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    1. Alfred Hitchcock’s Bus Mishap

      by , 05-24-2018 at 02:01 PM
      Morning of May 24, 2018. Thursday.

      My dream self becomes aware of being on a bus in late afternoon.

      I look around and see a number of unfamiliar people. They seem to be waiting for something. There is an ambiguous sense of being outdoors on a public street and inside a large building at the same time. The bus is not moving at first. I am sitting in about the middle of the row on the right-hand side.

      Alfred Hitchcock makes an appearance (walking from left to right) as if he is presently involved in directing a movie. He has an illogical black-and-white essence unlike the rest of the setting, which is in color (though my dream self does not regard this as impossible or unusual). I consider that I might have somehow gotten on the wrong bus, and that I am on a movie set. If this is the case, I know I will not be going where I had intended even though there is no backstory with any awareness of my implied destination (though I do not even focus on any implied destination at any time, which is the usual case with dreams of this nature).

      The bus eventually starts moving inexplicably, that is, no driver is in view, though there does not even seem to be a place for a driver, just the front open area of the bus and a clear view through the front windows. Alfred turns around and briefly looks surprised. The bus may have run over him, as he remains unseen. I remain in my seat, but there is no drama after this. It is quietness.

      This dream is easy to resolve. Firstly, the bus, because it is a vehicle, is an autosymbolic extension of my liminal awareness of my physical body in sleep. Alfred Hitchcock is a typical rendering of RAS mediation, which allows me liminal control of the dream state over his “direction” in this case, even more so as he is associated with having made mystery and suspense movies (associated with the enigma of being between dreaming and waking).

    2. Not to Rewrite Destiny (with Kate Capshaw and no Lions)

      by , 09-07-2016 at 03:07 PM
      Morning of September 7, 2016. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,160-02. Reading time: 1 min 28 sec.

      I am on the set of a new Indiana Jones movie, but it takes place in an unknown modern city that seems like a part of Third Street in La Crosse, near business buildings. I seem to be the director.

      There are two beds (as in my recent lions dream), but which are outside across the public sidewalk, perpendicular to it.

      Kate Capshaw is on a bed on the right from the street view. At first, she is happy about her movie role, but there is an uncertainty of whether she is going to be eaten by a lion. There is the idea that a lion will at least reach over her bed and paw her abdomen. That does not happen. (I am non-lucidly directing the scene). She does not seem angry or afraid. Instead, she only seems annoyed over the idea of having to “really” die in her role. She asks me if I am going to direct the outcome that way, but I am unsure. No lion appears. (“Capshaw” is a distorted association with “cat’s paw.”) I get the impression there is an “invisible duplicate” of her in the other bed related to the filming, but the situation does not make much sense.

      I am later in the house we live in now, but there is a duplication of the lounge room from north to south. There are two bowls of popcorn, one in each room in the “same” area and I am puzzled about whether there are meant to be two bowls or one. Our youngest daughter is present, but I briefly consider if there is one or two of her and if so, if the “right” one is home. One bowl of popcorn is hers.

      This dream is like a combination of aspects from one from the 5th (Directing Godzilla with the Book that Controls the Universe) and one from the 6th (The Lions of Coalescence Guide me to “Nature’s Call"). There is the awareness that my non-lucid scripting relates to a movie within my dream. Although there is an artifact association (“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”), there is no direct presence of a “dreaming crystal” as in my dream from the 5th.

    3. Not Quite a Western

      by , 04-10-2015 at 10:10 AM
      Morning of April 10, 2015. Friday.

      This was a very long meandering dream without much plot continuity, though somewhat fun all in all. Though it is not lucid, I am still aware of making most of it via some sort of background focus, which is probably why it goes a bit “haywire” as dreams tend to do when my own thoughts shift, sometimes with transient expectancy of the dream itself. Since childhood, a certain kind of dream I have several times a year relates to an older time period being altered by anachronistic features (typically caused by my thoughts shifting or becoming more aware while making a dream), though this one changes in somewhat of a humorous unexpected way regarding my in-dream role and character.

