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    1. Happy Birthday.
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      Happy birthday again ! Spooky how time goes by
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      Oooh happy birthday!
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      Thanks man!
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      Hey Box, I'll reply to the rest of your PM when I have time, but have you tried Zoth's Mental Map Recall method? Just take out the space:
      htt p://www.dreamviews.com/dream-signs-recall/136753-mmr-mental-map-recall-whole-new-way-recalling-journaling-your-dreams.html
      That might suit you better, or perhaps voice recording your journal entries instead of writing?
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      I keep them in a box next to the Christmas ornaments. Want one?
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      Hi hi, ofc I'm not down, I still keep browsing threads every now and then and learning more about LDing ~ though I'm much more less active
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    Winter competition 2024 - Nights 5-8 (10-13.01.2024)

    by Box77 on 01-14-2024 at 07:00 PM
    Night 5 -10.01-


    Night 6 -11.01-

    Ö/immerse into work activity. We get a task to work in couples. Each one becomes a contract to work with. One of my kids is t doing something there/Ö

    Ö/I see my English neighbor has cut her hair. She looks angry. Her mother is around while sheís sweeping the street next to a small park in front of her place. I ask her if sheís angry for something because of her face expression. She goes mad and we start discussing about something. Her mother gets something like a stroke but not really, I think to myself ďItís because of her advanced ageĒ and somebody has to call emergency. I donít have a phone at hand. My neighbor goes dancing on a stage while her mother waits for help somewhere else. Thereís a festival show taking place on the second floor of the house surrounding the park which now is on its yard. The dreamscape then fuses into my grandparents house where thereís much more activity than usual/Ö

    Ö/Iím going with somebody to a known place, she turns into S. Thereís a couple of buildings joined with a bridge around. Itís recent dreamscape. I notice Iím not wearing any jacket. I see a jacket hanging inside a room. It looks like a Kindergarten dressing room when we get in. I turn to see we have nothing to do there. We better go now but trying not to be noticed by the parents who are playing with their kids in the front yard of the place. One of them throws a black plane with a gadget. They follow its flight. I turn to see it looks like a raven figure. It gets stuck on the roof, they laugh because it looked like the bird landed by itself/Ö

    Ö/There's somebody saying that the police is searching random houses by tricking the people somehow to catch drug dealers. They notice because of a mark left on their lips by the use of a pipe/Ö

    Ö/Itís an apparent that mixes with one of my childhood classrooms. Itís white. Iím not sure who owns this place, possibly S. N went out to meet her friends. I go to the corridor to do something. When I turn to get in again I see a piece of paper on the upper left corner. It looks like it was part of a bigger picture and was left behind by the former owner. It depicts a an Asian dragon similar to some I drew long ago for a design project. I want to take a picture to compare with mine. I turn to look for my phone and turn on the camera app. Then I cannot find the piece of paper. It takes a while to find it again. Thereís a second corner of a picture but less visible/Ö

    Night 7 -12.01-

    Ö/We are with S on my dadís bed. Itís a mixture of places again. We see some small insects popping out of her blankets. I slap the first one out with my finger. The second one jumps on my voice recorder when I put it close. Then I bring it to the window. A centipede now comes out of the mattress. Itís disgusting and she wants it out of here. I thought she was going to start a show but she didnít/Ö

    Ö/I see a reel of a beauty contest. The winner is carrying a white dress and turns to receive the price. She has a huge red spot on her butts, itís an embarrassing situation/Ö

    Ö/I see something I did on a list on paper. Has something to do with music and some explanations. I don get to see what Iím trying to show with the arrow I drew to the right side of the list. Iím trying to figure out what I wanted to say. There are some Chinese characters somewhere. Iím at work. The list has YouTube links on it and I can see a short clip telling in documentary mode saying something and that the guitar player didnít mind, then again something about the bass player and that he didnít mind neither while the video shows a very raw zoom in and out of their instruments. I hear a techno song fragment singing ďI wanna be an AngelĒ/Ö

    Night 8 -13.01-

    Ö/itís sort of big auto repair shop. Thereís a lot of junk. The place is dirty with low illumination. Some corners are very dark. Thereíre different levels of the junk/Ö

    Ö/again my grandparents house. Something about some lists and Google maps is not showing the actual position but you may use a reference to locate it/Ö

    Ö/Iím shopping somewhere when I turn to see a big wall of peanut packages. Thereís somebody saying we can have them for breakfast. I think theyíre a snack for cheat talk or something like that. I see the cutlery must be organized, itís random set on the box/Ö

