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    1. Dreams in the Heat

      by , 11-26-2018 at 11:21 AM
      Morning of November 26, 2018. Monday.

      Dreams #: 18,970-4, 18,970-3, and 18,970-2. Reading time: 1 min 45 sec. Readability score: 74.

      This entry contains content from three dreams.

      It is nighttime. I am living in La Crosse in an unknown part of town. It is freezing outside. I am aware of Marilyn (half-sister on my mother’s side), but I do not recall that she had died in 2014. She appears as she was in the 1960s. There is no factor of my conscious self identity present (other than my subliminal awareness of being asleep as evidenced by putting blankets around me) and no memory of ever having lived in Australia. (The non-lucid dream self, contrary to popular misconception, lacks viable contact with the unconscious mind.)

      I am uncertain of the living arrangement, but I am going for a long walk (without knowing the backstory). I make several attempts to wrap two blankets around my winter clothes but cannot cover all of my neck. One is the plaid one familiar to me in real life and which I presently have in my computer room. (I did have it over my shoulders when it was cold.) I go back into the unknown house (though familiar to my dream self) at least once. I can see my breath when I am walking outside.

      Although I have one blanket around my shoulders like a cape, I try to wrap the other one over the front of my body with less success.

      That dream was caused by being overheated before waking.

      In another dream, I see an outer view of the Starship Enterprise (in outer space), looking at it from the front. Soon, I see three Apollo astronauts coming out of a square trapdoor opening at the top of the saucer section, near the front. Their size is far too big to match the scale of the spaceship. Logically, they could not have come from the space inferred. There is only room for them to stand atop the saucer section. I am semi-lucid at this point.

      In my final dream, I am feeling too hot, and I am wholly aware of being in the dream state. At this point, I decide to wake.

      Trying to wake up is a bit slow. To do this, I absentmindedly become part cat. I have a cat’s tail and paws for hands, but a mostly human body. I try to climb a wall that represents achieving full consciousness, but instead, my legs and arms rapidly move in place with no results. At this point, I am virtually incorporeal but watching my other dream self still trying to climb the wall as part cat, part man in an exaggerated flurry of illusory physical movement, and I wake from here.

    2. Flying Zsuzsanna Down From a Bridge in Winter

      by , 11-24-2013 at 05:24 PM
      Morning of November 24, 2013. Sunday.

      My wife and I are on a large, old brick bridge with arches, seemingly running north and south and likely in Wisconsin. It is very cold and in the middle of winter (although in real life here, it is unbearably warm). I make it so that the large winter jacket I am wearing goes around her so that she is able to put her right arm through the right sleeve while my right hand holds her left hand (my left arm still being in the left sleeve). We are then “wearing the same jacket” and also embrace so that we are fully inside the jacket after zipping it up effortlessly. After a short time, we slowly float down from the bridge onto the iced-over surface of a lake or river. There is a feeling of great love and joy. There seems to be a vague plan to eventually see my best friend Toby T as we go north into the city and we sort of half-walk, half-float to get there.
    3. FREEZING on a bus…

      by , 06-21-2007 at 10:52 AM
      Morning of June 21, 2007. Thursday.

      My wife is going to a doctor’s appointment (which she does after my dream in real life because of experiencing new unexpected pain from a C-section) and for some reason, I am on the same bus but possibly going to a different destination. We are eventually somehow where I used to live years ago in La Crosse and it seems to be getting colder and colder. We are the only ones on the bus at first. My wife eventually notices that everything is closed because it is a holiday and she soon wonders why they made an appointment for her on a day when nothing is open. Also, the bus is soon seemingly taking a different and incorrect route because of the holiday.

      The bus we are on stops near a garage and I notice an old friend and coworker from years ago, Randy S, and ask him (as he is walking down the aisle to the back of the us) “Do you still work at…” and he finishes my sentence (incorrectly) saying “AP Motorworks” which sounds really familiar in-dream (but not in conscious afterthought). For some reason, my friend does not seem to know who I am, though. He gets on the bus with at least two taller males. (The actual place we worked together was the factory in La Crosse called “Northern Engraving” yet in my dream, I am thinking of an earlier job I had where he did not work, called “Eco Three”.)

      I later notice that I am holding a large newspaper that is an odd mix of English and Cyrillic/Russian. I notice that the “reverse N” (which represents I or Y), has been replaced in a few phrases by the Chinese character for “dragon”, yet it also illogically is supposed to be an older form of that Cyrillic letter. I read a bit here and there about the “coldest day ever” and some other events and I notice that a Russian male (of about 25 years old or older) is sitting in the next seat near me. My seat I am on (but not his) faces out from the side of the bus (as in real life, but farther back). A couple others are making rude remarks about me because I have the ability to read newspapers (and apparently the ability to read at all) which seems rather odd. They do not even know the paper is in more than one language as they cannot read or even recognize symbols of any kind - including stop signs.

      The Russian talks to me very meaningfully, pointing out the Chinese character saying that it is a very sad “letter” to do with pity and bad times and something about an approaching coldness that has never been so bad before. He explains that the character is made up of the combinations of a few letters - including my wife’s initials - somehow relative to her mother being the “dragon” - but it also has to do with the problems of socialism. I also get a very strong feeling of what it must have been like to live in Siberia over a hundred years ago. Oddly, the newspaper seems to be from a few days in the future and yet also from the 1800s.

      After awhile, everyone starts sneezing continuously. I sneeze on myself and soon pull up my coat (which suddenly appears out of nowhere) and lift it so high that it becomes more like a tent that I am inside, to keep warm. (I guess it is also now protecting me from the particulates of other people’s sneezes.)

      The bus is not moving at one point and the motor stops running - and some people are soon doing repairs. It seems as if we will be spending days on the bus (in the cold) until they get it going again, yet, still, more and more people are getting on the bus to where it is getting crowded.

      After waking, it is not cold at all in the room (even though my feet feel like blocks of ice) but about a day later, it has gotten colder and colder and people are saying it is the coldest day ever. I personally do not remember feeling this cold since living in Australia. We even brought the birds in for the first time ever. Oddly enough, it got so cold, my wife took a bus in an area she usually just walks from.