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    1. Reluctant Sorcerer

      by , 06-13-2020 at 12:54 PM
      Morning of June 13, 2020. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,535-03. Reading time: 2 min 56 sec.

      Although parts of this dream have influences from coronavirus associations as read in the media in waking life, there is, as usual, no dream self recall or concern about the pandemic, only three compartmentalized threads unlinked in my dreaming experience. The first is a reference to someone having a sore throat, the second relating to the claim I read in an article that bugs in a dream are “symbolic” of COVID-19 (and yet people have always dreamt of bugs long before this), and the third relating to stores being abandoned and boarded up (associated with media reports about rioting and looting as well as COVID-19).

      My dream self is a sorcerer in this imaginary scenario. My waking-life identity is absent even though I am in what is possibly a variation of the Hinkler Centre shopping mall though it also has the vague, ambiguous essence of my middle school and a shopping mall in La Crosse. An unfamiliar man and woman approach me. The man claims he got a sore throat from me. I tell him, “I never had a sore throat in my life.” (My dream self has no recall of ever having one, anyway.) I had supposedly been in service to them as a sorcerer, though I am unsure as to what he had wanted from me. He reminds me by giving me a card (about one and a half times bigger than a business card) that supposedly has their requests on it, though I do not read it.

      Even so, I am annoyed. I do not want to deal with these people, so I summon scarab beetles in their direction, though only a few crawl towards them. (This event is similar to one in a dream from April 14, 2020, though that was with comedic, sarcastic intent with ants.) I decide to leave the scene, now recalling I should be wearing different clothes (instinctual awareness of being undressed as I sleep).

      I walk out to the parking lot (liminality management) and notice most of the windows of the shopping mall are boarded up (another type of dream state liminality management, though with a more defined division between dream space and wakefulness). I want to get something from a store. I eventually find one store at the other end up the shopping mall that is not boarded up and is open. It is a grocery store with many shoppers. After I go in, I look around and realize I am not here to buy anything but to retrieve my clothes. (It makes no sense other than as specific co-occurrence with preparing to wake by being near a checkout with the association of getting dressed after getting out of bed. Once dreams are understood for what they are, there is no doubt as to their translation.)

      Instead of waking with this otherwise familiar process, my dream becomes exponentially more vivid. The vestibular-cerebral handshake kicks in to an extreme degree, and I find that I seem to be a young boy scout (and dressed the part, including with khaki shorts) even though I also have the recall I had been a sorcerer in the previous transition. Three men tower over me like giants, though I do not feel threatened or insecure. They are going on a fishing trip and are waiting for the man I wanted to avoid in the first dream segment. He eventually arrives and is huge. However, I summon a fireball and disintegrate him. The other “giants” do not seem to care and behave as if they are glad to be rid of him.

      Even so, I decide to instinctually initiate the next process. I turn and walk through the wall of a nearby building into a dark bedroom. However, one of the men from the previous scenario walks in, though he is now normal size, as I am. He is thankful for me getting rid of the other man but patronizes me by giving me a card addressing what he wants from me by way of sorcery. Soon, another man comes in and also gives me a card with his requests.

      I am then on the porch of my present home (liminality management) and wonder if I should wait for the third man to approach me in case he also has a card. Even so, I begin to feel that my dream is too ridiculous to continue, so I wake myself.

    2. Finding Oahu

      by , 12-29-2017 at 06:29 PM
      Morning of December 29, 2017. Friday.

      My dream memory starts with me already being in the waking space with no recall of any prior backstory or induction type. I find myself on the Barolin Street porch (a porch being my most common end state marker, symbolizing the closest transition to emergent consciousness).

      Despite the setting, my dream distorts the implications into what seems to be a perfunctory attempt at reinduction. I am near a large globe that is implied to be the actual world. I am apparently a giant, bigger than Earth itself (which makes no sense as I am standing on a porch seeming otherwise of normal size). Looking down, I see where I am supposedly meant to go. It is a small island called Oahu. In my dream, it is a smaller part of Japan, not Hawaii. The rest of Japan is rectangular and horizontally oriented on the globe, just east of China. There is no North or South Korea. Oahu is east of the main rectangular part of Japan. I look more closely. My physicality changes but I am still a giant somehow standing on the globe. I am standing in the water (the ocean implied), which is just above my ankles, on the west side of the little island.

