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    Lucid harp playing

    by , 09-19-2011 at 06:02 AM (335 Views)
    I am outside in my backyard or something similar in the winter looking for a large harp with my friend Jesse. We go along the side of the house and I spot it. The french teacher is going to get there first! Oh no, if she gets there first we'll fail! She's about to touch it but I dive for it and grab it. I'm about to play when I realize that this is a dream! I say so, and Jesse is like "Yah man its a dream!" I don't know what to play, but I start to pluck the strings. It sounds beautiful and I'm shocked that I am able to do this. Its a decending scale I'm playing, and I'm plucking two strings at a time going down the scale. Theres a pitch difference between each string in the couple, it sounds really nice like something from ancient greece or something. I start to screw up, and am worried that I'm going to screw up even more, so I do and it starts to sound horrible. I try and convince myself that I can do it but theres just too much self doubt and it doesn't improve. The professor tells me that it will sound much better in real life.

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