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    1. Giant Flying Mermaid

      by , 04-22-2017 at 10:22 AM
      Night of April 22, 2017. Saturday.

      I am on a ship out at sea though unsure of the time (though there is daylight). It seems like an older wooden ship as from a movie, though there is also a large fishing net set up on a pulley, seemingly at the front of the ship. The men are dressed somewhat like pirates but do not seem rowdy or aggressive.

      A giant mermaid, with the face of a young Zsuzsanna, and about fifteen feet in length, rises up from the ocean at the (I assume) front of the boat. For a moment, it seems that she may be partly entangled in the net. She has unusual fins around her shoulders which also seem somewhat like wings. There seems to be no threat to me, but many of the men are gathered up in the net by her and she just holds it up. (This seems to happen at least a couple times.) It does not seem she will hurt them. She is also at the side of the boat (port side) at one point. She does not seem angry at any point, just curious and amused. The men are let go and roll across the bow, some whose feet are still caught in the net.

    2. "Jennifer" (Shape-Changing Mystery Girl) - Recurring

      by , 02-09-1983 at 08:09 AM
      Morning of February 9, 1983. Wednesday.

      It is up to the individual dreamer to “decode” every precise clue that either the Universal Mind or Merkaba vehicle (experienced when awake as a blue flash in the left eye) gives them based on layering everything he or she sees into personal mythology to eventually “live the dream” so to speak, with one’s partner, together as Yin and Yang incarnate rather than just personal ascension (of which needs to come before the twin soul union). Everything in existence must be used correctly and confirmed, with no room for doubt or “interference” from the unenlightened or uniformed. In my case, I did not know it would all turn out so literal, almost like a grand comedy. (For example, even my wife’s step father’s name is “Davy Jones”, the “real” mermaid’s father. Hilarious.)

      This dream transition (the Eurythmics songs being the catalyst) started in February 9th of 1983 (what I would call the “prototype” or “birth” of this dream scenario), February 9th also being the date I came to Australia (in 1994, exactly eleven years later). Although my real “mystery girl’s” name was “known” as either Savannah or variations of Susannah when very young, the name Jennifer in this case stands for the shape-shifter or mermaid form. In fact, “Jennie Haniver” actually is a faux mermaid created from skeletal sea life remains. (One of our youngest daughter’s middle names is Revinah, which is “Haniver” in reverse; a bit of trivia for relentless clue-seekers.)

      Most versions of this dream (both in their lucid and non-lucid forms) were quite epic and would be too long to address the variations in one entry. It also seemed to be a direct continuation of my “Reptilian Girl” dream (from February 9th, 1977 - once again the same date but years apart) which even correctly rendered the scar on my wife-to-be’s wrist in real life before I met her; hers is the same distance from the bottom of the palm as mine and amusingly seems like the “continuation” of my own larger scar (near-fatal accident from age two) when our arms are held together.

      Mostly, the scenario is based on the statue at the La Crosse public library coming to life and assuming the form of my wife-to-be (whom I first made real contact with in March of 1991). This bronze statue (known as “Reflections III”, which was also the name of a novel my wife-to-be had been working on, including being the third written form) is described as follows: “This piece was donated in 1979 by Dr. Adolph Gundersen. It depicts a young woman resting on top of a carved base which was designed as an integral part of the sculpture. The figure and the base create ‘complementary negative images and contradicting planes’ in the words of the artist. The title is intentionally ambiguous, referring to reflections of the figure in the base, reflections in the pool of water before it, and the intellectual process of reflecting upon an idea.”

      My “mystery girl” and I are intimate (and most of my dream scenes take place at night, where she eventually becomes the “Reflections III” statue “again” before dawn). At times, “normal” people seem to be aware or come to learn of her existence (though there are those who deny her existence, as with Jennie in “The Bermuda Depths”, much to their later misfortune). At one point, she becomes a shark and devours people who are pursuing me. At another point, she becomes a black panther (related to my own becoming a black panther in dreams of the night of April 9, 1982 into the next morning, but of an unusual “reshaping” in which in my dream, I become a black panther and catch and eat a rabbit, though in this dream, she is a black panther and actually transforms into a rabbit as she is running, all this inspired directly from a scene from “Cat People” seen on the night of April 9, 1982, the same date I was married in 1994).

      In the last part of my dream, after she becomes a rabbit, she jumps into the water becoming a dolphin. I see her leap in the distance as the sky grows darker. (This is likely an influence from “The Incredible Mr. Limpet”, although Don Knotts becomes a fish, not a dolphin, as wrongly written in some plot descriptions by people who obviously did not really know the movie.)

      There is an ominous scene where the statue is gone. People go out to “hunt” her, but I know they will never find her. It is my intention to “go to the other side of the ocean” to find her.

      This goes all the way back to 1965 from my dream “The Thinker” and later “breakthrough” dreams (such as “Sentient Flood” from 1990) where “living statues” seem to relate to an “awakening” of something important to the dreamer’s real-life path. It may be a major archetype for others as well, though I cannot be sure since I can only “see” my own experiences.

      After these dreams, I had a strange feeling I would be meeting her in real life (even marrying her), which of course…I did, in 1994.

      Relevant influences and tie-ins:

      “The Incredible Mr. Limpet”; 1964 Don Knotts movie

      “It”; 1966 Roddy McDowall movie (secondary influence)

      “The Bermuda Depths”; 1978 television movie (main influence)

      “Portrait of Jennie”; 1948 movie

      “Jennifer”; Eurythmics song from 1983 as here, which directly followed “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” (catalyst transition)

      “Ocean Girl”; David Essex song
    3. The Mermaid’s Ghost

      by , 02-07-1977 at 07:28 AM
      Morning of September 13, 1977. Tuesday.

      Somehow, the ghost of a mermaid speaks to me from a burning bush (but is later only glowing in light, with brass-colored rays coming out very brightly, with triangular tips - in the back of my mind is something about the book of Revelations in the Bible). This is near the right, when facing the house, southern side of the carport. Supposedly, this entity is my wife, or has been or will be my wife. A little after this, in real life, I had also made a one-copy home-made comic book for a few issues (no longer in existence, I suppose) of a young mermaid called Mary and her boyfriend John. In my dream, the mermaid was named Cleo (who appeared as a “normal” human for the most part - but had some special abilities at times in a couple other dreams). In this particular dream, it seemed she somehow also “lived” in the bush (a pun on my future wife living “in the bush” in Australia?) as well as being a “ghost girl” (for example, the shrub itself was where her spirit or soul actually “lived” - like a genie in a lamp, actually). Also in this dream, the mermaid seemed almost divine or holy. Other than the name “Cleo”, there is also (implied as angelic) “Gabrielle”, my wife’s middle name. Considering this was on her birthday before I met her (or even knew about her), I count it as precognitive as such.
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