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    1. Octopus Woman

      by , 05-23-2018 at 10:06 AM
      Afternoon of May 22, 2018. Tuesday.

      I am hovering above a scene of Ursula (from the “Little Mermaid” movie, though she appears as a “real” person instead of a cartoon). She seems to have been enslaved to work in a factory (on land and owned by humans), which looks like it involves capping bottles in a circular system of levers and a rotating mechanism she is strapped within (as she rotates horizontally as well). Even though she seems to be at the mercy of whoever runs the factory, she laughs weirdly, “Huh huh HA ha…,” and seems cheerful, and continues to work.

      This short surreal dream was influenced by seeing a “robot fail” video with a robot hand failing at its task of picking up bottles. An additional influence was from the typical water induction (though no water body occurs here) as a fictitious sea denizen as an octopus woman, which also has an association with our youngest daughter’s sticker books and coloring books as such.

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    2. Rescuing Shark or Girl

      by , 03-10-2017 at 09:53 AM
      Morning of March 10, 2017. Friday.

      I am swimming under the ocean (and I can breathe underwater as in many previous dreams since early childhood). I am near the ocean bottom. The imagery is beautiful. A shark swims toward me but turns and swims to my left as we move past each other and I am not threatened or even acknowledged in any way. There are other fish, including sharks, here and there.

      I soon notice a submerged bus on the ocean floor. It appears to be empty but I decide to explore. Eventually, covering the bus, is what I assume to be long equidistant strands of some sort of seaweed, and yet oddly, it looks more like green Christmas tinsel garlands arranged vertically around the perimeter of the bus, each about a foot apart. They sway with the ocean current and actually seem to “reach out” at times. They establish a sense of joy though I remain puzzled about this seeming setting distortion.

      Curiously, my dream temporarily becomes a dream within a dream, of viewing sparkling Christmas ornaments and swaying garlands. I seem to circle intricately decorated Christmas trees and look deep within their branches and feel intense joy. Soon though, I am back under the ocean in the original setting.

      I swim into the bus through the open doors at the front right side. The driver’s seat is empty and it looks like the whole bus may be empty. I swim towards the back. I notice a human body (female) wrapped up in transparent plastic, in a middle seat on the right, wrapped with a cord around the middle. For a short time, a potential (flight symbol) waking prompt distorts the scene and the inside of the bus seems more like the inside of an airplane where men would line up on each side to be ready to parachute (and all the singular one-person seats face outwards now instead of towards the front of the bus). I try to focus more and the bus temporarily becomes a separating construct of giant ribs after an impression of thin white splitting plastic, pieces of the seats floating outwards and upwards. However, I am soon back in the original setting.

      I look at the girl’s face through the plastic. She is unfamiliar but alive. Her eyes glow brightly as she smiles. There is something I do with my mind that I do not recall ever doing before (which also occurred in another dream of this date). I think it has something to do with a dream of May 18, 2015 (“Unusual Bird”), except in that dream, I was watching the event happening to someone else from a distance. It has something to do with deliberately superimposing the essence of your face onto a dream character’s face (almost like forcing a three-dimensional “mirror” around the person’s head, yet internally and externally at the same time). There is an extraordinary sensation and skewed awareness that cannot be accurately described. (I also get a vague impression that this may be the supposed “new” entity or “contact” from a few other dreams.)

      For a moment, her head becomes that of a shark (though somewhat anthropomorphic as it looks directly outward from the otherwise vertical body), but changes back, seemingly implying a playful sense to demonstrate an ability to quickly change. I carry her out of the bus (though still with the plastic around her) and swim up to an underwater cliff. Perhaps she is a shark but I still think she should be rescued. I carry her over my left shoulder as I swim.

      From here, there is intense and vivid fractal imagery which flashes and turns. I am still seemingly underwater though and continue to “swim” through the surreal patterns. I also see flashing Mandelbrot patterns.

      I watch an orange octopus (which seems ambiguously entwined within the spiraling fractal imagery for a time). There is more than one at times. Looking from underneath the octopus at one point, I get the impression of a billowing and waving skirt, which temporary becomes such an image for a short time. The octopus imagery is very detailed and correct at first. However, there is one point where I see an “octopus” that seems to have virtually endless tentacles. It sits on the cliff.

      My dream shifts into more fractal images and impressions of the shiny patterns inside oyster shells.

