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    1. Undoing a Cult Leader’s “Magic” with a Giant Golden Candle

      by , 08-22-2018 at 10:07 AM
      Morning of February 22, 2016. Monday.

      Reading time: 5 min 42 sec. Readability score: 66.

      My family and I are leaving our home on Stadcor Street due to an understanding that Daniel (Zsuzsanna’s younger half-brother on her mother’s side) is ill and could make us sick. (This is illogical because he is not around or likely to visit.) I carry a big suitcase as we all leave our house. We walk toward the city of Brisbane, but I have the idea we will be walking to America to avoid getting the illness.

      Eventually, we are sitting at a bus stop in an unfamiliar area with other people after I get tired of walking. (There are at least two bus shelters oriented end to end.) I am uncertain when the bus will arrive or if it will take us to our destination (closer to America, reachable by a short bridge from Australia as they are next to each other in my dream). I begin to realize that I have a car we can use that should be appearing soon. I think it is the fancy white car across the street. As I go to it, I look at the back to notice my first name written clearly above the license plate. That may be evidence it is my car though I consider it may belong to someone else. The door on the front left side is open, and we all get in, though I am the only one that sits in front. I assume the car has three rows of seats, as otherwise, all of us would not be able to fit. There is a periscope as well as an automatic pilot. I quickly drive off while vaguely thinking that it still might be someone else’s car but this is not a concern.

      I safely and effortlessly drive through buildings, solid walls, and over water. I stop at a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. I look over the cliff to see a few men wandering about on the rocks about ten feet below. Now there is an unknown homeless male with us, and I offer him food. (He has not eaten for a few days and has been wandering in the region.) I pick up a suitcase to use infra-control as a potential to create food in it, but upon opening it, there are only my family’s folded clothes inside, I then open a rucksack and reach in expectantly and see I am holding a baguette. He is cheerfully thankful, as it is his favorite food. I reach in and produce a second one, which I also give him.

      I think about how the southeast section of America nearly touches the northwest section of Australia. It is like I see the Strait of Juan De Fuca (northwest above Washington state in reality) in the northwest corner of Australia, and that links to Charleston, North Carolina. Part of it could be confusing the Victoria above Washington state with the Victoria in Australia. It is not only an error of country location. I think we are still in Brisbane (the opposite side of Australia than my dream’s implication). (However, if you rotate Australia around to line up with the USA, the two Victorias are in the same area, though one is a city and one is a state.)

      We are now at a Brisbane train station. It seems to be nighttime. There is a Russian wolfhound (Borzoi) lying on one of the benches. It possesses the soul of an unknown man’s ex-girlfriend. He hired a cult leader (present near a waiting train) to transform her with magic. I talk to the dog. She acts as if I am ridiculous in talking to her and makes a sarcastic remark about people who talk to dogs. There is an ambiguous awareness that I am in a bus station and the dog is a greyhound (as a Greyhound is a kind of bus). The increasing ambiguity, along with the dog’s sarcastic attitude, annoys me. I decide to help her even though she seems resigned to her fate.

      I tell the young male cult leader that I will change the dog back, but he believes he is the only one with magical powers. I say, “…and now a golden candle, taller than me, appears here,” and it happens. A golden candle taller than I appears before me in a giant brass candle holder. He is amazed and stunned. It gets smaller until it is of standard size. I place it atop a small, round, wooden table that belongs to be the cult leader (even though it is a public area). Some blue, jellylike wax overflows from the giant candle holder. I apologize to him in case any of it falls out to damage the tabletop, though this does not occur. From here, looking at the mixed colors brings me into an abstract state, and I slowly wake.

      Dream errors other than known infra-control: We have not lived on Stadcor Street for years. One cannot walk to America from Australia, and they are not next to each other. I could not carry a big heavy suitcase very far in waking life. Maps (as well as location orientation) are hardly ever realistic or correct in dreams. I do not question blue wax coming from a yellow candle. I do not recognize a talking dog or magical abilities as strange.

      Dream opposites: Walking south to Brisbane would imply walking in the opposite direction of where America would be, though this distorts in conflicting ways later. One of the reasons for our move to Bundaberg was concern over an illness more likely to be present in Brisbane (SARS), opposite inference to my dream’s scenario.

      Dream accuracies: My infra-self is similar to my current conscious self in marriage and family status (as well as living in Australia).

      Subliminal, liminal, and lucid creation and control of dream content: The summoning of the car with my name on the back is common subliminal control of the dream state, having nothing to do with real life. I have often deliberately done this in both lucid and non-lucid dreams. A car represents maintaining the illusory physicality of the dream state. Driving through buildings, walls, and over water (of which I also do with my illusory dream body without a car) is infra-control, unrelated to real life. I often use infra-control or control when lucid to create and control dream factors. The appearance of clothes is a typical infra-sign I am dreaming (as I do not wear clothes in bed while sleeping). My effort worked on the second attempt, which is common.

