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    1. Meanwhile, Thirty-Eight Years Later

      by , 08-11-2015 at 08:14 AM
      Morning of August 11, 2015. Tuesday.

      James Miller comes to my attention; weary and barely there and dressed as Will Robinson, he seems to want to ask me something. Perhaps about ten feet away or more in a half-rendered version of my computer room (though seemingly mirrored longways right to left), he mainly appears as he did in perhaps 1975 (rather than 1977). I feel that he wants to ask me the time. However, pitifully, he cannot even communicate or relate coherently, which I suspect is frustrating him. Instead of asking “Time?” it comes out (quite weakly) something like “Sah-hime?” I suspect that anything he ever manages to say will only sound a little like English, though mostly gibberish.

      Manny C comes in as the robot from “Lost in Space” (though somewhat different in design). She is thinner, though; the upper and lower sections of her robot body slowly pumping up and down (synchronized to her forward movement), arms randomly moving about, though head perfectly rotating ninety degrees to left and right.

      She pulls James out of the half-rendered setting, back into the red-toned darkness.

      Like a robot vacuum cleaner. I suppose.