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    1. Cheerful “Helicopter”

      by , 11-19-2018 at 07:31 AM
      Morning of November 19, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,963-04 and # 18,963-05. Reading time: 42 sec. Readability score: 52.

      Having fallen asleep briefly while sitting on our couch, there is the usual natural melatonin trope of the illusory sound of splashing water. Someone unknown had thrown a hardcover book, and it breaks the surface of a pond. This autosymbolic event is a lifelong recurring process that encodes my liminal acknowledgment that the wakefulness required for the reading of a book is usually no longer present when sleeping.

      Later, while lying in our bed, an additional melatonin trope is present, this time as an upside-down surface of a water body about three feet above me (atypical). A whirlpool (vestibular nexus) forms. At the same time, I hear the sound of a helicopter rotor, though it is very soft and pleasant. It is as if a whirlpool and a helicopter rotor (without the helicopter present in this case) are the same. A hummingbird flies down from out of the “whirlpool” and cheerfully says “hi” in a young feminine voice (water nymph as shapeshifter) but as if the formant is a band higher. I am very amused by this brief encounter.

    2. dog from under the floorboards

      by , 08-21-2018 at 05:39 PM
      Morning of August 20, 2018. Monday.

      Reading time: 53 sec. Readability score: 74.

      I am closer to the liminal space of the waking process, but there are no threads of lucidity. My clueless infra-self is in bed at our present address.

      Threads of my conscious self do not make much effort to create detail. I see only an expanse of floorboards, implying a much larger area beyond our bed than exists in reality.

      Vague ideas about dogs and how they represent control of the dream state occur. (Again, I am not lucid, so this is infra-control.) A black dog’s head pushes up through the floorboards and moves left to right almost as if it is swimming like a person (as the other floorboards make way for it). I only ever see its front half. After a time, it becomes an unfamiliar man, seen from the chest up, who begins reading cheerful poetry from a small book he is holding.

      In real life, neighbors’ dogs sometimes used to run under our house and bump their heads against the bottoms of the floorboards (though now we have a fence across all areas). One of our cats was making noise under the house recently as well. The concept of reading (though usually regarding me trying to read) is an attempt to achieve more awareness while in the dream state. It is something I have practiced since early childhood.

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    3. “Return of the Fairy Tale”, Reading Letters in Clayfield

      by , 01-05-2017 at 07:58 AM
      Morning of January 5, 2017. Thursday.

      My wife and family and I are living back on Gellibrand Street in Clayfield. When the mail goes, there are several items. I firstly focus on a large package.

      The package turns out to contain a book we did not order or expect to get, possibly because of being members of a book-of-the-month club. It is a very large and thick book with shiny gilded pages with the title of “Return of the Fairy Tale”. It seemingly includes fairy tales as well as poems and folk tales. I read one poem as our youngest daughter listens (though I cannot recall its content). I am not sure if we should keep the book as I seem to remember that Zsuzsanna has an older edition of the same book. We look for it and it is found near the bottom of her wardrobe. I ask her if we should keep the new edition we just received and it seems that we will. The older edition has a slightly different cover but is about the same size.

      After this, I go onto our porch to look at our other mail. There are two postcards from Margaret. In one, she starts off by talking about seeing her “pale face” looking back at her (from a mirror I assume). She writes that she is sorry to hear about my sister (Marilyn).

      Apparently, I had also written to a man in India of whom I had not written to in over twenty years. I had asked him about his address (which makes no sense because if I did not know his address he likely would not have gotten my letter). On his postcard, in somewhat sloppy handwriting, he only writes:

      “I do not remember my other address. I would like a comfy.”

      I am not sure what he means by “comfy”; if he means a footrest or some sort of apparel. (In real life years ago he had asked me to send him auto repair books and I did not have any.)

      I also notice a couple loose letters which are older love letters from Zsuzsanna though I am puzzled as to why they are with the recent mail. One letter includes a couple drawings. I had been sitting on the left end of the couch on the porch (liminal space) during this last segment.

