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    I've had several lucid dreams since from an early age, but they have been infrequent throughout the years. Recently decided to devote serious study to the skill of LDing so I can have them deliberately. Another great interest of mine is metaphysics and, in particular, holographic creation and object manifestation. I've had amazing success with manifesting wealth through the laws of attraction and creative visualization. PM me anytime if you'd like to know more.
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    Dream Signs, Scorpions & Jazz Guitar

    by AstronomyDomine on Today at 05:08 PM
    I am at my uncle Dominic's house in West Palm Beach, Florida. The house has long, dimly-lit corridors in the dream -- corridors which do not look like this in reality. There are rooms off these corridors which are also unfamiliar. Guests are over for dinner. I don't know who these people are. I excuse myself to use the downstairs bathroom (there is no "downstairs" in his actual home). There are scorpions crawling around everywhere in the bathroom: all over the floor, on the shower curtain, in the bath tub. There is also a leak in the plumbing and water is pooling up on the ground. I am afraid that if I use the toilet, the bathroom would flood even more after I flushed it.

    I decide to go back upstairs to use the toilet there. On the way upstairs, however, I get sidetracked and venture outside where I run into his neighbor, an African-American lady sleeping on a hammock on her front porch. I awaken her to ask if she would like to have a new roof put on her house. The back of her house sports a beautiful Spanish-style tile roof; the front, however, is missing shingles and has no decking. It looks as though a tornado had destroyed it years ago and it was never fixed. She tells me she is interested. At that point, I remember I had to use the bathroom, so I tell her I can help her get a new roof, but first there was something I needed to do. As I head back over to uncle Dominic's, I notice I am completely nude (a missed dream sign). I am determined now to do two things: use the bathroom, and find my clothes.

    As I enter into the house, I pass an Italian-looking guy who looks like he's in the mob. He is talking to my uncle in the kitchen, using his hands to gesticulate. An attractive older woman is standing next to him. I go upstairs and use the bathroom. While sitting on the toilet, I look around and notice all different kinds of clothes hanging from the walls: jeans, slacks, shirts, etc. All the articles of clothing are of the same color and pattern -- red and black striped -- and all the clothing is in pairs. As I am wondering what this means, a young kid enters and says he needs to get his clothes. His clothes are in very close proximity to me; some of the articles are even touching my legs and arms as I sit on the commode. As he collects his clothes, I try to help him by reaching out to the articles nearest to me. As I do this, other people begin entering the bathroom, including the Italian guy. He pulls up a chair opposite from me and tries to engage in conversation. Other men join in, and suddenly it seems all my uncle's guests are up here in the bathroom with me. I want to get up and flush, but am too embarrassed to do so, given the circumstances. My hands are covering my groin and I feel trapped. Fade out.

    In this next fragment, I am seated in a restaurant with a group of friends. We are planning our night out on the town. A nagging thought keeps hitting me: My time would be better spent studying and preparing for my exams so I can finish the requirements to graduate (missed dream sign). Two geeky guys are sitting across from me. They lean over and whisper in my ear that I if play some jazz guitar tonight, they'll hook me up with some girls looking for action. Dream recall fades. Dreamt 1/04/2017
    lucid , dream fragment

    The Tiger of the White Rotunda

    by AstronomyDomine on Yesterday at 07:27 PM
    I am at the zoo with my wife and son. The zoo is indoors and it is empty. We wander the silent corridors peering into the glass animal cages, but all the animals are either absent or asleep. We reach a glass cage filled with water that has two tigers deflated under the water. They look like twin neglected floatation toys sitting on the bottom of a pool. Upon closer look, it appears the door to the cage is damaged. I carefully open the door, expecting a wave of water to gush out, but nothing happens. As I open the door wider to look inside the cage, I suddenly see a HUGE Bengal tiger walk out of his cage. He turns his massive head and looks at me. He begins walking towards me, and I step away in panic and turn to my wife and son. They are asleep on the floor in front of the cage. I desperately try to awaken them, but they are unresponsive.

    The tiger emerges from the door and snarls at me. I turn away to run and he chases me. We are in a rotunda and we go round and round and round. The walls and doors of the rotunda are white. I see an opening in the wall up by the ceiling and leap into it and escape his jaws just in time. I now visualize the tiger returning to my sleeping wife and son to devour them. In a panic I run to the zoo's administration offices and burst in shouting, "A tiger's escaped!"

