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    1. Artificially Religiously Zealous Guinea Pigs

      by , 12-27-2018 at 06:27 PM
      Morning of December 27, 2018. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,001-04. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      I become aware of looking at the Internet, though my conscious self identity is not extant and I do not know the nature of the setting, though it likely implies my present home. The web page is similar in layout to the now-defunct DMusic blog.

      I see various color photographs of guinea pigs in somewhat human-like positions and activities. In the final picture, the animal is sitting upright on a toilet with the lid down and appears to be praying. Below the short videos and images is a list of about seven comments by the same unfamiliar man, each beginning with my first name. One reads, “Claude is impressed by all the work we are doing with our guinea pigs. "Another reads, "Claude was amazed by the final scene of our guinea pig in his act of perfection.”

      I start to feel both annoyed and puzzled by why someone would make these claims. There had neither been any dialogue between us nor any way of him seeing me or any of my reactions.

      Soon, I am in an outdoor scene in late morning, in an unknown rural area. The people, seemingly all part of a “lunatic fringe” religious group, who had photographed and filmed the guinea pigs, have an attraction where children walk through a narrow two-tiered cage of guinea pigs and chickens. I start to wonder if the visiting children sometimes step on or injure the guinea pigs, but I do not witness any mishaps of that nature. My dream fades from this point.

    2. The Secret Experiments in Nimbin - Human Guinea Pigs

      by , 02-13-2007 at 10:30 AM
      Morning of February 13, 2007. Tuesday.

      I believe this takes place in Nimbin, Australia, though I am not entirely sure.

      My family moves there into a building that is like our present home (in Queensland) in basic design relative to rooms, location, and such, but closer to the ground and more modern than our present house. Later on, my dream seems to be somewhat “movie-like” and becomes fairly impersonal.

      Some weird animal bones are discovered. There is some concern over what they may mean. Eventually, people with special skills become part of the plot.

      A cage is discovered in a secret (hidden) room of the typical “behind the rotating bookcase” variety. This cage has several giant guinea pigs. The giant guinea pigs seem to be the result of an experiment that went wrong and so was hidden away. An unknown woman (possibly Pauline Hanson) comes onto the scene and announces that these creatures should be destroyed, so she sets fire to the cage after throwing some sort of chemicals on it, to kill them. All of a sudden the creatures actually speak for the first time, and it turns out that they were people (all likely from Nimbin) who were turned into guinea pigs. They are angry with the woman as if she was supposed to know that they were people at one time. It seems that they were annoyed with being turned into guinea pigs, but had never talked before because there had not been any danger for them until then.

      My dream ends with unusual part-guinea pig, part-human creatures walking around (The guinea pig aspect is then more relative to the hair color than anything else, most hair being multicolored). However, in the end, they mostly only look like Nimbin hippies in overall appearance with no animal-like features then. One of them is to be interviewed, but he spends so much time twirling his hair and “blanking out” that the reporter gives up trying to do an interview. This one has very long sideburns down to his shoulders, which are cream, white, and a sort of dark red-orange, like the color of certain guinea pigs I have seen in the past.

      This dream may have something to do with hearing Nimbin being called “an experiment” and may relate to my wife’s negative experiences growing up there. (I have never lived or been there). Also, my wife’s mother had a very large number of guinea pigs at one time (many unhealthy because of her having too many in one area), which my wife mostly had to take care of when no one else did.