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    1. Pulling a Rope (Buckboard Wagon)

      by , 10-05-2019 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of October 5, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,283-02. Reading time: 1 min 15 sec.

      I am in an unknown ambiguous setting with the common factor of indoor-outdoor ambiguity. The area is not well-lit. While it is implied to be outside, I also sense it is inside a big building with a high ceiling. The floor/ground is smooth.

      I am pulling a rope from a horizontally-oriented reel on a buckboard wagon. I vividly feel the movements and sensations in my arms as I pull the rope. The wooden vehicle is at least six feet away (facing away), and the reel, its width nearly that of the wagon, is under the seat. The rope is coming from up and behind the reel.

      I am guiding the rope at about waist-level to an unfamiliar man who is standing about six feet beyond a cattle fence. He, in turn, is guiding the rope to an unseen man farther away (whom I sense may be sitting or lying down). I am unaware of a backstory that might explain why I am here. Eventually, the end of the rope prevents farther pulling as it is attached to the reel.

      The unseen man is my potential emerging consciousness. The man I am guiding the rope to is my preconscious (the personification of my reticular activating system and vestibular cortex) though here as a subliminally summoned vestibular witness (for correlation and potential coalescence). The buckboard wagon is autosymbolism for my physicality while in the dream state (as all single vehicles often are). The rope, attached to the reel/“real” ends because my dream self’s fictitious mental model cannot move my real physical body. In this case, the fence is autosymbolism for the virtual division between subliminal and liminal space, though typically the division between subliminal or liminal space and wakefulness. The reel is under the seat of the wagon as an association with being able to get up. (In this case, there is no drop or anticipation of one.)

    2. Not Lucid But Mediating Every Dreaming Process Anyway

      by , 03-19-2019 at 10:57 AM
      Morning of March 19, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,083-04. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

      This incredible dream sequence is long but with the longer second part offset from a vivid foundation where I eventually mediate and viably control several common REM sleep processes understood since early childhood, atypically in the same dream, yet with no emerging awareness that I am dreaming at any time.

      Sky mediation integrated with window (liminal space division) mediation (which is a form of concurrent environmental monitoring with subliminal RAS/cortex gating):

      In the beginning, I am indulging in atypical sky mediation (from indoors rather than outdoors) without viable lucidity. I am in the lounge room of the Stadcor Street house (incorrectly recalled as my present home) and standing near the front windows. This anticipation is low-key. I do not focus on “something coming down from above” as in many past dreams, but I am subliminally manipulating the amount of light and color in the sky. At the same time, I am vaguely aware of an “invisible” video superimposed over one area on the windows, but I focus only on the sky beyond. I consider, without emotion, if the sky represents the “end of the world” (analogous to the “end of the dream state”). Many colors are present, but red and yellow dominates. I gaze at this process for several minutes.

      Identity mediation integrated with doorway mediation (as sustaining the dream state) as well as subliminal dream state awareness (the presence of the beds).

      I find myself in the King Street mansion in the second floor’s middle room of the east side. I have a false memory of the landlady having changed the way she rents rooms. She now has it so that two people have to occupy each apartment, each paying twenty dollars a week instead of one tenant paying that amount. My false recall is ambiguous, but I consider that she has done this to make up for me having lived there without paying rent for so long. Leonard is sharing the apartment with me. I walk across the hall and see a young platinum blond male in his room near the right side of his bed. He is unsure of who he wants as a flatmate. I suggest my friend Rick (saying his full name) but then consider that Rick might be too old to live with this person and state as such to him. (This does not make much sense, as I perceive Rick as being about twenty years old, even though in reality he is in his fifties as I am.)

      I have several different types of keys, one a skeleton key that I joke about with Rick, to determine which one works with the door of my room. There are little keys as well as more obvious house keys. I eventually find the correct one. Rick now seems to have taken Leonard’s place.

      From here, I go downstairs (transitional vestibular system correlation). The landlady seems cheerful. Two unknown people stand in the unlit foyer talking to her. I hear the woman say her name, and her last name is the same as mine. I comment on this as I leave the house.

      It is now daytime. It turns out that the woman, now a young girl, is my niece. I walk atop a fence (linear vestibular system correlation and mediation of liminal and enigmatic space), and she becomes the vestibular system simulacrum (personification of vestibular system adaptation). She continuously cheerfully talks to me about how I should walk atop it, regarding balance and distance of steps, which now becomes a series of fences. She is usually on one parallel to the one atop which I am walking. I now get the impression that we are walking to school (relearning emerging identity and subliminal cortex awareness).

      Two nieces and two nephews (on my father’s side) are present, though they are much younger than they should be. After becoming aware of this scenario without full current conscious self identity, I walk down the sidewalk near the front of an unknown house where two of my nephews are standing. The oldest is talking about how much fun he had surfing recently (a result of reinduction processing which does not continue). I tell him that I saw him surfing in a photograph as if to validate his experience (which seems like a false memory) and he seems puzzled by this as I consider I may be mistaken. The process fails (water not moving, melatonin flow stopping, similar to water lowering waking autosymbolism), and I then meander around the unfamiliar neighborhood until I wake.

