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    Born in Punta Gorda, Florida; married (and moved to Australia) in 1994. We have five children. Really enjoy (old style) dub reggae. I am of a mixed racial background including Native American (although people thought I was Asian during my school years - that's the South for you) and wife is Roma/Romani authentic older gypsy clan from Hungary. The world is strange and contrary and I do not "get" it at all. Ha. I don't believe in anything occult or New Age (or even psychological for that matter); in fact, rarely believe anything I read, yet we enjoy life on this crazy backwards planet. I've followed my path and learned a lot of how dreams are far beyond what most people think they are and wouldn't have done it differently for anything. I mostly do legitimate work in education as well as my own music.
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    Queensland, Australia
    Computers, music, logic puzzles, mathematics, paranormal
    Education networking, educator, sound engineering


    Only you can interpret your dream as you are the only one with your mind.


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    Three by Six Rubik’s Cube

    by Blue_Opossum on Today at 08:34 AM
    Morning of April 21, 2018. Saturday.

    In my dream, I am in the lounge room of the Stadcor Street house in Wavell Heights. It seems to be morning. I am near where the faux fireplace was in reality, though a two-tiered wooden shelf that covers this area of the wall replaces it. Additionally, it vaguely has an association with the chest in the lounge room of our present address, though does not physically resemble it.

    I notice some VHS tapes on one shelf, but I soon notice an original (three by three) Rubik’s Cube. To its right is a smaller one. I pick up the smaller one to look at it. Even though it was also a three by three, it is now a three by six.

    At this point, the preconscious is rendered to my right (the usual waking autosymbolism orientation). He is an unfamiliar light-haired male of about twenty. He seems cheerful and I do not see him as an intruder.

    From here, I start to move parts of the Rubik’s Cube. The rendering is not physically possible. That is, there are mostly one by six rows that turn about fully without causing the cube to fall apart. Additionally, I impossibly turn the three by one rows and it all stays together. I make about four turns prior to waking.

    To explain this dream, a common RAS mediation factor of the dream state is: Thinking Skills Correlation (Consciousness Initiation), which is what this dream is. I am focused on a Rubik’s Cube (which relates to the thinking skills that the non-lucid dream self cannot possess, as unconscious access is not viable in the non-lucid dream state).

    The preconscious is cheerful as I am subliminally aware of the dreaming and waking process and I do not contest it. The emergent consciousness factor, not fully correlated while still in the dream state, is the illusory (impossible) Rubik’s Cube.


    My Father and the Band-Aid Incident

    by Blue_Opossum on 04-19-2018 at 10:45 AM
    Morning of April 19, 2018. Thursday.

    In my dream, I find myself standing near the center of the southwest bedroom of the Loomis Street house, facing north (toward the kitchen). It seems to be morning. My father, appearing as he was in the 1960s, comes into the room. I seem to be in the process of moving a few things around. I am also facing “my” bed, which is oriented along the north wall, west (head) to east. His presence annoys me, so I rudely ask, “What do you want?” He does not become angry or visibly annoyed but walks off into another room. I eventually see that he is going down the hallway into the bathroom.

    It turns out that he had wanted to know where a band-aid was, as his right upper lip was injured. However, when I see him walking around in the kitchen, I do not discern any blood. It seems my mother might know where a band-aid is (though I do not see her at any point), so I go back to “my” room. My dream fades without incident.

    Rule: Beds and other obvious first-level dream state indicators occur in at least one dream per sleep cycle. I do not technically typify this as autosymbolism, as it is a literal subliminal awareness of being asleep.

    Detail: I find myself standing on the right side of a single bed in a fictitious location at the beginning of my dream.

    Rule: A dream’s setting, either lucid or non-lucid, cannot match a real setting. The obvious neurological reason is to prevent false memories and erroneous associations with current waking life.

    Detail: The main setting of this dream is the Loomis Street southwest bedroom (Wisconsin), where I have not lived since February 1994. The secondary setting, rendered in my dream as southeast of the main setting, is an erroneous link to the Cubitis house’s hallway and bathroom at the end of the hallway (Florida), where I have not lived since the summer of 1978. The final location is the kitchen of our present home (Australia) rather than the Loomis Street kitchen that would otherwise be immediately north and adjacent to the main setting. This is a new unique composite, continuing the rule of no two settings ever being the same in my dreams. My subconscious self does not notice this error at all.