      General concepts: It is usually harder for me to walk in both non-lucid and lucid dreams than to fly (though I usually end up flying whenever I had been walking for a time). With the highest level of lucidity, walking is more thrilling than flying, as the realism of physicality is more defined and accurate. Since early childhood, I have used reading to attain more of a focus on the dream state (though sometimes the writing changes or becomes nonsensical), especially in reading my name somewhere as here. I use yellow and creating and lighting candles (in both lucidity and non-lucidity) to clarify my conscious self identity in the dream state. The homeless man was a preconscious witness to my mode of awareness while the cult leader was this dream’s preconscious avatar. It all comes down to whether the processes of my reticular formation (RAS) have more or less control as my emerging consciousness (the dog in this case) in the waking transition. A dog usually represents how much control I have in the dream state. Animals becoming people is a common waking status, or in fact, anything going from unlikely (such as a talking dog) to resolved.

      Prescience (updated same day): When I went outside tonight, I found a rucksack of the same colors and size as the one from my dream, lying just outside our house near the curb, that someone could only have dropped tonight. I felt what could have been a baguette through the canvas, but it turned out to be a tall empty water bottle. Zsuzsanna first thought a hookah was sticking out from it, and so did I for a second, until I realized it was a large hydration pack (the kind with a long transparent hose). Looking inside, I discovered it belonged to a Swedish male named Axel. The only other contents were documents, most related to applying for a tax file number. He may have lost it from his bicycle, or maybe someone stole it from him and tossed it.

    2. dog from under the floorboards

      by , 08-21-2018 at 05:39 PM
      Morning of August 20, 2018. Monday.

      Reading time: 53 sec. Readability score: 74.

      I am closer to the liminal space of the waking process, but there are no threads of lucidity. My clueless infra-self is in bed at our present address.

      Threads of my conscious self do not make much effort to create detail. I see only an expanse of floorboards, implying a much larger area beyond our bed than exists in reality.

      Vague ideas about dogs and how they represent control of the dream state occur. (Again, I am not lucid, so this is infra-control.) A black dog’s head pushes up through the floorboards and moves left to right almost as if it is swimming like a person (as the other floorboards make way for it). I only ever see its front half. After a time, it becomes an unfamiliar man, seen from the chest up, who begins reading cheerful poetry from a small book he is holding.

      In real life, neighbors’ dogs sometimes used to run under our house and bump their heads against the bottoms of the floorboards (though now we have a fence across all areas). One of our cats was making noise under the house recently as well. The concept of reading (though usually regarding me trying to read) is an attempt to achieve more awareness while in the dream state. It is something I have practiced since early childhood.

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    3. Synergism in Liminal Space

      by , 02-23-2018 at 08:36 AM
      Morning of February 23, 2018. Friday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am sitting on the floor of the Gellibrand Street apartment’s porch. (We have not lived there in years.) I am looking through and reading some coupons relating to free offers. By writing down four letters which appear on the coupon, KLRS, and then the next letter after each, underneath, LMST, it somehow causes a package to be immediately sent to our front door, though I do not open it as I focus on the unusual nature of this puzzling technology. I begin to ponder on how the company would know what I wrote in a notebook in my own home.

      I later write LMPR, and MNQS underneath. (Throughout my dream, I clearly read and write uppercase letters which remain the same, which is atypical of the dream state, as writing typically changes in many dreams when looking back at it again.) A handwritten message appears above the letters relating to the activation of a special offer. Similar events occur a few more times.

      I begin to wonder more about how this is possible. The setting changes (without my dream self paying much attention) to an unfamiliar location. It is a large room with a table. Dennis (an older half-brother on my mother’s side ) is present. (I have not seen him in real life since 1994.)

      I tell Dennis about the companies and clubs that somehow cause handwritten messages to appear in my notebook. I look through my notebook and, for a time, cannot find the evidence, though I eventually do and show him. One message is on what looks like black embossing tape with white letters. It easily comes off the page. Dennis is curious, but I consider he may not be convinced of this inexplicable technology.

      “Watch this,” I tell him. Instead of getting a code from a coupon, I make up a sequence. I write NOPQ, but decide to change it to LMNR, as I consider the code would probably not have four letters in a row in alphabetical order as such, even though they are otherwise in an alphabetical sequence. I then write MNOS underneath. A handwritten message appears out of nowhere that displays something like, “Thank you for activating your membership.” I use NORS, OPST underneath, and a similar message appears. I ask Dennis, “How are they doing this?” He does not reply. I use MNOS a few times (with NOPT), each time on a different page, and the same message appears above what I had written, relating to benefits of membership activation, though I eventually get, “You have already activated your membership. Thanks for your participation.”

      I start to consider that there may be hidden cameras everywhere. This seems to “explain” it, though I forget about the unlikelihood of writing appearing on paper from no discernible source.

      I write MNOS again and NOPT underneath. A large moving image of a Doberman Pinscher’s head appears on the wall. It is as if a film is being shown; the aspect ratio is square. The dog is apparently barking, but there is no sound. I perceive this as some sort of function to express a warning about repeatedly using the same code to activate something that had already been activated. There is no sense of threat at any time or any genuine wariness. In fact, I find it somewhat amusing even if it is inexplicable.

      Again, I ask Dennis, “How are they doing this?” There is now also an unfamiliar male in the room who I do not see as an imposer or related to the inexplicable events. I consider that he may be puzzled as well.

