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    1. Precognitive Disney World “Visitor”

      by , 05-20-1973 at 11:20 AM
      Morning of May 20, 1973. Sunday.

      I am in the Cubitis living room seemingly late at night. I am aware that there may be someone on the carport. Unlike a number of other dreams, I am not wary about answering the door this late at night.

      Going near the door, it seems to open on its own. Looking out into the semidarkness, I see an unusual man who looks more like an artificial form, somewhat cartoon-like but also like a statue. He is holding some sort of lantern with his right hand, at about head level. To his left is an unusual unmoving dog, also which looks like a statue or artificial structure of some kind. I continue to gaze at the sight, the forms not moving but holding a comedic essence.

      When I went to Disney World later on in real life, taken by my sister Marilyn and her husband, a completely unexpected event, imagine my surprise when we went on the Haunted Mansion ride and this imagery was identical to what was seen on part of the ride. I had certainly never seen it before (other than in my dream) and I had never been to Disney World before. In fact, I told a random classmate that I was “going to Disney World” that summer even though I “knew” I was not (and I had said nothing like this to anyone else). How was I to know that my relatives would just happen to come down from Wisconsin and that my brother-in-law would just happen to ask me one morning if I “wanted to go to Disney World”?