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    1. The Moose In My Front Yard (in Cubitis)

      by , 08-27-1972 at 02:27 PM
      Night of August 27, 1972. Sunday.

      I had been sleeping (in my dream) in my bedroom in Cubitis, with my bed along the west wall (as it is in reality). I hear a noise outside, possibly from near the entrance to our carport. I look out and see a large moose in our front yard, more to the north and facing south and not that far from the front of our house. There is a vivid awareness of it. Even though it is late at night and dark, I am still aware of its form, though it mostly appears in silhouette. It seems to be chewing on Spanish moss or possibly has a “beard” of Spanish moss. I do not see it as any sort of threat. Even though I find it curious, I eventually “go back to sleep” without waking from my dream.

      Rather than pretending that the moose in this dream is some sort of “omen” or “symbol” (though most people probably know what I think of the nonsensical superstitious type of dream “interpretation” by now), I know it was mainly influenced by the cover of “Peter’s Moose” (by Hughie Call, originally published in 1961), a book I had read again prior to this dream. It was usually on my bookshelf near a copy of “George Washington’s Breakfast”. My best friend Toby also had these two children’s books in the tiny bedroom of his family’s mobile home west of Highway Seventeen. As the emergent consciousness factor, it directly relates to the awareness of reading a book and the critical thinking skills of which do not viably exist in the non-lucid dream state.

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