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    1. Manned Satellite

      by , 01-16-2019 at 07:16 AM
      Morning of January 13, 2019. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,018-02. Reading time: 1 min 35 sec.

      I am uncertain of the backstory, but I go up in a manned satellite with three unfamiliar men who are all close to twenty years of age. One man is more to my left, one to my right, and one in front of me. All face away from me.

      We are in orbit around Earth. I have concerns at times, as there does not seem to be a roof above us. The men on the left and right have small shields in front of them, though they do not fully cover the area. The man in front of me sits before a window that also does not encompass the satellite’s walls.

      I consider that there may be a force field around our craft so that we are not exposed to outer space, though this remains unknown. I also think that the satellite is incomplete but will be complete soon.

      I notice an irregular hole on the left side of the window. Its shape is like the letter “Z,” though backward and tilted to the left. It is about a foot and a half in height. I can discern the edges of the glass, which seems at least an inch thick. I do not feel much concern about it or make any mention of what would logically be a problem. (A force field, if present, would cover the hole.) My conscious self identity is not extant, and there is no emotion. I wonder if I should give instructions to any of the men, but I do not say anything.

      Eventually, I notice that we are only a short distance above a forest. I think it is unusual and wonder how we are floating as such and what is going on, though I do not say anything.

      Outer space dreams are not very common, though this one is a form of [inherited transitional vestibular system correlation].

      This imaginary scene is strange on one level because of the three simulacra. I am assuming they correlate with the three sleeping positions I enter, back and left and right sides, though I sleep mostly on my left. Typically there is only one vestibular system simulacrum to represent the return to correlation with legitimate physicality (in contrast to the fictitious body of the dream state), but this heat makes me restless at times. Being closer to Earth is being closer to returning to waking life.

    2. How I Journeyed to the Third Galaxy

      by , 09-12-2018 at 03:12 PM
      Morning of September 12, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,895-02. Optimized 1 min 15 sec read.

      I am in the Loomis Street house on the second floor and mentally form a spaceship out of the front area. Several unfamiliar men are with me.

      I operate my jerry-built flying saucer, still made of wood from the house. It rises in the air and enters outer space. One unknown male (protoconsciousness emergence caused by my vestibular phasing response to the dream state) is wary.

      I go to Mars and enjoy seeing its landscapes. My illusory sensations of movement (imaginary kinesthesia caused by the vestibular phasing dynamics of REM atonia) are vivid.

      “I’m going to the third galaxy,” I tell the others (an association with Earth being the third planet from the sun).

      With the silly pretense of metacognitive dream shaping, I cheerfully claim every solar system has at least one planet like Earth, many of which have human-like inhabitants.

      I create a planet upon which to land. There are many unusual structures. The “aliens” look like people, but they say “arrow” (myoclonus association) instead of “hello.” I mentally try to prevent them from speaking English, but we hear some short phrases. Because of this, one male passenger thinks we might be on Earth.

      I see spiral writing and crosshairs on a computer screen. I read “TTYL” (“Talk To You Later”). I consider I should make the text seem more “alien.” I focus, and it soon mainly contains characters like those from the Netflix “Travelers” series. (It is a science-fiction series about human time travelers).

      I summon Zsuzsanna into a bedroom for an intimate experience. My somatosensory response (tactility, physical pleasure, and sense of warmth) increases exponentially. I sit on a bed, and Zsuzsanna sits on me, facing me. The protoconsciousness personification and the other passengers are watching us through a window (with no sense of intrusion). (There is a vague association with the last scene of the James Bond movie “Moonraker” from 1979.)

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    3. Making and Moving a Planet, Inhaling Medusa‘s Jewelry

      by , 09-03-2018 at 02:04 PM
      Night of September 2, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 2 min 28 sec. Readability score: 64.

      I decide to create an earth-like planet (a typical exercise) and, within my implied position in outer space, pull it towards me and push it away from my view several times. It relates to a specific type of dream state perception where passive observation and creation are ambiguously the same. For example, I may “pull” the background closer to me rather than enter into it.

