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    1. Two Toy Parachutists on Eaves of Cubitis Carport

      by , 12-10-2018 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of December 10, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,984-07. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      Summary for casual readers only:

      While on the Cubitis carport, I see two toy parachutists hanging from the northerly eaves, a blue one and a white one. I go around and take the white one down and throw it about when back on the carport. An unknown woman looks on from where the carport meets the driveway.

      Readers with no interest in legitimate causes and effects of dreams need not read past this point.

      Preconscious precursor: My dream self attains subliminal awareness of being in REM sleep, though no current conscious self identity has yet emerged. A common liminal space nexus, the Cubitis carport (irrelevant to real life since 1978), is the setting. It represents being within the virtual space between my imaginary dream self and my conscious self identity. In subliminal, liminal, and concurrent dream self modes, I have deliberately used porches and carports since early childhood for this level of dream state and wakefulness processing.

      I am on the Cubitis house’s carport in late morning. The sky is blue, and I mostly focus on the northerly direction. Someone else is present who is a female of perhaps thirty, but I do not know her identity.

      To the north, I see objects in the sky. (One might be an airplane, but this remains unknown when I focus on the toys in the next scene.) I eventually see a toy parachutist hanging from the eaves. I had first thought that it was in the air in the distance, beyond Harold’s house on the other side of the orange grove. I walk around outside of the carport. At this point, I see two toy parachutists hanging by strings from their miniature parachutes, one slightly higher than the other. One is blue and the other white. I somehow take down the white toy (which would not have been possible in reality as it would have been too high up).

      I play with the toy parachutist on the carport for several minutes, noticing that it works very well, the parachute expanding and the soldier slowly floating down as I catch it each time. Its texture is simultaneously rubbery and silky. I find its perfection wondrous. Eventually, I begin to recall who I am. I remember my youngest son, though there is no other recall (such as where I live as I erroneously maintain the illusion of Cubitis until I wake). I consider that I will give my youngest son the toys. I think that someone, perhaps two unknown young boys, had lost them and probably will not return.

      Crucial notes: A common factor of the waking process and consciousness achievement is the preconscious simulacrum. Here, it is probably my wife Zsuzsanna, though remains dormant (unrecognized) until I wake. It does not domineer, as I am actively working with vestibular system correlation in subliminal anticipation of the falling start that terminates many dreams, though of which does not occur here as I modulate the process into a soft awakening, though with a projected transition rather than inherited.

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    2. Rebuilding Cubitis

      by , 03-27-2018 at 08:33 AM
      Morning of March 27, 2018. Tuesday.

      I am in Cubitis, but my old home is gone. On one level, it feels somewhat strange for me to be there and see the flat ground extending over what used to be a living area. Still, my dream becomes so abstract, only the basics can be relayed in text. The orange grove is still present. (In real life, the house is still there, but the orange grove is gone, thus this dream is of opposite implications.)

      There is the common ambiguous awareness of being indoors and outdoors at the same time (even though the house or its carport is not yet present).

      A backstory begins to form. An unfamiliar elderly lady is going to live in a new house where mine used to be. I decide that I will build it, or at least begin to build it. Curiously, I am somewhat aware of Zsuzsanna being in my life, but in my dream, there is little else of my conscious self identity present.

      An unfamiliar young girl and boy come from the north as I am “building the house”. So far, I only have one corner with two bottoms of walls, only a few inches high, yet I am also now aware of a part of the carport floor. Eventually, there is an argument relating to a new piece I am adding to the house. The piece is like a long narrow section of concrete with equadistant small spheres illogically attached. The girl makes the claim that a couple of the spheres are cracked as well as part of the concrete, but I see no such feature. I do not yet add it to the house, and I get very annoyed. The scenario makes no sense at all, though is not as wholly abstract as other dreams. The carport as in waking life seems to be present and yet not present (until the last part of this dream segment). I am thinking of how others will come in and complete the house, yet there is still the ambiguous focus that I will do it, though by mental will.

      I soon notice a cinder block wall behind the work I have so far done, oriented to the east. This seems problematic, because the house needs to take up the entire original area and there is otherwise not much room for the building. I consider if the house should be exactly like the original was, or if the unknown woman will need that much space.