      Dreams are mainly ascending reticular activating system mediation (and modulation when the dream self by way of subliminal conscious self intent attempts to remain asleep) between transient dream self and whole conscious self identity, primarily being autosymbolism for consciousness reascension while subliminally exploring the dream state. Why so many people completely ignore this truth in favor of asinine pretense (often focusing on negative dynamics even where there are none) has baffled me since childhood. My development since early childhood, in understanding the dream state (and dismissing the tripe of books on the “meanings” of dreams while even marrying my literal “dream girl” in real life), has resulted in an extraordinary virtuous circle effect as seen in this dream, even though my dream self remains puzzled about the communication from my conscious self. Yes, that is what is happening. My conscious self is sending threads of communication (by way of the ECF, emergent consciousness factor, in RAS mediation) to my dream self to enhance skills which typically do not exist in the dream state (though some asinine individuals make the ridiculous claim that one cannot read in the dream state at all). It has nothing to do with “messages from the subconscious”, as my dream self IS the subconscious (and the subconscious is a dynamic band that has no viable temporality or consistent intelligence). Aside from that, only the conscious self has viable reasoning skills, including coherent perception of the written language, and yet here, my dream self maintains (again through the virtuous circle effect of having devoted much of my life to dream state study and enhancement of the dream state) some extent of control and feasible discernment regardless of not being viably lucid.

      The dog in the final scene represents the obedience factor (as I have explained in my journal many times before) as well as this dream’s WAF (waking alert factor) by way of my subliminal attempt to sustain the dream state. The wall is a liminal space divider between dream self and conscious self identity. The (transpersonal) preconscious personification (the unfamiliar male in the room) remains passive in my dream self’s subliminal activity until I wake.

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    4. RAS Mediation as Dog Rendering (Dream Journal Reference)

      by , 02-01-2018 at 11:59 AM
      Afternoon of February 1, 2018. Thursday.

      Until I began to develop a greater understanding of dreams at about age twelve (though I had long since viewed “dream dictionaries”, or any books or articles on a dream’s supposed meaning, as asinine), RAS mediation, especially in apex lucidity, was more likely to render an attacking dog as a waking alert factor than a snake. There is a specific reason for this. While a snake is probably the oldest waking trigger (and of which likely serves as such for the dreams of all primates), a dog has an autosymbolic association with an attempt to control the dream state. I began to naturally both lucid dream and attempt dream state manipulation as a toddler and recognized the aggressive dog autosymbolism by around age eight, including in a later dream from 1970 where I shouted “You dogs are always ruining my dreams” when I was in an extremely clear state of apex lucidity. This caused the dog to teleport (ironically at my unintentional command) to trigger waking with the hypnopompic lower back jab event (the dog’s hard nose pressing into the small of my back). This is solely due to the “obedience” factor. It serves as a metaphor for the dream being obedient for the dreamer as would a dog for its owner. The main problem with this is that dreams are of a biological process and full biological control of one’s mind is inherently limited, not only by current biological needs (such as a need to use a toilet) and environmental factors, but by circadian rhythms. It is not the “subconscious” (as in popular myth) that has anything to do with this, but RAS.

      It was common for a dog, usually black or rust-colored, often a Labrador, to be rendered as a potential dream state terminator in early childhood. However, over time, as I mastered RAS mediation to a certain point in the 1980s with hundreds of experiments, it is rare for a dog to be an attack factor in my dreams.

      None of this has any relevance to waking life. I never held or maintained any fear of dogs and had never experienced negative encounters with dogs in my childhood. In truth, as with most of my focus on dream study for over fifty years, it is my natural connection to the dream state and awareness of its meanings that is the key factor. People do not seem to understand, since oneironautics is a main aspect of my dream experience since earliest memory in both lucid and non-lucid dreams (the latter by lifelong conditioning), that the symbolism relates to the nature of the dream state itself, not waking life, other than when prescient.

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    5. My Brother’s Former Dog

      by , 07-04-2016 at 01:04 PM
      Morning of July 4, 2016. Monday.

      I am visiting my brother Earl (May 23, 1940-November 29, 2007; half-brother on my mother’s side) and his family mostly as they were in the late 1980s. It seems to be the Saint Cloud Street house except that there is another house adjoined to it on the west side of it with an unlikely unlocked door in the middle of the living room wall, that one can actually go into the other house through.

      A dog is heard whining, the sound of which carries through the walls and closed door. It turns out to be my brother’s former dog that he had given to his neighbors previously, perhaps months earlier. My sister-in-law seems annoyed. (This dog was a black Labrador named Gypsy. He had it in Florida when I was a boy and had kept it indoors at my sister Marilyn’s house for a time in late 1978 when he was living in a place for a time that did not allow dogs. For some reason, it would bark furiously at my brother-in-law when he came home from work though did not actually attack. He had a different dog at the Saint Cloud Street address though, which had seizures and would start shaking and just fall over at times though quickly recovered each time, thus this dream confuses the two.)

