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    1. Pterodactyl Model Panning (causation explained)

      by , 05-15-2021 at 08:32 AM
      Morning of May 15, 2021. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,871-02. Optimized 2 minute read.

      Note; The waking-life model is red. For the image, I made it the same as the predominant color in my dream (though there were other colors). The additional optional outer wing piece is for a torn wing feature.

      My dream begins with me sitting near a river, though the water lowers over time. (This attribute has remained the same for this dream type for over 50 years. One influence is from isolation tank films I saw as a child, though it also naturally corresponds with melatonin mediation and ultradian rhythm.) Typical indoor-outdoor ambiguity (impossible to discern as such in waking life) is predominant at some points, though there is more morphing of the setting than usual. The locational inferences are unknown. I have recall of my real-life identity to the extent of where I recall I have three sons.

      I think of creating a portal so that my sons can see a living pterodactyl through it. We do not intend to go through the portal but to watch different events through it.

      A somatosensory phase response (a natural, predictable shift to attention on using my hands toward resolving REM atonia) becomes predominant, and there is a spontaneous flight-related association with the Aurora Pterodactyl model kit from the early 1970s. I had one when I was a boy. In this instance, the process curiously mixes with finding gold coins (also somatosensory summoning), but only as a supraliminal influence. (I do not think about panning for gold in my dream, only recovering all the pieces of a plastic pterodactyl model.)

      After my sons watch a living pterodactyl through the portal (a precursor to managing the vestibular phasing of dreaming) for a few minutes, I begin finding many different sizes and colors of pieces from various fictitious versions of what is otherwise the same Aurora pterodactyl model kit.

      Many parts are smaller than the waking-life kit, but there are no larger versions. I see little cyan plastic wings, but also green, blue, and other colors. There are more outer wing parts than other features. I also notice some small wing connectors; rectangular prisms. I become fascinated by their variety and study their random arrangement for several minutes. However, there is no dream segment where parts of a complete model are collected and assembled.
      Revealing dream content causation:

      I continue to be fascinated by how the same processes and phasing responses (often in the same order throughout my sleep cycle) result in so many unique and engaging narratives.

      This dream’s narrative is a result of my typical familiar lifelong metacognitive status and its management:

      Water induction corresponds with beginning my navigation of REM sleep and is usually the first process depending on my dream’s time.

      Vestibular system ambiguity (vestibular cortex phasing response) is from being in REM sleep and links to my metacognitive pursuit of mind-body reconnectivity, often with flight associations. In this instance, however, the phasing curve favors my metacognitive focus on REM atonia (physical immobility in sleep).

      As is often the case, my dream focuses on managing the virtual division between dreaming and attaining wakefulness. Here, it results in a “portal” (rather than the more mundane summoning of a door) and the mental and physical duality of dreaming that is absent in real life.
    2. Summoning Eggs and Balloons

      by , 04-05-2020 at 06:47 PM
      Morning of April 5, 2020. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,466-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      This dream is a typical somatosensory-based summoning dream. My waking-life identity is only partially extant (as I am vaguely aware of Zsuzsanna being nearby) but becomes more emergent with the final event. I remain on the porch of the Loomis Street house. (A porch is the result of precursory liminality defining the transition from dream state awareness to the beginning of the waking process.) Generally, I summon eggs from the palm of my hand (trying to force imaginary somatosensory dynamics to vivify my dreaming experience and its tactile illusions) at the beginning of a dream. In contrast, I sometimes focus on summoning coins near the end of a dreaming experience (or the end of my sleep cycle) as they correlate with cognizance (numbers and counting). Despite this being a lifelong lucid practice, it also occurs with precursory liminality as here.

      I vividly feel two eggs come into existence in my cupped right hand, but they soon crack apart, and I see a green yolk (influence from “Green Eggs and Ham”), finding it amusing. I summon more eggs. There is a purple one and another with a blue yolk. I am eventually aware that my brother-in-law Bob is nearby.

      At one point, I notice a beautiful bas-relief overhead. It is over a quarter of a sphere. I reach up to touch it. It is the artistic rendering of a puppy (with some other details such as a leafy scroll), and I erroneously associate it with the Rose Street inn. (I use to live above it until 1967 but get it confused with the Loomis Street house in this dream.)

