week, after a week voting will commence.

      Once your eggs are dyed just post the image(s) to this thread and state what category or categories they're for.

      I hope you guys have fun! I know I always do when dyeing Easter eggs (^-^)

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      If you got 'em, dye 'em : D

      Happy Easter!

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      I dyed this one today at my Oma's house :O
      I suppose it's more painted than dyed XD
      Oh well lol
      This would be in the Photographed category I guess XD
      (though really I just wanna show off my pretty swirls lol)

      From another angle, but the same egg:
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      So my niece didn't end up dying all the 5 dozen eggs, so i quickly drew music genres on them with the wax crayon and plopped em in dye before all the stuff was picked up off the table cx


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