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    1. Fallen Sky

      by , 09-05-2018 at 06:57 AM
      Morning of September 5, 2018. Wednesday.

      Reading time: 2 min 55 sec. Readability score: 69.

      In the first part of my dream, I non-lucidly get out of bed to go into a different room (indicating my subliminal awareness of being in the dream state). My discernment is ambiguous. I am aware of Zsuzsanna, but there also seem to be a few unknown people sleeping in the immediate area, yet I do not perceive them as intruders.

      My dream self perceives the unfamiliar setting as our present home. I am looking at a different bed in a well-lit room. Two Ragdoll cats are sleeping near its corner near where the walls meet. One is ours; the other belongs to Zsuzsanna’s sister. I think to myself that these cats are finally used to each other. The darker one gets up and moves to the opposite end of the bed.

      I notice my youngest daughter on the floor. She is only about one year old. At first, I am concerned. I go to her, but she seems okay. I notice a few unusually-colored veins on her face, mostly bluish, but she is cheerful. I ask the cats if she had fallen off the bed, actually expecting a vocal answer, but there is no reply. Still, it does not seem to be the case. (Cats are typically a “witness” to the liminality of the dream state for several reasons.)

      My dream fades, though I eventually enter another one. This time I am in Cubitis in the living room, though I do not recall that I had not lived there since 1978. It seems to be morning now.

      I go to a fictitious entrance in the middle of the east living room wall. Farther to the east, from the doorway, I see that clouds are close to the ground, creating a virtual horizon at about where the railroad tracks would have been. I consider this incredibly strange. My youngest daughter is present again, though now about three years old. I tell her, “Look, the sky has fallen.” I do not believe that the sky has “fallen.” I only say this to create a story-like interest for her. She seems cheerful and wants to see. Still, I perceive something weird is going on (the typical subliminal awareness I am dreaming, yet without triggering lucidity or even non-lucid control mode).

      I am aware of my father being in the southwest bedroom. (I do not recall that he had died when I was in my teens, long before I came to Australia or married. I have no recall of having had a mother. What my non-lucid dream self recalls and does not from dream to dream is never consistent and rarely makes any sense.) Suddenly, through the curtains, I am aware that the area where the clouds had been is now blue sky and it is suddenly much brighter, like a curtain suddenly lifting from the false horizon. However, I am aware that this means that all the clouds in the region had suddenly come together to compress and go higher in the sky to form a tornado. It will likely come straight towards our home.

      Something unusual happens, as a thread of subliminal recall of recently working on a compilation of January 1970 dreams becomes the non-lucid focus. It changes the outcome of this dream even though the autosymbolism is inherently of the same waking process, relating to vestibular system correlation.

      It causes my dream to non-lucidly transform into identical content from January 1970, with the same outcome and mood. Instead of a threat, the scenario resets to where I am looking at the “same” cluster of clouds near the ground. An angel (with large white wings) appears in the distance, hovering in the air in a standing position. She is wearing white and will probably give me a gift.

      Instead of a tornado being the more dominant precursor for VSC (its processing based on ultradian rhythm), it shifts to the less-aggressive angel and bird forms (similar to dreams as “King of the Birds” from January 1971). A dove flies quickly to me, into my hands, giving me the strong impression that the angel had transformed into it. As I look down, as it settles into the palms of my hands while facing right, it is almost like a fuzzy pastel painting of peace and beauty as I slowly wake. (This is virtually identical to the January 1970 dream at age nine.)

    2. Little White Clouds that cause Earthquakes

      by , 05-31-2018 at 11:57 AM
      Morning of May 31, 2018. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am back in the Loomis Street house. In this case, my thread of memory of being married to Zsuzsanna is extant, but everything else is absent. There is a vague backstory that develops out of the liminal awareness of being in the dream state, autosymbolism that brings about little white clouds outside of which are only about three feet above the ground.

      To summarize, my dream involves looking outside (from the south room of the Loomis Street house) in late morning and seeing these little white miniature cumulus clouds, again, hovering above the ground, though only in a singular sparse row between the houses, slowly drifting east to west. I feel a very unusual sense of something being “off”, and yet no lucidity is triggered by this liminal awareness. I illogically “realize” that clouds being this low to the ground, even though they are small, will cause earthquakes. An earthquake does occur, and I go into the middle north bedroom (where I never slept in real life). Zsuzsanna and I cheerfully interact. (Obviously, a bedroom, even the “wrong” one, is a dream state indicator, not symbolism or more accurately, not autosymbolism, as dreams are not symbolic in the conventional sense.)