      In an undefined but “patchy” unlit space, I practice rotating the view to the right about 45 degrees, then to the left. I shake it side to side rather than attempt to move my head. I push and pull the “patchy” undefined space towards me and push it back as I did with the planet exercise. I create a solid green square and make it go side to side (leftmost and rightmost) with little effort. I mentally shake it until it breaks up into smaller squares. There is the usual segment where diamonds rapidly flip over each other.

      I create a castle. I open an outer brick wall about two storeys up to practice the manipulation of liminal space division. The hole in the outer wall is diamond-shaped. I mentally pull out the bricks and put them back into the wall several times, with no effort, only expectation of what I want. I spin individual ones in midair while turning all of them in rotation like a tank tread before they uniformly join into a solid wall again. While the hole is there, an unidentifiable female avatar remains motionless inside that room.

      I create a rainy alley scene, like out of a 1940s gangster movie. A black 1947 Cadillac Fleetwood pulls up. Three unfamiliar men get out. I decide to make the scenario into something different. Now, three young girls in 1970s jumpsuits approach. The one in the middle ahead of the other two pauses and turns around. I notice her hair moves in the wind like a fire. The imagery begins to spin and shine, the helicopter rotor effect, and turns into a stained-glass spinning kaleidoscopic view, expanding into a different state of awareness, though is three-dimensional rather than a flat field. I joyfully watch this surreal imagery for several minutes.

      I hover and fly over beautiful rocky landscapes with rivers of mist.

      I start playing around with a four-feet-high egg in the same way I did with the brick wall earlier. Similarly shaped pieces of the eggshell break out and move about in the air in a circular pattern, reminiscent of a mosaic taking itself apart and rebuilding itself, but I will them back into place several times as if the egg had never started to hatch. Each time, only a pair of human eyes is visible from inside the egg, though different each time. (This stage of dreaming has occurred on a regular basis for over fifty years. Eyes are usually the most realistically defined imagery.) I then start to realize that an egg, at least in some manifestations, is the same type of perceptual liminal space division as is a brick wall; pieces of the egg, bricks of the wall, break out, reconstruct.

      Eventually, a young version of Medusa is present upon my summoning. I focus on the intricacy of her hair. Hundreds of tiny snakes move about atop her head. There is no fear or concern. I marvel at the detail of her costume and headband. Eventually, the snakes are intricate braids of human hair. A turquoise stone is in her headband. I deliberately suck in and inhale its essence as a mist that has healing properties.

      I create another earth-like planet. It cracks into smaller pieces at the top, and I pull cotton out of it.

    4. Mathematical Fireworks

      by , 05-01-2018 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of April 28, 2018. Saturday.

      I am in an unknown spacecraft in orbit around Earth, but the spacecraft is not implied to be alien.

      Fireworks are being shown far below, but eventually, it seems they are in view from the front window of the spacecraft, which is not logical as they would have to be too far up to be appreciated from ground level.

      Eventually, some of the small sparks strike the window, some seeming to create a “splash” effect, and I see they appear as glowing mathematics symbols, including pi. Each set fades as more “splash” onto the window. There is a curious sound like two sticks hitting together as well as sizzling. A few sparks come from the control panel as well, but there is no sense of threat or problematic events.

      This is autosymbolism for the usual vestibular system correlation and thinking skills correlation (which the subconscious self does not have while in the non-lucid dream state) to activate the return to consciousness, but unique as always.

    5. “Doll” Oddity and Transformation on a Spaceship

      by , 02-21-2018 at 01:52 PM
      Morning of September 9, 1966. Friday.

      I am apparently on a spaceship, though there are no others around except for a couple of adult males who are talking near the end of a hall until they go around a corner (a common event in early childhood dreams). As I wander around, not being focused on much of anything, I see what I first think is a baby lying on the floor on its back, though partly covered with a ragged blanket. I soon consider that it is probably a plastic doll that someone dropped, but upon closer look, it is a heavy metallic statue of a man in a combat helmet, though unrealistically rendered somewhat as having a baby’s body proportions.

