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    Born in Punta Gorda, Florida; married (and moved to Australia) in 1994. We have five children. Really enjoy (old style) dub reggae. I am of a mixed racial background including Native American (although people thought I was Asian during my school years - that's the South for you) and wife is Roma/Romani authentic older gypsy clan from Hungary. The world is strange and contrary and I do not "get" it at all. Ha. I don't believe in anything occult or New Age (or even psychological for that matter); in fact, rarely believe anything I read, yet we enjoy life on this crazy backwards planet. I've followed my path and learned a lot of how dreams are far beyond what most people think they are and wouldn't have done it differently for anything. I mostly do legitimate work in education as well as my own music.
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    Queensland, Australia
    Computers, music, logic puzzles, mathematics, paranormal
    Education networking, educator, sound engineering


    Only you can interpret your dream as you are the only one with your mind.


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    “Purple Lordo” Drink, the Usual Floating, Travel

    by Blue_Opossum on 06-26-2023 at 09:58 AM
    “Purple Lordo” Drink, the Usual Floating, Travel

    3 minutes to read.

    Monday morning, 26 June 2023.

    Dream #20,643-02.

    My dream begins with inconsistent thoughts (for no particular reason) about seeing ActionKid, a YouTuber, in an unknown restaurant. I do not focus much on this scenario, so this first segment remains without definition or an outcome. Regardless of my recall of this person and the existence of YouTube, I have no recollection of my waking-life existence.

    Proto-cognizance guides my imaginary self into the setting - but without physicality. In this stage, I often read or try to read. An unfamiliar man (emerging protoconsciousness “serving” my precursory consciousness) comes to my table to see if I want to order.

    While reading the menu, I had been studying the phrase “Purple Lordo,” supposedly a drink. I ask him what it is, inferring I want to order one. He tells me I need to be a club member (associated with the restaurant’s bar), but this part of the narrative immediately fades. Instead of telling me what it is, a vague hologram appears on the table, and he pretends to mix the drink in a tall glass tumbler. Although I hear “hard liquor,” which fills about one-quarter of the bottom, the rest of what he says is gibberish. The last part is potato mash, which sits atop the last one-quarter of the drink.

    I order the Purple Lordo drink.

    My somatosensory response to dreaming engages at the typical time. He brings my order to me, but it is not a drink. My dream becomes exponentially more vivid as I open a vinyl package. It has a gray Walkman with a cassette inside (supposedly what I had ordered) and a gray case for an iPhone. Their arrangement is lengthways, side by side.

    I do not have headphones, so I cannot pretend to listen to what I ordered. Instead, the narrative fades, and I enter a different dream.

    There is a Native American man (in tribal regalia) whom I talk to, along with a few other people. He talks about how he cannot recall certain parts of his youth (signifying a direct correlation with my virtual amnesia while dreaming).

    The setting is like a resort.

    At one point during most sleep cycles, my vestibular response to REM atonia creates content where I float upward. In this instance, I float upward and bump the top of my head against the ceiling. It happens several times. The other people do not find it unusual, though I can intuitively sense my thoughts are creating their reaction as in many past dreams.

    It is time for me to leave the resort and go home (though I have no thoughts about where “home” is). I walk to Bob’s car. Marilyn (half-sister on my mother’s side and Bob’s wife) walks with us. My dream self has no recall that they are both deceased.

    I get into Bob’s car from its right side to sit in the back seat (intuitive awareness I am sleeping on Zsuzsanna’s right). There are two people to my left, a teenage boy and a young girl. Only at this point, I recall I have two children (solely my two youngest in real-world correlation when there are five in total). I am puzzled by why they are not in the car instead. Marilyn mentions that someone else is taking them home.

    My dream transitions into the next stage of my proprioception response to REM atonia, making my dream more vivid again. As a result, Bob is driving in reverse before I shut the car’s door. I am unwary, but I make several attempts to close the door, but it does not shut tightly, so I open it again each time (typical arm mobility response as in all sleep cycles).

