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    1. Driving off a Cliff (An Annoying Imposer’s Leave-taking)

      by , 10-16-2015 at 10:00 AM
      Morning of October 16, 2015. Friday.

      In my dream, my wife Zsuzsanna and I are living back on Stadcor Street in Brisbane. Our family is mostly as it is now. For some reason, my wife’s younger brother George stops by and hangs around for a long time, becoming more and more annoying. Sonny is with him, but not as annoying. Zsuzsanna is also annoyed, mostly by George as well. (In real life, we have rarely seen him).

      There reaches a point where I seem to have had enough of his loud imposing nature and patronization and cause the blade of a steak knife (not the handle, just the blade) to fly through the air and lodge in his left shoulder (I am not lucid). Sonny, I do not mind at all. However, they soon leave together.

      From here, I go outside and have the familiar sense of being in control and making my dream at one level, though still not lucid in any way. As I watch the truck, I am also aware of a nearby cliff (although there are certainly no cliffs near the area in reality). I get the sense that he is going to turn and drive straight off the cliff and I feel a sense of pleasant expectation. My dream is very vivid at this point with realistic imagery, sound, and distance perception.

      Indeed, he turns, going faster, and drives straight off the cliff on purpose, and as he does, I sense a gasping from numerous people as the truck falls to the ground below. Somehow, I am then seeing a view from ground level near the foot of the cliff, where there is a river (as if I am standing on the water’s surface). The truck is supposedly now underwater. My wife’s younger sister Judy and numerous other people immediately rush into the knee-deep water (though unrealistically, the truck cannot be seen) from being on the sidewalks above just seconds previously (typical illogical dream shift).

      Judy is the closest to where the truck apparently hit and sank and it looks like she may try to find them or try to rescue them, but my dream starts to fade from here.

      Looking at this dream closely, it appears to be another variation of the waking process metaphor. Oddly, one of my last waking-metaphor dreams also involved George driving around mountains near cliffs, except that we were actual passengers in that case - though we went back to find our real sleeping selves; that is, our real physical bodies before any potential of him driving off a cliff.

      The river is the dreaming process (and there is also a light mist above it in this case, although misty rivers sometimes appear at the beginning of apex-lucidity dreams in addition to the pop culture association “Tomorrow Never Knows” by The Beatles) and although the water was getting lower (a sign of waking), an aspect of the dreamer (driver) could no longer be seen. The scene with the knife blade was already “cutting off” the connection of dreaming or dream communication (as I did not “have a handle” on my “imposing” unconscious state or potential lucidity - an oh-so-obvious dream play).

      I am not sure why George is sometimes seemingly a facet of my non-lucid dream-self lately (not that often, just every now and then - and assuming it is not a subtle telepathic link as with my wife). One of the only other consistent “drivers” as such has been my brother-in-law Bob. This is curious in that both people have very low intelligence in real life and in the case of Bob, he cannot read (though the ability to read certainly does not denote intelligence or intellect). This may be some sort of play on the non-lucid dream-self lacking critical thinking skills or clearer awareness, perhaps even relating to failed borderline lucidity or even “hidden” lucidity. Since childhood, I have found it curious how I have often been aware of a part of me making my dream as it unfolds, and yet not being lucid in any way. This is especially curious as I have not read about other people with such experiences or particular recall and is one of many reasons why I no longer believe that the so-called subconscious exists; only various levels of mind; within and external (and beyond) - as well as Universal Mind (or non-local mind).

      The final scene loosely relates to having just seen “The Red House” (from 1947) with regard to the last scene where Edward G. Robinson as Pete Morgan deliberately crashes and drives into the river under the ice house. Note also the play on “knife blade” and “shoulder blade”.
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    2. A Most Unusual Pet

      by , 10-17-2012 at 04:17 PM
      Night of October 17, 2012. Wednesday.

      This first shorter dream, which is a lengthened and distorted version of the otherwise typical natural falling mechanism as the waking transition precedes my next longer one where I am more of a direct character in my dream rather than just a passive witness as in this one.

      In which I transfer the “I am falling” natural waking phase to an expanded “he is falling” scenario.

