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    1. Fossils Near a Bus Stop

      by , 09-02-2017 at 03:02 PM
      Morning of September 2, 2017. Saturday.

      Dream #: 18,520-03. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      My dream, which originated with the water induction process (melatonin mediation association), eventually clarifies as my dream self’s presence in a parking lot with no discernible lake. (However, the first fossil I find relates to the water lowering waking transition, a common form of waking symbolism since early childhood.)

      It is afternoon. I am waiting to get on a bus that is near a shopping mall. My wife Zsuzsanna and youngest son are present with a few unfamiliar people who have not boarded the bus yet. I am sitting about 20 feet from the shopping mall’s entrance. The bus is to my right. (Thus, my dream’s potential exit point is to my right.)

      I dig into the parking lot as if it was soil and find a fish skeleton fossilized in rock. I consider our youngest son would like it. I discover another “fossil” that is possibly a child’s craft project made of plaster of Paris. The impression seems to be from a plastic toy. As I talk about the second fossil not being real, I consider that the first one might not be genuine either. An unfamiliar girl standing nearby seems annoyed and walks off to board the bus.

      Meanwhile, I find a few other “fossils,” which are craft projects. One has an impression of a miniature baseball bat in it which I hold up as I comment. The pattern is about the length of my finger.

      I get up to board the bus. Zsuzsanna is on my left in a seat about halfway back on the left side of the aisle. Our children are also present. My mother is at the front of the bus on the left side, seated closest the aisle. (I do not recall she died in 2002.)

      My mother complains about stomach pain and seems in distress. She moves forward and down in her seat for a short time. I notice that other people near the front of the bus seem concerned. She may need to see a doctor. Two unknown people hold her, one on each side, and help her get off the bus. The bus driver exclaims, “Hey, get back here.”

      The other people are still near my mother as I look off to my left and see her sit down on a wooden bench. I notice there are other wooden benches in an equidistant pattern. They are seen lengthwise, parallel to the bus but facing away from it.

      Zsuzsanna had stomach pain recently. As the bus represents leaving my dream (the bus driver being the preconscious simulacrum and saying “Hey, get back here” as a subliminal correlation with Zsuzsanna’s physicality), I wish to have her pain left behind (despite my mother rendered as this factor). The bus has an Australian association as the driver is on the right (yet my mother had never been to Australia).

      The miniature baseball bat is associated with swinging my arms, gaining the physical energy to fully awake and get out of bed, a form of vestibular system correlation.

      See “- Causes of Dreams - Parking Lot - page 1 -” to understand this dream.

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    2. The Haunted Lake

      by , 11-15-1975 at 05:15 PM
      Morning of November 15, 1975. Saturday.

      In my dream, there is a small lake near an isolated cabin or as part of some sort of special tourist resort. At times, it is somewhat like a ski resort on the side of a high hill, even though it does not seem to be winter or with any snow around. When I am by myself each time, I see a plesiosaurus swimming about in the lake, watching this from a second-floor window from the south. It is not there when other people are around (and I do not go down the hill or go near the lake at any point) and so I am the only witness.

      Eventually, after other people report seeing a caveman (a possible influence from the movie “Dinosaurus” from 1960) in the area (and yes, I know that cavemen and dinosaurs never coexisted - and in fact, most dinosaurs shown together in movies never coexisted either) it is decided that there will be a full investigation, including a “draining” of the lake (as if it were a large swimming pool). The lake is very old and it seems rather sad that they will drain it. When all the water is gone, it is seen that there is a skeleton (not really a fossil but a recent skeleton of one) of a plesiosaurus - as well as the skull of a caveman, so it then turns out that the lake was somehow haunted.

      Water in a lake getting shallower over time represents rising consciousness (with less dream self consciousness or “immersion”) and the dream ending. This dream state metaphor appeared in my dreams way back at age four. However, in some cases, there were precognitive revelations associated with the event. This one even has the implied draining, as the bathtub draining when a relaxing bath has finished (which may actually be the original childhood prototype for this metaphor).

      The ski resort is a setting that represents the dream self’s acknowledged potential to quickly return to “ground zero” (or the waking state) though in this case, the focus was more on the lake as the indicator of possible control (or direction of thoughts within the dream, though I do not become lucid, only more focused). My dream seemed extended relating to the “haunting” (vague conscious awareness in the dream state). Ski resorts are quite rare in my dreams but always represent the same thing - a way to slide to “ground zero” (almost like an “escape route”) rather than just “falling” into the real self (though in lucid dreams I often deliberately jump from a cliff to increase awareness in lucid flight). It is similar to “skiing” quickly down a flight of steps to shift consciousness rather than walking down.

      The plesiosaurus represents potential conscious imagination being active in the dream state (or even “above” the dream state) without being “lost” in the dream (or below the water’s surface). I mostly see this creature swimming at the lake’s surface level. The long neck above the lake’s surface is a hint here.

      A skull is often an incomplete conscious thought or subtle focus. The nature of the conscious self is only vaguely perceived - not enough for the dream self to see as “reachable” for integration.

      “Haunting” says it all. The very nature of this particular “haunting” with all the other elements seems like a sincere attempt to focus on both dream self and conscious self in the dream state at the same time and an interest in how dreams themselves “work” from a third perspective. Even with the different features, it seems very basic. (The cavemen represents the beginning of potential consciousness but does not complete its emergence in the dream.)
    3. The Marble Giant

      by , 09-13-1972 at 02:03 PM
      Morning of September 13, 1972. Wednesday. (Wife’s birthday before we made real-world contact.)

      In a fairly long dream, the first version being from sixth grade, I am in New York. The Statue of Liberty comes to life but is made of lighter-colored marble. She seems sad rather than being a threat as some people think. At one point, she is wading through the harbor, seemingly endangered by the depth of the water and seemingly wanting to drown herself - I see her getting lower in the water and get a sense of her saying goodbye - at least for a time. There seems to be some sort of ominous message in the dream (even a warning) regarding the giving of human attributes to statues - though that is only one lesser facet.

      For some reason, there is also a background story in the dream, almost like a secondary obscure movie, about Sandra R, a female classmate I was somewhat romantic with (not in a more intimate way). Interestingly, I did not ever see her again after this school year, and I never asked anyone else about her.

      For some reason, I am also very vaguely aware of the “Solid Tin Coyote” cartoon (possibly because it seriously “creeped me out” as a young child I guess because it was the first show I ever saw on the big screen - at a drive-in in 1966 I think, just before an Elvis movie - “Spinout?”, yet it remains my favorite Roadrunner cartoon). The original title (as here) in the first documented version was “The Marble Giant” which I later changed to “The Iron Giant” (even though it is mostly copper, I think) in a related summary (even though again, the one in the dream was of marble). This was coincidentally the name of a very interesting animated film I bought for my oldest son when he was little.

      Because of the nature of the female statue coming to life and meticulous research, I believe this dream was animating the concept of my yet-to-be wife’s energies long before I met her. This tends to link directly with similar dreams where statues came to life and represented an aspect of myself (or possibly also of my firstborn son), such as this one: Sentient Flood (on son’s birthday long before he was born)

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