    I feel extraordinarily joyful (as usual with imaginary kinesthesia). Details beyond the moving side of the car on my right are wholly absent as my physicality becomes more discernible over time. (This factor is because I sleep on my left side, so attentiveness to reality - absent in the dream state in this stage - is “to my right.” In other words, the right side of the dream state illusion is undefined.)

    Cars (as with all vehicles) correspond with my intuitive recognition of real-world mobility while intuitively seeking consciousness. They occur throughout all sleep cycles. Vehicles (or animals) often appear when my vestibular response to REM atonia is predominant. Somatosensory nuances typically emerge above that threshold, with auditory being the last, depending on how I respond to sleep dynamics.


    My Job is to Scrape Ice off the Edge of a Concrete Platform

    by Blue_Opossum on 03-12-2023 at 08:53 AM

    Sunday morning, 12 March 2023.

    Dream #: 20,537-01.

    2 minutes and 30 seconds to read.

    Somatosensory Foundation:

    This dream, originating from typical REM sleep dynamics, results in a narrative enforcing my somatosensory response (imagining purposeful tactility) and potential real-world hand mobility because of my current status of REM atonia, a causality factor for dreams in the fourth quarter of my sleep cycle. It is so specific the physiological pattern and timing match tens of thousands of previous dreaming experiences over nearly 60 years.

    The presence of ice has a double meaning here. Ice corresponds with my intuitive perception of REM atonia nuances (while ice melting anticipates achieving wakefulness and real-world mobility), while I also sometimes imagine ice when there is too much real-world heat while sleeping.

    The setting is a parking lot on Copeland Avenue in La Crosse (a city I have not lived in since 1994). It is late morning. My job is to scrape ice off the edge of an elevated curb. The ice is only on the vertex of the top edge of one side of the low-set platform. The vividness is astounding, beautiful, and peaceful. For about 20 minutes, I happily scrape all the ice off, feeling satisfied, but I wonder if any of it will form again before I receive my payment.

    More Correspondence with the Usual Sleep Dynamics: A parking lot is what I imagine, define, and create to enhance a mode of liminality, a specific level of dream state awareness. As in real-world correlation, it represents temporary immobility but with a potential transition from one place to another (here, from the dream state to viable wakefulness). This fundamental dream motif has remained a regular feature since early childhood, typically as the final scene of a sleep cycle.

    The concrete platform is about the size and height of a bed - with the vertex of the curb being the top edge of one side of the “concrete bed.” I sometimes shift a blanket remaining atop it, recognizing its role in my sleep navigation.

    Protoconsciousness Personified as a Celebrity: After I finish my work, I watch George C. Scott, the actor, approaching a nearby building (walking from the road). The building is farther from the avenue than I am. It seems to be his office for the management of a nearby warehouse. He sees me but does not mention my payment and enters the building.

    I am unconcerned about my payment or even if I receive it. I “walk with intent” to the road. However, George C. Scott comes out to give me a check when he sees I am leaving.

    Proto-Cognizant Staging: I look at the check and read its details as I walk. It is for 20 dollars. There is handwriting featuring “20 Copeland Avenue,” “La Crosse,” and “G. Scott” as a signature. I plan on asking Zsuzsanna if George C. Scott owns a business here. (Zsuzsanna has never been to America, as I often remind readers.) I am intrigued but consider it may have been someone who only looked like him.

    Inexplicable Transpersonal Link to Zsuzsanna:

    Zsuzsanna was awake and reading about Emmet Brown’s “Great Scott” exclamations. There was no way I could have known this other than a typical transpersonal link - which is how I learned she was a real-world person (on the other side of the planet from me long before we met in waking life).

    These links (NOT because of the dream state, as some people pretend - as dreams distort the link as they do everything else) regularly occur when one of us is awake and the other asleep. However, it also happens (with different dynamics) when we are both awake or asleep.

    Updated 03-12-2023 at 09:16 AM by Blue_Opossum


    Loose Screws (somatosensory - unfathomably vivid)

    by Blue_Opossum on 03-07-2023 at 08:43 AM
    Tuesday morning, 7 March 2023.

