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    Comp Night 1: Lucid, 2 out of 3 Steps Completed

    by , 03-30-2024 at 03:04 PM (78 Views)
    Asleep around midnight. Awake around 6:00-6:30, having trouble getting back to sleep.

    Fragment 1: Lurkers

    Something about the game Lurkers.io. Trying to carry a bomb from the right side of the screen to the left.

    Asleep again some time after 7:00, Iím guessing.

    Fragment 2: Lab Work

    In the lab, doing something.

    Bathroom Lucid (Lucid)

    Some things about robots. Someone activated a sort of attack/defense robot, and there is something going on with it. Then someone is talking about a time when a creepy child-looking entity showed up and was at his elbow.

    Later, we are walking along with an android, that says it has to use the bathroom. It is carrying around a large glass flask of some liquid, which it wants to go empty in a restroom. We get to where we were going, and the robot goes downstairs to where a restroom is. I decide that I want to go too, and follow him. The restroom is possibly one that I had visited before (or dreamed that I had), but it is now the future and Iím looking to see what changes have been made.


    Around this point, I also seem to be aware that Iím dreaming, but itís one of those dreams where I seem to have just been kind of vaguely assuming it was a dream Ė almost like dreaming that I knew it was a dream instead of actually being lucid. However, when I find a stall in a restroom, I actually become lucid. I remember the 3-step task. First, I do a reality check/stabilization by looking at my hand and counting the fingers. Not surprisingly, I have trouble counting. I think about using the bathroom, but then I realize that that would be a waste of lucid dreaming time since I can use the bathroom when Iím awake. I start walking out of the bathroom, and remember the second of the three step task: eat/drink something. It doesnít really matter what, since itís a dream, so I look around for something that I can try to eat. I think I try some small cardboard or plastic box at first, but have a little trouble. Then I find a small plastic pouch, which I might ďwillĒ into containing a sort of soapy liquid inside. I bite into this and swallow some of the liquid. Surprisingly, it seems to have a strong and a terrible taste, making me gag and want to vomit. Iím a bit worried that I didnít fully swallow it though, so I choke down another swallow.

    I think I might lose my lucidity around here somewhere. I find myself walking back from somewhere, outside now. I remember having had a lucid dream, but I think I'm awake. At another point I think Iím going back to a bathroom. There is some strange guy around crying about something Ė he is looking for help, but doesnít seem to be quite normal. I want to go hide in the bathroom.

    Something about going into the mouth of a large fish. There is some sort of TV show Ė hosted by Jerry Lewis, apparently. But this might just be a documentary about the show. Inside the fishís mouth is a small auditorium.
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    1. Gejoh's Avatar
      I haven't had a taste in a lucid dream yet, did it remind you of anything?
    2. cedwards105's Avatar
      If I remember correctly, it had a really bitter, soapy taste. Not surprising, I guess. It was one of the strongest things I have tasted so far. A while back though I had an ice cream bar that was fairly satisfying, and I was pleased with myself for getting a "free" ice cream bar by lucid dreaming.