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    I've had several lucid dreams since from an early age, but they have been infrequent in occurrence. Recently decided to devote serious study to the skill of LDing so I can have them at will. Another great interest of mine is metaphysics.
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    Metaphysics, Astral Projection/Lucid Dreaming, Johann Sebastian Bach, Classical Guitar, Chess
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    LD#7 DILD (VBIM + Mindfulness)

    by AstronomyDomine on 04-13-2017 at 04:52 PM
    I am already flying around aimlessly in a non-lucid dream, when suddenly I realize I am dreaming. I look over and notice a female DC, whom I do not recognize from WL. We start exploring the scenery together by flying into a dark office building and wandering amidst the empty corridors. I am giving her instructions on what to do in this LD. The lights abruptly come on and I discover we are in an office break room, with a sink, cabinets and a refrigerator. The female DC is sitting on a shelf near the sink in a dish of what appears to be lemon-scented soap. Because I plan on going down on her, I ask her not to get soap all over her ass. She hops off the shelf and we leave the kitchen. As we leave, I take her arm and pull her into me, saying "This is what I want to do first." We begin to kiss and undress each other. I gently lay her down on the kitchen floor and mount her. But at the moment penetration I suddenly hear the sound of a toilet flushing. I realize this is my wife coming back to bed after using the bathroom. This jolts me and the DC girl fades beneath me. I can't stabilize and soon awaken. Dreamt 3/7/2017

    Updated 04-14-2017 at 06:29 PM by AstronomyDomine


    Matilda Mother: Never Ending Omega-3 Fish Oil

    by AstronomyDomine on 04-12-2017 at 03:02 PM
    Last night I was reading a book called The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep, and ran across the term "Mother Tantra" before I fell asleep. When I dreamt, I heard the Pink Floyd song Matilda Mother playing over and over again, as though in a loop. In the dream I am opening up a vitamin bottle of Omega-3 Fish Oil and trying to extract its contents. All the capsules have melted together, however, to form a gelatinous stream of goop that comes out of the bottle like a long octopus tentacle. The tentacle is golden-translucent and slightly sweet to the taste. I cannot bite through it. While I am gnawing on it, I continually hear Syd Barrett's voice singing the versus and chorus of the song.

    I soon find myself holding another vitamin bottle. This one has individual red beans covered in a clear slime. The slimy beans taste semi-sweet like the Fish Oil tentacle. I gobble up as many as I can fit in my mouth, trying to finish the bottle. I hope I don't overdose. I soon notice that the quantity of beans are not depleting in the bottle; the more I eat, the more beans seem to materialize. The supply is never ending. Meanwhile, Matilda Mother is still playing endlessly in the background. I hear the crooning chorus over and over again: "Oh, mother. Tell me more! Tell me more..."
    Dreamt 2/25/2017

    Updated 04-14-2017 at 06:27 PM by AstronomyDomine


    State Hospital Basketball

    by AstronomyDomine on 04-09-2017 at 02:13 PM
    I am playing basketball in this dream, but the ball we are playing with is floppy, gray-colored and partially deflated. There are a several players on the court. It is impossible to tell who is on who's team, as everyone is wearing something different. There are no uniforms. When I get the ball I have to guess who is on my team. I single out a guy running by me and pass the ball to him. Since it is deflated and light, I am not able to aim it properly and it doesn't go far. Running feels good in this dream; I need the exercise. When I go to make a jumpshot I float way, way up above the court and up to the steel rafters in the ceiling. Up here I see a birthday cake, decorated with orange and black frosting. The words State Hospital are written on it. I fly up to this area and see the cake numerous times during the game. I always make an arc over the cake, as I go up to the ceiling and then come back down to the court.

    There are much more people gathered on the court now. They form a semi-circle around the net from back at the 3-point line. Some of the players are in wheelchairs. There is a woman who resembles my wife in one of the wheelchairs surrounded by several young girls who are not in wheelchairs. I throw the ball to one of them to "check", but the ball doesn't fly right as usual. It sails off on a tangent over their heads and I run after it. It takes me out to the woods by a beach where I again I see my wife (though she doesn't see me). It is dark in the woods and she is searching for something. She is shining a flashlight into the shrubs. I creep by her, using the trees as camouflage, trying to avoid her detection. I think my daughter is with her. Dreamt 2/22/2017

    LD #6 - (WBTB/DILD) Reptilian Eyeball in Palm of Hand During RC

    by AstronomyDomine on 03-27-2017 at 03:02 PM
    I am in an old concrete stairwell, resembling a turret in a castle. I am going up and down within the turret, hovering above the stairs. I hear the sound of moaning as I ascend and descend in the stairwell. I am not sure if I am making the moaning sounds, or if they are coming from somewhere else. I float all the way down to the bottom level where the moaning grows louder and I see a small partition in the wall which opens up into another chamber. I try to enter the partition with my floating body, but it does not fit. It is at this point I realize this may be a dream. I look at the palms of my hands to do an RC: they are deformed and mutated. I see a reptilian-looking eyeball in one of them, in the center of my palm, blinking back at me. My hands are black, with an electric, neon-green outline. As I marvel at this, I feel the dream slipping away. I quickly attempt to stabilize, but I lose control and enter back through the hynogogic curtain and into wakefulness. Dreamt 2/20/17

    Updated 03-27-2017 at 03:06 PM by AstronomyDomine


    A Tour of Feldschlossberg Castle Brewery

    by AstronomyDomine on 03-24-2017 at 03:44 PM
    I am in Germany, deep in the Black Forest. Nearby is an old, famous brewery, named Feldschlossberg. It is located in a lonely, depopulated area, surrounded by thick, green coniferous trees. The sky above is overcast and a dismal gray. The brewery is actually a secluded castle, and it is closed off to the public. The castle is hidden behind a newer, modern facility, which is now the face of the company. In order to see the castle, one must take a guided tour of the premises. I drive up to the front gate of the brewery, which is unlocked, and enter a private drive. The drive goes up a hill. Executive buildings suddenly emerge on the left, partially visible through the trees. I keep going higher and higher up the hill. The Feldschlossberg Castle is at the top of the hill, I think to myself. And I am going to see it! I am the only person in this dream.

    The road suddenly stops at a dead end. Looming in front of me on the road is a high, rocky cliff. Atop the cliff I can see the new facility building of the brewery, with a white commercial van parked in front of it. The van is filled with people about to take a tour of the brewery. I notice that some of the tourists are looking down at me through the windows of the van. This makes me feel very uneasy, and I quickly look for a book or map to pretend to read so they'll think I'm lost. I find a book about a museum, a book which is unrelated to the brewery. My recall fades at this point and the dream is lost. Dreamt 2/21/2017

    Updated 03-24-2017 at 03:55 PM by AstronomyDomine