    There is a black lady at the information booth, and she quickly gathers a group of people to go and investigate. As we walk back across the zoo grounds, I am unable to remember where the rotunda was located. She keeps asking me which rotunda the tiger was in, and all I can answer is, "The white one." To my great consternation, she tells me she doesn't know of any white rotunda. She then asks me about my family. I tell her the tiger is "guarding" my family. We continue walking until at last we arrive at a red circular building. She tells me this is the only rotunda the zoo has that she knows of. I say in a fury, "But it is red!" She shrugs and says she doesn't know what else she can do. I tell her that if it were her family, she would be in hysterics. This makes her angry, and I abandon her to go search for my wife and son myself.

    I crawl up a steep hill on my belly, though some high grass and snow and stumble through several different buildings in my quest to find my family. One building looks like a deserted concert hall. I tell myself that I will always despise tigers from now on. When I exit the concert hall, it is evening outside and I am completely lost. I see some strange highway I do not recognize in the distance, with lights from the cars and trucks whizzing by. I reach for my cellphone to activate my GPS, but the battery is dead. As absolute dread sweeps over me, I suddenly realize I am dreaming. I look up to the dark sky, raise my arms above my head and shout, "Oh Paul! Wake up from this dream now!"

    I awaken in my bed and sit up, breathless and terrified. This nightmare was extremely vivid, as I had taken Huperzine-A and Valerian Root extract together in an effort to get past a dry spell. In retrospect, it wasn't very wise and I won't be combining these two herbal supplements again. Dreamt 1/3/2017

    Updated Today at 01:14 PM by AstronomyDomine

    lucid , non-lucid , nightmare

    Paul Morphy Never Lost a Match

    by AstronomyDomine on 01-15-2017 at 05:54 PM
    I am staying at an old seaside mansion in the antebellum section of a historic city (New Orleans, perhaps), and I am there with a group of people. A man is fencing in white breeches behind the mansion, down by the seashore. He is by himself, practicing his parries and thrusts. He is not wearing a mask. He has thick black hair and is in excellent physique. He is very graceful and very handsome and moves as smooth as a ballet dancer. I walk up to him when he stops and tell him that Paul Morphy was an expert fencer too, and that he never lost a match -- in fencing or in chess.

    Note: Paul Morphy (1837-1884) was an extraordinary chess genius who became the unofficial world chess champion at age 21. After which, he retired from competitive chess and went insane. In this dream it appears I am staying at his mansion, which would account for the odd statement made by my subconscious to the DC fencer.

    In the dream, I continue bragging on Morphy, my hero, but the people with me -- including the fencer -- seem uninterested. I cannot determine if the mansion belonged to his family, or if he lived elsewhere. I look at the sea and wonder if this was where he used to walk out on the sand. As I ponder these things, I am translocated from the seashore to a dank industrial building, akin to a warehouse where an attractive foreign woman is sitting at a table and staring at me. In my hand is a WWII German Luger pistol. As I continue to examine the pistol, the woman gets up to leave the room. Without thinking, I raise the pistol and fire at her back as she walks out the door. Nothing happens; it appears the gun wasn't loaded. The reason I tried to shoot her was because I wanted to hear how the gun sounded. Dreamt 12/31/2016

    Updated 01-15-2017 at 05:57 PM by AstronomyDomine

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Nautical Combat

    by AstronomyDomine on 01-14-2017 at 04:20 PM
    I am at an academy near the water. I am there at the academy with a partner. He resembles a friend of mine, Jeff Rygwelski, from my old college days in Boston some 26 years ago . We practice fighting together. It appears we are at a martial arts academy. At one point we are fighting near the water, on the piers. I recall that during the fighting we actually become very angry with each other and are no longer "practicing" -- we are now fighting for real. I kick my partner very hard and he sails through the air and falls into the water between two slats of wood on the docks. He must have drowned, I assume, when he doesn't resurface. I continue to wait for him to come up out of the water.

    I give up waiting and decide to return to the academy. On the way back, he reappears. I see him before he has a chance to see me. I quickly duck behind a wall and try to slip out an exit door...but outside in the courtyard we bump into each other, face-to-face. He blocks the entrance to a building where I need to go. I think to myself, "I can jump on the roof and enter through that big crack in the wall," but do not. I do not want to fight him anymore. The dream recall dissipates at this point. Dreamt 12/30/2016

    Updated 01-14-2017 at 04:22 PM by AstronomyDomine

    dream fragment

    Lucid Dream: 12/20/2016 (FILD)

    by AstronomyDomine on 01-11-2017 at 04:43 PM
    While drifting off to sleep after doing the FILD technique, I suddenly became aware of being enveloped by a purple-white haze in my bedroom. I tried to move, but sensed the grip of SP and immediately relaxed, bracing myself for lucidity. The purple haze cleared, and I had a crystal-clear view of my darkened bedroom. I immediately sat up in my bed, did an RC (pinched nose), and discovered I could breathe perfectly through it. Play time!

