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    1. A Chance to Sail

      by , 03-13-2020 at 11:11 AM
      Morning of March 13, 2020. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,443-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      In this dream, American actor Vic Tayback (as Mel from the television sitcom “Alice,” which I have not seen in over 20 years) randomly serves as the typical sleep-wake mediator (personified preconscious) without much focus on his identity. Instinctual awareness (and control) of the nature of dreaming processes for the usual transitions is viably willful, though there is no lucidity. My dream was influenced by “The Truth About Spring” (1965) though only in the association with sailing and nothing else. (Zsuzsanna and I watched this movie before bedtime.) Despite this influence, my waking-life identity is absent, and the setting is a variation of the King Street area in Wisconsin though incorrectly integrated with docks near the ocean so that the streets are instead water channels.

      Vic is the captain of a sailboat. Several unfamiliar people are present to where there is not much room to stand. The boat’s mooring is at the foot of the stairs. It is a wooden staircase (fictitious feature) of about six steps outside in front of the King Street mansion. I carry a small cylindrical container with one of Vic’s front teeth in it (the reason unknown). There is a cabin, but it seems too small for anyone to use.

      I throw two pillows onto the deck (instinctual awareness I am sleeping), but I go into the house, as I believe the boat’s large square sail is in my room upstairs, in this case, the middle room of the east side of the house. Although my act of walking upstairs does not seem to occur (as it is more like teleportation in this instance), the timing still initiates vivid imaginary proprioception. The sail is in an irregular heap on the floor of my room. I carefully fold it in half as a strong wind moves it about with vivid somatosensory dynamics. My activity seems to last for several minutes and is the most vivid part (as imaginary proprioception usually is). I enjoy the challenge, and after I fold it in half, I fold it again to where the bundle is now only about four feet in length.

      With minor cognitive arousal, I also have a few paperback books to take to the boat. When I step near the wooden staircase outside, a surreal distortion occurs. The water level near the middle of the steps is somehow about two feet above where the water’s surface near the sailboat is. The impossible dynamics confuse me for a short time. I anticipate the sailboat will move away, and it does. However, after turning at the intersection and moving adjacent to a small maze of piers, it returns (as a result of my instinctual summoning) to where it was, and I step aboard. I wake before anything else occurs.

      The most interesting factor is my carrying the imaginary “voice” (tooth in the cylindrical container) of the sleep-wake mediator, who is mostly not active in this dream, dominant or otherwise, giving me greater instinctual control of most of the dreaming processes.

    2. Helping the Winchesters Fight the “Stork Witch”

      by , 06-11-2016 at 10:58 AM
      Morning of June 11, 2016. Saturday.

      In my dream, where I seem to somehow be a different person or character yet still feel like myself in most ways, I am an individual who has traveled around extensively and I am also seemingly a hunter in the manner of Sam and Dean Winchester from the “Supernatural” television series. I am aware that they have been called in to face the most difficult “monster” that they had ever dealt with. This creature is supposedly impossible to kill but can be subdued for a time until it rises again. It is kept in a cage on an isolated property (I assume in America, possibly Ohio) reachable by an old back road. Sam and Dean are on the scene.

      I meet with them to help them at the location where the creature is presently sleeping in a cage though supposedly about to rise and kill a number of people. They seem hesitant at first but then are totally okay with me being there and both are receptive of my authority and apparent advanced skills (though on one level I know that this is pretense and that I am “creating everything under my will” even though I am not at all lucid in any way, as this is a state of awareness that I have experienced thousands of times in dream states since earliest memory).

      I tell them that I know James (although I actually mean Bobby Singer), having gained much experience from him, and they seem to understand and are happy with it.

      We are preparing for the upcoming battle as we are told by the owner of the property that the monster is stirring. It is apparently some sort of anthropomorphic white stork (with fur as well as feathers) with deadly far-reaching supernatural powers. We are told to get some weapons. These “weapons” turn out to be large pillow-like hessian sandbags (obvious dream sign) filled with some sort of magical concoction to help put the beast back to sleep (another obvious situational concurrent dream sign). These “pillows” which are aligned along the fence (concurrent liminal space symbol), some slightly buried (implied to be at a deeper level of concurrent awareness within the dream state), are taken out by us. I also see a few barbells in the dirt but decide we may not need these.

      We go into the house and one side of a large room is like a jail. The monster is inside but starting to move around. At first it looks like a white-furred Bigfoot but it eventually becomes somewhat of an anthropomorphic stork. This stork creature is ready to attack (even though it is in the cage).

      The owner of the residence opens the cage door and we go in. Sam and Dean Winchester start hitting this creature with the “pillows” as hard as they can. Powder flies through the air but not enough to lower the visibility of the scene by that much. I join in and also whack this “stork-monster” (of human height) with my “pillow”. It seems to remain dazed and never fully stands up at any point. Sam, Dean, and I soon leave this “cage” and start talking in the other area of the room with the owner.

