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    I've had several lucid dreams since from an early age, but they have been infrequent throughout the years. Recently decided to devote serious study to the skill of LDing so I can have them deliberately. Another great interest of mine is metaphysics and, in particular, holographic creation and object manifestation. I've had amazing success with manifesting wealth through the laws of attraction and creative visualization. PM me anytime if you'd like to know more.
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    Alien Abduction Warning & Lucid Fragment

    by AstronomyDomine on Today at 06:18 PM
    I am investigating an area on earth where there has been recent alien activity reported. There is a huge Chinese or Korean space satellite floating above me in the sky. I am in a quiet village that has become a ghost town, going from home to home and looking in the windows. It is night and the homes are all dark and empty. There are stickers on the outside window panes of the houses that warn of recent alien abductions in the area. I come across one sticker that has a photo of a famous actor who has recently disappeared. It is assumed this actor was abducted by aliens. As I go from home to home reading the stickers, I look out over a field (the village park) and see a luminescent, glowing butterfly which flutters to the ground and slowly transforms into a human figure. The human figure stands up in the distance, glowing with neon radiance. As it walks through the dark park, I can see through its body transparently: the creature's muscular and skeletal systems are fully visible with incandescent lime-green bones and electric orange-neon muscle. It is a beautiful, surreal sight to withhold. I transfix on it as it strides through the park. I am not afraid. While watching it, I suddenly become lucid, check my hands, and discover I am dreaming. But the intensity of the dream is such, that I am totally paralyzed by the awesomeness of the sight and cannot move. My recall fades shortly thereafter. Dreamt 1/27/2017
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Ld#5 (vbim)

    by AstronomyDomine on Yesterday at 04:02 PM
    This lucid dream came about after reciting the mantra, "When I am dreaming, I am aware I that I am dreaming" and visualizing the image on my vision board, which is a picture of two hands during a reality check. I practiced this technique for several days. The resulting dream came about from these efforts:

    As I fall asleep, I notice brief HH before sinking down into unconscious sleep. As dream imagery emerges, I notice I am driving my truck. I am travelling down a street near a home I used to live in in the late 70's near Lindenhurst, New York. I notice familiar homes and street signs. I make a turn and my point of perception is at tire-level on the driver's side of the truck. I see the road whizzing by as the wheel hugs the curve and the truck turns down a street. My perception changes and now I am sitting in the driver's seat, looking out the windshield. I pull up behind a large moving van parked in front of a house. I notice my breaks are bad; I really have to press hard to make them work. I begin to realize that this shouldn't be so. IRL my truck's brakes work fine. A beam of awareness enters me and I think, "Could this be a dream?" At once I look at my hands. They do not look like the normal pair of hands on my vision board. They are fat, distorted, grotesquely misshapen. I am dreaming! I begin thinking of all my goals and planned adventures. But almost as soon as my lucidity is registered, I feel myself losing control of the environment. My truck begins to roll backwards. I step on the brakes but it does absolutely nothing. Before I can even begin to stabilize, the scene begins to fade and I return to full wakefulness in my bed. Dreamt 1/25/2017

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    The Godforsaken Auto Shop

    by AstronomyDomine on 02-20-2017 at 12:08 PM
    I am with my niece's husband, Bryant. He is a mechanic. We are in an old car. The car needs a lot of work. We are pulled over on the side of the road and someone -- most likely a cop -- is asking us a bunch of questions. It feels like we are in Russia (I frequently dream of being in Russia). We suddenly translocate to an auto garage which is owned by John Hatcher, a guy I used to work for who owned a roofing company. The auto garage looks old, dingy and godforsaken. Bryant and I are getting the fluids checked for the old car. In this dream, Bryant is the driver, and I am the passenger. He tells the mechanic checking the fluid that the cap is brand new, thus the fluid should still be good. I am sitting on a bench in the shop and looking around. The ceilings are very high and I stare at up the rafters and widows. Looking up at them gives me a sense of acrophobia and creeps me out. Bryant has disappeared and I am by myself. I see gray electrical tape wrapped around the exposed AC flex snaking around the walls and rafters. The walls of the shop are made of gray cinderblock. Dreamt 1/23/2017

    Cold River Acceptance

    by AstronomyDomine on 02-16-2017 at 04:29 PM
    I am jumping from a tall iron bridge into a clear, cold river. It is in the middle of winter. There are many other people swimming in the river. This is part of a school assignment and there are military personnel who are also involved. I hold my breath and dive deep down into the transparent water. I swim under water a great distance, watching the other swimmers as they kick their legs and doggy-paddle and tread water above me. The water is perfectly clear, like swimming in a pool of pure drinking water. When I finally surface, I let out, "Wow! This water is cold!" The water is very cold, yet it is most invigorating and wonderful. I am very happy to be in the water. I wonder how I am able to swim in water of this temperature; I normally would be quite reluctant to jump into a freezing river.

    I go from the river to an school office where suddenly I am standing before a black lady who looks like she is part of the adjunct staff. She asks if me I'd like some coffee. Looking over some paperwork, she says I did great, and then shows me my schedule. Every Monday and Tuesday I will have to meet a woman named "Nancy" (this is an actual lady I know from WL, one of my old customers) at a restaurant to go over my progress. These meetings with Nancy are mandatory. It slowly becomes clear to me that I am at an interview in which I am being considered for acceptance at this school. The black woman tells me she still has seven more applicants to interview. Recall fades. Dreamt 1/22/2017

    Mafia Hit & LD#4 (DEILD)

    by AstronomyDomine on 02-10-2017 at 02:12 PM
    A very fat man is talking to an old, Italian Godfatheresque character. It looks like they are negotiating a deal. The Godfather suddenly takes out a penknife and proceeds to slice the man, separating his thoracic cavity from his ribcage with clean precision. As the fat man lay on the ground dying, another man comes to finish him off by strangling him but a parade of children march between them, stopping the act. I wake up momentarily and begin counting, "1...I am lucid dreaming...2...I am lucid dreaming...3...I am lucid dreaming..." and slowly drift back to sleep. After several moments of HH, a new dream scenario begins to unfold:

    I am back where the killing took place, but this time within a prison of concrete walls and corridors. I walk the length and breadth of the prison, focusing on the cement pattern in the walls. I keep putting my hand on the walls, trying to push through. Although I am seeing my hands, I have not done an RC yet. Yet I keep thinking, "If this were a dream, I could go through these walls..." My hands then begin to meld into the walls, like soft butter. I realize I am lucid. I quickly spin around and leap into the air and begin to float around the prison. As I levitate, I try to remember my dream goals and go over everything I want to do: sex, time travel, etc. but the dream suddenly darkens and I begin to lose control. As I fade out, I hear a girl's voice tell me that the counting method is a bad technique. Dreamt 1/21/2017

    Updated 02-22-2017 at 02:10 PM by AstronomyDomine

    lucid , dream fragment