      I go over to the gray wall, and after a little effort, push it over. It lands flat and even with the edge of the incomplete carport floor and I consider, and am satisfied, that this fallen wall will now serve as part of the carport surface. I move my hands over the area with an enhanced sense of touch and a clearer awareness, as the act of pushing the wall down vivified my dream (due to the fact that a wall is a liminal space divider between different levels of unconsciousness and in-dream perception).

      From here, as a result of having pushed over this in-dream “divider”, I wander off into a different dream state (though sometimes a wall as such is a more defined division between the distorted dream self identity and true conscious self identity).

      The rest is a meandering mess. I go into my teenage years mode for a short time, wandering about, then into an unfamiliar kitchen setting where one man seems somehow stuck under a table with his leg somehow caught around a chair leg. He is lying on his side on the floor, halfway out from under the table, and another male is trying to help him up. The man on the floor is someone I had only talked with once years ago in Clayfield (I think his surname was Papadopoulos and this is the first time he has ever appeared in a dream as far as I remember). Zsuzsanna is present. I walk around to another part of the room. As I shift into a different dream setting, I am attempting to read some sort of listings in a newspaper as I wake.

      The man on the floor is my emergent consciousness factor (the other unknown male, the preconscious personification), the typical distorted precursory autosymbolism for waking and getting up out of bed. The act of reading in the last scene validates this, as this signifies my thinking skills beginning to emerge as I wake. As dreams are autosymbolic, not symbolic of waking life or with nebulous “interpretations” as such (as literal prescience and autosymbolic waking life factors are far more obvious and discernible), there is nothing here that is new or unusual to me in the dreaming sense.

      In life, I will never stop dreaming about my Cubitis home in infinite unique forms, or in fact, of any place I have ever lived or been, or unique fictitious settings either. There is not a waking life reason for this; it just is what it is, the nature of unconsciousness.

    3. Cold Funeral, Driving the Fury, and Throwing out a Toad

      by , 05-07-2014 at 11:07 AM
      Morning of May 7, 2014. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 17,306-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      I was at a funeral at the La Crosse Civil War Memorial (Campbell Cemetery) in winter during blasts of wind and snow. Two others in black 1940s formal apparel are near me. (They may be older versions of Zsuzsanna and me.) We are standing on the wayside, opposite the railroad tracks, not the woods where the funeral was. (I do not think of the unlikelihood of public graves between trees.)

      There are two cars parked along the road, the one that crashed in “Fear No Evil” (1969 TV movie) and my red 1922 Lincoln Phaeton (recurring dream car only).

      The old couple faces the woods as the wind blows snow across their backs. They do not move even after being covered in a light layer of snow. Another man approaches from our right. He acknowledges me but ignores the other two. He wants me to drive him somewhere, but not in either of the vehicles present.

      I become liminally aware I am dreaming without recall of what a dream is, only that my thoughts shape my world. I summon the red 1958 Plymouth Fury from “Christine” (1983 movie). The other man is happy with the car and our forthcoming road trip.

      I drive fast (not recklessly) over backroads in hilly areas. The car ends up on the carport of the Cubitis house. (I would have had to drive from Wisconsin to Florida in less than fifteen minutes). I am parked facing the orange grove, perpendicular to the driveway (which would be problematic as it would block both entrances to the front of the house).

      I am unsure where the man (preconscious simulacrum) is. I may have dropped him off somewhere. Looking down, I see a toad to the right of my right foot. It is about half the size of a cane toad. I pick it up and throw it out the window to my left. I consider that other toads may be in the car, but I do not worry about it and looking around, I see no evidence of others. At this point, my dream loses cohesion.


      The toad in the car may have been an association with “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” from “The Wind in the Willows” (both the book and the Disney attractions). It is similar, in some illustrations, to the car from “Fear No Evil”.

      My dream begins with the presence of sleep simulacrums (the old couple that becomes lightly covered with snow), the association with a cemetery as analogous to sleeping and being separated from waking life and my identity.