      Soon however, the creature is active again but now appears totally human; a dark-haired female of perhaps thirty. Her hands are raised up and out in mimicry of a spider or martial arts position and she is apparently a powerful destructive witch. As I stare her down, my dream becomes more and more vivid and intense. Orange lightning (conscious mind symbol) comes from her hands and her hair stands up, but I am also able to raise my own hands in defense. Simply by holding my gaze and moving my hands out and around a bit, she eventually falls back and is defeated for another cycle.

      “Awesome,” says Dean as Sam smiles and nods in my direction, both from my left (even though a “witch” like me would not be liked by them in the actual television series).

      After this, we all get in a car. Dean drives though Sam sits in the back seat (on my right) in Speedo swimwear. He is singing some sort of song and using words like “Speedo”, “Guido”, and “Buido” and Dean looks back at him as if greatly annoyed.

      To those who understand dreams and their nature (though there are various types), this is a surreal but typical sleeping, dreaming, and waking adventure all in metaphor. Nothing could be more obvious than that than slapping a white bird with a pillow to put it to sleep (especially when inside a cage or jail which represents restricting the energies of the preconscious state). The white bird is a moon (dream induction) sign, a typical concurrent consciousness displacement symbol, and this entire series of dream events is a metaphor for circadian rhythms and the waking transition as is often the case.

      The clever references in the song seem at least partly related to trolls on the Internet, unfortunately (which is something that in all honesty is pointless to dream about as nothing can really be done about them). “Guido” is a possible play on “Guido van Helten” which in turn is a play on VonHelton, the bizarre narcissistic YouTube troll, who is possibly one of the strangest personas and crazed individuals on the Internet. “Buido” apparently has various associations. However, in Spanish, it mostly seems to be a reference to something that is corrugated, fluted, or sharp. It is associated with “puntiagudo” (“pointed”) or “con punta aguda” (“with a sharp point”), which is obviously a play on my birthplace of “Punta Gorda” (or “Fat Point” in describing the shape of the region), which is a dream reference to returning to who I really am in whole consciousness, as a sort of “rebirth”.

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    3. Pulling Pillows from “Another Dimension”

      by , 09-27-2013 at 03:27 PM
      Morning of September 27, 2013. Friday.

      This dream was very strange and featured a type of perception I do not recall engaging in before. Most of the first section is uneventful. There is a woman I have not seen for years who worked in the office of a factory I worked at (Eco 3) way back in 1979 to 1980 or so, where they made mostly winter mats out of old tires and other items such as mats for a restaurant cooking area. I vaguely remember talking with her, but I am not sure about what. She was somewhat slovenly and we did not really talk much in real life. This takes place at my older sister’s last house she lived before I came to Australia.

      I am explaining to a few people I know (mostly my wife, who, by dream continuity, would already know) how I can somehow transport to America and then back into the house where we live now (commonly recurring) by the power of thought alone (just by thinking and concentrating on it in the “right” way). In some dreams, I am aware that I can even take other people with me. It seems a rather “ordinary” ability and I am aware of how and why I do it - to get to places quicker as well as to save money on air fare. In this case, I bring my family to the USA to visit my relatives (even though they do not live at the house in my dream anymore).

      There is additional detail to the front porch of the house - three concrete steps that are not very high but spread out over the whole area. This is actually a “borrowed” feature of a business building we pass when walking home from the mall (which I had not realized at first until finding myself in the area again in real life). My wife and I are later on the floor of the porch, but it is not as comfortable as it could be.

      Soon, I am able to pull pillows out from “another dimension” (out of the air - or perhaps somehow “making” them as I move my arms back down). It feels very realistic to have them magically materialize in my hands out of “nowhere” and also seems like an “ordinary” ability. I “pull out” about five pillows from above my head, most of them having some sort of jaguar or leopard print.

      Time passes and I start to think about how a mattress would be even better to have and to lie on. I am actually able to slowly pull a mattress out from above my head and we are soon resting on it.

      Later, my wife and I are kissing and such, but a very strange awareness takes over. It is almost like my head (and hers) are “empty” hoods that somehow go over and inside each other at the same time. It feels extremely strange (but not unpleasant). It is almost as if the “hoods” are “eating” each other but still continuing to exist. Oddly enough, I am also aware of more normal sensations in the rest of my body. It is just my head that has transformed. At one point, my “mouth and throat” feel very large and with additional (unknown) structures. It is almost as if some of the structures we are “moving around in” with our “heads” are non-organic, yet still part of us. For example, at one point it seems like my wife’s tongue is actually a large wooden structure and is part of a nearby building, perhaps a balustrade. I wake up wondering what in the world is going on but not even feeling that disoriented.

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