      Later, a young girl with a lion shows me to the “front door” so I can go home. She is carrying the “statue”, which is now a ragged cloth doll with no apparent face, which is smaller than what this oddity had been minutes before. The “front door” turns out to be a semicircular ceiling (somewhat like the essence of a cave rather than a building or spaceship) that first seems to display outer space, though eventually I see the buildings of La Crosse and my apartment building. My dream fades from here.

      The night before (September 8, 1966), I had watched the first episode of “Star Trek” ever shown on television; “The Mantrap”; as well as the “Tarzan” episode “Eyes of the Lion”, which came directly before it on the same channel. This “Tarzan” episode (as well as movies like “The Lion” from 1962, which also featured a young girl with an adult male lion) had influenced a number of my dreams later on despite the fact I had confused it in my teenage years with “The Haunted Lighthouse”, an episode of “Lost in Space” that also featured a girl (Penny), a lion, a cave, and “going back home”, though that did not air until October 18, 1967. In the “Tarzan” episode, a young blind girl who lived in a cave used an adult lion as a seeing-eye animal. (I am still wary of lions in some dreams, depending on my level of unconsciousness in relationship to my dream state awareness level, as it is a natural factor of potential RAS modulation as the waking alert factor, and additionally as emergent consciousness coalescence, as a lion can swallow the dream self, though this coalescence factor has been re-symbolized as hugging in some dreams, by way of virtuous circle, as with “Changing the Lion of Coalescence into my Wife Zsuzsanna" from December 3, 2016).

      I can easily see the autosymbolism of this dream. The soldier statue was implied as a RAS modulation precursor, as RAS is often aggressive if I subliminally decide that it is not time to wake yet. However, I eventually accepted consciousness reascension and there was no conflict. Learning the nature of the dream state at an early age was very beneficial, as nightmares or even “bad dreams” are extremely rare, other than when biologically premonitory.

      This online dream journal entry was reformatted from the source material, abridged, and clarified on Wednesday, 21 February 2018.

    6. Big Beetles From Space (with the Waltons)

      by , 01-30-2017 at 07:30 AM
      Morning of January 30, 2017. Monday.

      All the members of the Waltons family each have singular kiosks set up along the roadside in a straight line, adjacent to an old warehouse. It is a back road in an unknown region (but is probably meant to be Walton’s mountain). Each of the Waltons is selling something different. Mother Walton is selling handmade potholders and oven mitts. Grandma Walton is selling preserves in jars. (She is at the last kiosk on the left.) John Boy Walton is apparently attempting to sell the books of his he once had printed from a subsidy publisher he was victimized by. I am not sure what the others are selling (though Jim Bob is seemingly with slingshots).

      It is nighttime eventually, and rather dark out. No one else but me (other than the Waltons) had been in the area. A very small meteor comes down and hits mother Walton’s kiosk but does not seem to do much damage. Another one just misses Grandma Walton’s stand.

      I tell them that the meteors are coming down in a particular pattern. They do not at all seem to be concerned about the falling meteors even with the two close calls. I predict where the next one will hit and I am correct. I go and put the contents of the small meteorite in a large transparent glass container.

      Looking closely into the container, holding it up, I see a few bits of rock. I also see a curious orange glow on the right side of the container. Near the center of the container is an odd structure that looks cylindrical and constructed of green glowing glass shards that are long and thin but also resemble a burning cigarette (other than the embers being green).

      After a short time, there are two oversized beetles in the container, bigger than my hands. One is a golden Christmas beetle, the other resembling a green weevil mixed with a rhino beetle. I am thinking of how they came from another planet and somehow survived within the meteor (even though they seemed to rapidly grow from out of the embers), though I consider how there is only one of each (though each is beautiful in its own way). I am also thinking that they are too different to reproduce since they are seemingly different species. No sooner do I hold that thought for a moment when they start to mate. The shiny green beetle climbs atop the golden one and they remain mating until my dream ends.

      The Waltons, especially Grandma and John Boy (who are standing the closest to me) stare at the event, not speaking.

