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    1. Creatures of the Night (Fun with Bats and Witches)

      by , 03-18-2021 at 10:40 AM
      Morning of March 18, 2021. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,813-03/04/5. 3 min 20 sec read.

      Vestibular Phasing:

      In one dream, with the usual liminal anticipation of vestibular phasing, I am atop a plateau near a crevice late at night. There is the silhouette of a castle in the distance. There is a silhouette of an unknown man in the foreground. I am floating about ten feet above the ground. Although there is a vague association with vampires, I view the scene as artistic and without wariness. (There is a liminal association with the painting “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich as if the unknown man is the wanderer.) Beauty and elegance are in the detail of the bats I summon as they fly from the crevice with pleasant energy. In the navigation of this fundamental process, I achieve a deep sense of peace.

      Liminal Awareness of Being in Bed Increases:

      In another dream, I am in an unfamiliar semidark bedroom after sunrise. Many people, including family members, are asleep in bed. In different areas of the large bedroom are several clusters of about three to four sleeping bats. (They are sleeping in arrangements similar to our four kittens, probably the influence for this dream sequence.) My dream self does not perceive them as bats (even though they are) but another kind of unusual flying mammal. I make comments about them to an unknown man that had awakened. The bats are about the size of kittens and are white with small black spots, like dalmatians.

      Somatosensory Phasing:

      I open a door a few inches to let them out, and most of them fly out into the bright sunlight. There is a vivid essence of weight and movement, even though I only pick up one. As I hold it and feel it squirm, it bites me on the back of my hand about an inch below my pinkie. Even though I see a small red circular sore after I let it fly away, I am unconcerned. A thin trail of gray foam emerges from the sore, trailing to my pinkie. I am puzzled but unconcerned. (As is typical for this kind of somatosensory phasing, there is a magnification or zooming with the imagery. My hand’s size is increased by about a third.) My dream self does not logically consider that a bite would have left two marks.

      In another dream, the narrative involves a young witch trying to eliminate three problematic older witches. The setting seems to be in a cave (sleep signification) but is like a house. Her focus is eventually on “the third one.” For a time, it seems impossible to eliminate this last witch from her life. She ritualistically chants and looks at drawings from her childhood. Meanwhile, I ask Zsuzsanna if one of the pictures is of Kermit the Frog, but I soon see it as an anthropomorphic rockface facing left in profile. I read a few random phrases but do not recall them.

      Finally, the young witch recites a poem, and the other witch becomes water that fills the room about an inch in depth. At this point, Zsuzsanna wants to leave the “movie,” and so we walk outside. (The water becomes lower, a scene that has occurred in my dreams continually for over 50 years. I realized, even as a child, it signified nearing the end of my sleep cycle.)

      We will be going home. It is morning. Our youngest daughter is with us (though she is the only other family member with us). We are atop a plateau. Looking back at a small structure, I wonder if we should take the three VHS tapes with us of the “movies” we watched (including the last one). Zsuzsanna says we can leave them there for now.

      Navigation of Vestibular Phasing and Imaginary Kinesthesia:

      We have to descend metal ladders to get to the ground far below. Our youngest daughter holds onto Zsuzsanna’s back. She is on my right as I step down onto the ladder, facing the rockface. I am slightly wary about the placement of my feet as the imaginary physicality of dreaming becomes ambiguous. In trying to discern my body’s position and orientation, I automatically wake with a smooth transition. It is otherwise like thousands of previous dreams.

      Two dream content predictions for this date were a plateau or mountaintop and a bat silhouette. (Note that I do not look at predictions until after my dreaming experiences and solving them. People might find this inexplicable, but it is not. In understanding my dreams and their causation and statistics, it is possible to forecast content. For this date, a plateau or mountaintop was 25% likely, a bat 50%, and a silhouette 75%. Even so, elevated areas and managing vestibular phasing and imaginary kinesthesia have occurred throughout every sleep cycle for over 50 years. It has zero to do with symbolism or the pretense of interpretation in contrast to knowing causation. Additionally, associations with flight, including spontaneously flying on my own and managing vestibular phasing in additional ways, occur continually throughout every sleep cycle.)

    2. Slight Movie Influence: “Let Me In”

      by , 01-12-2018 at 07:12 AM
      Morning of January 12, 2018. Friday.