      Earthquakes occurred very often in childhood dreams, usually only the first dream of my sleep cycle, and they were not threatening to me in any way. This developed out of liminal dream control where I would deliberately shake a scene from side to side to intentionally change the setting of my dream (not by moving my dream self’s head but by willing the setting to waver from side to side to bring about a different setting, typically barnyards, forests, train stations, a friend’s house, and so on). Over the years, this was no longer required due to certain advanced knowledge when in the dream state even without lucidity (despite the absence of my conscious self identity), but this still remains an occasional residual factor.

    3. Strange Weather, Collapse, and Minotaur’s Lair (Prescient)

      by , 11-04-2017 at 05:04 PM
      Morning of November 4, 2017. Saturday.

      Dream Series: The Experience of Prescience, the Inexplicable Dream State Phenomenon. Part 3

      Over time, I become aware of a very unlikely situation (which has no discernible backstory), although my dream self does not consider it unusual. I am resting outside in an unknown location on the side of a hill that is about the height of a one-storey house (when not elevated on stumps or with a higher roof as our house has). It also seems to be part of a house on one level. I have a blanket over me. I am aware of a number of unknown people also sleeping on the hill or “building” and within the sparse framework. It seems to be nighttime.

      It begins to rain lightly and this hill or odd pyramidal building (note that the roof of our house in real life is pyramidal) seems to take on unusual properties as if it was made out of miscellaneous junk and tarpaulins as well as at least fifty percent dirt. I feel a bit uneasy, but not uncomfortable. It begins to collapse due to stormy weather, the metal part of the tarpaulins noisily clattering on other parts of the framework, which seems somewhat oppressive after a time, but I do not respond with emotion or fear. I cover myself fully with my blanket, including my head. The hill or building is eventually flattened though no one is hurt. No one talks directly to me. I look up at the sky and notice very unusual clouds passing overhead. They have very unusual shapes and atypical colors, some vaguely similar to jigsaw puzzle pieces. I enjoy seeing them but I do not know if it is suitable to sleep here now.

      I get up and walk through a doorway to find a better place to sleep indoors. I am vaguely aware that the room is modeled after the Loomis Street house’s living room, though it is more like a cave. To my left, in an armchair recliner, is a large Minotaur. In front of me is a couch with the back oriented to the right of my viewpoint. The furniture layout is the same as it was in the Loomis Street house living room. There are other features that I do not directly focus on. I consider sleeping on the couch.

      “You’re not sleeping there,” says the Minotaur somewhat frustratingly, as he notices me looking at the couch, though indicating no anger or threatening posture. It almost seems as if he is afraid of me or at least does not want anyone else intruding on his relaxing environment. Eventually, I decide to turn around and find myself in my own bed in reality upon waking up.

      Friday, 30 March 2018: What I presently understand about this dream, based on the following real-life event: A few days after this dream, on November 7, a totally unexpected devastating storm (with very atypical clouds prior to it - unusual shapes and of odd colors), tore the roof from our house and carried it down the street, where it landed in front of another house.

      My family and I had to endure over a month of large tarpaulins slamming against what was left of the front part of our roof. (The noise was almost ear-splitting and my family had to leave the house at times, though there were days when it was not as noisy.) This devastating storm was so unexpected, there were still a few people working on the street near our house only minutes before. Members of my family had been out to see a movie, and had taken the bus. If the timing had been different by only one minute (when they had come in the house), there would have been more serious consequences.

      What is usually RAS personification (for preconscious RAS mediation or modulation) is the Minotaur in this case, and an association with my brother-in-law Bob. It seems pertinent however, that bulls were only otherwise a recurring RAS modulation factor (bulls crashing through the wall for example, as a WAF - waking alert factor) in very early childhood, which should have told me there was something in this dream’s autosymbolism that was very atypical and of which was a warning. The fact remains however, even if I had fully known of this event beforehand, there was little that could have been done. Additionally, another literal factor that came to pass was members of my family sleeping under a destroyed roof covered by large tarpaulins. Zsuzsanna and I slept on the floor in the front room for a time, until the destroyed beds and roof were replaced. This is part 3 of what will be at least 500 parts, as prescience is a major factor of my dreaming history other than autosymbolism and auto-scripting. These main factors of dreams are usually completely ignored by most of modern society.