      As I wake, I experience the most unusual hypnic jerk I have ever had. It feels like numerous small tendrils of electricity grabbing my foot and lower leg and lifting it up. My entire leg moves upward as I wake before it drops back onto our bed. (I had been sleeping in a position where part of my right side and much of my stomach is on the mattress.) Typically, hypnic jerks and other waking muscle movement (other than my nightly back spasm) are not this sustained (though my leg usually does jump a bit) and I do not recall feeling individual tendrils of energy “grabbing me” or “attempting to lift me” like this before. It was very strange and interesting…and something new and appreciated (regardless of it being somewhat startling, although because the effect is similar to a dream I had in America where the energy of Zsuzsanna’s essence was fully felt upon me, it did seem external - though I am not sure of the source - if it was Zsuzsanna, who was sleeping near me at the time, I do not recall her “sending” this way before).

    3. Baby Octopus Aquarium

      by , 03-01-2017 at 09:01 AM
      Morning of March 1, 2017. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,335-03. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      Moving through a deeper state of water induction, after letting my lucidity fade, I recall a big fish in an aquarium. The fish takes up nearly the entire aquarium. An old man with a long white beard owns it. I see this on a large screen in an unfamiliar bedroom. Zsuzsanna is with me at times. I am wearing clothes, but I mostly stay on my left side in bed with my head facing the opposite direction as the monitor.

      The screen covers most of the upper two-thirds of the wall. The fish is facing left in profile. The old man is in his living room, and another unknown male is in the background.

      Eventually, I realize there is an octopus aquarium (owned by the same old man). It becomes the dominating scene on the big screen. I find amusement in watching baby octopuses swimming. There are hundreds of them. They are too tiny to discern much detail. (It vaguely reminds me of looking at stars in the night sky.) Zsuzsanna watches the images for a time. I point out small strands of food they are eating. (I was first unable to tell the difference between the food particles and the baby octopuses, but my view zooms in at times.)

      While I occasionally watch the screen, I hear former schoolmate Tony talking to his grandfather (even though no one else is present). This event was in the past, though I am hearing it now. On notebook paper, he wrote several phrases in a tribal language (erroneously from Papua New Guinea, but it should be a Native American language) taught by his grandfather. Tony had discarded many of his belongings. Plastic bags full of what he threw out teleported to the bed. (I do not consider how impossible this is, though I get the impression that it might have something to do with a random “download.”)

      I look through some of his plastic grocery store bags, noticing the notebook pages (some folded in half) with his writing (though I do not recall any of the phrases), as well as other items. I am unsure of what I should do. Most of his stuff was from before eighth grade. There is no sign he would know what I saw of his.

      Zsuzsanna comes in again, telling me she found some of my older writing. She places some papers (that are stapled together at the upper left) at the foot of the bed. I see a story or long dream journal entry printed in pencil I supposedly wrote at around age seven. It is at least twelve pages on notebook paper. Written on the top line of the first page is “Frankenstein.” A bit farther to the right is “1948,” followed by “by” and my name. It puzzles me as I think it should be “1968.” I am unsure why I would have written that year other than in error. As I become more puzzled about why I might have written “1948,” I wake.

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    4. In The Grip of the Universe

      by , 02-22-1992 at 08:22 AM
      Morning of February 22, 1992. Saturday.

      My dream girl (oh…except for one little thing - she is now real) approaches the Tree of Knowledge. There is a resonance whereby, though there is change, the form can still be discerned over time. Remote viewing comes so easily at times. For her, I was born, even before her own birth. Humanity has no answers or even a scrap of knowledge concerning my nature, but that has never been problematic in any serious sense.

      I see the universe at the base, the roots alive, almost octopus-like. Above each root is an eye-like structure, the eyes somewhat catlike, though actually each “eye” is more like a portal over time. A spiral. So I draw these facets as spirals. Within these roots are smaller roots. On and on. Of course, everyone doodles spirals and many-eyed octopus trees with hooked roots at some point in their lives. Yes?

      When she was much younger, Zsuzsanna drew a rather surreal image in her journal. Years later, when I was writing to her and her family, I drew a similar concept on the outside of an envelope without having any clue of what she had drawn. Once again, the truth unveils (even though she already knew who I was with my very first letter - after all, for whatever reason, she had found me and remote-viewed my life since her birth - endless proof; everywhere).