      Zsuzsanna and I watched “Let Me In” (from 2010) last night and I considered that it would be an intriguing idea to structure as a dream state fantasy. Still, I did not put any actual effort into the idea, though it still influenced a small part of my dream.

      At any rate, my dream has an unfamiliar setting. It reminds me of the King Street mansion in some ways, though the tower feature is duplicated to the opposite side of the house. My father is walking on a narrow wooden plank that is apparently supported by the windowsill of each tower from both sides. My mother is also present, but remains standing on the ground near the residence, at the front of the house.

      A couple different times, I am somewhat wary about my father walking back and forth on this thin plank so high up. It seems precarious and although he seems confident and balanced, I have a vague anticipation that he might fall, though he never does.

      There is only one scene that reflects a part of the movie, and that does not directly trigger any recall related to my current conscious self identity. As I walk into a different area in a house near the first house (where my parents and I are apparently implied to be living), which is somewhat like a large open featureless porch (though more like a park shelter integrated into a house), a young female is present who says, “Just so you know, I can’t be your friend”, just as in the first part of the movie. This frustrates me somewhat, though I do not recall what the actual influence is related to. (I get the impression that the girl is a young version of Zsuzsanna, though this is only later, as my memory is not extant.) Later, the girl’s mother talks to me about what she (the girl) wants, though she seems to be the actress who played the boy’s mother in the movie (though this does not trigger any recall either).

      My dream mainly becomes a generic and typical waking transition. There are two ladders against the porch, one on each side at the front. I feel the need to adjust them, though when I move the ladder on the right (waking orientation symbol) only a little, after climbing up and down on them, the entire house shakes and vibrates. This causes me to stop out of concern of causing my father to fall from the plank. My dream fades after this, with no vestibular system activity (that is, no typical waking jolt based on perceived flight, rising, or any falling sensation or typical spontaneous muscle movement).

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    3. Pat Fixing our Roof

      by , 12-11-2017 at 06:11 PM
      Morning of December 11, 2017. Monday.

      Thinking about our house actually having a roof again after over a month of this nonsense (since the storm tore it off), naturally some dream content would have an association with it, that is, in cases where my current conscious self identity is extant in an incidentally non-lucid dream. Because the personified dream self has no concept of time or space, or any semblance of intelligence or viable memory in non-lucid dreams of most stages of unconsciousness in the sleeping cycle, it is not automatically expected as a factor though. Curiously though, there were dreams about the roof repair and our landlord involved in it a few times prior to the real-life event (the storm that tore our roof off), so that is the literal prescience at work again.

      My foreman from years ago (Patrick S, who shot himself, and by which I had a prescient dream of his saying “goodbye” on the same day with no way of me knowing he would do this, as I had not seen him for months as it was) takes the role of our landlord without my dream self really noticing it.

      I am sitting on a beam above our ceiling, the area far more expansive than in reality. I am reading a paperback book. Above me is a solid roof, so my dream is illogical in implying a new roof is being built below it. Instead, on a different beam several feet away, is Patrick. He is nailing a small piece of tin in a vertical position aligned to what is then a wooden walkway. I feel somewhat aggravated (though not enough to trigger RAS and the waking event), as this seems to have nothing to do with the actual roof over our house, at least not the main sections.

      I somehow teleport to the area and he hands me a hammer and asks me to help him. One corner of the tin seems problematic, apparently with too many nail holes that have torn the tin, to be feasible to be nailed where it needs to be aligned. My dream distorts and then I am to get a ladder and go up to where I already am, which of course makes no sense. As I then attempt to climb the ladder to where I had already been moments before, the ladder is now actually a distorted composite of ladder, staircase, and bookcase (not the first time this specific feature has occurred in a dream). From here, I start to realize that the symbolism means I am dreaming and consequently (without holding back on RAS mediation or mode) soon wake.

      Although staircases symbolize the return to waking consciousness (when going up; as going down typically vivifies a dream, sometimes triggering apex lucidity, at least in my case, where I then have full conscious self control of the dream state), ladders do as well, though staircases are more common as such due to being far more of a familiar factor in waking life (which sounds strange I suppose, as dreams are otherwise so inherently surreal, often having little or no relevance to real life). The composite synthesis of the bookshelf factor (note I was reading prior to my teleportation to Patrick’s location) is parallel symbolism that validates the meaning of the staircase symbolism. That is, both represent the emergent consciousness stage of RAS mediation. This is because only the whole conscious self has thinking skills and basic language skills with such as books.