      I do not want to ruin anything, as the island is almost too small to stand on. Looking down, I notice about six or seven very small animated drawings of people, depicted as walking around, but I see no buildings. The sketchily animated people are not in correct perspective relative to my position. I view them more from their sides (partly in profile) than as if looking down upon them. They seem too big to be able to live in such a small area. They seem to be wearing only white Asian conical hats and white loincloths. Despite them being sketchy animations, I perceive them as real people, or at least indicative of where the “real” people are. They make no indication that they are aware of me, though they are like insects in comparison to my size.

      There are some changes in my size, it seems, but the island remains too small to consider suitable for visiting.

      Zsuzsanna and I watched a movie that was set in Hawaii last night, apparently on the island of Oahu (though there was nothing in the movie regarding Japan). I do not know why Japan came in or why Hawaii was supposed to be Japan or whatever; just the usual nonsense.

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    3. Another “Supernatural” Adventure

      by , 10-25-2017 at 07:49 AM
      Morning of October 25, 2017. Wednesday.

      There are two types of dream scenarios influenced by the “Supernatural” television series; ones in which I am “in” the show’s world (without realizing that it is fiction) and ones in which I am aware of the Winchesters as their real-life counterparts as actors and on the set of the show or another location. This dream is of the former type; I am “in” the world where “Supernatural” is imagined as “real”.

      Sam and Dean, and apparently their father, have discovered a portal to another world, though it is more like a pocket universe in the form of a large cave. They need to retrieve something deeper within the cave, such as important maps or other documents and possibly treasure.

      There are unusual features related to working near the opening of this cave. There is a small pond as well as some sort of dynamic staircase that rises from the pond and which changes in position and orientation (including upside-down).

      At one point, there are very loud footsteps and vibrations that imply a giant anthropomorphic creature approaching the mouth of the cave from inside; a giant manlike beast that wakes up when the portal is open, apparently preventing people from going farther into the cave, though I never see this giant. They close the portal for a time, though I decide to run off and hide in an orange grove. I think about which orange tree would be the most suitable to hide behind. At this point, it seems like the orange grove across the street from my Cubitis home (where I have not lived since 1978), which then implies that the portal was in about the center of the Cubitis living room, bilocated as such (environmental bilocation being a very common aspect of my dreams since childhood, yet of which I hardly ever see other people write about).

      Absentmindedly, I go back to the location where Sam and Dean are. They seem very cheerful. They have an unusual advantage now. There are two living idols that are on our side of the portal that are preventing two smaller living idols from going back into the entrance of the cave. The smaller ones are only about a foot high and the other two about two feet in height. They look somewhat like Maori idols. I watch the smaller two try to get back into the cave, but they eventually give up because of the larger two guarding it. They then go to a playground and have fun sliding down the slide, exclaiming “wee” and giggling. I watch the activity of these unusual living statues for a few minutes.

      Sam and Dean are now getting what they want from the cave. The giant will sleep when the two small idols are not present inside. He could not possibly wake up otherwise. From here, I absentmindedly wander off into a featureless field (a common liminal space setting in my dreams, especially in the last scene), which seems to be at night.

      A beautiful young girl approaches though I do not fully recognize her as a young version of Zsuzsanna (even though she is, though my conscious self identity is still subliminal and my non-lucid dream self amnesiac and of fictitious dynamics). We hug and kiss but she says something about needing to go somewhere. I assume I will see her again later as my dream fades.

      Since early childhood, other than literal prescience (including biological foreshadowing as well as premonitory factors of the waking jolt itself) and many other literal features, my dreams have easily been seen as mostly being about dreaming and waking in real time (and the symbolism as such, obviously as it is a mental process in real time) rather than the nebulous and ill-informed concept of “interpretation” that many people believe in for whatever reason. The same is true for this dream.

      The cave represents the status of being unconscious (including the redundant factor of a dream as if of “another world” that “hides” the conscious self identity) as well as deeper levels of memory (validated by the Cubitis setting, not seen in real life since 1978). The four idols represent dynamics of the reticular activating system, which mediates the level of consciousness (and is responsible for the nature of waking symbolism, sometimes utilizing real-life environmental ambiance or physical discomfort of sleeping position). The two smaller idols (emergent consciousness factors, unfeasibly otherwise modeled after the preconscious, representing the two brain hemispheres) need to be present to activate waking, yet the two larger idols (dream-based figures representing my subliminal desire to sleep longer) prevent them from causing the giant to wake. The two smaller idols still playfully simulate waking (to indicate that waking up is not so bad) by playfully going down the slide, which is akin to the common biological falling sensation of waking.