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    4. Being Calm During the End of the World

      by , 06-26-2017 at 12:26 PM
      Morning of June 26, 2017. Monday.

      I am back on Loomis Street (where I have not been since February 9th of 1994 in reality) within a typically distorted dream-self identity of not being with viable memory beyond that of my eighteen-year-old self. I am in the living room of the Loomis Street house. There had been details that the world will be having strange weather, which has something to do with the sun. At first, my dream seems to be based on only unusual weather approaching, but not that threatening. However, the concept changes, becoming far more dramatic, before my dream ends.

      My mother is alive and seemingly well and in the west bedroom of the Loomis Street house. I have no memory of her passing in 2002.

      It seems to be afternoon. I am in a state where I decide to play around with the world itself by spinning the entire atmosphere, clouds and all, as fast as possible. That is, rather than causing Earth to spin faster or to slow down, it remains at its present rotation as I spin the sky around, north to south. The clouds are white and fluffy against a bright blue sky. The realism is extraordinary as I look out through the porch windows and watch the clouds dart across the sky as I willfully spin the atmosphere. I am doing this to show a few other (unknown) people what might soon be happening naturally due to the celestial events. This goes on for several minutes.

      Eventually, the celestial changes come and the sky changes. Very unusual clouds appear in the sky. I sense people’s fear while not feeling threatened myself.

      For a time, the sky looks much like an analogue television screen that is not fully on the channel. That is, there are diagonal lines and flickering bars across the sky. There is one very loud thunderclap. Looking at the sky again, it resembles an empty multicolored spreadsheet, with each cell randomly billowing downwards slightly, the whole expanse with somewhat of a wavering effect.

      I know I should see my mother. She sits in her bed in her room and seems upset, saying how it is “the end of the world”. I do not feel any sense of fear or even concern for humanity. I calmly accept the fate of the world and of myself.

      It is obvious that this dream utilizes liminal dream control and originates mainly from my current conscious self identity and understanding of the dream state (virtuous circle effect) than anywhere else (even though I have no memory beyond my late teenage years while still within my dream). That is, I know I am creating my dream, and yet my dream self identity is not aware of this at a viable level. It partly comes from having looked at a childhood dream from 1971, that was in turn, based on having seen the movie “Crack in the World”, the childhood dream association of which also influenced at least one other dream of this date.

      The evidence is not only obvious, but continuous on different levels. Firstly, I am able to spin the entire sky with no effort. Secondly, the sky then becomes like a television display not being on the channel. This is direct evidence that I view the sky as something I can willfully change as if with a television remote and that my thoughts are still based around liminal dream awareness. Then, the next stage utilizes an emergent focus on critical thinking skills (which do not viably exist in the dream state) when the sky then becomes like a multicolored spreadsheet, as if waiting for my conscious thinking skills to ascend and fill it with organized data. This same focus makes me subliminally aware of the waking symbolism - that is, dream state cessation as an “end of the world” metaphor (which has been a common form of waking symbolism since early childhood). (Why would dream cessation symbolism relate to the conscious self in a negative context? This is the ridiculous mistake I have seen people continuously make all my life with so-called interpretation, which I learned to dismiss at a very early age in light of truth.)

      The fact that my dream self has no fear of this supposed end of the world is more evidence of liminal dream awareness and potential control being a major factor. Why should I care if my dream ends? It is a perfectly natural event. Even more obvious is the “return to bed” metaphor (yet another subliminal thread of acknowledgement of being asleep in reality), even though, in this case, it is typically distorted to a different time and characterization. The real puzzle still remains. What determines the status of my dream self (regarding altered age and time distortion factors)? What determines when and where any precognitive threads (or “input” from the collective unconscious or the Source) dominate the patterns?

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    5. Intrusive Neighbors and Playing in the Sky

      by , 03-28-2015 at 09:28 AM
      Morning of March 28, 2015. Saturday.

      I am unsure where my family and I are living. It is reminiscent of the Barolin Street house but has more rooms, which are larger, in an unlikely layout. There is a knock on the front door by an unfamiliar man with his young son. Eventually, there are several unknown people in a get-together in our home. I do not express anger or annoyance.

      One room, possibly a kitchen, features ovular panels that have scroll-like and two-step-like areas on each edge with a large fancy hook in the center of each in a row of about six. The main colors are white and silver but there are small flower decals. I see a lot of dust and dirt on them and on random areas of the wall. I feel that I should clean the house. The presence of the unknown people makes the prospect unlikely at this time.

