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    1. Star Storm and Being a Lamp

      by , 09-13-2015 at 03:13 PM
      Morning of September 13, 2015. Sunday.

      I am in a seemingly isolated area that feels somewhat elevated (such as some sort of “floating” featureless room), in semi-lucidity, enough to know that my conscious thoughts can make and shape my (unscripted in this case) dream. I think about a snowstorm for no particular reason and I watch a few snowflakes swirl through the air outside, in the darkness of seeming night, seemingly looking west (considering the vague focus and orientation of our real bedroom). I see no land features, just the snowflakes. After a few minutes, I see a blizzard though I do not feel cold at any point. I feel a deep sense of peace for a time, watching the snowflakes swirl around.

      I eventually get a vague idea that I am looking into outer space rather than looking outside and into a snowstorm, and then I eventually realize that I “actually” am looking into a “real” outer space scene. Now, stars and planets are swirling around, crashing into each other with brilliant explosions. I am somewhat amused that a simple blizzard transforms into such an amazing chaotic event that seems to imply “the end of the universe”. I start thinking of the scene being reminiscent of “The Wizard of Oz”, where Dorothy is watching all the strange imagery through her window. I even do a vocal “doot-doo” version of the scene where Miss Gulch is riding her bicycle.

      I soon get the idea that the little melody of Miss Gulch’s bicycle ride is not really that suitable for the end of the universe, so I try to vocalize “The Ride of the Valkyries” but keep shifting into the “National Geographic” theme. No matter what, I cannot grasp the melody from “The Ride of the Valkyries” without it switching to the other tune. I “realize” that the two pieces have much the same music but with slightly different timing and accented parts. The exact “The Ride of the Valkyries” melody keeps eluding me and I get more and more frustrated that I cannot remember it correctly. In the background, the “National Geographic” theme keeps distracting and even “teasing” me every time I get a little of the other tune correct.

      From here, I see that the end of the universe has changed into a basketball game. This seems reasonable, as a sphere is still bouncing about the “cosmos”. I watch passively for several minutes.

      “Could you move?” says a young friendly female voice from behind me. Indeed. I find that I had not been looking out a window (even though I was - my dream just typically changed as such), but sitting in front of a large television where a basketball game is being broadcast (and perhaps the other scenes were relevant to a cowboy show followed by a channel changing to an astronomy show followed by it being changed to this basketball game). It is a young version of my wife, seated on a couch and wearing a light pink robe, but in a scenario that implies it is years before we met. “I didn’t know girls watched basketball,” I say. I get up and suddenly stop when I see two people I do not know coming into the room. They are likely token parents of Zsuzsanna’s in this scene. So, obviously, I transform into an antique brass floor lamp. The “father” comes over and pinches my nose and my “bulb”, implied to be at about the same level as my head, lights up the room a bit better. Zsuzsanna has an extraordinarily mischievous grin growing on her face, as she seems to be eating popcorn.

      Remembering that I am dreaming (rather than my lucidity being consistent throughout), I decide to try to come out of my brass floor lamp camouflage. This is difficult and I succeed only in wobbling my base while rocking side to side, making a curious clanging sound on the wooden floor. The other male looks around curiously, but then continues to chop some spring onion in the kitchen.

      Well, I cannot move as a lamp, so I might as well wake up, which I do.
    2. The “Uprooted” Lamp

      by , 02-17-1991 at 08:17 AM
      Morning of February 17, 1991. Sunday.

      I consider this dream precognitive due to its vivid and personal nature regarding upcoming contact with my future wife a short time before my first highly unlikely and unexpected communication with her in real life. It had the very similar mood and awareness found in my more personally precognitive dreams and the extra layer of focus.

      I have absolutely no doubt that this dream (of many others) somehow “announced” my upcoming contact and partnership with my soulmate (lifelong “mystery girl”). I would have to be extremely shortsighted (as well as wholly ignorant of my own consciousness and previous experiences) to see it differently. I would like to be clear that the opinions of skeptics mean nothing to me.

      In my dream, I am back in Cubitis (Florida) on the south side of the front section of the shed. Oddly though, at the same time, I seem to be doing some gardening for sister Marilyn at her house in Wisconsin. Over time, I pull up several larger weeds.

      Eventually, I find a stubborn “root” which I believe to be that of a larger plant somewhere in the area, perhaps even a tree or at least a shrub. When I pull on it, it turns out to be an electrical cord and an old antique lamp (similar to one my sister had in real life) emerges from the ground, entangled in actual roots. I feel a vivid sense of wonder and awe that is very hard to describe.

      The lamp has two figures on the base, a presumed married couple effigy, but very old-fashioned (possibly 1700s); a dark-haired woman in a wedding dress and her partner. There is a very unusual emotion as if it is an important discovery and that the man may somehow be “me”. It seems very personal and significant. I am thinking about whether or not the lamp will still work after being buried in the ground for so long.

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