      After this, a young Zsuzsanna (mostly as she appeared when we first met in real life, though she is wearing slacks and a blouse) is rendered as the emergent consciousness factor to “try again”. This time, coalescence waking symbolism is the key and the feasible result, which symbolizes both my dream self’s coalescence back into my conscious self identity, my link to the familiar, and the dawning of conscious self identity recognition, which is not present in many dream states.

      “Beyond the Martian Time Barrier / The Martian Casket” from 1973 is a very good example of the same core symbolism. The status of sleeping and waking bilocated in the center of the Cubitis living room in mostly the same way, though in that dream, REM sleep was also symbolized as the “sleeping” Martian’s eyes being seen to move realized as being mine as reflected back. In that case, there was not an additional waking symbolism segment as here, as it was not needed.

    4. Straight-up Mining

      by , 11-08-2015 at 09:39 AM
      Morning of November 8, 2015. Sunday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am riding in a helicopter (with an unknown male pilot) with my wife Zsuzsanna, seemingly late at night. The view is peaceful.

      Later, I am in a very unusual setting that is seemingly bilocated with my Cubitis backyard (where I have not been since July of 1978), implied to be where the back part of the shed would have been, though with a very different perspective. I am mainly only aware of a singular huge monolith. There are several roads going straight up the monolith and it looks like some sort of mining operation where perhaps they are mining the top of the monolith.

      Fairly heavy traffic occurs on a few sides, going both straight up and straight down, all the vehicles defying gravity.

      From here, the vividness intensifies, although I now seem like an immense giant (nearly as tall as the monolith) with the cars, trucks, and utility vehicles only about half the length of a finger (by my perspective only - they are still “real” vehicles and people implied to be at a normal size other than only suggested as miniature relative to the scale of my backyard), though I can still see all the intriguing clear detail, including the beams of the headlights and such. It all looks amazing. The depth perception is also enhanced and the awareness of distance at a very large scale seems quite “realistic”.

      I watch the activity and seem to float around for several minutes. In the last segment, I decide to play around with the scene (even though I am not lucid in any way). I focus on one silvery-gray pickup truck going straight up the side of the monolith and nearing the top and I mentally make it “come off the wall”, so that it then just falls backwards from off the vertical road. I anticipate a fiery explosion on the ground below as I watch it fall (about three feet away from my giant’s perspective), but that does not happen. It just hits the ground upside-down with a metallic crunch. This is disappointing but my dream starts to fade from here.
    5. Mad Magazine Dream Journal, Sister, and Giants

      by , 07-05-2015 at 01:05 PM
      Morning of July 5, 2015. Sunday.

      Dream #: 17,730-02. Reading time: 1 min 52 sec.

      In real life, I had been working on a document about prescience in dreams regarding details from April 9 (1970-1990) that preceded my marriage on April 9 in 1994, sometimes integrated with a curious unrelated influence from television (which probably relates to prescient awareness of potential broadcasts and pop culture trends).

      In my dream, I am living on Loomis Street, and I am about twelve years of age. My sister is alive and rather young (mostly as she appeared in 1967, though I was six years old then). I do not recognize how wrong the setup and perspective is though I consider that something is different.

      Being about twelve, but still active in dream research, I am puzzled by an “empty dream journal” supposedly started when I was about four years old. There was not always enough paper to write on, so I used my sister’s copies of Mad Magazine to write in, in any blank space, as well as older issues of Dig and Help! I get an impression that having records since birth relates to my “destiny,” and I decide to copy some dreams into the issue of Mad Magazine that is otherwise free of handwritten lines. I briefly recall the wedding date. I think about how impersonal the “dream journal” (Mad Magazine) is. I know that the April 1967 Mad Magazine cover (date, not time of printing) has a clue for me regarding Yin and Yang, Corona Borealis and Corona Australis, and similar concepts.

      The cover features Alfred E. Neuman with a blue magnet, and under that is the reverse, a red one coming up from below, suggesting a pull (from an unseen “opposite” persona or character) from the “other side,” for me, a play on blue American mailboxes and red Australian mailboxes. I talk to my sister for a short time saying that I did not know this magazine existed as such. (I have no concept or memory of “Yin” other than the date relevance of September 13). I continue to write in it, one to two lines on at least six pages, now seemingly unrelated to dreams, but perhaps questions. I think about the cover and how only I could understand its connections to my life.