      The unknown man is this dream’s vestibular system simulacrum (a personification of the preconscious) as we ride in the car, which is an imaginary extension of my physical body while in the dream state. His original approach from my right stems from the waking process as I sleep on my left side with my right more exposed to my environment.

      A carport is a rendering of liminal space (the ambiguous awareness between dreaming and waking).

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    4. Not Exactly a Catfish

      by , 01-21-1997 at 07:21 AM
      Morning of January 21, 1997. Tuesday.

      My dream’s setting is a new and unique composite of La Crosse and Cubitis (which are over 1,500 miles apart in reality).

      My dream’s induction is the typical nonthreatening flood, a dream feature that has occurred in at least one dream virtually every night since earliest memory, so it is obviously an autosymbolic induction factor that is usually unrelated to waking life, especially as water autosymbolism correlates with the dynamics of sleep and the sleep cycle.

      Curiously, our front yard does not seem flooded at one point but our carport does (as a distortion of a Cubitis feature). I am fishing in it (which of course is a ridiculous concept, as the front yard and carport would otherwise be at the same level in real life, but water replacing ground or floor at the same level, yet implying depth, is a common dream distortion, another factor of water as autosymbolism for the sleeping and dreaming process by the transformation of ground into the essence of fluid).

      At one point, it seems I have caught a large striped bass, which is a kind of silver fish I used to catch in America (often using orange florescent fishing spoons as a lure).

      The “fish” gets heavier over time (as is often the case in my fishing dreams when I hook something). However, it eventually turns out to be a large white cat, though of which does not appear to be injured from my “catching” it with my fishing equipment. It comes near me and purrs and my focus shifts as I move more toward waking.

      Fishing is a type of autosymbolic preconscious mediation when my dream self seeks to find the conscious self identity to initiate the waking process. In this case, it is paired with another form of preconscious mediation, which is the carport - in representing the liminal space buffer as a factor of the waking process. A cat has often served as a preconscious avatar (and “witness” to the dream state), though in this case becomes the emergent consciousness factor.

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    5. Faux Recluse (Unreal Spider)

      by , 07-20-1974 at 01:20 PM
      Morning of July 20, 1974. Saturday.

      This is a meticulously documented dream from when I was thirteen years old and had been involved in some trial and error messing around in taking apart old electrical items such as clocks, cassette players, record players, and radios during my summer break from school, which was mostly junk my father got very cheaply at the local flea market just north of us.

      In my dream, I am concerned about spiders (as was sometimes the case in reality). Wolf spiders were very large in our house at times in real life, but a greater concern was the much smaller brown recluse spiders which can be problematically venomous (apparently depending on the person’s health). In my dream, I am aware of them being in my room in Cubitis. I decide that it will be safer to go outside at that point. (This of course is in direct contrast to my childhood dreams where I had to go inside to avoid buzzards, dogs, or wildcats outside, or in some cases, a bull or rhinoceros.)

      I go out onto our carport and immediately head to our backyard area, going east, and it seems to be late afternoon. To digress a bit here, directional orientation is probably not always a viable aspect of dream interpretation, and as always, can be seen in different (even opposite) ways. Going east is both going into the sunrise (perhaps “a new beginning”) as well as the future (and also as such when reading English as well as numberlines or timelines left to right or “west to east” relative to maps) whereas going west is heading towards the sunset; completion or “retrieving” the past. In any case, I am simply going into my backyard rather than my front yard here (though backyard and front yard have different meanings and associations as well).

      Looking down at my right hand, I see a brown recluse spider, except that the “brown recluse spider” is actually a capacitor or resistor (possibly some sort of play on “resist”) with eight thin wires sticking out as legs. I am in fear for my well-being (though my fear is somewhat muddied by my awe over the look of the “spider” and how it seems partly embedded in my hand). There is gel (likely poisonous) in this thing and a small amount of blood on my skin, though there is also a vague pondering on whether or not it is alive. Its eight wire “legs” are stuck into my skin on the back of my hand. It is at that point, reaching the edge of our carport (adjacent to the concrete footpath to our large partial shed), I begin to fade from my dream. This was not a more emotional nightmarish perspective, but there was a bit of concern. It takes a bit of conscious awareness to fully understand that this is not even a spider as I am waking.