      Later, I am cleaning a room, seemingly the first room from the front door, but it also has kitchen features, including a sink and long counter. I throw out a possibly leftover lasagna dinner that has hardly been touched because it may have gotten dish soap on it (as well as dust and dirt) because of being on the counter near the sink. It was underneath plates and silverware. This scene repeats in an area perpendicular to the first, but I decide it may not be a good idea to throw out the second lasagna yet, as I do not want to waste money. I remain uncertain of whether it is inedible.

      There are conversations I do not recall that possibly relate to the layout of the house or relatives in America. I go outside and it seems to be early afternoon. There is long grass that is dry, brown, and powdery. I mention mowing but a visiting neighbor does not seem concerned about the lawn and mentions that it would be hard to clean up at this time and so I should probably wait. I tell him I will use shears to trim it. It seems I will be doing this soon. My dream is clearer at this time but changes again.

      Now it seems to be early morning, about an hour before sunrise. I feel a nice cool breeze when going onto the porch. I comment on it, saying how good it is. My dream becomes the recurring “nostalgic skywatching" type. I see a parade in the sky - continuous large shapes above the horizon, moving from right to left. They are possibly holograms, not natural clouds. Each is different. I see what looks like ocean liners, trucks, buses, and buildings moving across the sky. (The designs are abstract until I began watching more closely). I continuously say “wow” and “look at this”. The effect is unnatural (at least in conscious afterthought) though I do not contemplate what the source might be, thinking it is rare, wondrous, and possibly not caused by human activity. After several very large “clouds” (some rectangular) pass, an unfamiliar male neighbor comes out and watches upon hearing my loud expressions of amazement.

      An unknown female, probably the man’s wife, comes out. A child comes out. A shape, like a white cloud, appears in the sky. It resembles a person in silhouette in a martial arts stance. It remains in the same area above the eastern horizon (assuming the Barolin Street model). The female talks about how she remembers this stance from her martial arts classes. Somehow, she is soon "standing” in the sky in the distance, just above the horizon, not implied to be a giant, though the perspective and distance orientation is wrong. (The effect is an ambiguous combination of her seeming to be on an invisible stage only about fifteen feet away, yet also being in the sky far away above the horizon.) She somehow manipulates this “cloud” (to the left in my view) with her martial arts moves, “wearing” the “cloud” at times, though other times “standing” beside it. I do not become lucid at this surreal impossibility or even suspect that anything is unusual. This continues until my dream fades.

      Notes: My oldest son was involved in martial arts several years ago, attaining a black belt, also teaching martial arts for a time. This dream’s last scene is autosymbolic of vestibular system correlation, though projected. (That is, I do not feel any falling sensation. It is only subliminally anticipated by way of synaptic OR gating, my dream self with no memory of this very common dreaming and waking process.) I think this last scene has influence from a Harvey Comics Casper story, where I think a big cloud was bragging about being able to become different shapes but breaks apart when becoming shaped like a human body. There was also a “Timmy the Timid Ghost” comic book story about anthropomorphic cloud giants. “Cloud people” have appeared in other dreams.

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    6. Cloud People Adventure

      by , 08-23-2013 at 09:57 AM
      Morning of August 23, 2013. Friday.

      This dream was remarkable in the vivid imagery it brought to mind during the hypnopompic stage of dream dissolution, regarding a comic book I have not seen in over thirty years. When I wake, I “see stars” with the imagery, as if from a migraine headache hallucination, but without the headache at all - similar to the disturbing effect of looking at an older type of video game or computer game for an hour or more, yet not quite as disorienting.

      The main concept was sentient clouds that lived like people in the sky, in some sort of solid or seemingly solid environment way above the Earth. I and the cloud people kind of just lounge around (or as if at a beach) for the most part.

      There is a repeating scene where a very large female cloud takes an interest in me and somehow turns me into a cloud for a time, and I live with the “cloud people”. There are parts of my dream where I am flying very fast in great comfort and with a sense of youthful freedom.

      Near the end of my dream, there is one apparent giant. Otherwise, even the big clouds are all people-sized when in the “living like humans” phase. The giant is dressed in dark Victorian clothes and reminds me of Winona Ryder (somewhat as she appeared in “Beetlejuice”, one of a fair number of movies I had more precise precognitive perceptions of long before it was made including the unlikely title and unusual makeup and effects). She seems a bit annoyed or perhaps just snobby (some sort of jealousy that a human is there in their domain?). However, she mostly remains in the distance near a normal-sized castle. We are up higher, at a distance, probably at about the level of her neck or slightly below it, on some sort of platform or open floor of a (partial?) building. Another female “cloud” (in human form) - a “sister”(?) is trying to “talk some sense” into her.

