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    1. The Slide Projector

      by , 05-30-2017 at 06:00 AM
      Morning of May 30, 2017. Tuesday.

      I have had dreams of slide projectors before, though this is another repeat of the water and electricity combination. I am in an unknown residence, though it is possibly implied to be our present home. If so, it seems in or near the kitchen.

      I have a slide projector (of an older design) that works in an unusual way. Water must be poured into it through the row of buttons. The buttons are similar to the setup of a portable cassette recorder and on the left side (when viewed from the front).

      Our oldest daughter and youngest son are present. I put some water into the slide projector but perhaps it was not enough. Apparently, this is supposed to make it less hot when plugged in.

      I hold the electrical cord and hold the plug near the outlet. Bizarrely, the cord quivers in my hand like the tail of a rattlesnake. (Electrical cords and snakes have had ambiguous associations in the past, similar to a scene from the 1950 Bugs Bunny “Rabbit of Seville” cartoon, though the first association as such came before I ever saw this cartoon, giving proof that others have had the same associations.) The prongs vibrate so quickly, the imagery blurs slightly. The plug actually speaks in a human voice, though with electronic effects. “Danger…danger,” it moans slowly. Our children look on curiously.

      “Dane-cher,” it says at times (rather than the soft g of “danger”), the realism of whether or not it is a human voice coming and going, sometimes becoming too fuzzy to hear as “danger”. I feel the cord vibrate and buzz in my hands. “Danger…danger,” it buzzes several more times, each time I hold it closer to the outlet. I explain to our children that it is actually speaking even though they seem to doubt it at times. Apparently, this is some sort of actual function relating to the slide projector, that is, when the plug is too close to an outlet (without enough water in the projector) it vibrates and “speaks” like this.

      This is a really bizarre but vivid dream, coming after another recent dream of water and electricity. There have been a number of dreams throughout my life where the water induction factor was illogically linked to waking symbolism. This seems to only happen when I change my sleep cycle. Water is sleep and electricity is wakefulness, though I consider getting an extra hour of sleep (that is, going to sleep an hour earlier) as a good thing, though apparently any change sends messages to the body in a biological sense. Still, the strange inconsistency and wrongness of dreams may actually be related to what I had written a number of times before - that non-lucid dreams are wrong in every way possible to manifest what is actually inherently correct in real life. That is, dreams test everything that is not right so that only that which is right (in reality) results (which of course is the opposite of the nature of precognitive threads). This is yet another reason (of hundreds) why “interpretation” (occultism-based but especially second-hand) is not really feasible, and additionally, in the next paragraph, is also revealed how someone else “interpreting” a dream could not possibly know the environmental factors of the dreamer’s.

      On another level, these recent dreams could perhaps relate to real electricity and a possible danger relating to water. There was a dream from 2015 involving a snake and at least two events where it was near an electrical cord. In that case, it turned out to be a warning about a frayed extension cord I had not consciously noticed. Also, in a very early set of dreams from 1965, there was a rattlesnake at the peak of a hill, which illogically rose up in the form of a mattress spring (my dream also having a mattress near a bridge in a landfill we were traveling through in a car) and turned out to be a warning (though which I was already somewhat aware of) about a real mattress spring poking through my mattress. In other cases though, snakes symbolize many different things depending on the dream (such as the human intestine regarding stomach problems or even an umbilical cord reference), though sometimes just a waking mechanism (to jolt the dreamer into waking) with no other meaning.

    2. Venomous Snake Run

      by , 11-26-2015 at 05:26 PM
      Morning of November 26, 2015. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am living with my family as we are now, though over time, it becomes like a variant of Cubitis (though the hallway is replaced by our present living room, it seems - another new and unique composite as always).

      As usual, the snake situation is very vivid and its approach is somewhat worrisome. I know that this snake is very venomous but I do not know the name of the species. Still, I am somehow able to avoid being bitten by the snake even though I am lying on the floor at times. I seem to be yelling at some sort of unseen presence to kill it, even calling the presence rude names. There is one point where my oldest son comes out and makes an attempt to catch it. There is another point where it crawls over the extension cord on the floor.

      I manage to cut it at the back of its head (with a hoe, I think). It somehow ends up higher, crawling from the top of our refrigerator and hanging down on the right side where I perceive it is wounded to where it is no longer a major threat (though still potentially dangerous if the head is close enough to bite - though it moves slower here). It seems to be tangled in the vertical electric cord (which is over a nail just above and right of our refrigerator to resolve slack) for a short time to where it is difficult to safely tell where the cord ends and the snake begins. (At this point, it seems obvious the snake symbol has an association with a concern over the danger of frayed electric cords or electricity itself - and this also seems to be the case with other “snake in the house” dreams.)

      Finally, the snake is beheaded and its body does not move much. However, its head moves around the house like a toy racing car, still posing a threat and now moving faster than ever without its body. I manage to catch up with it and slice its head across in segments into about five sections (now seeming to be in my father’s room from childhood but only vaguely), almost giving it the appearance of a small cake. It still seems to be somewhat alive for a short time, including the section with its two eyes bulging slightly, moving only a little.

      This dream turned out to be a warning about a frayed electrical cord I had not consciously paid much attention to the day before.

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    3. The “Uprooted” Lamp

      by , 02-17-1991 at 08:17 AM
      Morning of February 17, 1991. Sunday.

      I consider this dream precognitive due to its vivid and personal nature regarding upcoming contact with my future wife a short time before my first highly unlikely and unexpected communication with her in real life. It had the very similar mood and awareness found in my more personally precognitive dreams and the extra layer of focus.

      I have absolutely no doubt that this dream (of many others) somehow “announced” my upcoming contact and partnership with my soulmate (lifelong “mystery girl”). I would have to be extremely shortsighted (as well as wholly ignorant of my own consciousness and previous experiences) to see it differently. I would like to be clear that the opinions of skeptics mean nothing to me.

      In my dream, I am back in Cubitis (Florida) on the south side of the front section of the shed. Oddly though, at the same time, I seem to be doing some gardening for sister Marilyn at her house in Wisconsin. Over time, I pull up several larger weeds.

      Eventually, I find a stubborn “root” which I believe to be that of a larger plant somewhere in the area, perhaps even a tree or at least a shrub. When I pull on it, it turns out to be an electrical cord and an old antique lamp (similar to one my sister had in real life) emerges from the ground, entangled in actual roots. I feel a vivid sense of wonder and awe that is very hard to describe.

      The lamp has two figures on the base, a presumed married couple effigy, but very old-fashioned (possibly 1700s); a dark-haired woman in a wedding dress and her partner. There is a very unusual emotion as if it is an important discovery and that the man may somehow be “me”. It seems very personal and significant. I am thinking about whether or not the lamp will still work after being buried in the ground for so long.

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