      My brother opens the door to go directly into his neighbor’s house and he leaves the door open. This makes me feel a bit strange, as it seems like a severe imposition. His neighbors are apparently not home, though I consider that one of them, an older male, may still be in bed, but this is only a vague possibility in the back of my mind - no evidence manifests. My brother goes in and gets the dog and makes comments about its nature and how his neighbors may not have been looking after it properly or feeding it enough. He carries it in an impossible way. It sits across his upheld hands somewhat like a statue, only about the size of a large cat, in lying position, and it whines and shakes very oddly. He takes it into another room of his house in the back. The door to the adjoined neighbor’s house remains open and I continue to reflect on what an imposition this is on my brother’s part. I feel a bit wary with possible upcoming embarrassment should these people return home and see the door open as such.

      Updated on Thursday, 10 August 2017. The doorway waking symbolism here is oddly sustained. My emergent consciousness is not rendered as a dog very often, especially a nervous dog. However, this dream predicted certain aspects of my physical body a year later (related to unexplainable anxiety, which I only had at one other point in my life in my twenties). It is also an interesting marker because July 4th (the date of this dream) also relates to pets such as dogs and cats being spooked by fireworks and sometimes running off and remaining lost for a time.

    6. Huge Walleye

      by , 03-18-2016 at 09:18 AM
      Morning of March 18, 2016. Friday.

      This is a typical and easily decoded fishing dream (though my views on this common dream situation have changed somewhat over the years with new realizations and additional evidence) where I “expect” to catch a very large fish and do hook one but wake before fully reeling it in. I am near a bridge in an unknown region. The bridge is fairly high from the area near the shore where I go to fish. (A bridge typically represents either deeper dream entry or waking, but I do not utilize it here in any way.)

      I soon hook into a giant walleye, which is between twenty and thirty feet long (which is of course, ridiculous, especially as it stays on my line the whole time). I slowly reel it in and it splashes near the surface, filling spectators with awe. Its tail sweeps up from the surface, whale-like.

      An unknown man and his annoying large dog appear on the scene. I am not sure of what breed of dog it is, but it is possibly a Doberman. The man seems oblivious to the large fish I am reeling in.

      Soon, feeling amused, I deliberately reel the fish towards the dog, which is splashing in the water a few feet from shore. The big fish rises up from the water and swallows the dog in one gulp (the fish directly facing me as he does so). The man looks bewildered. I feel no regret and actually have to hold back laughter. In a short time, the water starts to lower somewhat, which represents the instigation of the waking process (and has as such since very early childhood, the first documented instance being in 1965).

      As I have found even more evidence that well serves the meaning, I will still note that fish have different meanings depending on the situation, as does a whale, even transitory meanings - for example, a large fish is the essence (and projection) of the dream self until caught by the dream self where it then becomes the emergent consciousness in being pulled from the dream state. This dream uses the “swallowing the dream remnants” transition and is analogous to the “Pinocchio” story on one level. Carefully considering the elements, I typically see a large fish or a whale as a dream self projection while it is in water (especially going deeper into a body of water). However, the giant fish in this dream is actually my emergent consciousness rising from the dream state (body of water) to swallow the dog (dream remnants and dream self projection, which are rendered as annoying and “intrusive” concerning my dawning awareness in getting closer to waking). This relates directly to the “Pinocchio” story, confirmed by the fact that Pinocchio is “not a real boy” (until the end of the story) and is thus solely the dream self rather than a thread or projection of the conscious self (the latter as with apex lucidity where the conscious self is almost completely aware, fully in the dream body, and fully in control). The whale or emergent consciousness swallows the dream self, instigating the waking transition. Swallowing is a form of coalescence of dream self and waking self and if you believe the theory of how complex cells came to evolve (through engulfed bacterium) then it makes even more sense.

      This pattern of dream meaning can be seen in a few dreams; the boa swallowing Danny (as he was on a scaffold which also represents getting closer to waking), the miniature lion swallowing our daughter, a very large catfish swallowing an unknown male, and so on, all during the waking transition, including even the one where each larger box “swallows” each smaller box in a series.

    7. Imposing Dog

      by , 12-12-2014 at 05:58 PM
      Morning of December 12, 2014. Friday.

      Warning: Even though this is the honest record of a dream, some may find it offensive with regard to animal cruelty, so give this one a miss if you choose and go on to another entry rather than be offended by a dream record of someone you do not know, especially as I am sure there are real issues in the world for the casual reader to contemplate.

      I am in our house in Brisbane on Stadcor Street, where we have not actually lived for a number of years. All the members of my family are as they are now. Over time, a large black dog somehow gets into the house. Although dogs are considered “man’s best friend”, this is typically not the case in my dream universe and it certainly is not the case with dealing with problematic neighbors who refuse to train their dog not to bark all night, or dog attacks on children. That is not the issue here at all here, though. I digress.

      I am able to get the dog out of the house by having doors open for a time and chasing it out after it annoys our children several times (though does not directly attack). The dog does seem a bit confused, similar to a larger bobcat I saw in real life that had gotten too much tranquilizer and never fully recovered during its stay in a cage in my middle school’s zoo (Environmental Learning Laboratory).