      I transition to a dream type that mostly only occurred around age five; being in a world of giants. I sometimes dreamt of adults and children older than me as towering over me. In this case, a tall African woman (or spirit) in traditional tribal dress seemingly speaks to me in modern English or at least cheerfully communicates. Although we are indoors, she seems about twenty feet tall or more. I am of the correct size, but tiny in contrast to the setting. Next, after some ambiguous abstract scenes, is a situation where a friendly dog approaches me.

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    6. Stopping a storm

      by , 12-17-1998 at 08:50 AM
      Morning of December 17, 1998. Thursday.

      This was a longer dream of a storm which was fairly vivid. I have the ability to stop the storm by finding a certain bow and arrow, apparently with “magical” properties. Upon finding them, the bow and arrow are transparent and seem to be made of hail or ice at first and are very light in weight. Upon closer examination they sometimes seem more like “spinning water” or some sort of spiritual force. (Ice has always been a fairly common feature in dreams along with fire and water, and it usually brings more lucidity.)

      The storm seems to be a result of a giant of some kind, which I bring down with the arrow and later crush it (him) to pieces. My wife is also a positive force with me. There is also some sort of whirlwind in the sky - with faces of ancient warriors (including Geronimo / Goyahkla and Crazy Horse) - yet they seem to be calming the weather rather than increasing the forceful nature of the whirlwind which they are part of. I am given more gifts and “tools” relating to controlling (or calming) the weather when the need may arise in the future.
    7. Peaceful Evening (featuring a growing and shrinking guard)

      by , 07-05-1996 at 01:05 PM
      Morning of July 5, 1996. Friday.

      This was one of my most vivid dreams during this time period. Somehow, even though I seem fully conscious and fully in-body in this dream, I do not enter any level of lucidity.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I are standing on a second-floor veranda in what may be some sort of unusual composite of airport, shopping center, and mansion. We are looking out over intensely beautiful silvery water. There is a heightened sense of peace and the sense of touch is augmented. I study the reflections on the water’s surface in appreciation for what seems like an hour or so. A sense of timelessness and happiness dominates the scene.

      Eventually, a male around my age who reminds me somewhat of a British guard, but wearing a stove pipe hat, grows larger and larger as he walks, but not in any menacing way (as he does not seem to regard us in any way at any point). He becomes at least as tall as the two-storey building. As he continues to walk to the right, he then starts to become smaller and smaller until only his otherwise large hat is left rolling around. I then start focusing on the rolling of the hat. Even though the imagery is quite surreal, it also somehow seems “realistic” and “correct”.

      In another scene, we are taking a small fast escalator somewhere. Everyone else is having difficulties, as they are using a particular escalator for the wrong direction, trying to walk down the one going up and trying to walk up the one going down (and of course, I have seen children and teens mess about on escalators like this in reality). Seemingly, we are the only ones who get to our destination.

      The first part of my dream reminds me vaguely of the “friendly giant” dreams I mostly had around age five when living on Rose Street in Wisconsin.

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    8. Tornadopillar

      by , 04-03-1982 at 10:03 AM
      Morning of April 3, 1982. Saturday.

      I am in La Crosse, Wisconsin on the south side of town and west of the main library. There are a number of other people around, mostly unknown. There is a tornado coming in our direction (from the southwest), or so it seems for several minutes. I can hear the train-like rumbling sounds (like with a real tornado but which may be caused by real environmental noise such as louder traffic while sleeping). I am with some friends and we and the other people are eventually running everywhere, though mostly north.

      All of a sudden, there is a strange screeching sound (again, possibly caused by real-life environmental sounds intruding into my dream without waking me, such as a vehicle’s brakes squealing). We look back and it turns out to have been an enormous caterpillar spinning a cocoon and was not a tornado. Everything is quiet now that the caterpillar has entered this stage and is vertically oriented within the giant cocoon, apparently sleeping and not threatening in any way. Additionally, I get the impression that it was not actually chasing us. We just happened to originally be in the area it was coincidentally moving towards during the faux chase. Eventually, I become semi-lucid and personally indulge in sensual pleasures in an offset scenario until I choose to wake.

      Resupplemented for a clearer and more detailed explanation on Saturday, 2 December 2017.