    I got out of bed and flew up like a rocket through my ceiling and out the roof and into the night. I didn't have a plan (something I need to work on), and wound up inside an old, dilapidated warehouse with a DC who was in the image of my brother. He didn't seem to know we were lucid. I told my brother to look at his hands: We're dreaming! I looked at mine and saw I had an ectrodactyly-like disfigurement in both hands, and my nails were black. I rubbed them together to increase the vividness of the scene. I instructed my DC brother to go through the walls and columns in the warehouse with me. He followed me around as we diffused like two ghosts through the concrete walls, back and forth, round and round, in and out. We then flew up together, through the roof of the warehouse and into the night, he by my side. He never spoke to me. We saw another building down below and flew inside through its walls and into a chamber where there was a blue, translucent pool of water. I told my brother to follow me into the pool and I'd show him how we could breathe underwater. We both flew into the pool and went all the way to the bottom, where we sat down, breathing perfectly, and examined the floor of the pool.

    When we were done with the pool, I temporarily lost control of the LD and we translocated to another warehouse that was being invaded by insectoid-like zombie figures. They wore gray pants, had black, rectangular heads with white glowing eyes and they slowly advanced toward us with outstretched arms. I imaged myself in a FPS, like Resident Evil, and yelled to my brother, "Let's start taking these fuckers out!" Crossbows manifested in our hands and we began shooting them down. But instead of bolts, the crossbows fired beams of light. I was on a staircase, halfway up, shooting down at them. My brother was beneath me, on the first floor near the base of the stairs, firing at them from his point. I got up close to examine one of the dead zombies that had fallen on the stairs, and saw he was trying to reanimate. I shot him again, at point blank range. He stopped moving. When I looked up, my brother was gone.

    In this LD I saw myself as a disembodied ghost (as in basically all my LDs), looking in and "spying" on people who seem to be in WL. After the warehouse zombie shoot'em fest, I decided to lurk among the living and haunt them. I flew out into the night, amidst the downtown suburban city skyscrapers. People were out on the street with their Christmas shopping bags, and there was snow on the ground, with parents holding hands with their children, bundled up and wearing scarfs. It was a cold night. I flew over them and observed the people. Eventually I came to a tall penthouse building with huge glass windows that went up maybe twenty or thirty floors. I flew up midway and saw a young woman sitting with her back to the glass talking to some people inside her apartment. She was attractive and had a long, braided chestnut-colored ponytail and a slender frame. I decided to enter her apartment and observe her and her family more closely. But when I tried this I bounced off the glass. I tried again and failed. After several failed attempts, I became frustrated and kicked her window, making the snow on the outer ledge puff up in a burst. At that moment, she looked over her shoulder, as though she had heard a strange noise or disturbance behind her. After looking out the window with puzzlement and seeing nothing, she turned back around and resumed her conversation. I noticed my fingerprints with pieces of snow and slush were left on the glass.

    I flew back into the night, somewhat dismayed that I was not as "omnipotent" in an LD as I thought. I wondered with trepidation if this was going to be the norm: not being able to pass through things anymore. I left the metropolis area and flew into a suburb. There I descended into a neighborhood I recognized from my childhood in Hollywood, Florida. It was late at night and all was quiet. The streetlights shone in the darkness and all the houses were dark. I approached the homes from the back, descending over the backyards, flying lower and lower. I targeted a house and wondered if I'd be able to penetrate the wall. To my relief, I entered through the back wall and stood in the dark kitchen. The occupants were presumably sleeping in their bedrooms. I thought to myself, "They have just been invaded by an astral ghost!" I looked around the silent house, exploring the kitchen and saw there were boxes everywhere and miscellaneous stuff stacked up on tables, as though they were moving or had just moved. I decided to make my way to the bedroom to see who lived here. But before I could, all the boxes on the tables began to blur and shake and move up and down, as though in an earthquake. I heard, "Daddy" and now noticed the bed my physical body was on was moving. Still in the dream house, I realized my seven year-old son had just jumped on the bed to wake me up so I can make him breakfast. Damn, I thought. I returned to my physical body and my conscious mind resumed full control of the wheel. I sat up and hugged and kissed my boy.

    Updated 01-11-2017 at 05:03 PM by AstronomyDomine