      Oddly, even with all the doors shut, the dog somehow is in the house again, wandering about aimlessly and being a nuisance, knocking things over and causing a bit of damage to some educational materials. Even more oddly, he seems to manifest straight out of the Internet cable, though very close to the ceiling - and then falls to the floor, headfirst with front legs out - almost like diving into a pool. Visually, I am quite startled and amazed by this bizarre scene and am, in afterthought, wondering how I could have possibly missed it as a dream cue. I mean really, dogs do not fall headfirst out of Internet cables near the ceiling. It was almost akin to dreams where you feel you are physically shoved while seemingly resting, usually in a dark and undefined area.

      Being even more annoyed than before and even though the dog is bigger than I, I grab it around the neck and have an idea that I could somehow push it through the floorboards. Of course, this makes no sense but I manage to hold it down thinking I could also throw it out the front door - then again, it might come back again. Over time, as I continue to squeeze its neck, the dog eventually seems lifeless, with bubbles flowing from its mouth and nose.

      This dream seems rather obvious in its implications. The dog represents a mentally ill person on the Internet that has, astoundingly, still been obsessed with my family and I (and seems completely against real relationships, having children, and honest experiential dream work) - even after I have not been on that site in some time. This of course is confirmed by the confused or perhaps drugged dog coming from the Internet cable and “hounding” my family.

      Is this person an actual threat to my family? That much is unknown, but someone who is so narcissistic and childlike in their thinking (and seemingly completely removed from real relationships with real people) almost defies even my ability to believe. This much is certain. Whether or not I ever look at the site in question to see if he is still making up stories, he will still technically be there whether I look or not, somewhat of a wearisome enigma, it seems.

      Still, I have made the choice of eventually removing every reference to this deceitful character from every entry other than when the dream itself is directly related (as is this one). It is not worth the wastage.
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    8. Protecting my home

      by , 10-05-2014 at 06:17 PM
      Morning of October 5, 2014. Sunday.

      I am with my family, as we are now, in an unfamiliar home in an ideal location (or so it seems at first), at least relative to the scenery and clean air. It is not too close to the city and not too far from it. It seems our house is one of the last ones at the end of the street (assuming south), with no houses across the street from us, that area being a sparse but green forest. The house is about twice as large as our present real-life home. At first, the setting seems as favorable as possible. At one point, though, I notice a female actually “in” a window two houses away to the north (though the very next house to the north is empty). She seems to be watching our house, mostly our activities in our front yard. I am cleaning up a bit of the weeds and the children are kicking a ball around. The staring neighbor does not seem problematic or bothersome and is fairly far away as it is.

      I head into the backyard from the southern end of the front yard as I notice at least two dogs barking. The next-door fence to the south is not that high (less than four feet) and is little more than a quite sparsely structured chain-link type. In fact, one of the larger barking dogs easily leaps over the fence, followed by a smaller one. I immediately have concerns about my wife and children, but they soon go into the house. The larger dog, which I think is an Irish Setter, is able to swallow one of our black-and-white cats in one gulp. However, after a short sadness of the loss (and additional concern about what they might do to our children on a later date), the cat comes out again and seems okay after lying on the ground not moving for a short time. The other cat is not swallowed in this manner but is still fighting back. I have no fear of the dogs regarding my own safety (unlike in my early childhood dreams).

      I get a large bar (barbell) and start whacking the heads and spines of the dogs, though I am not sure I can get them back over the fence. This does not seem right at all, to live next to someone with large noisy dogs, especially ones that can intrude into our yard.

      Eventually, a drunk male comes out into his yard. I am ready to start whacking him as well. In fact, I do so several times, though he is not killed by either the side-strikes or the forward thrusts of the long barbell. He gets up each time, but it is hard to tell whether the alcohol or the bashing on the head has interfered with his coordination, speech, and actions. Eventually I tell him that he will have to move out. Oddly, it seems I am certain of having a say in getting rid of him soon. I tell him that no one should have the right to have a larger problematic dog next-door to someone else, especially with a see-through or shorter fence.

      Though I am not lucid, I am still somehow purposely able to “reset” the dream semi-consciously somewhat. I am able to cause a large wooden fence to rise from the ground until it is about ten feet high. Not only that, the fence is somehow completely soundproof as well as having some sort of internal (and “hidden”) advanced technology in controlling sound. I am aware (while in my “orb” form - or disembodied in-dream) of an amusing scene where the man is somewhat surprised at seeing the new fence. He tries to talk through it, saying “Hello?” and his own voice is reflected back (slightly louder) from behind him somehow. This is how it works. He does this several times, with his voice echoing back louder each time, seemingly from the outer walls of his house. He seems completely puzzled and remains in a stupor.

      Eventually, I decide to “take” the entire neighborhood without recompense to anyone else. My family will live here for a long time.
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    9. Weredog in our bed?

      by , 08-31-2014 at 09:20 PM
      Morning of August 31, 2014. Sunday.

