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    1. A Big Fly Crawls From a Small Pipe and Bites Me

      by , 10-02-2014 at 04:02 PM
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      Thursday morning, 2 October 2014.

      A Big Fly Crawls From a Small Pipe and Bites Me

      Dream # 17,454-02.

      I am in the bathroom of my current real-life home. I recall I need to replace a tap spindle because the shower’s hot water does not turn off completely. (In reality, the spindle threads had worn; the handle turned without tightening.)

      I focus on an area near the ceiling where a small pipe capped with a bolt juts diagonally downward. (The feature does not exist in reality.)

      Something undetermined inside the pipe, seemingly alive, is slowly pushing out the bolt. It turns out to be an unnaturally big green bottle fly doing this. It emerges after it pushes the bolt out. (There is no backstory implying how it got inside the pipe.)

      The fly painfully bites the middle of my right forearm, which I assume may be fatal. Without emotion (because of dream state intuition), I sit at the foot of our bed to wait for Zsuzsanna.

      An unfamiliar man of about 40 (this dream’s protoconsciousness) sits in our lounge room. I do not perceive him as an intruder. I think he might be here to help me with either the plumbing or my presumed medical emergency (even though such an immediate response would be impossible in reality), but he does not react.

      Upon waking, I realized my dream’s pain was an exaggeration of “pins and needles” caused by uncomfortably sleeping on my right arm. (I often sleep on my left side, unlike here.)

      A life form emerging from somewhere, especially an enclosed area, correlates with my anticipation of exiting the dream state. It is as simple as that.

      The fly (somatosensory anticipation from neuronal energies increasing) emerges from the pipe (REM atonia decreasing through spinal neurons).

      There is an additional association with achieving arm and hand mobility and strength because I swat at annoying flies in real life. My dream’s beginning exemplifies REM atonia by focusing on a tap handle unresponsive to a hand tightening it.

      If you still do not understand dream content causality, review the following:

      I am uncomfortably sleeping on my right arm. REM atonia (natural immobility while sleeping) is also a factor here.

      The dream state responds to this by presenting a situation where using my right arm (to tighten a tap) is infeasible.

      Spinal (to the upper end of the “pipe”) motor neurons (“buzzing fly”) increase my awareness of my wrongful sleeping position until pain (“fatal” fly bite) becomes the predominant focus.

      Sitting at the foot of our bed in the last scene demonstrates metacognition as a precursor to wakefulness.

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