    Ö/some family recent stuff waiting to be done and more stress of work/Ö

    I lost many of the fragments dictating them on the back of my mind with the voice recorder on pauseÖ

    Updated 01-14-2024 at 07:21 PM by Box77

    dream fragment , side notes , non-lucid

    Winter Competion 2024 - Nights 1 - 4 (06-09.01.2024)

    by Box77 on 01-10-2024 at 07:32 PM
    Night 1:

    Dream fragment: Ö/Iím standing on my way home from work at a park. I see wagons from my work coming right where I am. I arrange some stuff on them and let them turn to my left and let them move along the street/Ö

    Night 2&3:

    No recall

    Night 4:

    Dream fragment: Ö/Iím traveling in a bus that has white tables on some seats disposed in zig-zag. Some people are complaining because of the asymmetrical distribution of the seats with tables. I see nothing wrong with that disposition, it must be that way/Ö
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Nights 11 & 12 - Aut Comp 2023 (11-12.09.2023)

    by Box77 on 09-13-2023 at 09:02 PM
    Night 11

    Ö/I turn and cross a door when somebody at my back says: ďHere we Ďflayí because of we f*ck and playĒ/Ö I woke up remembering that

    Night 12

    Ö/Iím in front of the model of a modern large house in the mountains. Iím carefully placing some round transparent reddish covering plastics on the courtyards to protect the next places Iím planning to go. Iím wearing skin colored stockings/Ö

    Nigjts 7-10 Aut Comp 2023

    by Box77 on 09-11-2023 at 10:15 PM
    07.09 - Night 7

    Ö/I get into a new section of the sorter, itís main purpose is to heal books. Here fall all books that got damaged along the process of distribution. The books this time are modern paperback versions. Thereís a book with pink cover on top of one of the piles on the plates.
    I donít see itís going to work, I have my doubts about the process. Itís not my task today anyway, Iím too wide away from my working place where Iím sorting stuff for titles for its placement or something like that. Weíre moving to another section of the sorter, we have to board a train. There are people from the design area. The big J is there/Ö


    I succeeded to incubate the dream back again but failed to recognize when it started

    Ö/itís the same new section, thereíre other paperback books piled there. Iím leaving the section now and I can see now the creeper of my living room hanging in a precarious way next to the sorter. Iím afraid itís going to fall, I try to fix it into a better position while the sorter keeps moving. Iím trying to figure out whatís the logic of this new station. Each book has some values, like RPG cards. And they must be placed on their corresponding plate according to those numbers for the machine to take them to their new location or something like that . Thereís a guy wearing glasses working on the first plate. He shouldnít be there handling books because of his task has nothing to do with books. Heís taking the books away from where they should be taken by the machinery. I think to myself: ďNow I see why itís not workingĒ/Ö

    08.09 - Night 8

    This time the dream was too abstract to recall a full sequence, Iím moving into thoughts and the scenery changes too fast to recall more

    Ö/I see some coworkers, old J is there. They twist and fall into big woks like theyíre sort of omelettes. Other stuff turns around and moves on/Ö

    09.09 - Night 9

    Ö/Iím on a train arriving at a train station. I see some cops with dogs doing their job/Ö

    Ö/I see my daughter is watching films In a strange language. I cannot understand what the actors are saying. Look like a live show comedy/Ö

    10.10 - Night 10

    No recall, got too few hours of sleep, then must go back to work

    Day 6 - Aut Comp 2023 / 06.09

    by Box77 on 09-07-2023 at 11:46 PM
    Ö/Thereíre groups of cartoon like fat people with small thin heads, wearing coats. Some of them are wearing big round hats. Theyíre standing on platforms at different heights. Thereís something like a huge tonearm of a turntable switching from one group to another. They follow its inducted instructions and sing along a melody. Some seem not to know the lyrics and start improvising. I donít like it although itís not bad the result. I go down to the lower level of the system. I get to the small yard of my grand parentís house. The couch of the small living room is out there and another sofa. A short haired arrogant looking pretty girl around 20 is laying along the couch, with the head on the coach arm and both legs crossed on the couch back. Sheís wearing black stockings, mini skirt, plaid shirt and a jacket. I want to correct her posture without being direct to avoid rebellious confrontations, just by sitting next to her in order to force her to put the legs down. She doesnít look clean. I donít want to get too close to her feet, sheís not wearing shoes. I sit and she turns to put her legs on the table in front of the couch. I think: Thatís not the best but much better. I ask for a kiss as reward. Sheís angry/Ö

    Ö/Thereís something with my dad/Ö

    My daughter slammed the bathroom door when I was recalling the segments of this dream. That blocked my recall while I was remembering more details and lost the rest of the dream