    Dream #: 20,532-02.

    2 minutes to read.

    This dreaming experience sustains my somatosensory response to variations in REM atonia. Because of how specific my illusory hand mobility is, my dream renders such realistic imagery, tangibility, and depth perception that it is unfathomable in conscious afterthought.

    My main focus involves looking for a correctly sized screw to put through two parts of a small screwdriver and tighten it - so that it becomes a usable screwdriver again. I use a different small screwdriver to turn the screw inside the hollow handle of the first. I do not find one I can rotate for very long until stopping from it being the wrong size.

    The setting is an ambiguous combination of table and floor with screws and small metal pieces everywhere, but I do not consider it as impossible as it would be in a real-world activity. (The bottom half of my body would be missing to correspond with the narrative’s implication.)

    Other features are present at times. I notice a few small tackle boxes and open them, but they are empty.

    There are several containers with dark smooth rust coating their inside. Although I think about removing it, I do not.

    Protoconsciousness (atypical somatosensory induction in this case), personified as an unknown man who vaguely reminds me of an alcoholic co-worker from over 20 years ago, is present for a time. He blows on my face with significant realism and asks if he can help me, but I tell him it is unnecessary. An unfamiliar man on my left asks me if he wants him to go to the other man’s house to talk to him about leaving me alone, but I tell him no.

    Meanwhile, a harmonica inside a transparent plastic container plays itself, though it is only one loud chord. I do not consider the event unusual. It seems incongruously related to the man blowing air.

    Regarding my dreaming history, it is more common for a female dream character as protoconsciousness to blow on my face or sprinkle water on me for dream state vivification. Sometimes she hovers above the floor, becoming an anthropomorphic water form, and “rains” on me. It exponentially vivifies the dream state because of my somatosensory response and its hallucinatory cortical activity.

    When I slept in a friend’s apartment in America years ago, the anthropomorphic water form seemed present for nearly an hour, and bubbles continually moved inside it.

    Regarding two typical offset dreams today, one was a cast somatosensory event where an unknown cheerful young girl receives a roll of coins (unknown denomination) from an unseen bank teller. A typical REM atonia response casts a roomful of dolls (a common metacognitive association with physical immobility while asleep). Such content does not occur intentionally - it is how I have always intuitively though spontaneously responded to the physiological effects of sleep in liminal states since childhood. Feeling someone’s hair or an animal’s fur is more guided (intentional).

    Heraldic Dragon Storm

    by Blue_Opossum on 03-07-2023 at 06:47 AM

    2 minutes and 30 seconds to read.

    Wednesday morning, 1 March 2023.

    Dream #: 20,526-03.

    The illusory dynamics of this dreaming experience first involve the typical arm (and hand) mobility theme and somatosensory responses to REM atonia, but after “walking with intent” (and vivifying my dream exponentially), the somatosensory factor transitions from directed to received (over my entire right side) and becomes incredibly vivid, with loud auditory phasing.

    My dream’s first segment is a typical shopping narrative in an unknown location. After getting several items in a grocery store, I go to what I think will be a bigger grocery store, though it turns out to be smaller. I push the shopping cart from the first store, go outside, turn to the right, and enter the small store. During this time, I touch the various Australian bills, mainly the fifty-dollar notes, to multiply them in my wallet, realizing I can do this continually, having no limit to what I can spend.

    A man is sitting near the narrow entrance inside the building, though the perpendicular corner, where people exit, is open. I tell him he can look at my receipt (from the previous store) as I hold it, but he waves me and my shopping cart through. The aisle begins here but turns right at 90 degrees and turns right again with one checkout at the third counter (opposite the corner near the exit). In other words, the shopping area is only one rectangular path, with the entrance and exit at the same corner.

    One man walks close to my shopping cart but goes in the opposite direction. The area is too narrow to allow for much browsing.

    I do not see much to buy. I pick up a few fruits resembling mangos, but they have strange small donut shapes over their surface. The spots are reminiscent of white hole guard labels for notebook paper. Even so, I keep one that looks fresh.