      There are really two levels to this dream, a natural (biological) ordinary meaning and a spiritual meaning if one is so inclined. On the natural level, a tornado is a factor of RAS and inner ear dynamics as precursory waking symbolism, an extreme augmentation analogous to potential dizziness in real life. In this case, that aspect is validated by a second inner ear dynamic, the potential butterfly flight symbol, which is “frozen” and thus as a result, triggering lucidity against the subdued RAS factor (similar to the “frozen” bird silhouettes in more recent apex lucidity dreams). On one level of course, this dream was at least partly influenced by “Mothra” (a 1961 movie).

      Spiritually, tornadoes represent the powerful bottom half of the Merkaba (even in my earliest childhood dreams) and, due to the “raw force” of a tornado, relate to personal dream state alchemy. (In certain trance states of deep meditation, I vividly experience the Merkaba by touching my wife Zsuzsanna on the shoulder, the Merkaba of which appears as two blue tornadoes uniting, rotating in opposite directions, with extraordinarily vivid impressions which I can only describe as seeing hundreds of different wedding ceremonies of different cultures and eras.) The transition from tornado to caterpillar-in-cocoon implies a waiting stage prior to changing into a butterfly (a type of personal ascension or implying the state of readiness for meeting my “dream girl” in real life).

      Susan R (the only person other than Zsuzsanna of whom I could ever sense as existing on other levels) and Zsuzsanna (before I knew she was a real person) drew identical vertically-oriented anthropomorphic caterpillars in a top hat (as if one had been traced over the other with even the same stray line) as a part of an otherwise dissimilar story. (One of my relatives was scared and angered by seeing this as most ordinary people do not like the unexplained, though over time, changed their way of thinking and was eventually glad I had found my “dream girl” after so many precise clues over so many years.)

      “The caterpillar makes an appearance in a few other places outside ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, such as 'American McGee’s Alice’ and the novel 'The Looking-Glass Wars’; in both of these spin-offs he plays the role of an oracle.”

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    9. “What’s Upstairs?” (The Sleeping Giant)

      by , 10-06-1979 at 04:06 PM
      Morning of October 6, 1969. Monday.

      Dream #: 1,022-02. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      Five or six schoolmates and I slowly become aware of, and choose to investigate, another part of our school in Arcadia that most people supposedly do not usually go to on the east side of the high school building (even though we are in elementary school, though we did have classes in the high school building).

      Bossy schoolmate Susan C is present. She is the authority for our tentative exploration. It is seemingly very early in the morning before sunrise. At one point, she lifts her finger to her lips in a “shush” gesture. (I consider this a dream sign as people sometimes do this when someone else is sleeping.)

      We arrive at a staircase behind a doorway, directly accessible from the outside of the building. It leads to the highest floor, to a big bedroom where a possibly dangerous male giant is sleeping. (There is never a sense of impending danger.) I get the impression he is about four times larger than a normal human being. We all walk up the steps slowly and cautiously, Susan in the lead. Eventually, everything starts shaking. The giant is possibly slowly waking for the day, but there is no immediate danger. We ascend the steps with curiosity and caution. Perhaps the shaking of the school building is only caused by the giant’s snoring, and he may not wake after all. We do not reach the top before I wake, yet I visualize him in my mind’s eye. He is asleep in his bed on his back kitty-corner from the doorway I peer through, his head in the opposite direction of my viewpoint, the soles of his feet facing me and uncovered (by the bed sheet) with one sock half-off.

      Here, the preconscious, as my classmate Susan, serves as the transitional vestibular system simulacrum as I remain passive to the dreaming process. She is guiding my infra-self into the subception that my conscious self is sleeping. The top of the stairs is a precursory factor that correlates with the extent of my readiness for getting out of bed and going to school. However, in this case, it is nowhere near the time to wake up for the day. That is why Susan “shushed” my infra-self, despite the incidental emergence of vestibular system awareness. It serves as a reinduction process rather than consciousness initiation. This shaking effect occurs in the first part of the sleep cycle.

      See my series, “Staircase Autosymbolism and Dream State Mediation” for important revelatory notes on dreams of this nature.

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    10. The Little Giant (Fence Autosymbolism part 3)

      by , 08-24-1975 at 02:24 PM
      Morning of August 24, 1975. Sunday (the day before starting 9th grade).