      It starts out with some sort of experiment in an unknown indoor location. A portal is opened after several other insignificant events and conversations occur. I have a desire to go through this portal, which is like a glimmering two-dimensional doorway or wavering plane that is just a bit taller than I am. Someone in unusual plaid pants goes through before me, but after a short time, he is seen to be going into a television that is barely big enough for his waist to clear (probably influenced by a similar movie scene relating to being “stuck”, in “Skinny and Fatty” from 1958 and “Housebound” from 2014), though he manages to go through into the implied alternate world or time. After this, my dream shifts to a western setting, similar to the set of “Gunsmoke”, and it is seemingly the 1800s, possibly the 1880s, because I believe it is mentioned at least once.

      There does not seem to be any drama other than a horse having a problem with his front right foot. He goes and rests in the corner of a barn and there is something about being fed a special food to accelerate healing though this scenario becomes odd as he eventually seems to have human-like toes, which will make it difficult to put on a horseshoe.

      I fly around in several different positions (including sideways) about ten feet from the ground for some time, including in and out of a hayloft from the outside. At one point, I seem to be in an old saloon (with batwing doors) and I notice my wife, though we apparently have not met yet. I embrace her and think about getting married at some future point (even though I already am in reality). She seems to have, as becoming Miss Universe, been getting ready to be in a remake of “Valley of the Dolls, though as some attempt at a "video noir” television broadcast (which also seems related to the minimal western sets) though I know little about video production as such. I am mostly in a very cheerful mood, though.

      As I walk into a different area, I notice my father sitting on a couch with several other people around in a semi-dark room. He is playing an accordion and I feel a strong sense of nostalgia. He seems to recognize me though is younger and has not had me as a son yet. We talk for a fair amount of time, but his voice sounds completely different as well as altered by some sort of electronic device. His entire eyes also glow a bright reflective silver at one point, shining in the otherwise semi-dark room. (For some reason, I do not find this unusual or off-putting even though it is a bit eerie.) I tell him that I am his son, or rather “will be” his son in the future. There are at least seven or eight longer exchanges, but I do not recall all of it.

      I notice a man who may be a doctor who is sitting at an antique desk. I ask him what year it is to confirm the old west scenes from earlier in my dream. He says, very slowly (almost as if a part of me is deciding what to make him say) 19… (and at this point I am surprised, as it is not 18…) …78. It is 1978, supposedly. He continues by saying that it is July 24, 1978. (I am not sure of the significance of this in context to my dream, though this was shortly after I moved back to Wisconsin.) I think about the people I had met earlier and wonder why this “old western town” exists during this time period (and for some reason I do not reflect upon it as possibly being a movie set), so I go outside to explore again. It seems to be around afternoon and everything is bright, clear, and realistically detailed.

      In probably the most vivid scene, I end up going down a long dusty road (through an otherwise featureless field of grass about a foot high) that is covered with old broken pieces of concrete as the surface (something I have never seen in real life). Some of the pieces are as big as my fist. I notice a few modern buildings in the far distance. I eventually decide to walk back after walking perhaps the distance of four city blocks. I see a car moving in the distance on a different (proper) road. I clearly think to myself how this road would not be suitable for cars (due to how very bumpy it would be as well as having sharp bits of concrete causing problems for the tires) even though it is likely used (or maybe will be used) as such at times. From here, I return to the isolated town with the intent to explore some more.

      Memory is a mysterious thing. Relative to the date mentioned in my dream (July 24th, 1978) the 1978 Miss Universe pageant was broadcast live on the in-dream referenced date. “Valley of the Dolls” was also aired. There was also an article in the newspaper we got for that date titled “Those ‘Perry Mason’ Reruns Keep Video Noir Genre Alive”. Additionally, I have a dream journal entry titled “Valley of the Dull” (from April 9, 1978 - my wedding anniversary, though long before I was married on April 9, 1994) where I had written about falling asleep while watching it, the audio and half-awake partly discerned visuals at times integrating with my dream. Memory is a very unusual, though vast precise “storehouse” at times.