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    3. The Fence that was not a Fence

      by , 01-02-2019 at 12:09 PM
      Morning of January 2, 2019. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 19,007-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      My dream self is involved in fictitious associations with Cubitis (where I have not lived since 1978). Dennis (a half-brother on my mother’s side whom I have not seen in real life since 1994) is present. Several random people are present. It may be a vague association with New Year’s Eve.

      My dream’s location eventually changes to being that of the backyard of the Loomis Street house. I am behind what seems to be a fence, looking west, in the southwest area of the yard. I am also vaguely aware that the “fence” is the foot of a bed that I am “sleeping” in, though I am sitting on my knees and leaning against it. It is metal and oversized, with vertical bars. Dennis walks on the other side, at least six feet away, walking to the left in my view. (This orientation is atypical, as waking orientation is most often to the right, though I am probably mediating his direction to prevent his presence from being an emergence factor.)

      A fence is a factor of reticular activating system mediation that concurrently defines the distinction between the imaginary dream self and the emerging conscious self identity. Here, it additionally correlates with the subliminal perception that I am sleeping and directly represents my dream self peering into the enigmatic space of preconscious activity.

      In addition to [fence as RAS mediation], there is a factor of one of the “crucial three” [literal bed space emergence]. There is also the [preconscious simulacrum mode two] as Dennis.

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    4. Almost Superman

      by , 09-29-2018 at 08:08 AM
      Morning of September 28, 2018. Friday.

      Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 54.

      The library setting is where my conscious self identity, as in waking life, often carries and holds my dream self in an attempt to hold dynamics of intelligence and memory that typically cease to exist in non-lucid dream states, as the non-lucid subconscious and its personification as the dreamer has no viable connection to the unconscious mind or real life. Since early childhood, I have often tried to manifest books or something to read to bring about viably lucid threads of the emerging consciousness, which sometimes works to vivify my dream self’s status, but in this case, it is only the library with no focus on any specific book.

      The otherwise unfamiliar library is close to my conscious self awareness but without viable lucidity or conscious self identity. (I do not know the implied country of its location.) My dream self is aware that I am asleep and dreaming, but it is a subliminal factor, that is, my dream self and conscious self have not coalesced. Physicality and tangibility still increase significantly. I am aware of the preconscious avatar sitting to my right and reading a book in the passive monitoring of my dream self’s status. It is an unfamiliar man of about fifty. I become more annoyed, as he is crowding me. I continue to maintain my focus of sleeping on my left side, as I am in reality. My dream continues to vivify. It is all thought and physicality. There has been no imagery yet.

      Finally, my dream self achieves the mode of non-lucid dream control, established by the essence of the library, but without my conscious self identity. Vestibular system correlation commences, and I have thoughts of being a superhero. I fly around for a time as I usually do with this primary dream state factor. Despite not being lucid, I am familiar with the nature of creating and controlling my experience.

      I consider that I am Superman, but not “the” Superman. At one point, I decide to have a blue cape rather than a red one. Eventually, I also see that I am wearing slacks and have mismatched socks. I have a blue sock on my left foot and a white sock on my right. I mentally will the bottom of my pants legs to tighten, grow longer and cover my feet, more so from the idea that superheroes do not wear regular pants. Despite having willed my cape to appear and eventually changing its color, I do not contemplate changing either of my socks’ colors.

      In my dream’s final scene, I walk inside an area in the afternoon where a chain-link fence, of about ten feet in height, encloses an unknown warehouse. It turns at ninety degrees to match its adjacency to the building’s outer wall. There does not appear to be an exit on that side. (A fence of this nature is the synchronous division between the dream self and the conscious self and the subliminal distinction between the illusory physicality of the dream self’s fictitious body and the status of the real physical body in REM sleep.) The space is narrow. Still, I stop two criminals, both unfamiliar men, from stealing a device relating to communications technology. This scenario is the typical precursory RAS modulation and ultradian rhythm correlation, its rendering for curbing potential unchecked sustainment of the dream state, more so as a concurrent REM sleep safeguard than having anything to do with real life.

      I carry the device back around the corner (RAS mediation) to see the owners of the warehouse. Even though the avatars are standing on each side of me and all can see, I have to describe what one criminal looks like to one of the warehouse owners. The avatars to my left are potential dream state revivifiers (I sleep on my left side), whereby the ones on the right are active preconscious (and possibly interconsciousness) threads. The communications device, which resembles a small shortwave radio, merges and coalesces with my dream self and subliminal conscious self identity, and I wake as a result.

      Additional notes: Mismatched socks represent the distinction between the fictitious dream self and the conscious self identity. It is one of those renderings that have occurred since early childhood in all modes (subliminal, liminal, and lucid) of the dream self. In lucidity, I am aware of the meaning, as I am aware of the dreaming and waking processes and how specific patterns manifest. It is not “symbolism” in the conventional sense as many people believe.

    5. The New Fence (precognitive)

      by , 07-06-2018 at 11:29 AM
      Morning of July 6, 2018. Friday.

      In my dream, I had become aware of workers arriving (in reality) to add to our new fence or complete it (a process that, for some reason, has been drawn out over several weeks, so we did not expect them to show up this morning). The noise enters my dream at times, creating the usual intruder scenario, where the men seem to be walking around in our house as we sleep (which of course is not actually occurring in reality).

      As it becomes quieter, my dream shifts into a typical autosymbolic form relating to preconscious mediation of liminal space. In this case of course, the liminal space divider is a fence, but there are unusual aspects.