      • The fifteen rupee tiger stamp is a sublimated coalescence prompt (as a tiger can swallow the dream self back into full consciousness) and additionally, mail usually symbolizes communication between the dream self and either the conscious self identity or the collective unconscious. Even so, and even containing the same dreaming and waking metaphors (and overall meaning) since earliest childhood, this dream’s rendering is unique.
      • Regardless of the nature of the book, a book usually links to conscious self identity (and critical thinking skills that are not wholly feasible in non-lucid dreams). Gilded pages relate to dawning awareness and sentience (as sunbeams coming in through a bedroom window).
      • The other book being in the wardrobe is a dream sign, as Zsuzsanna gets clothes from her wardrobe shortly after waking.
      • Most dreams, when waking prompts are not more direct or jolting, are to subliminally inform the dreamer to wake as in this case. This same “call to waking” (waking transition with waking metaphors) can be seen in tens of thousands of my dreams documented and studied over fifty years, and in very specific layered (redundant) ways (and often “no-brainers” that I easily grasped as a child).
      • Even “comfy” can be considered a dream sign, as it can refer to pillows and being in bed.
      • Even the line about not remembering the other address is a direct reference to the amnesic nature of the personified subconscious (dream self).

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    4. Directing Godzilla with the Book that Controls the Universe

      by , 09-05-2016 at 09:22 AM
      Morning of September 5, 2016. Monday.

      I find myself in an unusual balanced composite (more integrated than usual) of my Cubitis family home and the Barolin Street house (to where the Barolin Street house’s porch is integrated with my Cubitis bedroom in atypically smooth orientation). I have a large hardcover book which seems to be meant to be a notebook yet has the look of a novel.

      I am aware that Godzilla is approaching from the west (Cubitis orientation) and will reach the house within a short time. I am clearly focused and write in the book how Godzilla will not damage the house and will pass by without destruction.

      As I write with a pencil, more like making annotations above my previous writing at some points, I hear Godzilla approaching. Soon, he is somehow in the house but only about as tall as the ceiling. He does not bother me and instead, ducks down and goes through the doorway. He turns to the left and shuffles through another doorway after hunching down. No damage is done. I find this interesting but I also realize that he may come back in his full size and with a more monstrous presence depending on how I write the events in the book I have.

      I get the sense of there being an island in the distance (northeasterly), which Godzilla will mostly destroy all the buildings on, yet I am not focused on the idea of a body of water separating it from the region where the house is. I write about how Godzilla will march in a rectangular path so that he will eventually come back from the same direction, but supposedly not near the house. I walk to an area that is like an underground cavern but still seems part of the house (and “actually” above ground). In Cubitis orientation, this cavern would open to the north and is probably analogous to the hallway of that house with a vague bilocation. An unknown dark-haired female approaches me from the mouth of the cave while holding a pillow horizontally (obvious dream sign) with a black gemstone with an emerald cut sitting horizontally on it. It is about six inches long. This character seems like an odd composite of Xena and Kira from “The Dark Crystal”. (There is an association with my wife Zsuzsanna here. Her middle name is Gabrielle, which is also Xena’s friend’s name. Kira is also the name of a “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” character and “Star Trek” featured in another dream of today.)

      She seems very concerned about the supposedly inevitable approach of Godzilla and yet is also wondering if the crystal should ever be used to control such creatures, as it is implied to be of great power and may fall into the wrong hands. She talks about hiding it instead, so that no one would ever be able to use it for anything.

      “It doesn’t matter at all,” I say. “I can control everything in the universe with this book. In fact, I made everything in the universe.”

      The girl eyes me curiously while seemingly dismissing that the crystal has any consequential aspect at all but seems puzzled and somewhat wary about being an entity I had created or she may be uncertain how I may shape events concerning Godzilla’s approach towards her people or alternate world. I wake before writing any more.

      This was interesting in that I had total control by what I wrote in the book yet was not even slightly lucid at any point. A book represents the nature of consciousness (or the transmuted conscious mind within the dream state) and the critical thinking skills on the conscious identity side of liminal space.

      A pillow is an obvious dream sign, not at all a symbol, that is, a residual memory of having fallen asleep (as is a bed and being undressed in public). The crystal seems to symbolize focused lucidity here (as it is dark and sits on the pillow and thus is analogous to the sleeping mind), yet full dream control is still present without lucidity or even a greater perceptual clarity. As Kira has wings and is a muppet, this is an atypical form of the otherwise very common “return flight” waking metaphor which also reflects the artificial nature of the dream state (and a puppet or muppet obviously represents potential dream control).

      The cave represents the dreaming side of liminal space (or the depths of the unconscious while sleeping) and thus on the primary level the emergence of the female character symbolizes my wife Zsuzsanna waking up next to me. Godzilla was the base coalescence metaphor (dream-swallower for the return to whole consciousness yet also represents heartburn in this case which I had to a small degree after waking, especially as Godzilla hunches down with his left paw on his stomach at one point), yet something within my dream self focus was able to shape my dream differently without being lucid.