      This is one of those “whining” stressful dreams (usually from being overtired, it seems. The noise I make in the dream is vocalized in reality but not nearly as loudly. They are not really all that common for me. Mostly I am lying on my back in the bed in-dream. Somehow, an animal gets in through the window near the head of our bed and is near my wife and I on the bed. I get the impression that it is somehow part human and part dog at the same time, though eventually seems to be more dog-like and mostly on its side throughout. I keep pushing at it to keep it from causing strange sensations in my back and side (like the strange ticklish spasm I still get now and then). It is not fully nightmarish but rather stressful in a physical sense and in trying to vocalize more loudly (again, causing the “whining” in reality as I am sleeping). My wife brings me out of it for the most part, which is good.
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    10. Wooden Bridge Mishap of a Friend

      by , 09-18-2013 at 03:18 PM
      The following is a formal rewrite of a 2013 online dream journal entry with added supplementation on Tuesday, 14 August 2018.

      Wooden Bridge Mishap of a Friend

      Morning of September 18, 2013. Wednesday.

      Reading time: 4 min 58 sec. Readability score: 63.

      My dream contains features, in a typical composite, from two recurring settings that always vary, as do all settings. One has the appearance of an area in Wisconsin near Chipmunk Coulee (where I lived as a child), and the other is a partial model of the fishing pier in El Jobean, Florida (pictured above). It is inherently a model of subliminal dream state awareness. It is caused by deliberately entering into the dream state with lucidity and expectancy, the setting being a manifestation of this process, but losing the essence of the consciously aware self on the other side of liminal space, though while still maintaining the thread of dream state awareness and wonder if only subliminally. Its foundation is from the Enchanted Forest from Harvey Comics.

      The wooden bridge in this dream is a deliberate form of both dream state induction and potential exit upon which the basis is the vestibular system correlation of the otherwise illusory dream body. It stems from the concept of crossing over into a different level of consciousness while maintaining the balance of illusion and elevation from the real physical body. As with a porch, it is one of the most common buffers as such. This reactive representation developed from before I could read and write.

      Part of an offset dream before returning to the induction point involves me hand-washing about five darker pairs of my socks in the Loomis Street house in Wisconsin. (This is a subliminal thread of awareness that I am not wearing socks in my sleep.) I think that I will travel north. I have a familiar idea that I have had in many previous dreams - that I will fly about and live and sleep in the trees and fly around mostly only at night in a cloak or bed sheet. The false memory of paying $15.00 a month to live with undesirable males does not appeal to me.

      Eventually, I become aware that I will be exploring the Enchanted Forest with Rick, a friend from Chicago during my young-adult years in La Crosse. As we approach the wooden bridge, I see that it does not seem suitable for cars, as the wood is thin plywood. It also does not seem wide enough for cars and people to cross at the same time. I am aware, though, that they are probably still working on building or repairing the bridge at this time and the plywood is only temporary.

      Rick and I jog over the first sections and curves, heading east to the wondrous place, but there is concern from Rick that cars may be approaching from behind us from the west, though I do not see or hear any. I move along confidently, running over an area where a small section of wood is missing near the railing to my right. It is about as wide as a person’s waist, big enough to fall through if not paying attention. I soon realize, though, that Rick may not see it if he is not watching where he is going. Sure enough, when he reaches the small open area, he falls through to the ground below only a moment before I start to warn him, about twenty feet, immediately beginning to scream and moan in pain. For a short time, I think about going on by myself, especially as I am aware of a farm below where people may help him.

      I look through the gap to see that Rick had picked up the section of plywood that had fallen from the bridge a few days ago. He uses it to saw off the tail from a dog that is watching a flock of sheep. I feel embarrassed by his act as I see an unknown woman approaching him (from the east) to see what is going on. I consider that he will get into trouble. However, she does not seem concerned about the dog. I ask Rick several times if he had broken his leg, but I do not get a clear answer. Eventually, I reach down, and with the help of the woman, we manage to get him back up through the hole. At this point, the distance to the ground seems only about six feet, despite the view from moments before, when it was a very long distance down.

      He sits down to rest to look at his leg. I become annoyed that my dream may end before we get to the more secluded area that has beautiful scenery as well as healing energy. (This is interesting, as my dream self is not lucid.) There may also be treasures there. The left side of his left knee, by the kneecap, comes off in four or five smaller ceramic-like pieces that he turns around in his hand with a slight concern. I am not sure if we will be going to the hospital from that point when my dream fades.

      Most of what is in this dream is from autoscripting, developed over a lifetime, though which remains primarily subliminal after moving beyond liminal space. Unfortunately, people who believe in “dream interpretation” seem incapable of understanding that, so I will explain some threads here.

      Rick’s entry into my dream is a factor of the continuous persistence of dream state indicators (the subliminal, liminal, or lucid awareness of being asleep and in the dream state). For several months, one of the only status updates on his Facebook timeline was “Rick is going to the mattresses,” including a few times on the date of this dream. That was from updates from a Facebook game he played a lot. It is, of course, a play on going to sleep and dreaming of which I could not block once going beyond liminal space to a point beyond where viable lucidity could exist. Therefore, “Rick is going to the mattresses” was unintentionally part of the autoscripting, and his appearance resulted, not as the usual preconscious avatar but as a projection of my dream self. (The woman who helped him up through the hole was the preconscious avatar in this case.) I am often aware of what is scripting my dreams in real time, though without viable lucidity.