      The preconscious avatar (as an unknown male) starts talking about our new fence, which I see is oddly open (that is, not a privacy fence of the type they had been building in reality) and different from the previous front fences of the other houses (which were also solid privacy fences). There is conversation that makes no logical sense even though I begin to perceive it as interesting while still in my non-lucid dream. He tells me about painting the bars green so that they match the lawn, which would supposedly render our house as invisible from that angle from the public footpath and street. Despite how ridiculous that sounds, I seem to understand at one level. A person out on the street sees our lawn and fence bars at the same time and it seems like a solid wall.

      After waking, I am surprised and very puzzled by how my dream was literal (rather than solely the usual preconscious RAS mediation with this dream type: PRECONAV-LIMSPCDIVF). They actually did built an open fence after having spent time on the high privacy fence in the beginning, which to me makes no sense, especially as they took the privacy fences down from the other two houses and replaced them with the type from my dream. Therefore, I have no choice but to designate this dream as (literally) precognitive. Of course, this happens all the time, but sometimes with less defined matching (including impersonal associations with something I see or read later).

      The unlikely ambiguous integration of literally prescient threads and autosymbolic threads has puzzled me since I was very young, especially as autosymbolism and literalism have the same extent of dynamics and integration into many dreams. Neither requires “interpretation” (in the conventional sense). For example, the phrase “the interpretation of words in their literal sense” puzzles me, as literalism does not require interpretation in the typical usage of the term. Dream and waking thought autosymbolism does not either. (This is why I have never believed in “dream interpretation” in the two most common usages of the term, as dreams are either autosymbolic or literal, not symbolic in the conventional sense, which is usually not even possible, though reading is possible at some levels, though unlikely to be static or sustained.)

      Ultimately though, the conversation relating to the fence and how the open area and lawn could be perceived as a “wall” was more about the dreaming process itself (RAS mediation) and I suspect, a level of synaptic gating relating to viability of the interconsciousness or any transpersonal factors . As the majority of people in society obviously have severe liminal space blindness, especially those who do not recall their dreams at all, this does make a lot of sense in my own experience; an analogy to Venetian blinds though without the will to mediate them directly or even know they are there in the first place.

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    6. Liminal Space Division: Bed, Cat, and Fence

      by , 06-11-2018 at 06:45 AM
      Morning of June 11, 2018. Monday.

      In my dream, I become aware of how (as in reality) some workers are near our house early in the morning, working at building a new fence and possibly, at least eventually, taking down the old wooden fence on the west side of our backyard. Looking past the foot of our bed, Zsuzsanna not being present, I notice that the left end of the present wooden fence is incomplete and the vertical boards that are now about half the height of the rest of the fence have a splintered appearance.

      I am holding onto our youngest cat, more to my left. I have a growing concern that I will be seen and my privacy invaded. Through the fence, I can see movement of one of the workers, though he does not look through the fence or notice me at any point. Each time that I consider getting out of bed, I decide not to, though the nature of my physicality seems somewhat strange, almost like a virtual rubber band in starting to get out of bed and absentmindedly being pulled back. For a short time, he is also seen above the shorter boards, yet does not look my way. Our old fence is apparently being taken down and I remain annoyed that I will be seen and likely imposed upon. My dream soon fades without incident.

      I have always found it amazing how RAS so often modulates the dream state to where it supersedes or otherwise distorts legitimate memories, which of course is proof that the non-lucid dream self usually lacks viable access to the unconscious mind (a truth that most people completely ignore in favor of the myth of “interpretation”).

      This dream features the following typical factors that have remained consistent in my dreams for over fifty years:

      The ambiguous awareness of simultaneously being inside and outside is a main factor here. That is, even though I am in bed, I can see the fence beyond the foot of our bed, with no awareness of the wall of our house being present in this line of sight. This is not only unrelated to the nature of waking consciousness, it is something that cannot even be perceived as such in waking consciousness.

      I am in bed, which is a dream state indicator. That is, I am subliminally aware that I am asleep in reality. In my dream though, it is a single bed, which I do not contemplate as such. This is a result of my subliminal awareness that Zsuzsanna was awake in reality.

      In the real world, regarding directional orientation, there is no fence a few feet beyond the foot of our bed, so this feature is inherently incorrect. (In reality, the implied fence of my dream is beyond the head of our bed and our kitchen is beyond the foot of our bed.)

      Holding the cat (especially on my left, the direction of dream awareness orientation) has served in the past as a dream sign (even though we have pet cats in reality), though I am not viably lucid. A cat is a liminal space denizen and a “witness” to the nature of the dream state of which I had especially used as such in lucid dreams in childhood, such as “The Pink Triceratops”. This, and my lifelong knowledge of dream state autosymbolism, despite the fact that the event is also based on a literal focus in real time, can only designate a subtle level of non-lucid dream control.

      A fence is an autosymbolic liminal space divider by way of typical RAS mediation. This means that it serves as the division between the dream self identity and the conscious self identity as well as the preconscious bulwark between the illusory dream state and legitimate waking life perception. RAS is personified here as the worker who may be taking down the fence, which is simply autosymbolism for the waking process.