    I pick up two pairs of unusual red fruits shaped like irregular Greek amphoras. (They are probably meant to look like hearts with partial aortas.) I select a few other items.

    At the checkout, I hand the male cashier a twenty-dollar bill. Some coins fall (more typical of my second post-hypnagogic dream content each sleep cycle), but he picks them up for me.

    Once outside again in daylight, I am unsure how I will get home. I consider getting a bus, but I decide to push the shopping cart home, though I am unsure where I am and which direction home is. Eventually, I “walk with intent” as my dream becomes more vivid, realizing there is a light rain (somatosensory response to variations in REM atonia).

    To my left are surreal storm clouds, one forming a black tornado with irregular curves. I am unconcerned. Ahead, at a T-intersection, is a tall building of at least five floors. Above the building are at least three animated sketches of heraldic dragons. They are unrealistic in that they look like neither living creatures nor clouds. Even so, curls of black smoke form some of the moving drawings.

    As I walk closer, my dream becomes more and more vivid, with incredible surreal beauty. The “cartoon” dragons continue to breathe fire and lightning onto the top of the building, seemingly with a sentient attempt to destroy it. I do not feel endangered.

    A loud roaring noise, similar to the last part of the alien light probe scene from “Star Trek: The Motion Pictures,” occurs as I walk by the building. I consider that the heraldic dragon “storm clouds” will remain over the building until I leave the area.

    As I deliberately walk by the building, though in the middle of the street, rubble and dust from its eaves (because of a dragon’s blast of fire and lightning) bounce along the street, hitting me lightly along my right side, head to foot. The sensation is incredibly realistic. I find it fascinating (and vaguely amusing) as I slowly walk until my dream ends.

    Updated 03-07-2023 at 07:02 AM by Blue_Opossum


    MAPPED DREAM: "Tiko's Treasure"

    by Blue_Opossum on 03-06-2023 at 06:14 PM

    Saturday morning, 29 November 1975. Age 14.

    Dream #: 3,267-01.

    1 minute and 40 seconds to read.

    Scene 1:

    Toby Taylor and I are reminiscing about the 1962 movie “Tiko and the Shark” that I had watched a few times on the “CBS Children’s Film Festival.” We talk about the idea of a remake or sequel even though we also talk about Tiko’s life as if he was a real-world person we knew.

    The setting, although appearing as the El Jobean fishing pier in Port Charlotte, Florida, in the early evening, implies the location is Bora Bora to bring about connections to the movie as I push my imagination into my dream’s ongoing narrative. As I talk, I focus on my dream corresponding with my intent as I narrate an idea for a fictitious sequel called “Tiko’s Treasure.”

    Scene 2:

    As I think about time travel and Tiko’s village, the pier dissolves, and I fall into the water. Although I see shark fins, I am unconcerned.

    Toby is “still” on the pier, but it is now far away, contradicting the first implication. The narrative ambiguously implies it has not yet been built, but Toby is still in his original location, despite me being in the water about half a city block away from it. Even so, it seems I am communicating from the dream state (as a fantasy) to his imagined “real-world location” in the “future” (from my present location). More contradictory is that I now consider I might be (or become) Tiko (even though I am also me).

    Scene 3:

    I find myself in an unrealistic setting with grass huts. One grass hut may be a ticket booth for the “movie” I am exploring. Other grass huts may be for tourists.

    The usual factor of arm mobility associations ambiguously integrates into the narrative, resulting in self-contradicting content.

    Several “bowling balls” float in the water near one hut (as I consider there is a bowling alley for tourists nearby, but the balls sometimes roll from the hut into the water). The imagery becomes more like a cartoon at this point. They may be confused with large black pearls in the region to distract treasure hunters.

    Eventually, I think they are probably coconuts.

    Unusual Correlation:
    Curiously, there WAS a remake a few years after this dream. I found myself watching it when going through channels on my sister Marilyn’s television. The remake is “Beyond the Reef (Sharkboy of Bora Bora)” - made in 1979 but supposedly not released until 1981.