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    1. Saving Someone’s Life; Seemingly Ending Another

      by , 05-13-2017 at 01:59 PM
      Morning of May 13, 2017. Saturday.

      I am sometimes walking, sometimes slowly flying, over an overpass in an unknown region. This of course is typical waking symbolism of the same type I have often had since early childhood but this event includes a subliminal attempt at re-induction.

      An unknown male is present, but only walking to my right. As I hover near the peak of the overpass, a pickup truck approaches with an unknown male driver. I somehow know that he is in danger. (This is actually pretense, as the “danger” equates to waking from my dream and my temporary current dream self no longer existing, even though I am not actively lucid at any point. There is something about the nature of waking symbolism that the dream self somehow indirectly recognizes, but that is likely because of a thread of subliminal conscious self presence, as it is the conscious self that creates many dream events for the otherwise clueless dream self).

      As the truck is close to me, I somehow pull the man out and push the truck over the side of the overpass. It rotates as it falls, lands upside-down, and explodes directly under the overpass (though the explosion is of no threat to us). The man is thankful to me, even though I caused the event, yet stopped the waking prompt by doing this (as technically an explosion often serves as a waking prompt, sometimes caused by a real noise in the environment, but this was out of the range of perceived danger).

      In another scene, my attention shifts to the corruption of government. I am in some sort of large office. There are at least nine unfamiliar people, apparently all corrupt government officials. Still, some of them seem cheerful and not really that threatening. They had been sitting around a large rectangular office table discussing documents from a few different files.

      An unknown male talks to me from my right as we are standing near one end of the table. A couple other people stand, indulging in conversation between themselves. Soon, an unfamiliar female approaches me. She does not really seem aggressive. She talks about a file and a DVD, and starts to hand them to me. Somehow, her arm automatically jumps up so that the DVD cuts halfway through her neck, killing her. No one seems to notice this event at all. The male continues to cheerfully talk. The “dead” female continues to stand, glowing slightly, then fading to gray, eyes remaining open. There is not a single drop of blood. I am not directly responsible, but this may not had happened had I not been standing there. No one notices. They go about their business.

    2. Fictitious Lloyd Bridges Movie PRECONAV-VSCPCEL

      by , 03-10-1978 at 09:10 AM
      Morning of March 10, 1978. Friday.

      My dream features a fictitious Lloyd Bridges movie that is about a man driving on unusual bridges and overpasses. The title is “Bridges”. It features a surreal psychological theme. The main setting seems to be Port Charlotte, Florida.

      The movie explores a man’s obsession with his need to drive over every bridge and overpass in America at least once, regardless of its condition or if construction has completed. He spends most of his time in his goal. He has stress from not getting enough sleep and spending so much time driving. He uses dangerous methods that stem from his desire to create more of a challenge, getting his car airborne at times.

      My dream includes divided screens of different sizes with inset videos of his activities. I do not seem to be an active character in my dream at any point, though I do seem present during many of the events, including the last scene.

      In the movie’s last scene, he drives fast onto an unrealistic steep overpass which seems dangerous and apparently incomplete. I hear one man say loudly to another (speaking above the noise of traffic), “I just hope he comes down all right”. These unfamiliar men are standing near the side of the road below the overpass. I seem to be looking at the overpass from above just prior to waking, though I had also seemed incorporeal while flying and viewing Lloyd from the side of his car as he was driving it. There is no indication of harm coming to him. I see the movie’s credits rolling as I wake, though the movie’s ending is not resolved.

      Dream influences and other notes:

      The main influence was a dream state indicator, though it did not bring about lucidity. This was a liminal and nostalgic focus on “The Deadly Dream”; a TV Movie that first aired on September 25, 1971 and starred Lloyd Bridges. Concerning Lloyd Bridges (January 15, 1913-March 10, 1998), note the curious date correlation of twenty years after my dream.

      “I just hope he comes down all right” is a reference to the process of vestibular system correlation as part of the natural waking process.

      I explain this dream type and meaning further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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    3. Phasing from a Taxi (Myoclonal Modulation) (Gold Series)

      by , 09-22-1974 at 03:22 PM
      Morning of September 22, 1974. Sunday.

      Dream #: 2,834-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      My dream self becomes aware of imaginary kinaesthesia (as a result of vestibular system ambiguity during sleep atonia) before the illusion of riding in a vehicle begins to compensate for my status of being in REM sleep. (There is no “interpretation” in this as it is how my dream originates.)

      I am riding in the back seat of a taxi on Highway 17 in Florida in the late morning. It is going south to Arcadia instead of north to my home in Cubitis.

      The driver is an elderly black male (who had driven the taxi I had taken in real life a few days previously except that it was to ride home from school).

      The overpass crumbles and collapses when the vehicle is at the highest point, and the taxi plummets.

      However, as a result of being aware I am in the dream state, I simultaneously phase through the roof of the taxi and fly above the scene without concern. As I look at the setting below, the overpass has become rubble. The landscape seems miniaturized, and the taxi is now the size of a Matchbox Car. This viewpoint is not a result of flying high above the scene, as the distance is seemingly minimal.

      PRECOGNITIVE: Despite this dream resulting from the usual sleep atonia to myoclonus compensation, they dynamited this overpass on October 25, 1988, in real life, and removed the rubble. (Construction began in 1937. See the image if available.) I left Cubitis in 1978 to live in Wisconsin.

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