      The cutting off of the dog’s tail is from an induction affirmation, “I am made of the healthiest energies in the universe.” It unintentionally stemmed from “puppy dogs’ tails…that’s what little boys are made of.” His left knee being ceramic is a reminder that the physicality of the dream state is illusory. (Left is associated with the direction of sleep induction and dreaming, as I most often sleep on my left side.) It also ties in with one of my first recalled dreams about a ceramic chicken. In real life, the healing of Zsuzsanna’s right knee (beyond medical possibility) had been the result of healing affirmations and, by her belief, my presence (and us finally meeting). It all fits even as a typical distortion, as my original companion on the induction bridge was Brenda, who was proven to have been a stand-in for Zsuzsanna. In childhood dreams, I deliberately (for drama and adventure) fell from the bridge, landing in a prehistoric world, though there were many resets and alternate versions of that series that I used for years.

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    11. The Shaggy Dreamer

      by , 08-12-2005 at 10:14 AM
      Morning of August 12, 2005. Friday.

      They are remaking the Disney movie “The Shaggy D.A.” and I am to hold the starring role. It seems like a genuine moneymaking endeavor at first.

      Instead, it becomes a session in experiencing loss. In my role as a dog in the studio and various takes, I seemingly become more isolated and out of touch with who I was meant to be (relative to my waking life, though I am not lucid). My wife is present but I still feel I am not where I should be since I must be “perfect” in my role for the movie and not be myself at all. She stands with her hands together and is not part of the filming scenario. Pretending to be a dog (and sometimes actually seeming to be a dog) in my role is amusing at first and I even pretend to be a disobedient dog and wreck some of the sets and require a larger number of takes to get a scene right. I also get annoyed with having to hold a large piece of white wool carpeting over my head at times, which cuts down on my ability to maneuver and sometimes blocks my vision.

      The producers become frustrated with me yet I am not fired. When I discover someone else plays me as a human, I become myself again and punch them in the face numerous times. I do not think the movie will be completed…
    12. Joe’s Return

      by , 08-25-1977 at 06:06 PM
      Night of August 25, 1977. Thursday.

      This is a description of the most intense fully in-body nightmare I have had in my lifetime (almost as vivid as a typical fully in-body lucid dream though I am not lucid in this one). Even so, possibly the only vivid in-body nightmare that had residual energies on my mood (in “coloring” my day) for more than a day or two as well as very realistic imagery and perspective. It seems to fit in with the idea of “anniversary” dreams. It relates to how my dog disappeared after I was in the hospital for a couple days a year earlier when he apparently ran off looking for me. It preferred my company over anyone else’s. It was a mixed breed but part toy spaniel and showed up at our house as a stray. No one had claimed him.

      In my dream, I find myself seeing the small dog sitting on the floor of my room in Cubitis. I am mostly looking west the entire time. I am very surprised and happy to see him, but something seems a bit “off” about the atmosphere or mood of my dream. I call out in an odd eerie sustained voice,“Joooe…”

      I pick him up and he seems small and vulnerable but then something completely unexpected happens. He jumps up from my arms and bites into my entire face somehow with a strange growl. I actually feel the intense pain sweep over my face and when I look down again, I can feel that some of his teeth are still in a few different areas of my face. I am still holding him much the same way at that point. He now looks quite savage…or at least as savage as a toy spaniel can appear, and I can see where several of his teeth had come out - and I also have a vague idea that this may eventually cause his death and so I feel additionally sad upon this fleeting thought. My face feels wet and hot. There is an intensity which makes it seem like a real event even after waking. However, it is not that logically rendered because, being such a small dog, he would not have been able to cover my entire face with his open mouth.

      This was actually one of the only dreams I had where he appeared after he disappeared in real life. Being an “anniversary” dream, it was unusually intense with regard to emotion and self-reflection. It was likely relative to the suppressed or “hidden” guilt I had concerning his disappearance and not knowing what happened to him (thus his in-dream behavior implies “the worst” if only in my imagination) even though it was not really my fault that I had to spend time in the hospital for a couple days for the operation on my right thumb. He was a “house dog” but this was the first time he just took off (on the second day I was in the hospital) when someone else opened the front door at my family’s house.

      This was also one of the only dreams that seemingly took me by complete surprise in its outcome.
    13. Time Divergence

      by , 07-04-1976 at 01:04 PM
      Morning of July 4, 1976. Sunday.

      There is something called a “time divergence” (my original 1976 dream journal title being “Time Diverge”, which I changed after more fully understanding “diverge” was only used as a verb while “divergence” was the event itself and sounded better as a proper title) which is based around my Cubitis home. This has something to do with the appearance of a black sheepdog, at times, carrying a miniature keg as in some cartoons. Time breaks off into a different timeline whenever this black sheepdog makes an entry from somewhere (from near or off Highway Seventeen to the west). All of the spirits of all of the United States presidents (or at least the more respected or more familiar ones) meet in my living room around a large rectangular table (longways north to south from the north wall), to plan how they may inspire or help humanity. I play the “shadow game” (testing to see if a shadow that is matching my movements in my dream is really mine - though it always turns out to be). George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are there for certain, along with a few other more familiar ones. There is not much drama; I mostly only watch and listen to the meetings, which are mostly in semidarkness, where no faces can be directly made out for the most part. The black sheepdog seems to be there to help people move on into “different futures” from where they are originally headed or something. I rarely (in my earlier childhood) dreamt of any positive associations with dogs. There is even a slight eeriness associated here, but no personal threat perceived.