    Rule: A non-lucid dream cannot correctly model the current conscious self for a number of reasons. One reason is to prevent false memories and erroneous associations with current waking life. Autosymbolism that represents liminal space (the dream state and precursory waking space itself) and more so, liminal space dividers (the metaphorical barrier between fictitious dream self and current conscious self identity), confirms this factor. Preconscious access to threads of the unconscious mind is not of the nature most people claim. My dream self (subconscious self) is without viable memory of either the unconscious or the conscious self, and additionally, has no viable discernment of time, space, or sustained coherency in language. Otherwise, synaptic gating would build false memories and false associations.

    Detail: My (non-lucid) subconscious self (which is always unique in each dream, just as settings are) has no memory that my father died in 1979. It has no realization of the erroneous setting or its typical hodgepodge nature. There are no threads of my current conscious self status. My perceived age in my dream seems around thirty years younger than I am. Additionally, there was never a bed in the southwest Loomis Street bedroom.

    Rule: The main event in a dream is the waking alert factor (WAF), autosymbolism based on RAS mediation (or modulation depending on the dream state depth), a biological factor of the dream state itself. This is for reestablishing conscious self identity in the waking transition. RAS mediation will utilize everything from a present association or conflict to features or events long since forgotten and irrelevant, and the dynamic‘s foundation is always literal despite being borrowed as waking alert factor autosymbolism.

    Detail: My father in present dreams is typically an emergent consciousness factor that represents my conscious self identity. One, I have mild soreness in the upper right area of my mouth from the loss of a tooth (though with no bleeding). However, there is also a very old association utilized as the waking alert autosymbolism. Many years ago, when I was twelve years old, this was the only occasion when I felt annoyed by my father’s presence. He was grinning and looking through my open jalousie windows into my room. I walked over and was ready to pull the curtains down (without saying anything) when I realized there were two very large new illustrated dictionaries on my desk, which he had bought for me and placed in my room earlier that morning.

    So how does this relate to RAS mediation borrowing the event? Books and reading are a conscious self factor, as only the conscious self in waking life is intelligent enough to sustain reading while understanding written language (as text in dreams typically changes when looking back at it and often becomes gibberish), thus this was a trigger to begin consciousness activation despite the association being from childhood.

    Rule: Typically, there is at least one thread in a dream in each sleep cycle that originates in Zsuzsanna’s mind, but most often based on thoughts she had elsewhere, not when at home. (Do not ask me how this is possible, it just is.)

    Detail: While out shopping, Zsuzsanna was thinking of buying band-aids yesterday, but she did not (and she did not tell me about it, either).

    Rule: Waking autosymbolism usually initiates on my dream self’s right (when I sleep on my left side, which is less exposed to my real environment).

    Detail: In this dream, my father approaches me on my right and later goes into the kitchen, which relays subliminal awareness of mild hunger. Additionally, my dream begins with me standing near the right side of the bed (the side I sleep on in reality), although this dream is certainly not a false awakening.

    Updated 04-19-2018 at 12:18 PM by Blue_Opossum


    A Very Unlikely Airplane Crash

    by Blue_Opossum on 04-18-2018 at 10:09 AM
    Morning of April 18, 2018. Wednesday.

    In my dream, I am once again back in a version of Cubitis (where I have not lived in real life since 1978). There is little that correlates with my conscious self identity, even in the last segment (other than remembering I am married to Zsuzsanna). However, I do not feel like a teenager (as I left Cubitis when I was 17). My implied age is probably at least thirty.

    It is night and dark out, though I can still make out some detail. I mostly focus on the setting oriented southerly.

    The surrounding area of the Cubitis house is similar to how it was in waking life, but changes in the last Cubitis-related scenario, before shifting into an unrelated offset dream.

    There is a Cessna that flies south, above the house on at least two occasions. My dream self maintains the usual (since childhood) unemotional anticipation that the airplane will probably crash. (This is a result of the dream state itself, that is, the natural vestibular system ambiguity that occurs as a result of not viably discerning the physical body in REM sleep, and as a result, this common factor projects into autosymbolism relating to flying and falling and so on.)

    Not to my surprise at all, the Cessna crashes in the distance, just past several houses to the south. From here, I and a few other people, all unfamiliar and unknown, walk southerly to investigate.

    After seeing some vague distorted imagery of the airplane crash site that was originally beyond at least five or six houses from “my” house, RAS mediation kicks in more viably, and I and the others are suddenly now in the southwest bedroom of the Cubitis house (dream state indicator, representing my subliminal, that is, non-lucid, awareness of being asleep in bed). I do not consider the impossible scene change. Now, the Cessna had crashed just beyond the windows of the southwest bedroom (despite the original implication).