      This dream is like an O. Henry tale and as such, is more like an amusing (but nonsensical) ”story” than many of my other dreams. There was a time when I titled it “The Smallest Giant” to have a titular relationship with other (though unrelated) dreams such as “The Smallest Rabbit” and “The Smallest Ghost”.

      In my dream, a fictitious family lives directly south of us and seemingly shares their house with another family, or perhaps they are only visiting them or staying with them for a time during the upcoming school year.

      A fictitious wooden fence, much like an old cattle fence (but of only two separated narrower boards high), runs east and west at the southernmost end of our house all the way out to the train tracks. The grass is also longer in our backyard than it had ever been in real life.

      The main idea is that there is a “giant” living next door. I think the giant’s name may be John but I am unsure. (There is only a vague awareness at one point of the Edward G. Robinson movie “The Little Giant” from 1933.)

      However, the male that had been thought by others to be a giant is eventually seen to not be very tall at all, but he is chubby, and at one point, seemingly only a little taller than the average height for an adult male. He seems mentally “slow”, though. He vaguely reminds me of Kenneth W, a classmate and friend from the year before.

      I play a few games with him and Kenny and Karen (neighbors, schoolmates, and friends in real life, though Lisa is not present), mainly with a Frisbee, and some other events take place related to the “giant” making a few odd mistakes in judgement (mostly regarding distance orientation). Near the end of my dream, there is an idea that it is foolish for people to call him a giant.

      During the clearest segment of my dream, I call over the fence to him, “hey” and his first name, saying “…Kindergarten starts tomorrow!” Of course, this is a “twist ending” and implies that he actually is a giant but only four or five years of age. I am almost laughing as I wake, being aware of the apparent “cleverness” of my dream.

      This dream has been used here for part 3 of my “Fence Autosymbolism” series. Here, the fence is a main feature of which does not exist in reality. However, in this case, there is a degree of correlation with waking life. It is important to understand that dreams are typically an ambiguous mix of literal factors and autosymbolic factors, sometimes with conscious self correlation.

      This dream was, on one level, temporarily making light of my conscious self’s discomfort and uncertainty over the idea of going to high school for the first time, as ninth grade was to start for me on the twenty-fifth of August (on the morning after this dream). My dream colored my mood from mostly negative to somewhat cheerful, at least during this day.

      The “giant” was not the preconscious factor in this dream (and not all dreams have a personified preconscious either), but my emergent consciousness. Again, it was making light of an upcoming transition, that for some, might instead have been rendered as a nightmare or at best an unpleasant dream. In reality, I was no longer in the lower grades. I was no longer a child. The fictitious fence appeared in my dream as both a liminal space divider (which was not present in later dreams) and because contact with our real neighbors was nearing an end as was the previous openness with Lisa as had existed in our childhood and early teenage years.

      This validates that some dream content comes from current (though liminal) deliberate conscious thought (while other content seems to have no recent source). This is important to understand, as fences which already existed, the ones in part 1 and part 2 of this series, were solely autosymbolic of the dream state and waking process only, and they did not imply creating a new fence in a real-life setting by way of liminal dream control (dream control without lucidity).

    11. A giant onion is growing in our backyard garden

      by , 07-19-1975 at 01:19 PM
      Morning of July 19, 1975. Saturday.

      Dream #: 3,134-02. Reading time: 50 sec.

      My imaginary dream self becomes aware of being in an alternate (erroneously detailed) version of our backyard in Cubitis. It seems to be in the late morning. I am aware of my father standing near the back of our chicken shed and digging, but this is not a defined focus.

      My attention is mainly on a giant onion that is growing in our garden in the area west of the railroad tracks. The top part of it that is exposed is about three feet in diameter. I do not consider its presence unusual.

      How to understand dreams in my online dream journal: This dream is mainly a result of instinctual sleep-wake mediation and inherently unrelated to my waking-life status other than with partial literal threads (for example, we had a garden in this location in real life but did not grow giant onions).

      A feature coming out of the ground is instinctual autosymbolism for emergence from slow-wave sleep. Dreams exhibit co-occurrence with the waking transition as a preparatory function of achieving consciousness.

      The top part of the onion in this dreaming experience, being above ground, confirms to me that accessible layers of memory only exist with the emergence of cognizance and consciousness during the beginning of liminality (increasing lucidity) to viable wakefulness.

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    12. The Giant Bittern (mapped)

      by , 07-01-1973 at 01:01 PM
      Morning of July 1, 1973. Sunday.