      (Updated Saturday, 5 September 2015.) Being that my dream was in 1974 before I heard of (or at least consciously regarded) potentially invasive microchips, I still associated the “unreal spider” with “invasive” electronics. This also relates to how spiders sometimes represent hands or the association of how one sees hands at any given time (especially considering a spider has four “fingers” on each side, not counting “thumbs” relative to human hands, and going back to the “Eensy Weensy Spider” hand play song). This “faux recluse” was seemingly essentially a reimaging and “replay” of my own hand being dangerous in carelessness with taking apart a radio the day before and slipping with a screwdriver causing a bit of gel (which I though was acidic, but it was not) to squirt into my eye; my own “hand” upon my hand in a different problematic way. A spider may also relate to tentative feelings about being touched by another person though it depends greatly on the context and the person. Of course, if a person actually has ongoing concerns with real spiders, any dream context is also likely literal.

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    6. Precognitive Disney World “Visitor”

      by , 05-20-1973 at 11:20 AM
      Morning of May 20, 1973. Sunday.

      I am in the Cubitis living room seemingly late at night. I am aware that there may be someone on the carport. Unlike a number of other dreams, I am not wary about answering the door this late at night.

      Going near the door, it seems to open on its own. Looking out into the semidarkness, I see an unusual man who looks more like an artificial form, somewhat cartoon-like but also like a statue. He is holding some sort of lantern with his right hand, at about head level. To his left is an unusual unmoving dog, also which looks like a statue or artificial structure of some kind. I continue to gaze at the sight, the forms not moving but holding a comedic essence.

      When I went to Disney World later on in real life, taken by my sister Marilyn and her husband, a completely unexpected event, imagine my surprise when we went on the Haunted Mansion ride and this imagery was identical to what was seen on part of the ride. I had certainly never seen it before (other than in my dream) and I had never been to Disney World before. In fact, I told a random classmate that I was “going to Disney World” that summer even though I “knew” I was not (and I had said nothing like this to anyone else). How was I to know that my relatives would just happen to come down from Wisconsin and that my brother-in-law would just happen to ask me one morning if I “wanted to go to Disney World”?

    7. King of the Birds

      by , 01-15-1971 at 07:15 AM
      Night of January 15, 1971. Friday

      This is not the same as the “The Buzzard who Would Be King” dream, although it has vaguely similar concept. In this one, I am fully in-dream. I walk out onto the carport in Cubitis, seemingly late at night, and notice that the house seems to be “flying” in the clouds or actually caught up in a twister like a scene from “The Wizard of Oz”. Everything has an “energized” feel, including the very air around me. I am almost lucid, but not quite. A man-sized bird flies suddenly down from the east end of the carport and stands looking at me as with seemingly an intent to “save” me or become my friend. I sense that he is the “king” of the birds. In fact, he even wears a crown. (I assume the bird is male.) I originally believed this bird to be representing a hawk (but could also be a variation on my view of buzzards “dominating” my dreams for a time - this one being far more positive in association). Technically it was modeled after the animated Woggle-Birds from “Jack and the Beanstalk” (1967). The bird does not talk in this dream. This was one of a few dreams I used for my “King of the Birds” story in fifth grade that was “published” in a mimeograph format - and by which Bobby G informed me that “birds can’t talk” while his story was about anthropomorphic trees going to school, getting married, talking, and having babies. This is a good example of the bizarre irony and people I have dealt with all my life. It is the story I autographed for classmate Susan R (the “other” - that is, the only other person in my life whom I had a strange “paranormal” link to in real life).

      There is nothing at all threatening about the dream, either the bird or the strange weather or even being inside a tornado fairly high in the sky (or the thought of it in this dream state, anyway). This is quite possibly an early version or “clue” (of which I had thousands) of the Corona Borealis and Corona Australis plot by way of the meeting of the “birds” from America and Australia according to one source, particularly as a possible Yin force reference relative to the implied spiral of tornadoes in some of my early dreams.
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