      So how did RAS mediate this fictitious experience into the dreaming and waking process? As already acknowledged, it borrowed directly from a vivid lucid dream from childhood (“The Pink Triceratops”), yet while allowing potential lucidity, I did not become lucid. Additionally, it ambiguously combined my Cubitis bedroom orientation from one time period (inclusive of 1978, where it was before my move to Wisconsin) when my bed was against the southwest corner of my room, as well as integrating the Loomis Street house’s fence (both oriented north from my dream self’s liminal perception). Even as a result of this ambiguous composite false memory, I did not become lucid, which was likely by subliminal choice due to the nature of activity in my actual environment, though outside (as RAS functions as a survival mechanism and biologically integrated environmental factors into my dream).

      Every detail of this dream has been accounted for and fully explained. Thank you for reading.

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    7. February 9 2018 Transitions

      by , 02-09-2018 at 01:22 PM
      Morning of February 9, 2018. Friday.

      Today marks my 24th year in Australia and in being with the girl of my dreams, Zsuzsanna.

      I am going to try something new here. As I still have tens of thousands of dreams I have never posted online, including thousands from before I was even a teenager, I might try entries that include sequences of specific types in a series of no more than 12 for a specific part of the sleep cycle. Although I usually recall at least six longer dreams per normal sleeping time, there are many more of different but basic types that are mostly autosymbolic of the transitions between different times during sleep and of which I usually just pass through without drama. I am going to try this to see how it goes, randomly selecting dates, after this one, from over the last fifty years to see how the autosymbolic content has remained unchanged for the most part and perhaps note influences when I can. In some cases, I might include a very short summary of a dream I had already posted if it falls into the sequence of a certain dream type and time. The dreams are listed in reverse order, last one first. (Missing numbers are either related to private sections, abstract stages that cannot be described in words, or too long to post online.) (To quote the Yo-Yo man, “Try to remember everything you passed. But when you go back, make the first thing the last.”)

      12th There is one farmer working in a rice paddy. The water is lower when I look again later. (My dream self vaguely recognizes this as autosymbolism for the cessation of the dream state, water lowering waking symbolism, which has been as such since early childhood, having occurred as such through thousands of my dreams.) I do not speak to him but recognize the essence as RAS (personified preconscious). I eventually become aware that RAS has transmuted from a Filipino rice farmer into a Caucasian cowboy. He stands before a fence (my side), which is the division between dream self identity and conscious self identity, and I walk past him through an open part of the fence to wake. I do not speak to him, he nods, and I nod back. RAS mediation as utilizing a fence is less common than porches and doorways, or even parking lots, but does occur on a regular basis. RAS is typically more dominant or even aggressive when a porch is rendered as the waking space, probably because it implies that my dream self wants to remain “inside” for longer (that is, not wanting to wake yet).

      11th I am walking over a large high truss bridge (unknown location) over water. I do not see any traffic. A bridge is autosymbolism for a transition in unconsciousness and the water lowers to become the rice paddy scene of the next segment.

      08th I am walking through a circular tunnel, which I first consider, with a level of wariness, that it is the Large Hadron Collider. Still, it is mostly a featureless silver tunnel. I eventually consider it as just a transition between different levels of unconsciousness after briefly wondering if it is the inside of an airplane with no contents (including no seats or flat floor). There is sometimes a very vague sense of wariness when walking or sliding down through tunnels, not exactly claustrophobia (as I do not have this in waking life), just some sort of unusual level of awareness triggered by semi-lucidity. This is not usually the case with hallways of which are the same basic autosymbolism (dream state transition), though less transpersonal.

      05th I usually have one dream per sleeping period that is either prescient or of another inexplicable factor. I am in the backyard of our present home and there is some sort of distorted event related to five cats in a large rectangular container full of dirt of which may be a plant pot. I get the impression they are not alive, being half-buried in the dirt, but the feature seems unusual. The cats are not fully grown. There is an odd impression that they might not be “real” cats, for example, a perception of thread instead of cat hair, and an odd sort of composition, and even separated “parts” of cats (though still five in total). After waking, Zsuzsanna had shown me an older cross-stitch she had done (of which she had taken out of a rectangular plastic box this morning, with no way of me knowing that she would be doing this). There were five cats on the item, with different coats, but each of the same appearance and sequence as each from my dream, though she had related the cross-stitch as being prescient of our final number of children and the ratio of girls to boys (based on the appearance of the cat’s coat as certain coats are only common to certain sexes, such as most gingers being male and most tortoiseshells being female). This does not mean there is any symbolic connection to my dream (that is, of the cats being linked to our children), as prescience and shared dreaming is often mixed in with other factors. The symbolism still validates the prescient connection, the cats being in a rectangular box, not being “alive”, and of an unusual appearance of thread (cross-stitch thread) mixed with hair.

      02nd I mentally light a candle to see where I am (unrelated to the apnea events I experience very rarely, which is like mentally trying to will a candle flame back into existence with the fear it has gone out) and it is a small copper-walled room without much space. There is a focus on having recently taken the vocal out of David Essex’s “For Emily, Wherever I may find her”. “What a dream I had. Pressed in organdie. Clothed in crinoline…of smoky Burgundy. Softer than the rain.” Solely the isolated vocal plays from a gramophone, with an eerie echo. Sometimes when I strip the vocal out of a track in real life, it takes on a very unique quality, especially when I add certain kinds of reverb. I was thinking of using the isolated vocal in a new dub track I had already started (not for commercial purposes of course).

