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    1. Out for a Ride on a Back-to-Back Couch Car

      by , 12-20-2020 at 08:51 AM
      Morning of December 20, 2020. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,725-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      My typical navigation of liminality and phasing sequences during sleep does not include waking-life identity at first or recall of what a dream is. The extraordinarily vivid experience of imaginary kinaesthesia is predominant throughout the first part of my dreaming experience.

      Duality with vestibular phasing personification results in an unknown male driving a vehicle I ride in. The “car” is solely two back-to-back couches on wheels. It is similar to the couch I sit on in waking life, though I am on the far left (unlike at any time in waking life). We go through an unknown city. There does not appear to be a steering wheel anywhere. Somehow, as we are traveling, the unfamiliar man leaves. I remain on the front couch while his wife and at least one son stay on the back couch. Additionally, the “vehicle” is now speedily going in reverse over an overpass.

      The realism of imaginary kinaesthesia, including the vivid sense of momentum and direction, is astounding. I become slightly wary at times, but I do not have any fear. The others, speeding forward, do not seem afraid. As the front couch speeds in reverse, I see cars on the street of the appearance they should have, yet which does not cause me to question why our “car” is back-to-back couches.

      I consider I will try to stop or at least slow down the couch as our speed increases slightly. On the left end, below the arm, is a lever. (In waking life, this is the lever that extends the footrest.) As I pull it, I feel the couch slow down and come to a stop in the parking lot of a shopping mall. We all get out, and our driver is there looking at a storefront. Two people talk to him as they are leaving. They say they cannot give him a tour but invite him to look around inside the empty store. Dagwood Bumstead (from the “Blondie” comic strip) is standing nearby.

      I begin to recall my waking-life identity, but I walk to an unknown residence where my family and I supposedly live. I walk through a room with a Christmas tree in the corner. I see the isolated shadow of a tree’s branch on the ceiling (truncated as a circular form), with no source, but I perceive it as random dirt I will remove later.

      Somatosensory phasing begins with increasing liminal awareness of being asleep in bed in my dream’s final segment. Gustatory phasing coheres with somatosensory phasing. As a result, in my dream, I am on a bed. I need to clean candy sprinkles from it. I scoop them up to eat, and their taste is sweet. The hundreds of tiny pieces of candy form a pattern similar to a river delta. There seems to be no end to them as I continue to eat as many as possible. The bed extends several feet, even into another room. No matter how many sprinkles I pick up to eat, there are always several remaining.

    2. Christmas Tree Attic Fire

      by , 06-06-2013 at 12:06 PM
      Morning of June 6, 2013. Thursday.

      In my dream, we are back living in Brisbane. Our house is different and does not have higher steps, the inside being much like our real place there, but the front porch area being most like the King Street boarding house with the upstairs apartments. Our son Lorenzo is playing with three younger blonde girls, racing around inside and out, who are happily going in and out of our house while being yelled at by a slightly older girl not to be in our house. They are dressed very formally with fancy hairstyles, as if for a formal event for the very wealthy.

      I soon notice that something dramatic is going on next-door; there are a lot of people, for some reason, standing on top of wobbly old wooden step-ladders, watching the action as if at some sort of baseball game at the park. The house next door is on fire, but I do not see any actual flames or smoke. It seems that a Christmas tree had somehow caught fire in their attic. The people with the hose (no firemen around, but a couple policemen in black wandering around not doing anything) are aiming the water up and directly through the small attic window from a fair distance away. I hear a young couple crying loudly and holding their hands together, but there does not seem to be anything to really cry about, as I see no actual damage anywhere at all.

      It seems strange that all these people are just standing up on ladders and balancing on the fence just to look at that house when nothing is really visible, even the supposed fire. I call out sort of absentmindedly to the nearest man standing atop a step-ladder, “Oh, I didn’t even know about this…”, but most of these people seem more amused or entertained than having concern for the owners or tenants, even though it also seems they were there to help at first.

      I become semi-lucid and notice something strange regarding perspective. Their house, on the side nearest to our house, seems to go past my line of sight towards and behind me - to seemingly take up the same space (from my viewpoint near the corner of our house) as our house would otherwise be, an “impossible” perspective, yet somehow at the same time, it also seems to be a completely empty region or undefined area where neither house is.

      This last part with the ladders relates to typical waking metaphors. Someone on a ladder relates to getting closer to waking consciousness, a fire relates to growing conscious awareness, and something going through a window implies leaving the dream state. The water though, indicates a subtle desire to become lucid (though goes through the window instead, similar to the “water getting lower over time” waking metaphor).