      As I wake, and even after, for about a minute or two, I see very precise and correct imagery, as if actually seeing it in a perfectly recorded memory sequence - several panels from an old comic book - “Timmy the Timid Ghost” - a knockoff to the Casper of the time, even with a sidekick who wore a derby as Spooky did. Not sure of the exact issue, but it was from a story about “cloud giants” and had similarities to my dream, although I was not really kept against my will for the most part. I do remember how, I think, Timmy was calling out, saying something like “Please Mr. Cloud Giant, let us go home” (or something similar). I think it was actually meant to be a dream in the comic book (or implied it could be either real or a dream - although I think it ended with them seeing odd shapes in the sky after waking, and then running home). I think it started out where they were on the side of a hill guessing the shapes the clouds could be and then somehow shared the same dream. I had it all in my head when I woke. I think the ghosts were mistaken for “cloud people” and were picked on for being so small.

      Winona Ryder vaguely reminds me of a young Barbara Steele (depending greatly on the particular image and angle), although does not remind me of my wife as Barbara Steele did at particular times, or perhaps it was just the castle and cloud/mist association relating to the Barbara Steele movies. This is the only dream during this time period where Winona Ryder (or at least the association) was a character.

      I would still like to find a copy of the original “Timmy the Timid Ghost” story - as I have found hundreds of other resources relating to my research and confirmations. This was one of those times when (fairly old) “photographic memory” seems to have been activated somehow upon waking for no particular reason (or perhaps linked to the same date in a different year, as I have seen this often). The only Timmy covers (apparently the second series) I remember clearly and presently are #17 (Timmy holding beehive instead of football) and #19 (Manny holding and hiding “thin ice” sign). The story may have been in one of those but I am not certain.
    7. Rooftop Heaven

      by , 02-09-1976 at 08:09 AM
      Morning of February 9, 1976. Monday.

      Nothing dramatic happens here, but my dream seems to last a long time throughout the morning. Jesus Christ, in large seemingly layered mainly white robes, seems to appear standing on our roof on the northeast area near the chimney my father built, and the concept of “rooftop Heaven” comes to mind, as well as a “Heaven” association with my dream girl (who turned out to be Zsuzsanna in every way possible, including the unlikely mixed accent of Romani Hungarian and Australian). Over time, I see miniature clouds moving through our backyard (autosymbolism for the dream state itself), not that high from the ground. It seems to be late afternoon. (Note that I am not religious and have zero interest in religious dogma despite experiencing a few miraculous healings as well as inexplicable events continuously since childhood, including my inexplicable connection to Zsuzsanna long before we met in waking life.)

      I consider this precognitive at one level, because my real wife-to-be (and I was not to make waking-life contact with Zsuzsanna for years, until March 1991) lived in Heaven when younger, a real town name in Nimbin.

    8. Big Jupiter

      by , 11-27-1971 at 05:38 PM
      Morning of November 27, 1971. Saturday.

      I am in a public place later at night, possibly related to a fifth grade field trip (seemingly close to West Elementary School). I have access to an incredibly powerful telescope. Through the telescope, I see very large and “close” details of the planet Jupiter. However, it also seems as if Jupiter has become extremely close to Earth and somehow “turned into” (perhaps temporarily) various bands of colorful clouds. There is the idea in my dream that Jupiter is not really solid but “made up of clouds” or a sort of multicolored vapor that moves through Earth’s night sky on a regular basis. It is all very colorful and beautiful and creates a sense of both peace and wonder. It is almost as if Jupiter is like a giant soap bubble regarding the continuously changing color patterns. Mainly, there is the idea that Jupiter is not a large planet (with the surface as such in terms of overall area) - an idea which turned out to be precognitive (or using postcognition to an extent). This is because I had not heard anywhere at that time that Jupiter did not have a huge solid surface implied by its size. I was not focused much on the concept of a planet being “made of gas” (I assume even after hearing the term “gas giant”) and originally assumed as a much younger child that it had a huge planet-wide surface based on ideas others had told me, including what I saw in a few older movies.

      See also: “Soap-bubble-like window”