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    Loose Screws (somatosensory - unfathomably vivid)

    by , 03-07-2023 at 08:43 AM (204 Views)
    Tuesday morning, 7 March 2023.

    Dream #: 20,532-02.

    2 minutes to read.

    This dreaming experience sustains my somatosensory response to variations in REM atonia. Because of how specific my illusory hand mobility is, my dream renders such realistic imagery, tangibility, and depth perception that it is unfathomable in conscious afterthought.

    My main focus involves looking for a correctly sized screw to put through two parts of a small screwdriver and tighten it - so that it becomes a usable screwdriver again. I use a different small screwdriver to turn the screw inside the hollow handle of the first. I do not find one I can rotate for very long until stopping from it being the wrong size.

    The setting is an ambiguous combination of table and floor with screws and small metal pieces everywhere, but I do not consider it as impossible as it would be in a real-world activity. (The bottom half of my body would be missing to correspond with the narrative’s implication.)

    Other features are present at times. I notice a few small tackle boxes and open them, but they are empty.

    There are several containers with dark smooth rust coating their inside. Although I think about removing it, I do not.

    Protoconsciousness (atypical somatosensory induction in this case), personified as an unknown man who vaguely reminds me of an alcoholic co-worker from over 20 years ago, is present for a time. He blows on my face with significant realism and asks if he can help me, but I tell him it is unnecessary. An unfamiliar man on my left asks me if he wants him to go to the other man’s house to talk to him about leaving me alone, but I tell him no.

    Meanwhile, a harmonica inside a transparent plastic container plays itself, though it is only one loud chord. I do not consider the event unusual. It seems incongruously related to the man blowing air.

    Regarding my dreaming history, it is more common for a female dream character as protoconsciousness to blow on my face or sprinkle water on me for dream state vivification. Sometimes she hovers above the floor, becoming an anthropomorphic water form, and “rains” on me. It exponentially vivifies the dream state because of my somatosensory response and its hallucinatory cortical activity.

    When I slept in a friend’s apartment in America years ago, the anthropomorphic water form seemed present for nearly an hour, and bubbles continually moved inside it.

    Regarding two typical offset dreams today, one was a cast somatosensory event where an unknown cheerful young girl receives a roll of coins (unknown denomination) from an unseen bank teller. A typical REM atonia response casts a roomful of dolls (a common metacognitive association with physical immobility while asleep). Such content does not occur intentionally - it is how I have always intuitively though spontaneously responded to the physiological effects of sleep in liminal states since childhood. Feeling someone’s hair or an animal’s fur is more guided (intentional).

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