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    4. The Ladder

      by , 05-11-2017 at 11:11 AM
      Night of May 11, 2017. Thursday.

      I find myself back in Cubitis (where I had not lived since 1978). It seems to be late at night. I have a vague awareness that my parents (both deceased in reality) are in the house sleeping. I am involved in a task which I am doing on my own, with regard to a long wooden ladder. I am firstly trying to bring the ladder out through a fictional area on the carport and realize that this may not be the correct route.

      I go back into the house, and take it out through a fictional doorway on the east side of the house. I have no trouble carrying this long ladder on my own even though I illogically seem to somehow be carrying it from one end (rather than in the middle). While in the backyard, I see, in the north side yard, more to the west (and closer to the orange grove, which is no longer there in reality), the statue of a jockey on a vertically rectangular base. It is of a darker gray hue and about eight feet in height, the statue and the base each being about four feet in height. I notice that there are many other items in the carport (including a white refrigerator) but I do not focus directly on them. I feel a sense of well-being. I am not even sure why I am doing this, but it feels right.

      Ladder symbolism in a dream is all about internal communication and real-time access to other (especially more aware) levels of consciousness (primarily the conscious self identity, which is typically lost when in the non-lucid dream state, one of many factors that reveal dream “interpretation”, by way of the common usage of the word, to be a naïve fallacy); very similar to bridge symbolism and visually linked to railroad tracks (especially when the ladder is horizontal, though it is carried sideways here). As most dreams are waking symbolism at their core, this is just a vivid experience of my dream self trying to coalesce into full wakeful consciousness again. The statue implies my inactive conscious self identity while in the dream state. The carport is one of my most common liminal space factors (that is, the state between dreaming and waking, but closer to waking).

      I do not recall waking from this dream. There is no active preconscious factor here other than the inactive emergent consciousness symbol; the jockey statue (of a darker hue as this was a night dream). The heightened feeling of well-being I had was very nice.

      When I was a teenager and going through a stage where I had a strong interest in unusual (and dreamlike) photography, for one photograph, I deliberately placed a ladder in the north side yard in Cubitis so that it was lying on the ground, oriented east and west and perpendicular to the railroad tracks beyond our backyard. There seemed to be an aspect of this memory in my dream, though my dream self’s age felt closer to thirty.

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    5. The Military Time Travelers

      by , 03-07-2017 at 09:07 AM
      Morning of March 7, 2017. Tuesday.

      My family and I as we are now are at the Loomis Street house, though others are there, including my brother Dennis (older half-brother on my mother’s side) and Crystal (Zsuzsanna’s younger half-sister on her mother’s side). There is also one unknown female.

      At one point, the unknown female makes a comment about wanting to be friends with someone with a “spark of Irish”. I make a comment about “a drip of Irish”, which seems to be risqué.

      I have a few books with thin cardboard pages that seem related to foldout setups with cutouts though I am not sure of their exact nature or whether they are related to a game or are just for display. They all seem to have a girl as the main character. One of the last ones I notice is “Alice in Wonderland”. Still, there seems to be another one that possibly belongs to someone else. It has cooking as a theme. There is a (overhead view) frying pan cutout and another cutout that represents food (frontal view) that stands vertically on the first by using a tab and slot. Additionally, this goes onto a page displaying an overhead view of a stove element, also by use of a tab and slot. There is something mentioned by the female about something sharp being found in a new container of yogurt after I incorrectly remember that food poisoning was mentioned in the news.

      The unknown female seems sad about something and seems to consider herself as being out of place. I “remember” that there is a time-traveling military group that is presently operating from the shed (in the Loomis Street backyard). I go out and there are three unknown people, two female and one older male. The male is in charge of everything. He goes up to the unknown female from the house and asks her if she can “climb a ladder”, with additional questions about the military and whether she can cope. She seems hesitant and the male, who is a general, loses patience. I go back into the house and the unknown female follows. Crystal is sitting in the armchair next to the telephone. She seems to be in somewhat of an aggressive or defensive mood. I catch myself (though more as pretense of the kind expressed in instinctual dreaming) saying something about “depending on what year they are going to” so that others in the room can “overhear” and perhaps catch on that they are supposed to be time travelers. The unknown female leaves the house through the front door. (There is also something later mentioned absentmindedly by me about the military group originally being from the distant past but going to the distant future.)