    We are looking out the windows to the south (in what would otherwise have been the side yard between this house and the neighbors’, though there are no discernible houses past this point in my dream) and I see that the small airplane had apparently crashed into a car carrier, ending up between the cab and a now upside-down pickup truck which faces the windows and is atop the airplane. I consider how it had just missed “my” house (again, despite the same faraway event as originally rendered). Additionally, the airplane is right-side up, yet also facing the windows, which makes no sense as it is implied the Cessna had crashed in between the cab and pickup truck atop the car carrier, so technically should be facing away from the windows. I try to see if the pilot is present anywhere, but I do not see him.

    I talk about the accident, but an unfamiliar girl disagrees with me on how it happened. This does not set about enough RAS modulation (as I do not become annoyed), and as a result, rather than waking, my dream shifts into another odd scenario (though not a false awakening).

    I am in a public place, though this is ambiguous, as it eventually seems to be implied as a room in a private residence. My mother is walking around (and my dream self has no memory of her death in waking life). There are a few bags around which apparently belong to my mother. Some bags contain several unusual clothes, others have small pieces of cloth. There is the idea of sewing random pieces of cloth on some of the clothes. Zsuzsanna is now present and my conscious self identity begins to emerge during the final waking stage.

    The final event relates to me picking up a very colorful and bizarre pair of pants. It features a sketchy human couple, male and female, on each leg, integrated into a complex heraldic shield. There is a floral motif down each leg. I then start to hear a song, where a male is singing about “the girl wearing pants with pants about her pants”, the second “pants” referring to heavy breathing.


    The Cigarette

    by Blue_Opossum on 04-17-2018 at 11:16 AM
    Morning of April 17, 2018. Tuesday.

    In this dream, I am not holding any valid conscious self identity at all (past or present) even though my dream self’s essence feels current.

    I am living in an unknown residence, of which does not appear as anything I am consciously familiar with, not even regarding the usual unique composite.

    I am aware of my “wife”, though she does not (in conscious afterthought only) actually seem anything like Zsuzsanna.

    At one point, I see that she is smoking a cigarette while seated in an armchair. At first, I am not aware of how wrong this is. It takes several minutes of dream time to realize that I do not want to be around anyone that smokes (and my dream self does not even consider the knowledge that Zsuzsanna would never smoke in reality even if there was a viable association with my current waking life). I find myself involuntarily throwing a very small undetermined spherical object at her cigarette as it is near her mouth. Only the burning tip of the cigarette is somehow knocked off and it bounces and rolls across the floor several feet from where she was sitting. The imagery of the embers is very vivid and realistic in its distance orientation, especially as the room is otherwise in semidarkness. I feel somewhat confused and ask her when she started smoking. I feel as if she started yesterday, since I do not recall seeing her smoke before.

    At least one dream per sleep cycle contains atypical material (mainly literal) that had been in Zsuzsanna’s mind, with no way of me knowing about it. This has been validated as having also occurred many times prior to our meeting in real life. (Technically, this is not the same as precognition, but I tag it as such due to its inexplicable nature based on what people pretend to know about how the universe and the human mind works.) Often, as with this dream, it seemingly serves no purpose other than making me aware of what Zsuzsanna had seen or talked about with someone else, often while in public or in a different building the day before. In other words, I dream as much about what I could not have known she was thinking than what she has said or shared with me in waking life. It is apparently not a factor of the known electromagnetic spectrum or I think people would, as a rule, understand more about it. (Then again, people have minds but usually lack any understanding of dreams or even understand what the dream state is.)

    In this case, Zsuzsanna had been in her sister’s new home. Her focus was on a large painting that her sister had created, which was a woman smoking (a painting Zsuzsanna had never seen before). Her sister had just hung it up. Typically, the most unlikely or unusual feature (such as the uniquely painted toy lizard in a different instance) or event of a particular day will be that which becomes a main part of one of my dreams the next morning.

    While in the non-lucid dream state, I usually have no viable access to either my unconscious mind (other than when it is personified for sleep-sustaining purposes) or my conscious self (to prevent false memories from developing). Ultimately, transpersonal factors and the preconscious are that which mediate between my fictitious dream self and my true conscious self identity in waking life. The non-lucid inability to viably access either my unconscious mind or my conscious self in non-lucid REM sleep is likely more than just a biological safeguard.


