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    1. Horses and Cars

      by , 03-08-2020 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of March 8, 2020. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,438-01. Reading time: 54 sec.

      In my transition from complete lucidity to liminality near the beginning of my dreaming experience, I think about the nature of imaginary physicality, though it does not correlate with the usual falling sensation anticipation.

      As the rapid morphing of various random settings slows and stabilizes, I see a variation of the “Gunsmoke” Dodge City set, though its implication is ambiguous, as both people on horses and modern cars are present and in motion. I know that horses are more of an instinctual rendering when imaginary proprioception is an anticipated factor, whereas cars, although still signifying the physical body as sublimated while dreaming, indicate a partial level of cognizance. As a result, my liminal state integrates the ambiguity of both in an atypical form of sleep-wake mediation.

      What results, as I am moving into my sleep cycle instead of out of it, is that all the cars unrealistically rotate, reminiscent of a tornado, ballerina’s pirouette, or helicopter rotor system (all of which are variations of mediating this process) as I allow my lucidity to lessen. There is no emotion as only one horse bucks at the impossible scene (only because I briefly anticipate it). The cars do not lift off the ground but rapidly rotate in place until their spinning makes them a seemingly transparent circular anomaly. After a few minutes, I allow the scene to fade.

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    2. Tossing out a Toolbox

      by , 08-11-2018 at 04:18 PM
      Morning of August 11, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 58 sec. Readability score: 67.

      I am in an unknown location at about fifty percent lucidity, but with not as much vividness as in similar states.

      The ambiguity of my physicality as perceived within the dream state becomes a representation of a moving vehicle. There is a vague association with my father driving the car (probably because I am a father now and am older), but there are several unknown people present.

      The car drives by from right to left. A toolbox somehow flies out from the left side of the car, from the back, as if tossed, though it also seems as if it may have somehow slid out with the door being open as they sped off. It is not that big and is a matte gray color. It lands on the gravel. I am puzzled over this event.

      I had been sleeping on my left side. A car is often a representation of the physical body in sleep as a form of vestibular system correlation. (In fact, the human body is even considered a “vehicle.”) The toolbox comes out from the left side, from the back, oriented towards the intent of the sleeping process. The association is with sleep as a healing process, though I am near waking, so the process is “disrupted.” The biology of the body is not under the control of the conscious will, which is what the reactive representation, in this case, is all about, as coming from the back seat.

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    3. Bobblehead Road Trip

      by , 07-26-2018 at 01:32 PM
      Morning of July 26, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time: 1 min 24 sec. Readability score: 66.

      I am driving an unfamiliar car. The driver’s side is on the left (implying America). Brenda is on the passenger side. There are no threads of my conscious self at this point. We are going north on Highway Seventeen (the original one).

      An outdoor seminar on dreaming is occurring in an area we pass to my right. Brenda cheerfully points and says, “Bobbleheads.” (This is what I call people who talk or write about dreams or their so-called meaning while having no understanding of the dream state.) Something about the scenario seems off, and I try to consider what it is. Brenda’s head is now slumping forward. Her head is Betty Boop’s. I wonder if she is a clockwork girl that has suddenly malfunctioned. For a moment, I consider I may get into trouble for stealing or taking advantage of a movie prop. Her forehead seems to have an electrical outlet (the American type).

      Glancing at Brenda (or Betty Boop) again later, I see her changing into different dream characters at the rate of about two per second, cycling through many diverse personas. Finally, “she” becomes George Harrison and continues to talk about Bobbleheads.

      We continue on our road trip with a cheerful disposition. We arrive at a music studio. George has a meeting with several music producers. Once in the room, however, it seems to be a class on economics. Going up to the front, where a chart on an easel displays an upward trend (a linear representation of the waking process), I see that all the students are equidistant identical ceramic chicks (yet still living entities), which turn their heads left to look at us. They chirp similar clouds of small triangles, circles, and squares, mostly of red, blue, green, and yellow, of which float about above their heads for short periods of time. They seem to be asking why most humans are unable to communicate with them. (This is emerging consciousness simulacra of which first occurred around age three. What wonderful nostalgia.)

      (Zsuzsanna and I were talking about “Route 66” yesterday, though she has never seen the show.)

    4. Bob’s Fishing Mishap

      by , 07-24-2017 at 08:36 PM
      Morning of July 24, 2017. Monday.

      I am firstly not very aware of my dream’s environment (and I do not become lucid at any point). I eventually become aware of being on the outer limits of a dense forest encompassing a small lake or wide stream, seemingly late at night. I am not aware of anyone else in the region yet. I walk around in the semidarkness, uncertain of where I am, though there is no sense of danger. My dream’s setting seems loosely modeled after Mink Slough, where my brother-in-law Bob and I used to fish up until 1990, though never at night.