      00 Induction stage. I walk down steps with the intention of going deeper into the dream state. They are outdoor concrete stairs in an area near buildings of which are covered with vines. When I was very young, I learned to manipulate levels of unconsciousness by going up or down stairs in dreams (in both lucid and non-lucid situations, as I have recognized dream symbolism for so long, I was manipulating it at six years of age - which eventually became non-lucid habit), which is autosymbolism for traversing the specific level of unconsciousness (and is used the same way in hypnosis and meditation). Outdoor stairs are sometimes modeled after the ones in Veterans Memorial Campground in West Salem (Wisconsin), where I sometimes spent time as a young boy.

    8. Gate Fixing

      by , 01-11-2018 at 02:02 PM
      Evening of January 11, 2018. Thursday.

      This is from a shorter nap this evening, which is typically more vivid and with a direct awareness of what my dream is doing symbolically (especially in lucidity).

      I am lucid, though not with the conscious control factor, as I allow myself to comfortably drift in liminal space. I am in the higher liminal space, just on the threshold of vaguely perceiving my real environment, thus the symbolism is inherent to this state, which uses a common liminal space divider as the neural pattern representation, which is a wooden fence. I focus on the gate and notice the top hinge is missing (which symbolizes the event horizon of dream state cessation). I feel like sleeping a few minutes longer to sustain my dream and its vividness, so I find myself with a hammer and start nailing a small stick into the area where a hinge would otherwise go. However, this also implies that the gate might not feasibly open, at least normally. Still, my dream self vividly announces, “It might be all right.“

      Even so, my realization of the symbolism’s meaning causes a simultaneous shift, though without spontaneous muscle response (as is otherwise sometimes the case). I now become aware, in an offset dream, of a section of gate in undefined space. It is floating vertically, not attached to anything. I catch myself saying, “Steve…are you aware of what’s going on?” and wake. (This is me attempting to communicate with RAS - Reticular Activating System, of which I am directly aware I am doing in this case, which is usually passive unless I have been sleeping longer in a normal sleeping period. Calling it Steve is just a randomly retrieved thread, as I had not thought of him recently.)

      Despite symbolism in dreams being directly related to the state of sleep induction, unconsciousness, and the waking transition (which most people in the world bizarrely fail to understand at all, including so-called experts and professionals), it does sometimes incidentally borrow from recent experiences at times (even including the most emotional situation seen on television when it otherwise has no relation or connection to waking life). Yesterday, I went to borrow a wheelie bin from the house next door, which is presently vacant, and found that the gate to the back yard was not feasibly set up. It did not seem to have proper hinges and just sat there in a vertical position, held by the bolt lock. (However, my dream’s gate was only about one-third the size and wooden, not metal like the real one.)

      The name I mention is a classmate’s, who I have not seen since 1976. (I have not even seen him on Facebook.) I do not actually see him in my dream but I do have an awareness of his memory as he was at around fourteen. Still, the main memory of him relates to childhood, where he wanted to quickly borrow a set of Whitman cards I had, which had an animation (on the back of them) when all the cards were flipped, which displayed a rabbit hopping into a hat, the hat moving about, and a dove flying out. He said that if I let him use the cards for a time, he would “like me forever” (and be my friend forever). Not believing a word of what he said, I still cheerfully let him have my cards. He immediately raced to the other side of the playground to show them to a girl. The girl seemed completely unimpressed and even annoyed, and just walked away. I found the scenario very amusing, but I never reminded him of it in all the time we were in school.

    9. Another Imposer and Doorway Waking Symbolism Dream

      by , 08-18-2017 at 05:42 PM
      Morning of August 18, 2017. Friday.

      I seem to be in bed with Zsuzsanna. However, our bed seems to be in the backyard of our present home with our heads oriented south (with the same left and right orientation as we are sleeping in reality). It is full daylight out. Still, there is an odd sense of bilocation of which is not defined in the usual way.

      A boy of about ten years old comes into our backyard a few times from our neighbor’s backyard. He is unknown and unfamiliar, though implied to be the neighbor’s son (though this “neighbor” is also an unknown character). I display a bit of anger and aggression and he goes back each time, somehow going over the fence, though it seems somewhat like the old metal fence that was not very high. He has a somewhat condescending nature.

      My awareness shifts and my dream changes orientation. Now our bed is in the Loomis Street living room, our heads west, opposite the front entrance. Once again, the boy is imposing by coming in through the front door, which may have been left open. I do not express much anger.

      His father, an unknown chubby male of about thirty and with red hair, also comes in through the door as if he had been uncertain as to where his son had gotten off to. I nod and I do not express any anger at the imposition of either, almost as if their ridiculous intrusions do not matter at this point. The other man seems friendly and calm.

      Nothing relevant to waking life (on a personal level) is to be found here; just the usual dreaming and waking symbolism, here rendered as doorway waking symbolism, though in many cases, a distorted rendering of the emergent consciousness, mixed in with dynamics of the preconscious (sometimes as a “monster”) remains within a doorway rather than viably using a door or doorway.

