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    1. Taken by an “angel” to an area of “eternity”

      by , 08-02-2013 at 02:02 PM
      Morning of August 2, 2013. Friday.

      Dream #: 17,028-03. Reading time: 2 min 32 sec.

      It is unclear why the world is being “stopped” by God. It may relate to the endless clashes of culture and religions or the fabrications by governments and businesses to serve their interests.

      I am in a business building with others, though unsure of where my family is. The world gets increasingly warmer but stops at the threshold where life would end. The drama begins when darkness suddenly falls. Most people are afraid, but I am partly aware of what is coming.

      Time passes, and I feel movement around me. I rise to float into the air, and so do all the others. It is not like flying but floating without gravity and with no control with the danger of randomly bumping into someone or something and while going at different speeds. It does not terrify me as it does the others. I tell them that God has taken gravity away from the human race. (This may be an influence from recently seeing others on the Internet writing about how “good” or “bad” gravity is.) The planets and stars are beginning to vanish.

      More time passes, and the end is coming. I feel a sense of awe and a slight regret. What will happen to me? The world will cease to exist. Suddenly, as all the gravity is gone and most people in the world are very close to death, the doorway is brighter and a strange being of light and shadow, an angel, appears in a cloak. It looks like a “plant of light”, but also seems human at times. Its head, hands, and feet are each like a glowing, swaying cedar sprout. (I do not recall the Biblical reference “swaying like a cedar” in describing Behemoth’s tail. According to some, Behemoth is a hippo or elephant.) At times, the angel’s head and limbs look like a glowing elephant’s tail. The being formally calls for me, using my full name, saying it once. I fearlessly maneuver myself toward the angel. I hear no other name. I feel slightly strange at being the only one called at the “last minute”.

      I feel very emotional, crying in thankfulness. The angel becomes a “throne” after carrying me through the doorway, hovering in this other dimension. It is Eternity or Heaven, or something similar, yet I am the only human here. I notice other angels, too brightly glowing to make out much detail, all to my left. I am joyful because I still exist. I am vaguely aware, after a seemingly long time that this is not final, as I am slowly waking. I have a false awakening that I am telling my wife about my previous dream, saying how it had aspects similar to Christianity, though no thoughts of names or specific identities.

      My dream had a sense of bilocation. When I was in Heaven, I was also aware of floating within the Cubitis house’s southwest bedroom, its door facing me from a short distance off to my right.

      I think there was influence from the “Outer Limits” episode “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” (with William Shatner) that I have not seen in over twenty years, regarding the appearance of the angelic being.

      The angel head and limbs with the appearance of an elephant’s tail may relate to quashing my childhood fear of elephants.

      In another dream, I become a big blanket while flying and phasing through walls, as well as soaring high and fast in the night sky. I was also a human and undressed, using it to cover myself, more so to shield my body from tree branches rather than for moral reasons. It transforms into suitable clothing when I land.

      I also had a dream about an unusual snowmobile, which turned out to be precognitive, part of an unexpected scenario for an educational session the same day.

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    2. Ash Skeletons with Smooth Oval Stones

      by , 05-06-1997 at 11:06 AM
      Morning of May 6, 1997. Tuesday.

      I mostly see images of skeletal human figures that are made of ashes. They seem to be gripping white, smooth, flat, oval stones. There are images of angels that seem to be flying into me (which represents coalescence of different patterns and dynamics within the dream state). There are some images based on when Helene (my wife Zsuzsanna’s mother) was thrown off the bus yesterday in real life.

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