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    1. Opened Roof

      by , 11-23-2019 at 05:23 PM
      Morning of November 23, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,332-03. Optimized 1 minute read.

      I maintain my metacognitive awareness of sleeping and dreaming.

      My dream self holds the awareness of being in bed at our present address with my memory of my current waking life. However, the details of my environment are incorrect (to prevent associating my dream with real life). I am on my back (though in reality, only my head is upward as I am otherwise sleeping more on my left side).

      Zsuzsanna is in our kitchen. I see blue sky through our roof. Our landlord had removed a small square section from it (which would not be possible as a few large sheets of metal serve as our sloped roof that also has a ceiling under it). I catch a glimpse of his face, but he does not regard me. I do not perceive it as an intrusion. After a short time, the area is as it was.

      Variations of this “looking in” narrative have occurred in all sleep cycles since childhood, though it occurs more often with the personification of potential wakefulness associated with a window or a door. I honestly cannot believe some people think this type of content has to have a waking-life “interpretation” each time.

      I typically perceive this personification of anticipated wakefulness as more intrusive in my final dreaming experience of a sleep cycle. My metacognitive awareness of my need to eventually wake is most predominant at this time. For people (such as so-called “dream experts”) who cannot comprehend such a self-evident process, I have no words.