      I can only guess that these two unknown characters were related to unconsciously perceiving (remote viewing) random unknown people in the area as I was sleeping, the boy linked into the transpersonal stream via the preconscious while his father linked to the emergent consciousness, a dynamic that has often occurred in past dreams. The fence is a clue, as a fence symbolizes a division in levels of consciousness within the dream state and of course our being in bed is simply an indicator of being in the dream state.

      It has remained obvious through tens of thousands of dreams for over fifty years, that the transpersonal preconscious stream integrates found personas that are the least like the conscious self identity, for that is the only real way, excluding willing coalescence, that the dream self attains enough emotion (through aggravation, conflict, or other emotions) to come out of the dream state under many conditions. Otherwise, the “ripples” of neural energy are unlikely to increase and the dreamer would remain in the dream. Waking and waking prompts are a biological necessity, yet most of humanity does not even come close to grasping the simplest concepts concerning dreams or their purpose or meaning.

    10. Walls within Walls and Beyond Walls

      by , 05-09-2017 at 02:51 PM
      Morning of May 9, 2017. Tuesday.

      I am in a setting which seems to be modeled somewhat after the Loomis Street backyard, though there is the typical ambiguous feeling of being indoors and outdoors at the same time. The north fence is present but higher than in real life. There are a few unknown people present.

      I am aware of a set of parallel walls. There are at least five or six in a row and only about four feet apart. The first wall, farther south from the real fence, is made of old stones. A couple walls are more like the inside of a house.

      There is some sort of sense of wanting to explore. The main scene involves an unknown male opening a door between two walls, and this event is somehow duplicated simultaneously between two different walls, and yet it is also the same man. I believe this is the first time this has occurred in a dream.

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    11. A Fist Fight with a Fictitious Neighbor

      by , 12-12-2015 at 06:12 PM
      Morning of December 12, 2015. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,890-02. Reading time: 1 min 56 sec.

      In my dream, my wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I are living in an unfamiliar residence. It is uncertain whether it is the front yard or backyard where the events occur. There is a big shed to my right (from the perspective of the doorway), so it may be our backyard. Two of our sons are playing.

      I notice our neighbor (an unfamiliar dream character about my age, but I seem to be younger) is cutting down one of our big trees from his side of the fence (my left), slightly above its height, closest the alley or street. (I should assume alley as it is probably the backyard.) It puzzles and angers me because trees provide shade and keep the yard cooler. I start yelling about it from our doorway though there is no reason why he would hear me due to the noise of his chainsaw. The tree falls into his yard. For a moment, I wonder if he had misjudged what he was doing and was struck by it, but that is not the case.

      He goes on to cut down an additional tree of ours that is slightly smaller and closer to our house. I cannot believe his audacity. However, I consider that our trees may have possibly caused problems by their roots being problematic, perhaps relating to issues with the fence itself or something on his property.

      I tell Zsuzsanna about it. The room is unfamiliar, and another door to the backyard is present though open. Our neighbor, who does not look like anyone I know, walks into our house with an angry look. I assume this is because he heard me yelling at him.

      “You have no business just waltzing into our house,” I say sternly and assertively. Another unknown male also comes into our house. He is younger, perhaps in his late thirties. He may be a man who was also in our neighbor’s yard and helping him.

      I walk over to him and punch him hard in the jaw, followed by another punch in the nose. He does not move back but sways slightly. He does not attempt to strike me. Much to my surprise, the other male also starts punching him from his left. I continue to hit him from his right. The other male punches him hard in the stomach a few times. I grab the bar (no weights) of a dumbbell to swing and hit him directly in the jaw again, three times. He almost falls. The other male does not look at me and continues to fight him. For a moment, I think the other man may think my usage of the metal bar is “unfair,” but he never speaks or stops punching the older male. I wake while wondering if the older man angered the younger man by trespassing into our house or otherwise annoying him.

      dream type: subliminal preconscious wall mediation

    12. Watching Dinosaurs and Playing Around With My Own Skeleton

      by , 10-10-2015 at 11:39 AM
      Morning of October 10, 2015. Saturday.

      This is a set of three shorter dreams in which one shifted into the other with only partial wakefulness.

      The first involves being at an unknown location near a river bank. My wife Zsuzsanna and I are watching alligators swim through the water every now and then, just under the surface. A few other people are walking around. The alligators do not really seem threatening. Eventually I notice how a few of them look very different from normal alligators, though mostly around the head. I point out that it seems someone is apparently doing strange experiments with dinosaur DNA or possibly even living dinosaurs and alligators, as each alligator seems to have minor features from a known dinosaur, one having a head somewhat like a Tyrannosaurus, the other like a Styracosaurus, though flatter and more alligator-like. I even manage to pull the Styracosaurus alligator out of the water and partly onto the bank so that I can show people what I mean.

      After a partial awakening and back into sleep, my wife and children and I are back on Barolin Street, except that all of the houses north of ours (as in reality) are gone and the area is replaced by a large field of mostly short grass and which is bordered by a fence adjacent to the sidewalk. Only a few other people are around farther to the north.

      An unnaturally large Tyrannosaurus, probably about twice as large as any real one ever was, is walking about in the field as if being kept there by the small fence, which is only about the height of an average human waist. I see another Tyrannosaurus nearby, about three lots beyond the first one. In the back of my mind, I sense a part of myself contemplating how I will change my dream from an uneventful one into one where we are chased by the dinosaurs. (This vague awareness of making my dream in real time which also occurs with clearer awareness in indescribable abstract dreams has occurred since early childhood, though there is no hint of lucidity otherwise.)