      Being only one of hundreds (make that thousands) of similar occurrences, which is quite beneficial, as it stops ordinary people from wanting to be near one (faces of fear, faces of bafflement, faces of anger) - thus less misleading and misguided rubbish from their limited awareness of the universe casts one’s way - it does not take a genius to know the “cop outs” of humanity are of no value for one seeking truth in their own path. People have tried to influence me since I was very young. I gawk at their audacity and limited understanding. Yet there is still respect for them as living beings.

      The first image is scanned from one of my wife’s old journals. The second from the envelope I sent from America to Australia (without knowing of the contents of her journals). This one is a freebie and for mild amusement. For all the ones that are “too close”, I have learned that most people do not have the capacity to either believe or understand. It is a predictable habit people have to run from the Source rather than embrace it and thus many always keep their back to it. I had nothing to fear.

      Which does not mean, of course, that the universe is a plant-like octopus reaching out to grab you.
    5. Things…From Outer Space

      by , 11-07-1970 at 09:24 PM
      Morning of November 7, 1970. Saturday.

      Although this was one of my favorite dreams of this time period, I guess I really was not very good at coming up with more precise titles (or even interesting ones) in many cases (the original title, here, had never been changed to any other title in other transcriptions to sometimes allow for more detail with similar dreams). The song from my dream, which I actually recorded a few times when younger (unfortunately, without any sense of musical taste) - brings fond memories of hilarious incompetence. Then again, this was a “movie soundtrack” in a sense (or more of a “dream soundtrack”). It opens with a showing of not-very-realistic stars as if the camera is moving through space at a fairly slow speed. The higher mid-range male voice moans somewhat slowly and sadly, “Thi-yi-yi-yi-yings…from outer spay-yay-yay-yay-yace…may bring truh-uh-uh-ooh-ble…for the human ray-yay-yay-yee-yace…”

      June 2015 UPDATE: After all these years, I have decided upon an interesting viable association with the human hand. Apparently, it was a giant land-going cuttlefish.

      The main first scene is a “giant human hand” (the right hand - with bulging but human-like eyes and a crown placed on its “knuckles” with special effects of some kind) that moves from right to left, spider-like (as I have decoded spiders to often represent negative associations with human hands due to their visual matching as even the “Alien” movie did with the “facehugger”, though in a few dreams they had a positive association with human hands in connection with “The Eensy Weensy Spider”), with an eerie stop-motion-like effect on the sand in the area it is “walking” but not quite as much with the “alien monster” itself. The imagery seems to have the same overall mood as the scene from “Dinosaurus” from 1960, where in-dream, I reflect on the sand moving in a similar way as the dinosaur’s body is dragged along the beach (which may be an augmented sense, “amplified” in-dream). The fact that I know this “alien monster” is actually a human hand (moving through a model of the school grounds?) seems to remove all sense of any possible threat from my dream. I find it intriguing how some of my dreams were able to “amplify” the very clear but somewhat artificial feeling of some of these movies from the early 1960s, especially the stop-motion ones like “Mysterious Island” (1961) and “Jason and the Argonauts” (1963), two of my favorites.

      Later, however, I am in the high school building where I and other West Elementary students sometimes went to the auditorium in real life to see various shows and such. I am trying to “hide” from a large orange “octopus man” (also with a crown) who is mostly moving around in the dark because of a teacher having sent me to turn the power off to possibly “trap” him due to his supposed poor vision. I am doing this by staying to the right outer side of the doorway as a tentacle moves out from the doorway now and then, moving near me but not touching me. I suppose that I could move to the left and leave the area, but for some reason, I remain near the doorway.

      The crowns were quite plain and similar to crowns in several other dreams. Mostly orange-tinted and with a seemingly engraved triangle waveform on the band, similar to the zigzag pattern on Charlie Brown’s shirt, but not quite as thick. Sometimes, I get the sense of two short antennas on either end of the crown, with a lightning bolt moving between them. I had drawn pictures with this feature during this time period.

      There are a few other scenes involving Toby T and the fact that we will probably still be going to school even with all these strange creatures moving around town. There are also parts of music playing, from the song “Aquarius” from “Hair” - and I get the sense it is related to “this movie” in-dream. At one point, there is a giant bat and human composite, which was not mentioned in all documentation instances.

      New research implies that “Zontar: The Thing from Venus” was also possibly an influence. It had aired after “Dinosaurus” on the previous evening on “Shock Theatre”.

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