    5. An Old Book and Glowing Skin

      by , 07-21-2015 at 11:28 AM
      Morning of July 21, 2015. Tuesday.

      I am semi-lucid but do not rise to full lucidity and just let my dream render the settings and circumstances automatically (without any previous scripting). I first find myself with my wife and three youngest children, as they seem to be ready to go to a park, though I falsely “know” it is south of our home rather than north (something dreams do a lot). I am deciding if I should go with them, as it seems to keep “resetting” over time, even though, at one level, I know that there is no park south of us. (The orientation is mirrored rather than rotated, as the front door seems to the south instead of north as well, yet immediate surroundings are otherwise mostly correct.)

      In the next scene, I examine a very old large hardcover book (which is somewhat worn) which I was apparently sent in the mail recently. It is based somewhat on the concept of friendship books (FBs) from years ago that many people send on as they are supposed to, though there are always those who do not “get it” and keep them. The book seems to contain ghost stories and mysteries of perhaps a few pages each, and over many years from different amateur writers. I, as well, have a thought in my mind that I could keep the book, though I am not sure if that would be fair or right. Upon looking more closely, I see that several pages from a modern notebook (including the notebook’s cover) had been stapled on as the front cover (the real front cover seemingly missing), though it is partly coming off. I am trying to decide if it is just the notebook pages I should fill out (with my name and address) and send on after detaching the already loose staples, or the old book as well. Obviously, if each person is to add a story to the book, it needs to be sent on, yet the scene is somewhat ambiguous, especially as only the last few pages are blank. I already have the book, yet there is a statement on one of the first notebook pages expressing that you should write why you think your story should be included in the book, which contradicts why I received it in the first place.

      The first page of the book has about a hundred small signatures in various styles of handwriting going back to the late 1700s. I see the names “James” and “John” (though do not recall the last names) but do not attempt to focus on the entire long list. Each one had been an author of a story in the book. I remain perplexed and my dream shifts.

      I am then with my (deceased) sister on Loomis and Gillette and asking her about the changes that have occurred. I notice the area on the east side of Loomis looks very different. Instead of the neighbor’s house that was there on the corner, it appears to be an old church with all the windows sealed up with concrete blocks and the entire building painted over - which is actually like a real building across from my childhood (short-term) home on North Monroe in Florida, where people went a bit “off” and sealed the church possibly due to belief in “evil spirits”. (I am not sure of this, but I know that some people actually believe in such things, though I cannot imagine why.) She talks to me about it though it takes a little time to dawn on me that the whole area is not of the original buildings. There is also a strange “sign” made of three-dimensional letters (though I do not know the phrase as I am mostly perpendicular to it) that runs north to south along the east side of Loomis, that is, just the phrase sitting upright (vertically) over the lawns, somewhat like a miniature (but longer) version of the “Hollywood” sign, about chest-high. I do not bother to walk over and read it. Our conversation is not that vivid though my sister seems to be expressing puzzlement about my not knowing of the (fictional) changes, and my dream shifts again.

      Finally, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna in a mostly undefined setting. I notice that her face is glowing in a similar manner as when someone shines a flashlight from under their chin in a dark room, though in photographic negative, though with correct colors, so that the light both appears to come from inside as well as the colors rendered correctly (instead of with blue skin as would otherwise be the case). She is smiling intensely. “That’s sexy,” I say, though I am not sure of the dynamics of the setting (which seems indoors and outdoors at the same time) and my dream finally fades.
    6. Flying Over Lionesses and Cubs to a Book Sale

      by , 07-12-2014 at 01:12 PM
      Morning of July 12, 2014. Saturday.

      At one point in this longer but fairly vague dream, I am flying over an area in an unknown region which may be some type of large zoo. There are several smaller rivers in a mostly parallel continuity, seemingly towards the south. Oddly, the whole landscape seems to be inside a very large building with a very high ceiling, and with similar features to that above a stage. I notice several lionesses and cubs near and in the shallow rivers and for a time, now and then, am concerned about flying too low but this does not happen and there does not seem to be much danger anyway.