    Reverse Transition in Liminal Space

    by Blue_Opossum on 04-16-2018 at 08:09 AM
    Morning of April 16, 2018. Monday.

    (When water induction subsides and my non-lucid dream self is left wandering in liminal space, subliminally attempting to gather threads of my conscious self identity in the waking transition.)

    My dream starts out on a public beach, yet at no point am I aware of the ocean. Apparently, Zsuzsanna and our children as they appear now are present, but I am eventually most aware of our youngest son being nearby.

    I come to understand that many children had lost their toys in the long stretch of beach sand. Here and there, I dig and I find mostly Lego; a lot of small bricks and a large one at times. I know that our youngest son will want some of them. There are also other parts found from older Lego kits, including plastic Lego figures. The sensation of digging with my hands is very realistic and vivid.

    (When my non-lucid dream self is still wandering about in liminal space and reaches an autosymbolic form relating to neural gating and the subliminal enigma of being between sleeping and waking.)

    I eventually reach a small square area on the beach that looks like some sort of ambiguous utility structure. It is somewhat like a small transformer station. Inside, on the ground, though there are a couple very small concrete partial floor sections, there are a few Lego platforms that have simple maze features and look as if they were designed to make a miniature maze by putting the platforms together as well as add separate smaller features over the connected platforms. These other pieces are mostly flat, but with sparse raised patterns (though raised less that a quarter of an inch) that imply part of a simple maze. I consider that our youngest son might enjoy them and I take them to put aside as well. I have a large plastic bag to put all the pieces in.

    (When atypical neural gating closes off more of my conscious self identity after being at this structure, the maze implying the potential return to dreamless sleep in this case, as I have not yet begun waking ascension.)

    Without paying any attention to the change of setting, I am soon digging in the wooden floor, though which is still somewhat like digging in beach sand, of the hall of the second storey of the King Street boarding house (where I have not lived since 1990), rendered as having a searchable essence as in a number of other recent dreams. At this point, even though my current conscious self identity was mostly extant at the beginning of my dream, I am now slipping back into a reversed timeline, where I do not realize I am in the “wrong” setting - and my current conscious self’s memory is now far less viable. Instead of Lego, which is autosymbolism for gathering and constructing my thoughts and identity, and to remember I have a young son, I lose that focus entirely and am now finding stones of an interesting appearance.

    Leonard S comes up to see me, though remains at the opposite end of the hall. He seems cheerful and is going to get some additional stones from downstairs. Meanwhile, the King Street landlady comes up to see what is going on and seems somewhat annoyed. She remains standing at the opposite end of the hall from me as well.

    (When my dream again subliminally focuses on the waking goal, and fails to initiate conscious self identity.)

    Eventually, I find a large magnetic object near a fictional window on my end of the hall. (In real life, there was not a window in this location, my dream falsely implying the end of that area of the house, but the door to Leonard’s room as well as a smaller hall perpendicularly leading to the right and the left open to a staircase to the downstairs area.) It is not a stone but some sort of unusual ovular (though irregular) magnetic object with at least three large flat magnets arranged around its surface. They are somewhat like oversized refrigerator magnets. Each magnet features a scene from “101 Dalmatians” from 1961. One magnet features dalmatians, including Pongo and Perdita, the others, the human cartoon characters Roger and Anita.

    A similar object is nearby. I consider that the objects are meant to be placed together. However, when I touch them together all the flat magnets fall off from each. I start talking about this event to an unfamiliar cheerful male who is now suddenly sitting in the window. I try it again, after placing the magnets back on, but they fall off again. I am trying to understand if this is “right” or not, but the unlikely scene and erroneous magnetism does not trigger lucid awareness.

    The personified preconscious atypically takes on the essence of reinduction (as with the personified unconscious but of which is most often female) and sits in a low-set window rather than standing by or within a doorway, its usual habitat. The magnets did not continue to stick when the two objects were joined, being autosymbolic of the failure of the conscious self to fully initiate (the window otherwise implying the potential exit point for this dream).

    To summarize dream specifics: Water (no longer present in this atypical dream sequence) subsiding from liminal space as the very common (since early childhood) tidal analogy of waking autosymbolism. Seeking to gather current waking life identity. Small transformer station as autosymbolism for RAS (Reticular Activating System). My dream self finds curiosity in the maze-like neural gating potential of the dream state and becomes distracted. Trading one liminal space for another (beach to hall). Personification of neural gating at dream’s outcome, which very atypically represents reinduction rather than waking.