      There is also a device made of (semi-matte silver) metal that seems to be used for changing the direction or potential of “alternate” timelines (perhaps as if to bring all facets of time together into one “time stream”). It has a secret compartment - relative to a diagonal lid inside, and a hidden one past that - and is the same size as the larger rectangular box that contained Velveeta cheese at the time - but mostly like a matte silver trap for smaller mammals that we used in real life in school (grades six to eight).

      Although I do not consider this dream to be predominantly precognitive, it occurred before I knew much about the “Hall of Presidents” in Disney World, even though I had been in Disney World in 1974 with my sister Marilyn and her husband, though did not see that attraction.

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    14. Devil Dog

      by , 08-19-1972 at 03:17 PM
      Morning of August 19, 1972. Saturday.

      I am deep within an amazingly vivid lucid dream state and in my Cubitis home’s backyard. It seems to be late morning. Being in this state and knowing I am dreaming, I decide to go and visit Lisa in the house next door, to the immediate south. However, when I near the southeast corner of my house, on my way to cross diagonally to her front yard, a large orange dog, which looks sort of like a Labrador Retriever, emerges from behind the corner and growls menacingly and starts to pounce upon me, waking me up with a bit of stress and frustration, but not quite a full-on nightmare due to the lucidity it was not “real”. For a few years, on and off, many of my lucid dreams as a boy were “interrupted” by black or rust-colored dogs attacking me and it annoyed me more in the long run than bothering me in other ways. I did not experience any trauma with dogs when younger and I was not afraid of them in reality. It was only later when my brother Earl owned a black Lab named “Gypsy”.
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    15. Childhood Lucid Dream Misadventures: Dog Nose

      by , 11-29-1970 at 05:29 PM
      Morning of November 29, 1970. Sunday. (Last checked and clarified on Friday, 12 January 2018.)

      In my dream, I had been wandering around in my backyard in Cubitis, seemingly around nine o'clock on a clear morning, becoming more and more lucid. I start to think about taking advantage of this state and enjoying physical interaction with Lisa (who is not present in my dream at any time). I marvel at the clarity of my dream’s environment, finding its realism stunning and wondrous.

      I am eventually seated on the ground inside an area within the unfinished part of the large cinder block shed (which my father had built and added to over time), which does not have any roof or walls. I am seated near one of the cinder block columns that is to my right (west). As I am sitting here, facing south (looking in the opposite direction as the main part of the shed) and feeling happy and expectant in my anticipatory musings, I turn slightly to my right to look westerly towards the carport and notice an unfamiliar stray dog walking around and sniffing the ground. I believe it is possibly a black Labrador Retriever. The dog huffs upon noticing me, but does not bark.

      I become extraordinarily frustrated. “You dogs are always ruining my dreams,” I bravely shout, with the tone of my frustration dominant and echoing throughout the dream space (though still with my young boy’s voice), expressing my irritation at the presence of a dream state distraction and potential virtual threat and as such, my attention drawn from my previously hopeful lucid intent of feminine contact (even though I spent a lot of time with Lisa in real life).

      After a menacing deep growl, the dog teleports from just beyond the east end of our carport (a good distance away), to reappear right behind me. The dog jabs me in the small of my back with his hard nose, triggering the deep tickle spasm in my lower back, which causes me to spontaneously jolt awake. I was annoyed at having such a vivid and well-rendered dream truncated.

      Questions Answered:

      What does the aggressive unfamiliar dog in this dream symbolize? The dog is this dream’s RAS (Reticular Activating System) factor. RAS is that which is responsible for regulating wakefulness and sleep-wake transitions. (I had no fear or wariness of dogs in real life and no expectation of such an encounter.) On the one hand, the dog’s assumed lack of obedience symbolizes my dream self’s expectancy of my dream’s non-compliance with my conscious self identity’s desires and potential will. On the other hand, by exclaiming, “You dogs are always ruining my dreams”, I lucidly caused the dog to serve my negative expectation of this dream’s outcome so quickly, that the dog teleported and triggered the waking jolt in my lower back.

      Why did you shout “You dogs are always ruining my dreams”? The reason for me negatively addressing the RAS factor was that I was already familiar with the nature of the dream state (and its many different levels) at this time - even as a child (though had not mastered it yet as I mostly have now, though it depends on the level of unconsciousness and the particular stage of the sleep cycle). RAS had already been rendered as dogs in a number of dreams by this time, again, symbolizing my dream state not submitting to my will, analogous to an untrained dog. This sort of aggressive RAS symbolism eventually diminished as I got older and learned more about dreams. (In fact, in a number of recent dreams, a passive German Shepherd had appeared, standing near a a thin vertical pole displaying a pennant at the top, symbolizing my dream’s obedient nature within certain levels of unconsciousness.) Still, RAS does get aggressive and dominating at times (though is often personified rather than being rendered as an animal), as waking is a biological necessity.

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