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    1. Strange Leaks

      by , 03-27-2020 at 09:25 AM
      Morning of March 27, 2020. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,457-02. Reading time: 2 min 24 sec.

      In this dream, part of my immediate waking-life identity meanders. Although I recall factors of real life (mostly only that I have a family, not where I live as is often the case) in the second section after the preconscious initiation (a typical unknown intrusive male), the setting remains ambiguous.

      The preconscious personification (sleep-wake mediator) activates atypically in the middle of my sleep cycle. I am near the center of a large, mostly featureless room with many other people. When cognitive arousal initiates, I have a pile of books next to me on my right (potential waking orientation as I sleep on my left side) as I sit on the floor. The man comes over to me, claiming I have a book I am not supposed to have, due to copyright reasons. It is a blank sheet music book for writing music. The publisher’s name is Fabergé. I argue with him for a few minutes, saying his claim is ridiculous because it is just a blank sheet music book (so I am denying cognizance while sleeping as well as ignoring the preconscious). I soon see him sitting with an unknown man.

      As a result of suppressing cognizance modulation to sleep longer, water reinduction (virtual melatonin mediation) occurs. I am in the small upstairs bathroom of the King Street mansion (irrelevant since the 1990s) in Wisconsin, though it is erroneously on the first floor and has a crawlspace beneath. I take a dream journal (from the late 1990s) from being tied with a cloth to a horizontal pipe near the baseboard and water sprays out. I am unsure how to stop the leak, as I do not want my book to get wet. Water is rushing under the floor, so I have to go outside to check. I consider calling our landlord. (I think of our present landlord in Australia, validating my dream initiated a thread for the emergence of partial recall, though the real-life leak was under Zsuzsanna’s sister’s house recently.)

      I now recall I have a family, though the setting is still wrong. When I go outside to check the leak, I am looking at a variation of the Cubitis house in Florida (irrelevant since 1978, so setting changes are not always in chronological order as water reinduction is opposite to the directive of emergence). The nature and layout of the scene have changed, and the leak is far from where the original orientation would correlate. There are two leaks from a long horizontal pipe unrealistically situated outside, about two feet from the ground and a few feet from the front of the other part of the house, though coming from the south wall of my Cubitis bedroom, implying its location has replaced the small King Street bathroom (typical errors in dream continuity as the Cubitis house had no crawlspace and the King Street house’s bathroom, again, was on the second floor). However, the leaks soon stop due to a bubble growing around the connections, keeping the water inside. Eventually, two big irregular bubbles shaped somewhat like hourglasses (temporality reference implying water reinduction is ending), float up from the pipes. I no longer see any leaks.

      Precursory cognizance kicks in again with the general reference to the condition of the sun (analogous to the lack of true identity and cognizance in the dream state). Zsuzsanna is with me outside. We are still erroneously in Cubitis, in the front yard. I see that the “sun” looks like Earth floating within a frying egg, though its lower right area is spreading out in an irregular form as if the egg is runny.

    2. Exchanging Walls at Gellibrand Street

      by , 08-29-2017 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of August 29, 2017. Tuesday.

      My family and I as we appear now are living back in an altered version of Gellibrand Street in Clayfield. Over time, there are some abstract concepts of needing to remake part of our house (though it was actually an apartment) by switching two front wall sections. This mainly includes exchanging a wall with a window with an area where there is more plumbing (with two silver metal pipes).

      I somehow manage to have this done (with no dream self memory regarding the physical dynamics of the act) whereby the walls have been exchanged. The room with the window is now closer to the entrance and the room with more plumbing is at the right (front of the building viewpoint).

      At one point, I start to realize that, because the pipes come from the ground, it is not possible to connect them properly unless many adjustments are made and new parts are purchased. I look at the pipes coming up from the floor and see there is nothing they will presently connect to, as what they were meant to connect to is now in the other room.

      I then decide that it is not feasible to rebuild the house with this orientation (again, relating to the pipes), so I undo it as if it never happened (though I wake up realizing I am on my right side instead of my left).