      My first dream here relates to an unknown male of perhaps around thirty years of age and who firstly seems to have committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. However, there are at least three scenes in a row (seemingly not dream resets or replays), seemingly at night, where he has to try a couple more times and then I think he gives up. Instead of going around and up the path, which is logical and convenient, he climbs straight back up the side. He is wearing some sort of motorcycle uniform meant for stunts, I think, like Evel Knievel; white with a black stripe down each shoulder, and wearing some sort of odd matching helmet, though which is quite angular. I am not sure who he is. I get the impression of his being a soldier at one point in the past. The night sky is an unusual dark blue and different from how the sky would look in reality. I am not sure, but it seems that it may be Grandad Bluff in La Crosse as it does look much like it.

      In which I seek to use my conscious self’s higher thinking skills in the dream state but the bookstore (conscious mind) is closed (and non-lucid). I then seek to simply watch my dream subjectively (movie theater, to watch a movie of a journey over the ocean of the unconscious; a “Titanic” sequel) but it too soon decays to become an essence of a memory (warehouse). A memory of my youth begins the waking phase, an amorphous shape from the unconscious (ocean depths), yet also sharp somehow, trying to get its point across perhaps.

      Next is a fairly long dream that seems to reset at least three times. My wife and I are going to Nundah (Queensland, Australia), though at one point it seems I am the only one going there, seemingly to the bookstore. It does not make much sense, as the bookstore is not open late at night. The area is quite different and somewhat like La Crosse in America. I get the impression of wanting to get certain paperback novels, but there are strange resets to where we are then going to a movie very late at night though at one point I “remember” it is a holiday and no stores are open except maybe for the theater. The movie theater is a bit odd and does not seem to have proper seats. An unknown unfamiliar boy has brought his pet to that part of town. It is a large creature that is somewhat like a cross between a jellyfish and a porcupine yet is also blob-like at times (seemingly able to get smaller or larger by quite a significant difference) which may be based on a reaction of the environment or the emotions of people in the immediate environment. Soon, I do not feel like watching a movie anymore (and I cannot even remember what it was though I think it was some sort of sequel to “Titanic”). I end up going home and then wonder if my wife is somehow back at the theater, then I realize she never left our house in the first place. The boy and his weird pet apparently were the only ones in the building, which is not actually a movie theater after all but more like a warehouse.
    3. Over the Cliff (visually precognitive)

      by , 04-19-2007 at 10:19 AM
      Morning of April 19, 2007. Thursday.

      My family and I are back at the apartment we used to live in about two years ago. However, our mentally disabled neighbor (to the south of us in real life on Barolin Street, in the halfway house) lives across the street in a semitrailer, but there is only a vague scene where he appears making some sort of loud animal noises as he does in life, but only for a short time. The semitrailer seems to be completely empty but he still lives there. (In real life, he had shouted gibberish at random times day and night , so it is possible he shouted once or twice and it became part of my dream.)

      There are not many buildings around other than the four-block apartment complex we live in in-dream. The other three units have not been lived in for a long time, and I get this strong feeling that the whole area is going to eventually become part of a new development project within a month or so (this aspect turned out to be precognitive as well as the other precognitive layer described below). The area is completely different to real life, though. The four-block set of units is actually right on the edge of a cliff in a sort of triangular section with our apartment seeming the most safe. Actually, the ground has fallen out from underneath a couple of them already, making them unsafe. The apartment we live in is actually closest to the slightly curved road and there is the idea that the other apartments are not even safe enough to walk around in now. There is also a newer road below, part of it going directly under the apartment complex area. I soon notice that I can actually look through the window of one of the empty apartments and look down and see through gaps in the floor and down to the road below, where I notice a truck passing underneath.

      I have a strong awareness that the owner of the place has not done any maintenance for a few years. I am also aware that there are stoves and refrigerators in the other apartments, but in poor condition. I put my hand on the outer wall of one of the apartment units, and there is almost immediately a rumbling, and dirt falling from everywhere around the unit. The whole apartment unit collapses down off from the cliff to the more solid ground below. It is about four stories down. This - from one brief touch of my hand.