      I see Dennis and he seems to be only in his early thirties. He is wearing an army trench coat. I absentmindedly pull at the front and all the buttons come undone. I then apologize. He buttons up his coat again. I ask him if he wants to be part of the military and he says “no” and mentions something about Korea and Iraq. I tell him that he still might be interested in joining this group.

      We go out to the backyard. I look around for the time travelers. We see an unfamiliar unusual-looking young boy in thick black glasses as he is looking around near the south fence. He does not look in our direction. “Oh, that’s not her,” I say, referring to one of the females with the military team. We go out near the alley.

      Suddenly, there is a very loud roaring sound, like a wild animal. It is continuous and growing louder and closer from the south. I am thinking that it is probably a tyrannosaurus that is loose in the neighborhood and that it will likely find us and perhaps eat us if it turns its head easterly and sees us. There seems to be no time to run. Dennis and I just stand where we are. (Dennis is to my right, north of me, but somewhat closer to the alley.)

      A large woolly mammoth charges by, up the alley, heading north. It keeps going and is no threat but continues to roar as it passes. Dennis stands where he is and regards it casually, with mild interest.

      I notice a bright glow inside the shed, visible through the window from several feet. My youngest son also sees it and runs out toward the building. I am thinking that it is the three time travelers who are now leaving, activating some sort of machine.

      As this is a very long dream, I am only including obvious (real-time) symbolism. The unknown female potentially climbing a ladder is an association with Zsuzsanna waking up from sleep. The absentminded unbuttoning of the coat is typical of instinctual dreaming and relates to uncovering the nature of the preconscious as well as preparing to come out from under the bed sheet, though the consciousness transitions were extended here. The mammoth is the form of my unconscious “leaving” the dream setting. The glowing light is the emerging conscious self identity, analogous to sunrise. The notion of time travel validates non-lucid dream control.

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    6. Hammering to Activate the Emergent Consciousnesses

      by , 02-14-2016 at 08:14 AM
      Morning of February 14, 2016. Sunday.

      I climb a ladder through a trapdoor above me and into a small dimly-lit room with a number of gears that are presently not moving. I have a hammer (though I do not recall having climbed the ladder with it). The gears seem possibly jammed as well as rusty. Hammering them seems to not only remove some of the rust, but rather than breaking the gears, it seems to somehow add missing pieces (or teeth) back onto them.

      The gears begin to move, more golden in appearance, the light in the room grows brighter, and I soon wake in mid-swing.

      This is about as obvious as waking symbolism can get (though subliminally self-initiated rather than with biological RAS activation). A ladder symbolizes rising in consciousness (waking). Using the hammer signifies becoming more aware of the nature of the real physical body (and kinetic energy metaphorically equating to neural energy - as something shaking or vibrating also symbolizes the waking state precursor), and of course gears turning relates to waking and more viably thinking. A room growing brighter also relates to dawning consciousness. Yellow and gold are emergent consciousness indicators (570–590 nm) as in being analogous to sunrise, though orange and red, in that order, increase waking priory.

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    7. Preparedness (and “showing off” with a ladder)

      by , 12-26-2015 at 06:26 PM
      Morning of December 26, 2015. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,904-02. Reading time: 2 min 26 sec.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna in the hospital, not due to illness or injury, but we need to fill out numerous documents before the authorities can approve our marriage. It has to do with blood type and other factors. We both have applications to complete. I am annoyed as we have already been in the hospital for at least five days. I am aware of Zsuzsanna’s extraordinary beauty and familiarity in our friendship, yet we are also impatient with hospital staff. I decide that we are going to leave without filling out the last of these papers. I had written an obnoxious response to one question, which I think was all I had written on the document. I fold it up, and we get ready to leave without saying anything to the staff. It seems our examination is partly because of our lack of integration with mainstream culture.

      Zsuzsanna (my wife-to-be in this dream) pushes through another patient’s thin curtains that somehow lead to the hospital’s main entrance. She sits down, facing away from the big front window (to the right of the entrance from the inside view). I admire her beauty while I am standing by the hospital’s entrance. She lights a cigarette. I have a false recall she has occasionally smoked before. I am uncertain I could marry a smoker.