      I eventually end up at a bookstore where there is a sale outside with one small table with several wells (recesses) in which the base of the book stacks start from. There are also some underneath, I think in a cardboard box. My wife and at least our two youngest sons are there. My dream seems to “reset” to a similar scenario at least once, which involves something about buying three books really cheap, I think something like a dollar each, but that does not seem real to me for some reason and actually causes my dream to lose cohesion because of its “lack of realism” regarding the cheaper prices (regardless of the fill-a-bag sales we went to years ago).

      As with most dreams, this one had a more insignificant layer that was precognitive (though doubly precognitive, based on two unrelated sections).
    7. The Defacing of the Fake Dream Book

      by , 04-30-2014 at 12:28 PM
      Morning of April 30, 2014. Wednesday.

      I am back at the main library in La Crosse, though it seems a bit bigger than in reality. I find a table to sit at, at the southwestern corner. An unknown girl (high school or college), in blue jeans and a white top, on my left, says “hi” in a friendly manner and goes back to reading an orange hardcover book on chemistry, which has an embossed image of a water molecule on the cover but for some reason seems to have “familiar” circus poster motifs as well (such as the band of two-color alternating triangles) - yet it seems quite right in design and context somehow. The table (and perhaps the area itself) has a strange “ancient” atmosphere, like very old Sequoia trees in the back of my mind, or some such. The wood seems to have some sort of “electrical field” or “magic” of some kind, which seems to make a barely visible “aura” about it similar to the atmosphere of the planet. The girl seems to have read my mind and asks me what “Sequoia” means, which causes me to ponder if she is telepathic. I tell her that although some people claim it means “bird”, it actually means “pig in a pen”. She smiles and says, “Oh, I thought it meant pig with a pen”. I then am trying to work out if she is being obnoxious somehow, relating to the creator of the Cherokee alphabet, but do not respond, as she seems passive and cheerful (and nonthreatening).

      I end up looking farther back behind my left shoulder and see a very large black book called “10,000 Great Dreams” which strongly reminds me of the ridiculous fiasco in real life called “10,000 Dreams Interpreted” by Gustavus (which I used to read in real life as a boy and it was so absurd, pointless, and wrong for the most part, I laughed until I felt giddy). I pick up the book and take it over to the desk. Then I notice that it is not actually a regular book, but a large black and white harlequin mask with the pages behind the mask. The eyes seem to be emeralds at first, but then I notice they are just green jelly, which fall out in a couple small piles on the table. I note some strange simple “sayings” on each page, none of which make any real sense. I read several, but can only remember one clearly. It says, “You must open your doors to look out your windows”, and then something about cheddar cheese being the “root of all evil” (this may date back to the 1980s where I saw a piece of Swiss-cheese-like blackness with the diagonally rendered top and bottom of the slice representing a “demon” - I think it, that is, this new dream aspect, may also be related to an episode of the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” television series in the late 1990s or so where a man kept appearing in her dream with a slice of cheese and annoying her).

      Also come the wise words: “Hands are the feet of your arms.”

      Most of the “dreams” read like very short and boring mundane newspaper articles from a mainstream newspaper and with no diverse layers of insights or obscure (but meaningful) renderings as is common with dreams. Nothing visionary appears anywhere, either. Instead, a lot of it seems to have half-finished naïve political speeches or just one sentence at times. Only one, I remember enough to summarize it; it said something like “I was walking down the sidewalk and a girl on roller skates stole my wallet and I chased her and called her a b—- and threw rocks at everyone." I look over and notice that the aforementioned girl is wearing roller skates and her blue jeans have somehow transformed into white shorts but that does not seem to bother me. The "book cover” (mask) also has a red ribbon that seems to be connected as a silk “bookmark”. I pull on it, as it seems to be stuck between two pages near the back and realize the girl is “complaining” (moaning as if annoyed, rather) and it turns out to be a ribbon from her hair, which she retrieves. (I seem to firstly have been pulling her head down and over a bit via the apparently very long “bookmark” aka ribbon from that distance, but this is not the case at all; it just seems to have an odd physical effect, like some sort of “magnet” that makes her head move.) She soon does not mind, though, and in fact laughs about it and throws it back to me when I give it to her and we play a game of catch for about five or six rounds.

      An elderly librarian taps me painfully on the shoulder from my right and points to a sign that says “No garter tossing in the library” and then makes a typical “shhh!” gesture, and I feel embarrassed.