      This was part of a longer series of dreams, including resets and partial repeats of this one, a few other dreams related to pipes, and a few unrelated dreams (all in all, about fifteen non-lucid and semi-lucid dreams on this particular date, which is not uncommon, not including the hundreds of hypnagogic sequences).

      In this case, I was vaguely aware of my conscious mind creating my dream’s dynamics and symbolism (which is quite common and has remained one of the puzzles as to why other people do not seem to understand the meaning of their dreams).

      Exchanging the walls directly relates to absentmindedly sleeping on my right side for a time instead of my left. I mostly only sleep on my left side as sleeping on my right sometimes causes indigestion and anxiety (one reason being that the stomach and its weight is naturally oriented to the left side of the body). The pipes in this dream relate to the digestive system (though in other dreams, depending on the dream type, can also relate to the circulatory system, the dynamics of dream induction and waking as directly related to the glymphatic clearance pathway, among other causes). The pipes in this dream were mainly in two locations from the floor, one lower than the other, which associates with one being symbolic of the esophagus and the other, the duodenum. The causal effect is based on the norovirus I had yesterday.

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    3. Connecting and Fixing Pipes

      by , 08-29-2017 at 09:43 AM
      Morning of August 29, 2017. Tuesday.

      I am living with my family at an unknown residence. There are similar associations as with another dream of this date regarding plumbing and connecting pipes. However, in this dream, the pipes are mostly white plastic whereas in my other dream, they were silver metal.

      The bottom of the house is about three feet above ground level. I am on the right side of the house, which may be loosely modeled after the one on Gellibrand Street in Clayfield. I see that I need to reconnect at least two pipes, possibly more. One pipe has a different type of softer material that bends easily and is partially transparent. I notice that one pipe has an irregular hole as if cut at an angle and making somewhat of a triangular flap, its texture almost being like a bicycle tire. I put pressure on it to see how big the hole expands (to check how extensive the leak could be) and the pipe breaks in half.

      I then consider that I need to buy a new connection. The connection is like a combination of about three pipes and the softer piece that now almost looks like a large sandwich bag tied around the area where two pipes connect at about a ninety-degree angle. There is another person present, unknown, yet who seems to be a friend who is watching me, possibly here to help.

      An unknown younger male in the front yard of the house next door (to my left) comes over to annoy us. I tell him that he is trespassing and punch him in the face and stomach a few times. Illogically, I somehow do this while sitting cross-legged on the ground even though he is standing. He does not react at all.

      I have had similar dreams (relating to pipes) all my life. Sometimes they have a completely different mood and essence than in other cases. I recently had one of trying to get water to containers in a miniature zoo within a three-tiered cage (“Plumbing Troubles in a Three-Tiered Miniature Zoo” of August 26, 2017).

      I am going to have to assume that this dream relates to bad indigestion and stomach clenching related to a virus of yesterday that lasted about twenty-four hours. Generally, plumbing has been validated to mean at least four different things depending on the dream type; blood circulation of the real physical body (in real time, especially when a limb is going numb from a problematic sleeping position), the digestive system (including a need to rehydrate), a need to wake and use the bathroom, and neural energy patterns related to circadian rhythms based on a certain type of coalescence waking symbolism. Although the presence of the preconscious as an imposer seems to suggest coalescence waking symbolism (especially as I punch him to no avail), it seems more about healing the physical body and the digestive system in this case, especially considering the “plastic sandwich bag” association. This may be an incidental carryover of the miniature zoo dream but with a different meaning unless the zoo dream was considered as indirectly prescient. Otherwise, I have had many precognitive dreams related to my physical health since early childhood. Unlike other forms of prescience, it can possibly be explained by the body being “aware” of a potential condition before the conscious mind is, yet which sometimes occurs years in advance.

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    4. Bathtub with Grill

      by , 06-26-2015 at 12:26 PM
      Morning of June 26, 2015. Friday.

