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    1. Dollhouse Retrieval and Return with Golden Airplane Charm

      by , 02-03-2018 at 11:51 AM
      Morning of October 20, 2016. Thursday.

      My dream begins with a backstory involving a task which is apparently for a reality show. There is a feeling of comfort and happiness and of being in the right place at the right time.

      The challenge involves retrieving a two-storey dollhouse from the middle of a shallow pond. The knee-deep water is very cool and refreshing. The dollhouse is in a deeper area, mostly encircled by rocks that are just under the surface. Reaching down to lift it from the bottom, my right hand brushes a rock and I get an intense electrical shock that jolts my whole body and I even feel residual buzzing for a short time. My perception vivifies after this. I realize that only the dollhouse can be touched with the hands or a shock will result, which seems to be the nature of the challenge. I grab it by the roof and an upper window with both hands and get a vague impression that it is actually a miniature boathouse made of flimsy wood. I lift it up and tip it and watch and hear all the water flow out, as if it had been full of water even though much of it had been above the surface. I carry it back to shore with a great sense of enjoyment.

      There is a later scene in a less vivid dream event where two unknown males are trying to win the hand of a tribal princess. (I am unsure of the culture as even though it seems early Native American, it also seems to be in the future where there have been celestial changes, possibly threatening, though this is not a dominant idea.) There is something about shooting an arrow between two bows that overlap front to front giving the impression of a Venn diagram truncated at each side, the central area symbolically relating to the traits of the princess that both men desire, which has obvious sexual undertones.

      In the last segment, which is more vivid, an unknown male in a business suit is boarding a passenger jet near the outer boundary of a forest. (My view of him is from behind the left side of the aircraft.) He is carrying a large golden airplane charm which he had apparently won. He seems happy as he is walking up the mobile stairs.

      About 12% of my dreams (about 12 out of 100) render water as autosymbolism that represents entry into the dream state.

      About 23% of my dreams (about 23 out of 100) render vestibular system ambiguity as a flight symbol. In this case, vestibular system symbolism (autosymbolism that signifies being unconscious and emerging from the dream state) has three layers; the passenger jet, the golden airplane charm, and the mobile stairs. Gold symbolizes the emergent consciousness as analogous to increasing daylight.

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    2. Deer Hunting With Bow and Arrow

      by , 11-28-2013 at 05:28 PM
      Morning of November 28, 2013. Thursday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am in the shed on Loomis Street, but it seems much bigger and aligned in a different direction (perpendicular to its actual location). Apparently, I had just successfully shot two large male deer with little effort with a bow and arrow. I vaguely remember the details as a supposed backstory, but it becomes clearer when my brother-in-law Bob and I are talking about brand names involved in two different methods of hunting as we are walking from the shed (apparently having dressed and stored the deer in his freezer). There seems to be a continuous mix-up of which company makes the best bows and arrows and which makes the best rifles. It is almost like a comedy routine in knowing which is which. There are also a couple sarcastic remarks about some of the hunters using BB guns. (In real life years ago, I had told a factory foreman as I was working on an assembly line, who had asked about what kind of rifle my brother-in-law used, that Bob got his biggest deer with a Daisy, which is mostly known for BB guns. He looked at me strangely. I guess he did not appreciate my deadpan humor.)

      Bob and I are going back out, mostly for me to only watch his attempts and perhaps to help as I walk behind him to his right. We walk the entire way. We have regular bows and arrows, not crossbows, and I sort of wonder about this for some time. (My brother Earl and his wife - in fact he met her there - worked at a place that made bows and arrows - Outers Laboratories, Inc.)

      We reach an area going uphill. We are walking up a long pathway that has seemingly been used for vehicles only rarely. To our left is a thicker, almost impenetrable forest, with sparse rock features. To the right is mostly an open plain with a row of larger trees along the pathway and only minor rock features. In the distance are large hills, perhaps mountains. I am not sure where we are, but there is a heightened feeling of clarity and joy, almost a sense of love and boundless freedom.

      Near each tree is a very large male deer facing the pathway, with their head and neck and front legs visible. I am wondering if my brother-in-law will be able to get them (though he is apparently allowed only two), but I soon feel confident about his success. Farther to the right, in the more open area, is a large mountain lion (cougar) that neither seems to be a threat nor even seems to notice us (and is only casually glancing at the many deer). I focus on how the deer may or may not move away upon approach, depending partly on the mountain lion’s activity and which direction he goes. I slowly wake as we are walking along, feeling very at ease and relaxed.

      This dream was at least partly influenced by a foundational scripting, “I unfold my map of my best future”. Still, it has been twenty years since I went anywhere with Bob. I take it to mean something positive, that is, possible abundance, potential success (at least in surviving in a decent way, more than many I know of), and only potential danger if willfully approaching something of that nature (the mountain lion).

      The deer could not escape across to the other side (the forest seemingly being too dense) and they did not want to go in the direction of the mountain lion, and they were there closest to us (available nourishment or power), and I had considered if they were somehow “stuck”. This part of my dream seemed partly prescient due to the fact that a poster on the main dream journal site told me of an event where a deer had become entangled (though she referred to it as synchronicity, which I have otherwise experienced continuously throughout my life since early childhood).

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    3. Stopping a storm

      by , 12-17-1998 at 08:50 AM
      Morning of December 17, 1998. Thursday.

      This was a longer dream of a storm which was fairly vivid. I have the ability to stop the storm by finding a certain bow and arrow, apparently with “magical” properties. Upon finding them, the bow and arrow are transparent and seem to be made of hail or ice at first and are very light in weight. Upon closer examination they sometimes seem more like “spinning water” or some sort of spiritual force. (Ice has always been a fairly common feature in dreams along with fire and water, and it usually brings more lucidity.)

      The storm seems to be a result of a giant of some kind, which I bring down with the arrow and later crush it (him) to pieces. My wife is also a positive force with me. There is also some sort of whirlwind in the sky - with faces of ancient warriors (including Geronimo / Goyahkla and Crazy Horse) - yet they seem to be calming the weather rather than increasing the forceful nature of the whirlwind which they are part of. I am given more gifts and “tools” relating to controlling (or calming) the weather when the need may arise in the future.