      Looking down, I notice that the mask has turned into a real flayed human face (in two vertical sections), which really makes me think if I should leave. The same librarian taps me again and points to another sign that reads in uppercase - “No defacing books in the library”. I realize that people may think that I am Ed Gein because of this, so I get up to leave and as I do, I notice that much of the material in the back of the “book” actually looks like a gossip column from a tabloid instead of relating to dreams. I can hear the librarian talking loudly to the authorities, many of them being fireman for some reason. “He was in there, throwing garters around, and suddenly tore off his face to make an artistic statement, just like Vincent Van Gogh!" The firemen then do a Keystone Cops routine around the library even though I am standing in plane sight.

      The girl taps me on the shoulder and whispers "you saved us all”. I notice that the harlequin mask/real face/book cover is actually two messy (and melting?) pieces of the creature from the movie “Mimic” (1997) which looks like a human face, but which is meant to fool people before they are eaten. It looks more and more like a pile of melted cheese such as on a pizza.

      The police come in and arrest the librarian for keeping a “fake” book in the library that was “written by a cockroach” (although in the movie, the creature is supposedly more like a cross between a termite and a praying mantis - though does look a lot like a giant cockroach in some scenes). Everyone is marched out of the library in an orderly fashion so that the library can be “fumigated” in case there are any more such books.

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    8. The Flying Book

      by , 12-21-1979 at 06:21 PM
      Morning of December 21, 1969. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am in the playground of West Elementary School (which I attended in real life at the time). I find myself with a book, which may be “Our World Today: Europe and Europe Overseas”, which is what I had been thinking about prior to sleep. (This was a very old textbook, for a higher grade, of which had not been used by the school in years and of which my teacher gave me after I read the word “banana” when it was hyphenated to the next line. I was thankful, but saw her act as a bit peculiar.) Later in my dream, I sense that it is a book of fairy tales or perhaps the Holy Bible (though it is not thick enough to be the Holy Bible). (This association was prescient, as I received a Holy Bible as a birthday gift from a friend of my mother’s, which arrived a couple days after my birthday. Otherwise, there is an influence from an episode of “The Jackie Gleason Show” seen prior to sleep, where he, as the Poor Soul, was whisked away to fairlyand.)

      After I hold the book for a time, while sitting on the concrete bench in the northwest corner of the playground, it pulls me into the air. I feel vaguely dizzy and experience an atypical flight, which is a sustained awareness of liminal space (although I am only semi-lucid). I go high into the sky and then swoop to the ground a few times while holding onto the book.

      Eventually, at least three classmates are hanging on in a ladder-like form, that is, each additional student hanging onto the ankles of the one above them. Toby is one of them as well as Tina, and then Bobby. At one point, I notice it seems to be just before sunrise, although there is enough daylight to discern some detail. Eventually, I deliberately fly up, and out of the dream state in the manner of which I had exited many dreams. In this case, I had tried to hold onto the book in order to wake up with it, but I woke while gripping my pillow.

      When I was very young, I occasionally had an absurd notion of pulling items out of my dreams, primarily books and coins, though only while still in the dream state and only in partial lucidity.

      As I grew older, I began to understand part of the reason for this. Both books and coins more distinctly represent emergent consciousness factors (though for entirely different reasons) and both change in appearance in dreams (often into surreal nonsense) after looking at them again due to the dream state being an illusion. Reading text in a dream is possible, as I have often read in dreams, but the text typically changes when looking at it again and typically becomes unreadable gibberish when my dream self’s imaginary visual clarity increases toward waking. In the case of coins, I learned it was an attempt to stabilize my emergent consciousness, both in the concept of coins gathering (coalescence factor, because when one starts dreaming, memories begin to distort and separate so that the conscious self identity is no longer extant until the waking transition) to become whole again (such as a one-dollar bill). Additionally, the heads on coins are static (unmoving), which represents the dream self’s absence of perceptual viability and intelligence.

      This dream is mainly a result of vestibular system ambiguity, which occurs in over twenty percent of the tens of thousands of dreams I have studied and resolved since early childhood. While unconscious and entering the waking transition, being horizontal in bed is in biological conflict with the misperception of the dream self, which results in an infinite variety of features and events associated with flight, falling, and rising. Over the years, through understanding the nature of the dream state, I have learned to maintain subliminal awareness in dreams that are otherwise not viably lucid, and I often effortlessly take to the air in dreams instead of walking (though the dream self has no physical body unless it wants to). Additionally, the human ladder is redundant autosymbolism (as to flight triggered by natural vestibular system ambiguity) as it also represents leaving the dream state (climbing back to the state of consciousness).

      Resupplemented on Thursday, 8 February 2018.

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