      I find myself peacefully moving through a beautiful marshy area (which I think I chose to “step into” during the slowdown of the hypnagogic state). (Water induction.) Over time, my dream’s original setting is slowly integrated with the West Elementary School’s school grounds (where there were no marshy features and where I am no longer a student in reality). (Critical thinking skills cessation). My dream self is presumed corporeal at times and incorporeal or intangible at other times.

      A giant American bittern (composite of premonitory back spasm symbol and anticipatory consciousness shift symbol) is eventually known of (with no discernible backstory) and seen to be present. The bird is about as big as a horse. Mostly while incorporeal, I watch this giant bird stalk a few schoolmates (individually) but there is no attack. Curiously, my schoolmates are seemingly not aware of it even when it is in full view just outside the perimeter of the giant reeds. I do not communicate with my schoolmates at any point. I notice that the marsh features, such as the tall grass, are to the scale of the giant bittern rather than in correct proportion to the school building, school grounds, and banyan tree in the playground.

      The giant bittern does not stalk or even focus on me at any time prior to my waking, and in fact becomes more distant in the final moments. The school grounds become less marshy throughout. (Water lowering as dream cessation metaphor.)

      The lower back spasm waking event was hardly noticeable. It appears that I had a certain level of subliminal control over the metaphorical waking transition and my lower back muscles, as I was not directly jabbed by the bird’s beak (as the waking prompt) as I had vaguely anticipated. There was no point where I was actively lucid. The bittern association came from a pocket book field guide to North American birds, which I had since I was very young.

    13. Attack of the Giant Red Lobster

      by , 09-07-1970 at 03:07 PM
      Morning of September 7, 1970. Monday.

      A giant lobster is approaching my school from the west and we all have to leave (I had been in a class on the second floor). When I am outside, east of the building and at a fair distance from it, the giant red lobster approaches from the other side, but the scene does not look right. It is as if the school is now only one large wall with windows (and perhaps now implied as four storeys high), since I can see everything supposedly on the other side rather clearly as the creature bashes his claws on the building. Realistically, I should only have seen the building and not what was behind it through any windows to the other side, as I was down on the ground.

      Not only that, the movement in each window seems to be the exact same partial scene and movement somewhat like a fly’s eye view, including what is seemingly duplicated sections of the same pieces of blue sky and arc of lobster claw in the background in each and every window. The simultaneous imagery and movement in each window is almost ominous in itself. Still, I actually enjoyed this dream because of its unusual “rare” nature. Although the “fly’s eye view” has occurred in other dreams (this being only one of two more vivid instances over a lifetime), it seems very rare.

      This dream, I think, amusingly enough, was perhaps more influenced by the restaurant commercials shown during “Shock Theatre” than by any monster movies at the time, though “The Black Scorpion” (from 1957) might have had an influence.
    14. The Old Shack (long-term precognition)

      by , 08-24-1970 at 12:22 PM
      Morning of August 24, 1970. Monday.

      This dream, I consider one of my most significant and “unexplainable” childhood dreams, as well as it being one of the longest of the time period. I called it “The Old Shack” in my original childhood journal. My dream’s back story started by three classmates and I (Tina L, Brenda W, and best friend Toby T) doing a real-life-based childish routine on the song “Sugar Shack” and pretending to mess up in timing, and going “whoops, it exploded… boom!” …“accidentally” (on purpose) flowing into the Nancy Sinatra song “Sugar Town”. School had gotten out June 5th this year.

      My dream featured a strange old (fictional) wooden building (a “sugar shack” I had supposed - but not really - one room had an old bed we all “slept” on which seemed to be oriented from the middle of the south wall) where one room on the north end of the main room seemed sort of “burned” or dark, with very loose and missing floorboards as well as missing wall and ceiling parts - and appeared in different ways at different times (in terms of age). The only other feature in this shack of note are ragged curtains with only about fifty percent of the cloth left. There was a strong emotional focus on my dream at the time, but I did not know why. My dream also had typically recurring elements. The juvenile (in this case) “four in a bed” concept likely but innocently could have been inspired by promos (or newspaper theater advertisements) for “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”, though I had no idea what the movie related to other than from the Mad Magazine parody us four read in real life (and of course did not really find that amusing - and it certainly did not encourage us into looking forward to being “idiotic” adults, though I usually enjoyed most features in Mad Magazine), though I do not know the day it was bought - the cover date says September 1970, but it likely was available in June 1970 or earlier. The hair color (three dark, one blonde) matched, and I had a brother-in-law named Bob and a sister (not Bob’s wife) named Carol.