      After a short time, I see a strange event. A car goes flying over the trees away from my viewpoint but eventually falls in another area of the forest.

      I enter the forest with uncertainty as to what is going on, but without wariness. I get the impression of my brother-in-law Bob having tossed his car over the trees to get attention, as it seems he was somehow injured while fishing and the flare gun was either too far away for him to reach or he was out of flares.

      I find him lying on a blanket on the ground. It appears as if he has been bleeding a lot. It also seems that he may have gotten fish hooks stuck in a few parts of his body, though this detail is not fully discernible.

      About five unfamiliar males of about forty years of age emerge from my dream self’s body to offer aid as I remain more at a distance. They approach him. Bob seems somewhat cheerful, but cannot get up. My dream fades from this point as I reason the other males will give him medical attention as well as call an ambulance.

      • Induction form is water induction (most common form as water symbolizes the real-time dynamics of sleeping).
      • Dream state symbolism as entering a forest (subliminal reinduction, as it occurs after the implied but precursory waking symbolism of the car in flight).
      • Subliminal reinduction resets dream state, no additional waking symbolism, dream is truncated, no emergent consciousness event.
      • Biologically premonitory waking symbolism present as an atypical event, partly initiated by subliminal awareness of having more blankets on my body while sleeping.
      • Car (symbol of sleeping physical body in this case as it is without a driver) thrown over the forest (very common personal symbol of being in the dream state) as a subliminal annoyance of blanket weight (though it is too cool presently to sleep without them).
      • Ambiguous failed flight waking symbolism is present (Bob throwing his car over the trees as analogous to a flare gun and a flare gun would be a potential waking prompt).
      • Atypical personified preconscious as uncompleted emergent consciousness precursor, bleeding and lying down in need of aid (rare, though Bob usually appears in this form now).
      • Dream state indicator of preconscious lying on ground (analogous to lying in bed) requiring aid (needing to leave the dream state; to coalesce back into whole consciousness).

      Detached threads:

      • 1) A human being cannot throw a car through the air, let alone over trees or while bleeding and lying injured on the ground.
      • 2) I have not seen Bob in real life since February of 1994 and I am unaware of his present health status (possible precognitive thread present).
      • 3) Other dream characters (all unfamiliar males) emerge from my dream self’s body upon me seeing Bob on the ground. Bob does not “return” to my dream self’s body or coalesce in this case that I recall.

    5. Unusual Dashboard

      by , 07-06-2015 at 01:06 PM
      Morning of July 6, 2015. Monday.

      Dream #: 17,731-04. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      This dream was mostly abstract but had a vivid corporeal scene in the last offset segment. The narrative begins with anger regarding an unknown person cleaning an area where I had my belongings stored, though it is unclear if I was staying in the room. It is the Loomis Street house (irrelevant since 1994), but the perspective is distorted and seen mostly only from the ceiling. At one point, I am aware that three equidistant posts are jutting from the floor, oriented east to west.

      I notice my (fictitious) belongings consist of numerous small items of metal and plastic. After they discarded some of my small possessions, they randomly placed the rest of them around the posts in nearly a perfect circle, each pile a few inches high. I see this from a vague incorporeal viewpoint, with several abstract transitions. I am unaware of any other room in the house at the time.

      As my dream becomes less abstract, I am corporeal and getting ready to get out of a car (having been driven by my brother-in-law, though I do not see him) that has arrived on Loomis Street. As I am leaving the car, I notice the radio is on, though not very loud. I remember I have to turn the radio off when being the last one to leave the car (no waking-life correlation). I reach over to the far right near where I had been sitting and flick down a switch that is like a light switch. However, that does not turn the radio off but changes it from FM to a louder AM station but with more static. Without touching that switch again, I find a similar switch closer to the steering wheel (though still to my right). I flick this switch down as well, and the radio goes off, and I slowly wake.

      What I know as of July 2020: A parked vehicle is tied in with the imaginary physicality of the dream state, though defining the cessation of vestibular activity (and its ambiguity as in REM sleep). If the car is moving, imaginary kinaesthesia is a factor (vestibular cortex arousal). Ultimately the physical body is an illusion in the dream state, and this illusion will transition to the concept of traveling in a vehicle (such as a car). This situation initiates both somatosensory cortex and auditory cortex arousal. In this instance, I manage the auditory cortex while in my dream by way of a somatosensory-auditory-cerebral handshake. Such modulation seems intriguing, I think.

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    6. Bubble Cars and Pricing Hijinks

      by , 02-03-2015 at 08:03 AM
      Morning of February 3, 2015. Tuesday.