    7. Pod

      by , 08-10-2015 at 01:25 PM
      Morning of August 10, 2015. Monday.

      There really is not that much to this one. For some reason, planet Earth seems a lot smaller and almost like a spaceship. There is some sort of event that may destroy the “world” and only about thirty people are able to escape in their own family escape pod, each of which holds a few people in a family (though with a larger family such as mine, there are two, which are connected and maintain the same orbit).

      Finally, the last pieces of the planet (only a few, as the planet seemed quite small to begin with) are floating about in the center of a circle of escape pods. There are probably only about a dozen.

      Regardless of the “end of the world” scenario, there seems to be no real concern about endangerment. We may be in our pods for a considerable time, though will still find new life on another planet. The feeling of being in outer space in such a structure seems quite real. Oddly, there seems no concern about food supplies or needed utilities. In the back of my mind, I am thinking, as always, it will turn out as how it should.
    8. Picture in Orbit

      by , 03-16-2015 at 09:16 AM
      Morning of March 16, 2015. Monday.

      I am viewing everything from a disembodied perspective and appear to be in Earth’s orbit. I notice at least one satellite fairly close to my implied position. After a short time, a simply framed photograph of my wife and me with happy expressions and from just below the shoulders up, the picture possibly a few feet tall, floats out from near the satellite (and closer to my view) and appears to have something to do with the satellite’s function or intent (though I am not certain if it broke off from the satellite or was found by the satellite). I get a vague impression that the picture may have moved just out of range of the satellite and needs to be in a particular area, but there is no negative association or concern of any kind. Thin lightning or electricity comes upward from near the satellite or possibly from the satellite.

      This dream may be based on associations with The Phantom Zone (as seen in “Superman” from 1978) in terms of imagery, though again, there are no negative implications or associations and the concept is quite different from my dream. My dream implies only a slowly rotating photograph (that moves outward from Earth’s atmosphere) with positive associations and pleasant imagery, whereas The Phantom Zone implies actual trapped people.

      I have supplemented this dream’s details as concluding with return flight waking symbolism, as my viewpoint is towards Earth despite the photograph apparently moving out into outer space towards me. Additionally, the lightning or electricity symbolizes increasing neural activity that signifies the waking transition.

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    9. The Downfall of CoffeeLab

      by , 05-16-2014 at 07:27 PM
      Morning of May 16, 2014. Friday.

      Regarding a related anniversary-like link, I found that one of this morning’s dreams, as is sometimes the case (sometimes with postcognitive potential), links up to past aspects around the same time period by year. The “anniversary” associations (not the exact day, but fairly close) relate to an article I just coincidentally found (without any search or intent) that was published on May 13, 2013; “Skylab’s Remains: NASA Space Station Debris in Australia (Photos)” and the fact that Skylab was launched on May 14, 1973 according to Wikipedia and the NASA website (though some sources, including the plaque in Australia say the 24th of May). Today’s date, presently, from my location, is May 16, 2014 though it is apparently still May 15 in, for example, California.

      In my dream, some old friends and I are somehow on board the Skylab. I am not sure what our mission is, if any mission is even implied. There are also different rooms for seemingly different types of people; for example, each in their own niche or clique, so to speak. There is a group of obese women who seem to actually live, half-dressed, in a circular sauna area near the “bottom” area of Skylab. This area is amusingly known as “Coffeelab”. (My wife Zsuzsanna and I do not drink coffee as neither of us can stand the taste or smell. Caffeine also has the opposite effect on me than supposedly with other people and makes me feel extraordinarily tired.)

      Over time, some maintenance needs to be done, I believe of which relates to the cylindrical oxygen tank. Somehow, there is a very large coffee machine which is sort of torus-shaped (like a giant lifesaver) but more like a trapezoidal template than circular where the narrower “top” is oriented inward. This coffee machine is sixteen feet above the women. (This particular distance has recurred in dreams since childhood for whatever reason).

