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    1. An Ocean Journey Model

      by , 06-15-2018 at 06:06 PM
      Morning of June 15, 2018. Friday.

      In my dream, I am in a mostly undefined setting of which cannot be determined to be indoors or outdoors, though it does not have the typical essence of bilocation. It seems near late morning. I am involved in adding to an ongoing model and story about a journey by sea, though the features of this model sit on the picnic table or hover in the air slightly above it when implied to be within the ocean depths. Other people seem to be present watching and listening to my narration, but I do not actually see anyone else.

      The ship seems to be a schooner, sailing from left to right in my view. I talk about the dangers that might be encountered. I slowly add an unrealistic number of rocks. The model schooner is about four inches in length.

      As my dream nears its end, I add more and more squid, which hover in the air (though implied to be below the ocean’s surface in this model) which are slightly bigger than the ship. A couple of them roll up (left to right) and transform into snails that continue to hover in the air in the seascape’s implied depths. I slowly become aware that I am dreaming and had been non-lucidly testing vestibular system correlation, which I have been doing more of in my dreams in the last few months. (This correlates with another recent dream with different autosymbolism based on the same dynamics, where a solid pipe became a hose, and the eardrum was represented as a hissing valve I “popped”, more related to the illusory “ears” of the dream self.)

      The majority of my dreams since early childhood have vestibular system correlation autosymbolism of several different types. (This includes flying, falling, hovering, and rising dreams, which are unrelated to waking life, despite the multitude of people who continue to propagate falsehoods about “symbolism” without understanding that dreams are autosymbolic.)

      Although this could be considered an extension of the usual water induction process, there is no water present (though WLWS is implied). It additionally includes the hovering factor of vestibular system correlation as well as the visual rendering (by way of the virtuous circle effect of developing a deeper and deeper understanding of dreams and clarity of mind stemming from both lucid and non-lucid dream control).

      The vestibular system correlation is represented by the transformation of squid into snail and visual analogies to the inner ear; that is, semicircular canals, vestibular nerve, and cochlea.

      What little waking life relevance (always literal) is present is based on my youngest son’s friends recently to leave the region on an oceangoing yacht, where they have otherwise lived for a long time.

    2. Snakes or Tires

      by , 01-01-1978 at 07:01 AM
      Night of January 1, 1968. Monday.

      I am with Brenda W (though she is not directly next to me and is to my right, though sometimes ahead of me). We need to get to the area where others are involved in a picnic, though this is not logical as it is not yet sunrise, though it is light enough to see most detail. There are a number of coiled sleeping snakes around the area that we have to tiptoe past. (I take these snakes to be water moccasins though they do not appear as such - “water moccasins” being a play on typical water induction and a play on not wearing “real” shoes in the dream state, that is, while asleep in bed). Their coiled bodies are about six inches in width or more. Looking closely, some snake heads seem a bit too big for their body and are about twice as big as my hand. For a moment, I hear the snakes snoring. (This is probably my own snoring though there is a bizarre myth amidst a vast sea of dream myths that people “cannot snore and dream at the same time”).

      Eventually, I find myself approaching a picnic table, which is longways in my path. An overweight classmate is the only one seated and Brenda has vanished. “What are you doing?” she demands. I realize that I am still walking in an odd stealthy manner. Looking back, I see the “snakes” were “actually” automobile tires in a random arrangement (even though they were originally snakes).

      For some reason, I decide that the picnic table’s seat is a good place to lie down on. I also discover that I am not fully dressed though do not feel that out of place. I soon discover that I had been carrying a sheet all that time (even though I actually had not). I hear Peggy puffing in the background as if she is annoyed but I could not care less. It seems to almost be like snoring.

      Snakes have often had associations with the human intestine as I was growing up, though there are a number of completely different associations depending on dream context. I am going to assume the intestine here since it is associated with a picnic and eating - and even more so, a “spare tire” is also a reference to the stomach and being overweight - which may be a perspective on Peggy and her demeanor as I was not overweight at this time. Being fully dressed and then not dressed (with the false memory of never having been dressed up to that point) is a dream sign waking transition that merely reflects that a person does not usually wear clothes when they sleep. Even the sheet and deciding the picnic table is my bed is an obvious dream sign waking transition. In fact, even the snakes being asleep is an obvious dream sign though a large snake is typically also a coalescence precursor which does not activate here. Instead, I “go back to sleep” and wake up on my own without a need for my dream self to be “swallowed” back into my whole self. (There is also a possible link to “being tired” and the snakes being asleep.)