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    1. Making a Griffin?

      by , 10-07-2015 at 04:07 PM
      Morning of October 7, 2015. Wednesday.

      I am in the living room in Cubitis, seated at a large wooden table in the southwest corner. My computer is set up in a similar way as with my desk in real life. My wife Zsuzsanna and our children also live here (though in real life, they have never been to America), thus my dream self is at least partly aware of my current conscious self identity. It seems to be morning.

      Our pet chicken (fictional, though my father raised chickens in Cubitis until we moved in 1978) is sitting on the table to the left of my computer keyboard. It seems to be an Araucana or Ameraucana hen. My sense of touch is enhanced. I vividly feel weight and motion as I try to make sure that the hen does not hurt herself by quickly jumping or flapping her wings.

      Our black-and-white cat (Franco) eventually emerges from the hallway. He jumps up on the table and bites into the back of the hen. This alarms me because I know he will probably kill it. I try to push him back and I whack my hand over the animals, but our chicken is taken to the floor by our cat.

      I get the odd impression that I may have accidentally detached either the hen’s head or the cat’s in an attempt to separate them, or possibly both are severely injured. I am not sure what to do, as our two pets may both be lost. I get the impression that a griffin will be the result of this situation though possibly weak until fed, as it is lying on its side, looking a bit fatigued.

      What does it mean to dream of a griffin? At the core level, a griffin is a flight symbol. A flight symbol is rendered in a dream in subliminal anticipation of the hypnopompic waking start. Additionally, a griffin is a mix of unrelated animals, which is likely to be a unique precursor factor of the coalescence of the preconscious and emergent consciousness.

      Some of my other dreams that feature griffins (links): (1) Griffin vs. Grandfather Clock, (2) R Brand, (3) Malfunctioning Griffin Game, (4) The Temple and the Tomb

      Tags: cat, chicken, griffin
    2. The Psychic Chicken

      by , 03-12-1978 at 06:32 PM
      Morning of March 12, 1978. Sunday.

      Perhaps one of the strangest dreams relating to our chicken farm in Cubitis related to my father getting a very old rooster (I believe from the Hearns farm, possibly by Tony N due to fear of it) that was so old, he was different to other chickens in that his comb - four rows wide - went all the way down and along his back from his head (and actually seemed to be growing from his back like a sort of avian stegosaurus). There were also lizard-like attributes relative to his eyes and feet, his feet being of a more diverse scaly structure, more like a lizard’s than a chicken’s. Over time, though, his comb gets smaller (and of two rows instead of four), and he appears to somehow grow younger over time. We notice that our other chickens seem to be getting older (or aging too quickly) and becoming ill at times, a few dying. My dream continues until the rooster’s comb is only a single one on his head. We later see him as a chick, and finally…he turns into an egg, absorbing too much energy from the other chickens with his “special ability” that he had somehow attained from growing so old. He does not seem to be able to affect humans or other animals in this way, though. My father hides the egg somewhere, away from the other chickens. Nothing happens after that. I wonder if the process will begin again when he hatches, but I also wonder if there will still be people later on (when he becomes very old again). At one point, a private detective from another state (Kentucky, I think) investigates.

      I think any “meaning” in this dream, if any, may relate to the approaching event of moving back to Wisconsin (though I was still in Florida at this time) and sort of wishing I had more control over time (as I was beginning to see much less of my friends, as more people were moving from the area and I had also left school).

      As with much of my online dream journal, this is the original dream journal title from this time period even concerning the misnomer - as the word “psychic” is not the correct description, perhaps more along the lines of “psychic vampire” at best. I think I mainly used it for a tentative comedic mood or association even though the dream itself was very eerie and not really relevant to the typical usage of the word “psychic”.
    3. Phoenix Abigail

      by , 09-13-1976 at 04:36 PM
      Morning of September 13, 1976. Monday.

      I go out to the backyard in my dream and to the area we have regular bonfires and find that my bearded bantam Belgian (a breed of chicken) has gotten loose. I pick her up and she is very tiny. However, I understand that she is a “Hungarian quail” (my father for some inexplicable reason had began calling it Hungarian instead of Belgian with no cue form me) named Gabrielle (instead of Abigail). This was one of thousands of precognitive facets related to my future marriage and life; my wife being from a Hungarian Romani tribe and whose middle name is Gabrielle. My dream was on my wife’s birthday so this is even more validation.

      This idea is likely at least partly related to the (archetypical if one cannot accept the reality of precognition) “wife as phoenix” theme (recurring and related to my other life-long dreams). The hint is that I found her in the ashes of the bonfire area and she somewhat resembles some images of the mythical phoenix which I had seen in reality. Abigail also had black “ashy” feathers on her back in real life. This was the day I returned to high school (tenth grade) after my operation, but I did not go to any classes or seek information (and just sat around in the open lunch area).
    4. The Turken Theft (Carried Up and Out of my Dream)

      by , 08-10-1975 at 02:10 PM
      Morning of August 10, 1975. Sunday.

      Someone is stealing our chickens from our large shed in Cubitis, either late at night or very early in the morning (before dawn) and my father and I go out one night to see if we can catch them. Our orange Turkens (a breed of chicken also known as the Transylvanian Naked Neck) are gone without any visible clues anywhere. Although it is first considered that the thieves are ordinary humans, there is pondering of both alien and supernatural possibilities.

      Time passes, and the entire shed and external cages area, ground and all, including us as we are standing, seems to be lifted into the dawn sky by an unknown force as we are facing north. There is a sense of beauty, awe, and wonder but no fear. The sense of movement and changing distance from the rest of the ground near our house is very vivid. We are still not sure if this force is alien or supernatural.

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