      In my dream, a normal rabbit (possibly modeled after my mother’s pet rabbit Cindy, though it seemed wild in my dream) had gone through the doorway that led in and out of the unusual room (though the floor did not seem strong enough or complete enough to walk on or even to actually enter the room). Later, it was a giant rabbit (bigger than a horse), but was not dangerous in any way. There is also a part where a snake grows larger but does not threaten us - though we do see it crawl past the open front door (on the east side of the building - the back door being on the west side), being about half the height of the doorway and this concerns Tina. At one point (when events are getting to a point where we need to leave), she says (in her “fake” British accent) “…but what about the rabbit?”

      Tina had placed a sparrow with a broken wing through the doorway at one point, and it had begun to grow larger. It eventually becomes a pterodactyl after flying over the shack and she seems a bit concerned about what she did. She also puts an old wilted bouquet of flowers (from the southwest dusty corner of the large room) through the doorway and the blooms become fresh. I am not sure how the room works at any point. Does it move through time (thus causing other things to change), or just make things bigger at times? I can understand how the sparrow became a pterodactyl if prehistoric “throwbacks” (as well as futuristic ones) are implied with time shifting, but that does not explain why the rabbit (and snake) - as well as my thumb near the last scene - just became larger.

      My friend Toby (who is wearing a cheap wristwatch) sticks his hand through the doorway to “test” it somehow (based on curiosity about how other things that had happened - such as the restoration of part of the torn curtain to becoming complete and like new) and ends up with a changed watch that is complex and computerized - there even seems to be a miniature slot machine video game on it (before I ever saw or heard of computer games as such). In real life, years later, such things actually existed as seen in my dream years before, which I found quite interesting.

      Near the final scenario, I had placed my right hand through the doorway and my thumb cramped up in great pain and grew nearly twice as large (I do not typically experience this level of pain in a dream).

      My dream had ended by me trying to reach an apparently known “portal” after running out the back door (though I am not sure what influenced this - possibly a “Star Trek” episode) and across a mostly featureless large grassy field, around the same time that the reddish pterodactyl (that had transformed from the sparrow) made a shadow on the ground near me as I was running (and I assume that it was ready to attack me) and I just made it through the old isolated trellis which was being used as an arched gate as part of a broken fence - which was supposedly the “portal” from my dream into reality (and probably the “cure” for whatever the room in the shack had changed) - though I am beginning to only become slightly lucid at this point (the situation nearly identical in mood and physical awareness to the event in the “Dogpile” dream of 1972 where I leaped through the front door of my Cubitis home) as I saw the pterodactyl become a sparrow again, and fall to the ground just after crossing above the supposed “portal”. (The pterodactyl shadow is likely a replay of a real-life event concerning a buzzard flying over me, of which numerous dreams were influenced by.)

      The outcome:

      Exactly six years later in real life (August 24, 1976)…I was in the hospital, my right thumb enlarged to nearly twice the size (exactly as in my dream) due to a completely unexpected medical condition, caused by an unexplainable series of four (and a half) cysts, all the same size except for the new one just starting, which all apparently had embryonic properties as if my body suddenly decided to grow a few other siblings from my thumb (though this followed other dreams which were also precognitive to this event). There was not the slightest indication of this until the summer vacation of 1976 when I first noticed the first one growing (with no hints or known causes beforehand), but did not get it checked out until there were four in a row, and by that time, a fifth had started closer to my wrist.

      The CBS late movie that was playing the night prior to the morning of my operation was “Night of the Lepus” from 1972 - about giant rabbits of the same size orientation as the one from my dream. There is more, but the detail is minor compared to the significance of the two main synchronous links.

      Though this pales in comparison to nearly endless unexplainable “mystery girl” associations and numerous other mysteries (including my present knowledge of fractals in the language and certain types of patterns), I still find this one interesting, all in all, relative to the main reason I started paying attention to my dreams when very young and why I started dream journalism in the first place - because no adult could be honest or tell me how dreams continuously “echoed” into reality, often with precise visual detail of something not seen (or even existing) until later. There is no excuse for such ignorance or denial (or replacing personal experience with incompatible religious beliefs) - as each person has a will to make a life for himself - and to validate his own understanding successfully.

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