      I start to become more concerned about our own living area. Surely it must be fairly safe? A woman of about forty appears at around the same time I start to wonder about our apartment. Sure enough, when I start to open the front door, our whole apartment starts to fall to the ground below.

      However, all is not lost. The woman has a cardboard box, and, with no logic or sense whatsoever, manages to safely catch all of our belongings in the box before the dust settles. The idea that even a small portion of our belongings would not have fit in the box (let alone being able to be caught as the whole building was falling) never even crosses my mind. I am just glad we still have all of our possessions with no damage whatsoever - and of course, we also managed to fall from the cliff (staying in standing position) without being injured as well.

      Interestingly, this dream has turned out to be precognitive on two levels and exact in terms of some of the imagery; a day later, there was something about houses in Canada falling in the same manner as in my dream, and it was something I had not been thinking about or had seen on television recently up to the time of my dream.
    4. "Hot Stuff’s Day Out"

      by , 11-16-1974 at 05:16 PM
      Late morning of November 16, 1974. Saturday.

      This dream started out seemingly in my room in Cubitis. After a short time, though, the entire west wall seems to open up into a sort of sky view (as if our house is elevated somewhat). I walk over to the “edge” of my floor. Somehow, I slip - and go rolling down a steep embankment with a lot of thick grasses and shrubs (an accurate “replay” at least in physical sensations and implied direction of a real-life event when black classmate Ray G pushed me over a hill when we were out looking for arrowheads).

      When I reach the bottom after a sort of “slow-motion” movement down the hill, I look up and see what is reminiscent of an Easter Island statue, but a bit smaller and with more realistic features. Oddly, I hear a loud Caucasian male’s voice (British or Australian) as if he is actually narrating my dream in real time. His voice booms from “nowhere”, talking about “African Gods” as if he is describing something in a PBS documentary.

      After a short time, I am aware of three male explorers (probably in their forties) in beige safari outfits who are going into a cave not that far back from the supposed cliff I had just fallen from. Somehow, I am “back on the cliff” (I do not remember climbing up). The three men look terrified. An adult version of Hot Stuff (a Harvey comic book and cartoon character), still wearing a diaper, comes out and walks up to them (Hot Stuff on the left and the three men to the right). They seem to remain in shock and horror, though nothing dramatic or dangerous results, but I am vaguely considering at what point did my dream became a comedy farce, especially considering the dramatic narration and eerie mood prior to this scene. (I had been thinking about an adventure about finding a treasure chest.) Throughout much of my life, I could not help having Hot Stuff appear in my mind’s eye when anyone used the word “devil” and as a result, I have rarely had a disturbing dream of a more feasible or threatening “devil” as such.

      This was one of the only times a dream had a more “realistic” in-dream narrator, though another case being in “Cats…” (from the morning of January 4, 1969) in which the unseen male voice also came from the upper left as if through a loudspeaker (though in this dream the voice seemed to be louder).

      This dream’s primary segment was induced with the “rolling down the hill” metaphor which of course has no “interpretation” as it is simply the form of transition and induction, but which was far more common with my sister’s dreaming style. I was not quite sure if this should be classified as a typical DDR dream, especially as my emergent consciousness (via a secondary dream self hybridization) is rendered as the “devil”. Obviously however, this “devil” is a comic book character, which is “mundane” and silly from a realistic viewpoint.

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    5. The Cliff

      by , 01-11-1974 at 07:11 AM
      Night of January 11, 1974. Friday.

      Dream #: 2,580-02. Reading time: 38 sec.

      This dream scene has been recurring. I approach a cliff on a mostly flat mountaintop and contemplate jumping off. It is only when I am certain I am dreaming and expect to fly. Sometimes I fly horizontally, though in other dreams, diagonally. I sometimes land in a valley without flying as much, almost like a fall, though not alarming or perceived as potentially dangerous (as it is only a dream). Landing in a valley typically causes my level of awareness to change. For me, flying creates an enhanced experience of imaginary proprioception.

      In this instance, there is an orange hue everywhere, even though it seems late at night. I am facing east towards what seems like a sunrise, though it eventually seems to be more like past sunset (though in which case the sun would be behind me). I feel as if I am the only one around for miles. I feel a positive sense of “being where I should be.”

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