      The first scene relates to buying a few small food items in an unknown store but which vaguely reminds me of a small music store in La Crosse. I have two cinnamon or jam rolls and a plain loaf of bread and something else, I believe. The cashiers or owners are not behind the counter but instead, sitting out where the public is shopping, on a table or crate. They seem to be two of my foremen from the factory that made Ford Taurus parts from years ago (one who shot himself). Pat says that the price (for me) is eighty-nine dollars and I believe either eighty-nine or ninety-eight cents. They seem very amused by charging me this much even though my items could not be more than ten dollars. This makes me really annoyed and I start knocking everything on the floor and leave after hearing something about “eighty-nine million dollars”.

      For some reason, they decide to follow me (leaving no cashiers at the store?) yet do not seem angry. I then have a very small white van that is somewhat like a bubble car but with special defensive features like bulletproof glass and rocket launchers underneath the chassis. A fictional dream character joins me in the seat next to me; the somewhat Christian-Slater-like character from years ago. For some reason we ritualistically put black ballroom (masquerade) eye masks on. I am enjoying myself driving around for awhile.

      I am not lucid, though still have the long-term-recurring awareness that I can call upon any character or vehicle to come to wherever I am (such as in defense). In this case, it is with a watch on my left wrist. However, I check for it and it is not there - I only feel my shirt sleeve and no object underneath, though I am not that concerned. It is fairly common in dreams to be “missing” something and “replace” its function or purpose by thought alone even without any trace of lucidity (something I have always found interesting).

      Later, my wife has a car that is somewhat like a custom purple 1950s Ford Bubbletop “Beatnik” (though also reminds me of the 1968 Hot Wheels Silhouette which I had two of). Somehow, some work has to be done, which causes frustration over time. I have the front bumper separate from the car later on and am trying to work things out.

      The bumper seemingly has missing features on one side (though not directly on the end somehow; a little more towards the middle) and is very asymmetrical relative to a portion of diagonal grill on one side but not the other (in reality the grill is apparently only all grid-like squares, not with any diagonal bars). This does not make much sense, as it is supposedly one solid section (or at the most, two, attached) so how could it be shorter and more asymmetrical over time? - in fact, it seems shorter and more asymmetrical every time I consider putting it back on the car (as if I had somehow lost or mentally “eaten” part of one side each time yet while intending to make it complete again with the remaining outer pieces somehow ending up back together as one solid piece). Even though I am not lucid, I eventually get so aggravated by the asymmetrical form of the front bumper that I just somehow mentally create a new complete car prior to waking.

      As many years as I have been working with dreams, it has been only fairly recently (over the past five years) that I have more closely noticed an odd sort of repetition in often subtle doubly recurring elements in a two or three-day period (but which are not related to dream events in the same way each time). Sometimes it is barely noticeable unless everything is well-documented. In this case, it seems to be the number eighty-nine for some unknown reason. In another case it was the act of patting someone (a different fictional dream character each time) in a particular spot near the left shoulder. As yet, I have not habitually linked these occurrences. I do not know if there is any reason behind this other than residual associations perhaps relating to the dream journal itself (or the memory or review of the previous dream).

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    7. Car Demon

      by , 06-03-1973 at 11:05 AM
      Morning of June 3, 1973. Sunday.

      I am with an unknown attractive girl (about my age) in a car (in some dreams such as this, I was “already” in a car, but it was very rare for me to fit in a car when wanting to drive it or to get into it, or a taxi, etc. It sometimes even eventually turned into a shoe). We are trying to engage in romance, but the car is going in a circle and making us annoyed, as we really want to leave the old dusty (and mostly featureless) warehouse we are in and go elsewhere, primarily to a meadow or perhaps to the top of a hill. A very tall insect-like “human” (with reptile nuances) with spider-web-like eyes (and very small pupils and irises) is making the car go in a circle with some sort of mind control on his part as he waves his hand somewhat like a puppet-master (with the implied otherwise invisible “strands” that control the car). The “demon” reminds me much of a cartoon monster from a Marvel comic book - it seems of the same overall design. Part of this is also probably a play on “sex drive” when I heard it with negative connotations at a prior date.

      As it was fairly common for negative energies to stop romantic potential during some earlier dream trends, thus I soon began to see people who associated sexuality - especially relative to dream content - with anything “wrong” or “dirty” (other than a realistic natural caution in real life, of course, but anything is possible in dreams, including total sexual freedom) as completely wrong or simply ignorant - as those were the only types of characters that were non-involving as such or even completely ignorant of feminine anatomy (sometimes, though, in real life, they would tell jokes that proved they did not know anything about feminine anatomy - it was pretty strange being around such people - I could not laugh at an idiotic “wrong” joke that made no sense and so ironically was seen as less worldly even though I was more worldly at that age).

      I think it is very important to note here that it was a “dream demon” who was stopping us from our romantic scenario, not trying to instigate it or encourage us. Interesting, yes? And what do you think that implies? I think it relates to being wrongfully influenced mentally (about physical contact, especially in a personal dream) by mainstream mythology concerning religion. As the car is going in circles it may also relate to circular logic in false religious arguments.
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