      My awareness changes. I show off by carrying a long and heavy ladder from the hospital grounds. Many couples are sitting together at small round tables, including several athletes. I shift the ladder to carry it with one finger. Farther to my right is a river or set of railroad tracks or both. I am aware only a few people are looking at me, but I also know that no one else would be able to do what I am doing. I am not sure where I am going, but I feel very happy and assertive.

      In an earlier scene, I am at WWTI in Wisconsin. I do not think I have classes here, but I am exploring the southeast area of the building. It seems to be an auto repair class in the same area it was in real life. (Although I did not go to it in real life, my friend Rick had.) There are classes on two sides of a big (and otherwise unattended) semi-dark room. I think about going to the class on my left, whether or not I am assigned to go, and I seem to in an offset dream. However, I am eventually back in this “mysterious” room in what is likely a “reset.” At this point, I do not feel like going to any classes, assigned or not. Instead, I want to leave through the front entrance (that is somewhat like a machine shop). It seems I may have instinctually sensed my dream’s reset (without fully understanding what it was) so I want to leave the area.

      I go to the double glass doors with three black horizontal bars on each pane about halfway up, but they do not fully open. (The bars may relate to a remote or magnetic function, perhaps implying the doors cannot open manually.) There is a set of three double doors in the direction of the public sidewalk, with a space between each set with barely enough room to stand. (It seems the doors might crash into each other, especially if someone let go of the outer ones). I use telekinesis to throw all six doors open at the same time (though with slight difficulty in getting them to remain open at first as they crash into each other without breaking). I confidently walk out of the building.

    8. Roof Work

      by , 06-24-2015 at 09:28 AM
      Morning of June 24, 2015. Wednesday.

      This was a typical imposer dream. My family and I are living in a house that is about four times bigger as our real one though does not seem that recognizable as a composite of past homes.

      An annoying female neighbor with a mental disorder (from real life from a few years ago) is walking around in both our back and front yards and seemingly doing so because the owner is also here (even though she has nothing to do with what he is doing, I think). At one point, she is carrying a basket of laundry around. My dream becomes most vivid at this near-beginning point where I see her trying to open our back door (my view seemingly being through a few larger windows rather than seeing through the walls as in some dreams) and then walking away.

      I learn that the landlord is on a ladder, first having noticed the unrealistically high wooden ladder propped against our house and then seeing his feet on one of the top rungs. However, the scene is unlikely in that the ladder is almost straight up and the man’s position is very unsafe and not directly near the roof’s surface when I look - technically, a person could not work this way or even stand on a ladder this way in reality. I am almost certain he will probably fall within an hour or so (though this does not happen).

      Soon, a light-haired unfamiliar young female with very short hair tries to push her way through the front doorway as I am talking about the landlord’s unexplained imposition but I stop her. I also notice an unknown boy walking around in our front yard and become more annoyed. I go into a mock character mood (pretending to be the landlord) and start saying “Duh!” several times and “look at me, I am working on a house and do not know what legal means…l-e-g-a-l (spelling it out)…duh…what does that mean?” and mention that showing up to work on a tenant’s house without informing them is a violation of the RTA (which it is in reality). I am not really certain what the issue with the roof is, though at one point I have a view (seemingly outside from a distance from the front yard of the house) of the outer surface having been removed even though there is still a layer of undamaged shingles underneath, it seems. I have no idea what the situation is regarding the purpose of the roof work or worse, even the present state of our tenancy.

      Eventually, as I am talking, the female transforms into an older lady of about eighty (who looks somewhat like an older version of Frances Fisher from “Resurrection” but with lighter hair) and I then falsely remember her as the landlord’s wife (even though he only seems about forty at the most). Her features are mostly similar to the previous character’s; she is just now with many wrinkles and a slightly more squarish face. My dream-self does not even acknowledge the character transformation (and assumes she is still the same character originally perceived), though I comment that I thought she was only about eighteen years old at first and, though still very annoyed, pretend it is okay for them to be there without prior notification. She explains something about her Glock (relating to the roof somehow) needing to be replaced or something like that (which makes no sense as Glock is the name of a weapons manufacturer and type of pistol). I still am not sure what is going on.