      Something goes wrong with the coffee machine and the connecting bars loosen and break, causing it to fall on the obese women (there being about six of them). They are mostly only in towels and giggling and gossiping mindlessly until the coffee machine falls on them, falling down through the cylindrical construct. A little later, the debris cannot be seen, but the women are all lying about having been killed, the largest on her back with her arms and legs out, like in some sort of horizontal jumping jack position or X-shape.

      From here, my friends and I are told by the Skylab mission control that we need to drink all the coffee that is still available before it “goes to waste”. This seems like a strange task. The coffee is disgusting and has large granular blobs in it (as it then seems like instant coffee which is even worse than that from a coffee machine), almost like drinking mud. I spend several minutes (during at least three time periods) stirring the large glass I have with a small metal rod of some kind and watch the interesting and seemingly powerful swirls (like a variation of the Yin Force, or Yin and Yang integrating), which seem magnified. My hands seem magnified as well, which is a fairly common perspective in my dreams when focusing on my body. From there, I just continue to watch the attractive Yin-and-Yang-like patterns and whirlpool-like effects without drinking any more sludge.

      There have been similar dreams where bliss began to dominate my dream when it involved Yin-and-Yang-like patterns or whirlpool effects, including the whale song dream of February 22, 2013. I also count the “Tornado!” dream of September 13, 1970 (wife’s birthday) as one because of the implied joining of the Yin and Yang forces before I knew of her real existence (at least as one interpretation).
    10. …But they came back safely

      by , 09-04-2013 at 03:04 PM
      Morning of September 4, 2013. Wednesday.

      In my dream, I am following a small spacecraft in my incorporeal form in outer space. It is implied that at least two astronauts are coming back to Earth in a somewhat random and unexpected trajectory. The spacecraft looks much like the Apollo 11 lunar module.

      The main focus seemingly takes place in the asteroid belt. However, instead of asteroids there is somehow a smaller sun in orbit around the main sun. Over time, I watch the spacecraft seem to bump and turn around the smaller sun’s corona in an unusual way. I see the imagery later as if looking at a spectrograph (though at one point looks similar to a Hertzsprung–Russell diagram). The event continues for several minutes. The spacecraft does not seem to have any obvious problems from extreme heat, as it is just slightly out of control, supposedly relative to the pull of gravity.

      Eventually, the astronauts are back on Earth. I am only aware of this from an unknown perspective and focus, including from what seems to be the news as seen on television.

      The inability of my non-lucid dream self to viably discern the physical body’s location in unconsciousness is the main foundation of this dream. Outer space is certainly not as common a liminal space setting as other forms of waking transition dynamics. Although it centers upon the RAS waking factor as the sun in its autosymbolism of representing the conscious self identity, the additional smaller sun is curious, but probably represents the conscious identity of Zsuzsanna, as other dreams with two suns have been validated to signify this REM state dynamic. Remember that the dream self is not the conscious self and that autosymbolism and other threads primarily represent the dream state itself and the waking transition as easily discernible here with its literal “return to daylight” theme. Of course, the rest of my dream is the typical equilibrium ambiguity, due to the vestibular system not being viable when unconscious.

    11. The Shrinking Planet

      by , 08-13-1975 at 12:38 PM
      Morning of August 13, 1975. Wednesday.

      This dream was strongly influenced by a random symmetrical inkblot I made (at age fourteen) that looked much like a more detailed version in my dream’s outcome. I am not a main character and seem to be watching as if it is a movie. (Some of the inkblots I made as a teenager, as well as numerous other things I made, including comic strips and short stories, are possibly with relatives and stored away somewhere.)

      Two astronauts land on a planet, which, over time, begins to shrink. Not much happens other than the (unknown and male) astronauts reacting to land features that are smaller and closer together than previously. For some reason, their rocket-ship also shrinks, apparently to the same continual proportions of the planet, but they do not. There does not seem to be any in-dream back story over why the planet is shrinking.

      In the end, they are seen hanging off the planet from each side, hanging in outer space, almost looking as if they are pressing a beach ball above their heads and the image is perfectly symmetrical.