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    1. Sea Monster Realm Under Present Home

      by , 06-16-2014 at 12:16 PM
      Morning of June 16, 2014. Monday.

      I am at our present address on W Street. Our youngest son Oliver is playing outside. I go outside into our backyard, look under our house near our wooden steps, and soon notice an “ocean” under our house at where ground-level would otherwise be. This uniquely isolated ocean feature solely under our house in this part of town has a large sea monster living within it yet somehow also lives in the “real” Pacific ocean much of the time via some sort of “portal” or unexplainable underground or underwater access point. The sea monster is a rather atypical squid-like creature with jellyfish-like features and of a pale violet color, with seemingly random truncated cylindrical legs of differing lengths. At one point, it somehow builds a brick wall in the middle of the underneath of our house (with no back story concerning where the bricks originated from), running east and west, by which I can then not visually follow it or learn what it may be up to; for example, in trying to burst up through our floor in a particular room north of the wall - which I actually expect at one point - especially on our front porch, though this never occurs. This is a rather strange setup; sort of like a hybrid of a semi-lucid dream and a (fairly rare) vertical composite of themes or symbols, with the undesirable or threatening elements being below me and probably related to supraconscious access (via the metaphorical ocean presence under our home).

      Sea monsters (in a negative association, not when they are “pets”) may often represent invasive but more isolated “collective consciousness” (or again, supraconscious links) - sometimes caused by people you cannot realistically relate to - or with their invasive wrongful beliefs being a part of your day to day experiences - sort of as with the negative connotations of an invading alien (which may represent an annoying relative or associate - even someone you have not meant). As I have documented in my past, dream characters are often not an extension or direct “part” of the dreamer at all as some people seem to erroneously believe, but situational connections with outside forces or external concerns as in real life. Some dreams have characters that are a “part” of the dreamer (as a reflection of one’s particular attributes for review), but many do not, especially the very common literally precognitive layers.

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