      The Tyrannosaurus moves his head down, leaning forward, and smashes down the tiny fence with his head, as if the tiny fence was somehow keeping him in the field when all he needed to do was just step over it without even noticing. I find this scene somewhat comedic, pondering the seeming low intelligence of the creature. I tell everyone that we need to go back to our house, as the dinosaur is now loose. It is soon moving very fast in our direction though the other one seems to be considering which direction to go (as there are more unknown people to the north). We go onto our porch, though the door to the main entrance and hallway is locked. From here, I non-lucidly manipulate my dream by rewinding it, pausing it, and jumping about in terms of sections of previous events.

      In my next dream, we are inside the Barolin Street house, in the living room, I think. I am near the center of the room sitting on the floor. For some reason, I am practicing my firing of projectiles, which are actually finger bones from my hand. I somehow pop them out from my skeletal hand and fire them across the room (with a force that carries them to the wall, a few hitting a desk). I do this at least twelve times with all twelve of the phalanges of my right hand (not counting my thumb). I somehow continue with my left hand (not realizing it would not be possible as my right fingers are all gone). Looking down at my own skeleton, I see that I must have also already used some of my ribs at an earlier date. It is no problem, as I will eventually probably snap all my bones back into place later on.

      (This may have something to do with the difficulty we had in snapping together the life-sized Billy Bones model kit a few months ago.)
    13. Decayed Fence and Strange Weather

      by , 07-07-2015 at 01:07 PM
      Morning of July 7, 2015. Tuesday.

      My dream starts out like a typical imposer dream. The setting is our present house on W Street, though there is a slight change in the layout relative to size. My wife Zsuzsanna is sitting near our front window (sewing, I think, though her sewing machine is in our living room in reality) where there is more of a view of the neighbor’s house. I notice that the fence design is different. The thinner wooden planks had supposedly been horizontal (rather than vertical as in reality) but are now mostly decayed and lying on the ground. However, the first section of fence about three feet into the front yard division is still standing and made of brick - and is at least five feet high. There is a group of at least four young males. One of these males steps over the rotted planks into our front yard and this imposition immediately annoys me. I am thinking of going out and making sure they stay where they belong, but he goes back on his own. I speak about continuing the front part of the fence by putting more bricks in (not thinking about cost or work effort).

      From here, I am concerned about the longevity of our wooden house. These thoughts do not result in any threatening event manifesting even though I consider the possibility of parts of the ceiling falling on us. Diverse features of the ceiling and the angles and differences in height in different areas are far more complex than in reality.

      I am outside for a short time. I notice that one section of the sky to my right is different than to my left; a very distinct green color, which makes me think a really bad storm is on the way, perhaps a tornado (even though the sky to my left to the west seems normal and calm).

      I go into our house, concerned about the possibly approaching bad weather. As I shut our front door, there is resistance and a pulling sensation and I think that it might be an imposing neighbor trying to get in to assault someone or burglarize, though it turns out that the door will not fully shut due to a large circular (slightly wreath-like) clump of grass being blown into the doorway above the doorknob and being stuck between the door and door frame at about shoulder level (mostly due to my closing the door so quickly that the grass did not have time to fall, the additional pull being caused by the wind). However, I do manage to get it closed. From here, I join Zsuzsanna and our youngest son, and the inside of our house then seems longer, though narrower, north to south, almost hall-like. There is soon a very eerie and human-like low-pitched howling of the wind, which we first think may be an old man or creature moaning just outside our front door. We end up still running, but in a sort of playful manner upon realizing the circle of grass stuck in the closed door is making a feature to cause sound to amplify and phase in this way.

      The next scene involves other people being in our house, apparently by permission or just random passive characters coming into existence. Regardless of the weather concern, I sit down to consider a very large game board (about three feet by about one and a half feet) that has several different simultaneous game scenarios at once (though seemingly not at all related to each other). I take it apart (the board seems to have small joints whereby smaller sections connect), separating a section that appears to have some sort of Egyptian strategy game in progress (so that the other sections of the board displaying different cultures and battle scenarios do not distract from the seemingly individual game). The two buildings in the opposition look more like ziggurats than pyramids, though. I do not really reflect on why a person or group of people would have so many different things going on at the same time on the same game board. I am not interested in playing it now.

      An older male sits on the couch (its position has changed; it is perpendicular to its location in reality; it faces east rather than north), apparently talking to a young Ava Gardner (December 24, 1922-January 25, 1990) - probably related to the fact that my wife had checked out a “Perry Mason” DVD set in real life (thus a distorted Erle Stanley Gardner association). I am not sure what the scenario is; perhaps he is coaching her in her acting, though he is seemingly her agent. I go over and notice that she is dressed in lacy black and is sitting back with her arms back (and knees up) on the floor. I grab her heels and lift them slightly. She then transforms into a Tweety Bird foil balloon (shaped like Tweety Bird in frontal silhouette) of about three feet long. I end up whacking the balloon by her “feet” (the balloon of which is still somehow her) against the floor (though I am not even focused on why) with a slight wariness that I probably should be doing something else.

