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    Thread: What is the best method afterall?

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      What is the best method afterall?

      Ive been trying to get lucid for a few years and i lost my motivation after some time all i want is to experience my dreams like Real life. I had some DILDs sometimes due to me doing RCs and question reality
      But nowadays there are many methods to get lucid and i was wondering which one would be the easiest. I know different methods work for different people, but what is the most known to work to get lucid?

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      I think DEILD is the easiest technique that is known to work. Compared to other techniques that are known to work, it does not require as much effort and does not require learning as many things.

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      I personally think that, in the end, there is no best method, only the method that works best in given circumstances. This is because techniques don't matter, and by themselves cannot make you lucid. Consistent lucidity is the product of a consistent lucid mindset, and not any technique, trick, or supplement.

      To achieve that mindset, I would suggest that you focus on what I've been known around here to call the fundamentals -- self-awareness, memory, and expectation/intention. Once you've got them down, techniques will be a matter of convenience, handy tools, and not the perhaps false foundation of your LD'ing aspirations.

      That said: once your lucid mindset is in place, I think, as Dolphin has said already, that you will find DEILD to be by far the easiest transition to lucidity.

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      If by method we go by the general way of achieving lucid dreams, we'd consider DILD to the be the easiest: a DILD can occur in any cycle of sleep, can occur at any random part of the dream, and lacks possible lack of sleep (which occurs inadvertly when you try WILD, as you can never guess how long it will take to enter the dream, or if you'll be successful). DILDs are also by far the most common type of lucid dreams, or at least the most reported way people find themselves becoming lucid.

      If by technique we consider the specific group of steps that are followed systematically to induce lucid dreams, I disagree a bit with Sageous, as I think you can actively measure the effectiveness of techniques (I've come to meet lucid dreamers that use next to zero awareness techniques, yet have good frequencies), a work that has be done by some authors. On the other hand, I agree with him in terms of a lucid mindset, although I'd say we could probably also encompass that to a group of brain processes that could be translated into self-monitoring tasks, which end up being probably the most famous form of induction: doing reality checks, checking and being aware of your surroudings, are mix together into the general and popular experience of achieving lucidity. Adding to this, MILD is also very famous, because it is based on a specific kind of memory (prospective memory), which boosts your chances of lucidity by increasing your self-monitoring performance.

      In the end, what you're essentially trying to do is remembering to be aware: it's a conscious task until it becomes a habit (and it can take ages to become a habit), and after that (and certainly during that long journey), you'll also become lucid by conditioning (by associating specific patterns/events/feelings to the dream world, and by repeating behaviors given certain stimuli).

      I'm sure we could certainly pinpoint a technique that gives higher induction than others, because even if each person is different, increasing your self-monitoring efficacy is certainly something that can be trained, but we lack studies that could give us further insight into this, and thus, we seem to be left with a vague sense of what awareness is, but no specific way to measure what exactly we mean by lucidity, and thus, no specific structure to study it.
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      You have to face lucid dreams as cooking:
      Stick it in the microwave and hope for the best?
      MMR (Mental Map Recall)- A whole new way of Recalling and Journaling your dreams
      Trying out MILD? This is how you become skilled at it.

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