      Being a typical imposer dream, it reflects present issues in having to deal with thoughtless workers regarding the NBN fiasco and telephone company over the last few weeks and the noise and overall mindless behavior just outside our window.
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    9. Finding coins (recurring)

      by , 12-11-2013 at 10:33 AM

      In the past, I have had a fair number of dreams of finding coins, mostly along the side of the highway in Cubitis, public sidewalks in La Crosse, and often grassy areas on boulevards and such. Interestingly, many of these dreams were semi-lucid yet I still went around gathering up as many coins as I could find, even pennies, but often mostly quarters. Sometimes, I had to dig slightly in the dirt or gravel to seemingly find more and more, and sometimes this was close to or right on a smaller flight of concrete steps near a public building such as a school or courthouse. Whereas many of these dreams featured American money; quarters (25 cents), nickels (5 cents), dimes (10 cents), and pennies (1 cent), there were often unusual (fictional) coins as well as more correct forms of foreign currency. In an unusual variation of this recurring theme, I also once was finding various record albums along the road, mostly from the 1960s and 1970s, such as one by Sonny and Cher.

      Although it is likely that most other people have had such dreams, I think there was an influence regarding my parents having collected soda bottles (or “pop bottles”) in burlap bags along the side of the road when they were first married and made a reasonable amount of money doing such at the time. This likely influenced me into thinking about “just picking money up off the street and near roads”. While in my dream, I actually seem to think it is possible to survive this way (by just finding money that people dropped). I usually find about twenty to sixty dollars in coins in such dreams and end up having them in all my pockets as well as boots if I am wearing any. Obviously, in real life, you do not tend to see coins lying all over the place everywhere, but dreams are dreams and probably are augmented replays of all those times when I did find a coin or two here and there (including in grocery stores or even near bus stops).

      In one dream, I am with others and we are finding coins along the middle area of a railroad track. Curiously, over time, we are suddenly climbing a ladder and are eventually high in the air on a skyscraper, implying that there is possibly a public train service that goes straight up. (In some areas, on the ground, there are piles and piles of various types of gold and silver coins from various countries.) This is not the only time I have associated railroad tracks with a ladder. Even when I was a toddler, I sometimes “saw” a ladder lying on the ground as potential train tracks, as the overall appearance is very similar.

      I have not had many of these dreams over the last ten years or so. I have had a few dreams in the Australian transition. This mostly included the Australian fifty-cent coin, which is dodecagonal (12-sided).

      At least a few of these were precognitive. In one, I find pennies deeper in the dirt at a neighbor’s house (these were people I had never met and who lived across the street from my sister’s house on Loomis Street). That same early afternoon, my brother-in-law told me that the same neighbor was digging up a lot of old pennies in his yard.

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    10. False Alarm (No Burglar)

      by , 06-23-1998 at 12:23 PM
      Morning of June 23, 1998. Tuesday.

      I am not sure of the time but the front door to our apartment is rattling as if someone is trying to come in.

      I carefully check it out and open our front door. Our (real-life) landlord is there doing something with a ladder in the hallway of the apartment house.

      I say, “Oh, it’s you. I thought someone was trying to break in here.”

      A ladder usually represents an autosymbolic precursor for the return to full consciousness, which is something I clearly understood even at four years of age. The hallway setting is mostly incidental but still represents a “conduit” associated with the waking process in a similar manner as an alley.

      Either our landlord or an unknown intruder would still represent RAS personification, which represents the preconscious state. Still, as our landlord, it would suggest that I perceive my emergent consciousness as the “owner” of the dream state (at least to some degree) whereas burglars (or unexpected or unwanted intruders) suggest that I am not non-lucidly controlling my dream to the extent as in this scenario. However, in non-lucid dreams, intruders or imposers are sometimes more assertive and knowledgeable than my temporary dream self, which confirms the (precursory) essence of the conscious mind my dream self lacks and of which the preconscious only has to a limited degree. Being near a doorway also represents being closer to the waking point in many cases (though can also serve as induction into apex lucidity and full awareness and control in the dream state).

      Checking a door to see if it is locked in a dream (or an event that implies potential intrusion) is usually RAS (reticular activating system) mediation, sometimes caused by a real environmental noise at the time of the dream and sometimes with preconscious concern over whether it is locked - as I once discovered that our door was indeed unlocked after getting up after a waking start from a similar dream as this one. This is otherwise a common type of waking process autosymbolism, which I label “doorway waking symbolism” (though remember that dreams are not symbolic in the way of popular misconception, and that this refers to the dream state, not waking life, and my dream’s dynamics in real-life context are literal here).

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