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    1. DNA Test

      by , 07-23-2018 at 08:13 AM
      Morning of July 23, 2018. Monday.

      Reading time: 1 min 16 sec. Readability score: 76.

      Much of my conscious self identity disperses past liminal space, though I maintain a few threads of waking life status, including the memory of Zsuzsanna and our family to some extent. However, there is an unknown woman who has a daughter that is possibly mine. The only way to prove this would be to get a DNA test. The DNA test is said to be a painful process but which I am willing to take by the end of my dream. Positive results will mean that the girl will live with us from here on.

      There is a point at which I move my hand over the girl’s temple. It has a soft raised area. I check my own and find the same feature. I talk to the members of my family about the identifying feature that they have as well. I still need to confirm any connection with a DNA test. I am wary of such a procedure at first.

      On one level, there is no logic here, as there is not an implication that I had known the woman, just that I am somehow the girl’s father regardless. The girl does not look like any of my real children, so I consider that I may be wrong at some points.

      During the DNA test, I am ready for pain, though I do not experience any. A male android pushes a big needle into my left wrist. I am lying on my back on a table. A glass box is above me, where icicles grow from the top.

      This last part seems like an incidental carryover from one of yesterday morning’s dreams. Captain Picard was inside a big aquarium, and there were Borg devices attached to him.

      My dream is hopefully not precognitive of requiring surgery at a later date as similar dreams were when I was a teenager. It may correlate with a biological process.