      I seem to be in the fictional tall pipe house yet again (in an unknown region - but some versions are similar to my older sister’s house on Loomis Street in America and with the fictional utility room and storage area at the southwest corner), but this time it involves an unusual bathtub that has a large grilled rectangular prism adjacent to one end that is implied to be directly above the large utility room (with the high ceiling) that is on the first floor though with a dirt floor in most versions of this setting and now apparently has at least one tall pipe leading down from the bathtub drain to the room below (though it is usually the toilet that has the long narrow vertical pipe that becomes misaligned). The focus is very vivid and “realistic” materialistically but somewhat nonsensical in terms of aesthetics and potential design. The large grill is a box-like structure (a grill-like plane on all sides) on the faucet end of the bathtub. The faucet comes out through about the central area of the side of the grill that faces the bathtub, it seems.

      I find it remarkable in afterthought how such a three-dimensional fictional structure can be created so convincingly as such in a dream. In my dream, I decide to clean the grill, at least the bathtub-facing side, which is quite rusty as well as dusty (and I briefly contemplate why I had not tried to clean it previously) - in fact, the dirt and rust is nearly solid within all the grill spaces, though the faucet seems to be working fine (though the box-like structure seems like just a fancy cover for the pipes going in and out at the end of the bathtub - the bathtub being more near the central area of the bathroom in an unlikely layout). Over time, I use a whisk broom and, even though all of the spaces are cleared almost effortlessly, some of the vertical bars, being quite thin and mostly now composed of rust, break off easily at a light touch, though not that much damage occurs and all the spaces are otherwise cleared completely of rust and dirt so that it even appears somewhat shiny again. I notice how I can now see inside the structure (as well as through the spaces of the adjoining perpendicular grilled plane) and the running water is much louder as well - including a clearer metallic gurgling sound within the structure. It is loud but pleasant.

      Looking down through the top (horizontal) grill of the structure, I see that the water going through the bathtub drain ends up on the dirt floor in the utility and storage area below, though it is presently a small puddle. I am not concerned about this odd plumbing setup and it does not even strike me as unusual or requiring fixing (or adjusting the tall pipe alignment).

      This dream seems primarily an intriguing (though greatly exaggerated in size) distortion of my cleaning of the front room computer’s CPU fan the other day by removing the fan’s cover (where the vents were almost solid with dust clumps - causing the computer to not stay on). I did find the “realism” of my dream (in terms of solidness, movement, and effect change as well as the motions of my hands in my work) quite interesting.

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    5. The Refurbishing Wand

      by , 05-11-2014 at 07:21 AM
      Morning of May 11, 2014. Sunday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I live in a huge mansion (with a false memory of having moved there just recently, but I am not sure if our move is complete yet) with so many rooms, it is probably difficult to count them all, especially as some have not been used for a long time. The house is very old and in disrepair and, I think, belongs to the owner of our present home (a recurring association).

      I soon discover that I have a device that is like a wand or small rod. It has multiple functions that work depending on which one is needed the most at a particular time. This basic idea has been somewhat sparsely recurring over many years, but sometimes with different associations and workability.

      In this case, the wand does several things, including removing any sort of patina, rust, cobweb, or dust, and also automatically repairs things (such as broken pipes or holes in plaster).

      My dream is very long but mostly only involves directing the wand at the various fixtures and such in the rooms that need cleaning and repair. I am amazed at how dark rust and such is transformed into smooth shiny silvery metal. Cobwebs are dissolved from corners of tables and some things are automatically polished. Screws are tightened automatically and any nails that have partly come out or any wood that has been damaged is also restored to original condition.

      Some of what I do is random, though, as a few rooms need far more work than others and I only do parts of the more difficult surfaces and areas, which I plan to do additional work on later. I move the wand about and make “stripes” of transformed silver in the deeply rusted pipes and such, with a similar effect as filling in an outline of a shape with a pen or pencil (recurring over many years) - yet I am not aware of any adjustment to make the “brush” (or range) wider (similar to a brush in a graphics program by association). I am enjoying my work, though. There is not any physical stress involved, though I do know it will take time and effort.