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    14. The Unexplainable Guard

      by , 09-19-2014 at 03:19 PM
      Morning of September 19, 2014. Friday.

      In my dream, I am in a seemingly unknown building though of which has aspects as a possible composite that includes the Cubitis living room and our present home’s living area. At one point, there is some sort of telephone call or paging for me, but the call comes from some sort of intriguing larger coin-operated video game of the kind from the mid-1980s. This does not seem unusual to me. I press a button under the top front edge of it to take the call by way of a small hidden microphone and the (unrecognized and remaining unknown) caller’s voice comes from the speaker of the machine.

      Supposedly, I am to do some sort of job which may relate to mowing and maintaining a public building. I had done work like this (with several others) in a previous dream at either a shopping mall or hospital (or both in being in the same area). There seems to be something else, though - something mysterious and possibly relating to another job regarding surveillance or detective work.

      My voice sounds a bit unusual; not like mine, but like a fairly young boy’s (though not like I really sounded as a boy). In any case, the caller says that I sound like Steve Finch and for a time, thinks I am him. (I know of no one with this name in reality.)

      Over time, I try to speak more “correctly”, though the caller still thinks I may be the other person. Oddly enough, I am supposedly the actor Bruce Willis. At least, I seem to think I am to some degree in my dream (without any seeming pretense). I explain that I have a “voice modulator” - so this is why I sound as I do. I tell him that I have forgotten how to turn it off.

      We arrange some sort of meeting with a “guard” of some kind. Supposedly, this guard is a representative and “protector” of a certain type of dream environment in another location of the supraconscious as well as being some kind of judge of dream workers. Oddly though, I do not relate it to the fact that I may be dreaming at the time so I never become lucid. I am to meet her in another location, which is apparently like some sort of portal to other types of dream states. Even though I will be instantly killed if I do not meet with her approval, I do not seem to be worried by my state of mind relating to the unexplained and dreaming itself due to my continuous and validated experiences with remote-viewing and precognition since earliest memory.

      There is soon another person who explains this to me; an older unknown female on my left. We walk to an area near a small wooden fence where the “guard” is to judge me. One section of the fence is broken, but that does not seem ominous in any way. As this unknown female approaches, I maintain a very precise and clear open and honest perspective, wanting to express all of myself with full sincerity to “automatically” avoid my potential destruction (in short, by just “being me”). She towers over me - over twice my height (not as a giant, but as I am now seemingly of a child’s perception with an amazingly clear memory and orientation of when I was that size). She seems almost like a bag lady at this point. (She also reminds me somewhat in afterthought of the crossing guard from when I lived on Rose Street at age five.) She soon approves of me, allowing me to live and to continue dreaming, this being because of my lifelong connection to the unexplained and my sincere interest in the mysteries and meanings of dreams, it seems.

      Before she leaves, I ask her about how precognition works. I ask if it is related to “threads”, like individual threads of a spider web, from both the potential future, and the “threads” of prior thought and memory simultaneously aligning in the present (in the sense of a fractal equation balancing out) - in other words, the human mind as a “spider” picking up the subtle “vibrations” in distant parts of the “spiderweb” or the event horizon of the theoretical future. I probably do not clearly explain myself as she shakes her head “no” in a very subtle way (but does not at all seem displeased) before walking off as my dream slowly loses cohesion. It may be that she did this to express that she did not have the time to answer any of my questions regardless of what they were.

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    15. Through the Fence

      by , 04-17-2014 at 10:17 AM
      Morning of April 17, 2014. Thursday.

      The setting is very similar to our backyard, and it probably would be our backyard were it not for a group of Aboriginal Australian girls moving from near the front of the house along the side, seemingly coming to talk to me (perhaps I am trespassing). They are mostly dressed in blue jeans and casual blouses and tank tops. It seems to be late afternoon. I am only semi-lucid and I am thinking of some sort of “trick” (in case I am absentmindedly trespassing and thus to avoid a confrontation by going over to what appears to be a public-park-like area) which involves walking through the tall wooden fence (which looks very similar to the one we have in real life). I move one slat on the fence (so that it is only still attached near the top by one nail) that is almost to the end of the backyard (perhaps the fifth slat back from the end corner) and am able to step through sideways with just a little difficulty. However, I end up in an area (which may either be a public park or another backyard, though seems almost like a woodland area) that also has a large group of Aboriginal Australian girls who seem a bit annoyed at my antics or appearance from the other yard (it is possible that the two groups are having a feud with each other).

      An older female of about seventy or so, with white hair, asks me if I have seen her husband. There is some sort of short conversation she continues with, with me, relative to whether he has been “left alone” (I am not sure if he was supposedly on the other side of the fence or had disappeared or become lost - I get the impression she means that he might have even died) which seems a bit odd and with an ambiguous meaning; that is, “being left alone” in a negative sense (and not having a partner to share life with) and “being left alone” with a positive implication as in not being bothered. I am trying to work out the odd ambiguity as my dream looses focus, the older lady’s eyes being quite vivid and intense and I am not sure what to say because I am confused about the meaning. I say something like “People have never left me alone in my life,” (coming off as a bit sarcastic) which does not sound quite right, as I am supposed to be talking about her husband, not myself, though I have no idea who he is or about anything else that is going on.

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      Tags: fence, old lady
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