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    1. The Valve

      by , 06-14-2018 at 11:17 AM
      Morning of June 14, 2018. Thursday.

      My current conscious self identity is mostly stripped away and my dream self is cast back into the front yard of my Cubitis home (where I have not lived since 1978). However, the thread of awareness of having Zsuzsanna as my wife is present to a degree and I otherwise feel as myself in terms of age. I can assume that this is meant to be our home in this dream. Semi-darkness might indicate it is night, but the perception of time is mostly ambiguous and not clearly defined as in many other dreams.

      Precursory preconscious factors kick in, this time rendered as two boys that are mischievously trespassing on our front yard. I am closer to the highway at one point. When I go closer to them, I see they are messing around with two long pipes. I am not certain where the pipes came from.

      I decide to use one of the pipes as a weapon even though it is about six feet in length. I want to knock them about and make them go out from our front yard. I miss several times, but also strike them on the sides now and then. Eventually, it seems as if they were never there.

      I find myself in an unfamiliar area that is implied to be our home, but the room is completely unfamiliar. It seems to be a bathroom. The solid pipe I am holding transforms into a hose and the end of it jumps onto the small metal wheel, as if due to a powerful magnetic force, of a white porcelain bathtub that is on its side. The bathtub is on its left side and facing me. The wheel the hose is stuck to is at the upper left in my view. Zsuzsanna is present. It seems a part of the wall fell off to reveal a hidden storage area, where the old bathtub is on the bottom shelf of two large shelves. The bathtub likely belonged to a previous resident. I notice patches of black dirt here and there. There are other items stored inside this section of wall (which seems to divide the room near the middle) that we had apparently not known about.

      I pull on the hose several times (from the other side of the room) to get it off, but it holds firmly. Finally, I go closer and see it has fully attached in the manner of some sort of valve. I press and pull on a thin, circular piece partly inside a pipe near the wheel of the bathtub after partly pulling off part of the edge of the hose as something gives as air hisses out. I feel the rest of the end of the hose release and come off. Apparently, even though the event seemed magnetic at first, it now seems to have been the result of automatic suction, purposely developed for special parts to somehow automatically connect as such.

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    2. A Big Fly Crawls From a Small Pipe and Bites Me

      by , 10-02-2014 at 04:02 PM
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      Thursday morning, 2 October 2014.

      A Big Fly Crawls From a Small Pipe and Bites Me

      Dream # 17,454-02.

      I am in the bathroom of my current real-life home. I recall I need to replace a tap spindle because the shower’s hot water does not turn off completely. (In reality, the spindle threads had worn; the handle turned without tightening.)

      I focus on an area near the ceiling where a small pipe capped with a bolt juts diagonally downward. (The feature does not exist in reality.)

      Something undetermined inside the pipe, seemingly alive, is slowly pushing out the bolt. It turns out to be an unnaturally big green bottle fly doing this. It emerges after it pushes the bolt out. (There is no backstory implying how it got inside the pipe.)

      The fly painfully bites the middle of my right forearm, which I assume may be fatal. Without emotion (because of dream state intuition), I sit at the foot of our bed to wait for Zsuzsanna.

      An unfamiliar man of about 40 (this dream’s protoconsciousness) sits in our lounge room. I do not perceive him as an intruder. I think he might be here to help me with either the plumbing or my presumed medical emergency (even though such an immediate response would be impossible in reality), but he does not react.

      Upon waking, I realized my dream’s pain was an exaggeration of “pins and needles” caused by uncomfortably sleeping on my right arm. (I often sleep on my left side, unlike here.)

      A life form emerging from somewhere, especially an enclosed area, correlates with my anticipation of exiting the dream state. It is as simple as that.

      The fly (somatosensory anticipation from neuronal energies increasing) emerges from the pipe (REM atonia decreasing through spinal neurons).

      There is an additional association with achieving arm and hand mobility and strength because I swat at annoying flies in real life. My dream’s beginning exemplifies REM atonia by focusing on a tap handle unresponsive to a hand tightening it.

      If you still do not understand dream content causality, review the following:

      I am uncomfortably sleeping on my right arm. REM atonia (natural immobility while sleeping) is also a factor here.

      The dream state responds to this by presenting a situation where using my right arm (to tighten a tap) is infeasible.

      Spinal (to the upper end of the “pipe”) motor neurons (“buzzing fly”) increase my awareness of my wrongful sleeping position until pain (“fatal” fly bite) becomes the predominant focus.

      Sitting at the foot of our bed in the last scene demonstrates metacognition as a precursor to wakefulness.

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    3. House of Rats, Child

      by , 07-05-1970 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of July 5, 1970. Sunday.

      This is yet another old dream that does not have the “best” title. It actually takes place in a large apartment building (perhaps even a business building in some parts) rather than a house. The title comes from what someone tells me about the place. An older black lady says that “it’s a house of rats, child”.

      I am aware that some of my classmates are in different parts of the building, in different rooms. It seems we are on some sort of extended field trip and will be sleeping on the floor for at least a few days. At one point, I look through a long pipe and see the large head of a black rat looking up at an angle to the right. It seems almost like some sort of special magnification or realization - it is almost as if this long plumbing pipe (part of an abandoned kitchen, I think - yet also serves in-dream as a sort of telescope-like device). There are a lot of chewed-up old clothes as well as chewed-up crayons and open coloring books in one area. I am not attacked at any point, but there is a very eerie atmosphere throughout. This is a dream I had recorded into newer journals a few times and with a short comic strip format. It is also implied in the dream that the rats are almost as intelligent as people at one point (perhaps as a result of an experiment though this is not defined) and will live there as long as they can, making it impossible for human beings to live in or near the building. They also seem to be multiplying.

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