      Through a porch window, to the north, I notice the house that was on the corner is not there. Instead, there is a lot of digging (and I see at least one bulldozer) going on near a couple of piles of dirt. I talk about this with others. Also, over the sidewalk, there are two upright doorways (about six feet apart) with no door. (This “portal” feature is a traditional dream state exit point, more common in childhood dreams. The digging would be an association with having emerged from slow-wave sleep, especially as I presently live in a corner house though I do not recall where I live in my dream.)

      My sister-in-law Cindy is in the last scene. I summon a miniature balloon poodle that grows to full size. Other balloon animals arise from out of nowhere (growing over time), including an elephant. The last two balloons arise. One is an orange giraffe. The other is a yellow life-size representation of my middle son (yet I vaguely consider it is Bart Simpson at first). He is facing away from me, towards Cindy. I begin to wake as I tell her who he is.

      This dream’s typical compartmentalized false memories are quite ambiguous. (For example, despite not remembering Bob and Cindy had died or what country I live in, I still recall my middle son, though he is nothing like Bart Simpson’s fictitious persona.)

    3. A Small Portal

      by , 12-29-2014 at 05:53 PM
      Morning of December 29, 2014. Monday.

      Although this dream does have similarities to concepts from certain sparser past dreams, it is entirely new in its “design”. My intent, as usual, is to expand on each new in-dream “power”. I have only, for one day, been using a new type of dream “scripting”, but not as direct as other types. It involves a new type of training that combines focusing on and questioning an event or image transition with two possible outcomes, one related to “can only occur in a dream” and the other, “will likely only occur when awake”. Of course, this is so “obvious” as to be ridiculous, but I have never read anything remotely similar in dream publications. It is a more advanced form of continuous “reality checks” that eventually become “automatic”, that is, a natural way of thought continuity. Instead of just asking now and then if you are dreaming, you do actual meditative sessions with real objects or images and their status until your entire mind falls into this skill “automatically”. (I will go more into this later in other entries). Practice makes perfect as they say. I am surprised it has already “worked” in a way after only one day, but not as fully as desired, though I suspect it fits into the “prototype” type of dream.

      Obviously, dreams can be “anything” (including, for lack of a better term, “paranormal”, contrary to certain less-enlightened and less-experienced people) - and, strangely enough, I only began to fully understand this more recently (compared to the extent and longevity of my work). Because of the nature of consciousness, “anything” can be experienced in a dream and at any level of vividness (even two or more dreams at the same time if one is so inclined) including far more vivid than day to day real life (which I suppose worries some people as they are then concerned with somehow being “tricked” into thinking they are dreaming when they are not - which is absurd due to the fact that dreams naturally “trick” people into thinking they are awake - but, alas, it is human nature to “fail”, apparently), particularly various levels of remote viewing, which includes perspectives and perceptions not even close to habitual waking associations (which may, in fact, be why many people supposedly do not remember their dreams - due to them being too abstract or “far away” from their waking status).

      In my dream, I am sitting in the center of a mostly featureless pale blue room. I am not lucid, yet (as has often been the case in the past) still somehow aware I am making my dream from another “mental plain” (for lack of a better term). There is an invisible “portal” in the room that I am aware of, but it is very small. This portal is, for a time, seemingly no bigger than my finger, though it does seem to expand later. It is probably about a foot or so from the floor. In fact, I find it by moving my hand around until the fingertip starts to “vanish” when I move my hand forward a bit. This happens a few times.

      What is remarkable is that I can see my finger slowly vanish from the tip downward as it enters this other realm (though this does not trigger any degree of lucidity yet). I try experimenting with it. I take a small book and actually manage to push it through into the other (unseen) realm so that it seems to become “invisible” as a result (though not truly invisible, just beyond this portal). After a time, my mother-in-law, unfortunately, makes an appearance. The portal at that point almost seems like a sort of metaphorical “coin-slot” into this other world.

      There is not much definition or rendering of the mother-in-law presence or associations, but there is something to do with an occult book being taken out by the mother-in-law, though it is primarily inconsequential and something about demons (which I have never remotely seen any evidence of in my lifetime - only manifestations of someone’s own personal fears and limitations).

      There is not much else going on. I have not “worked” like this in any past dream in this particular way (only vaguely similar scenes), but it does seem a result of the particular “reality checks” I had done. However, they curiously took on a different metaphorical pattern. Instead of checking by “meeting a solid surface” with my fingertips, my fingertip “vanished” into an implied portal, the portal being otherwise completely unseen. Of course, this implies (though I already knew this) that even if a dream is seemingly of “one” implied environment (and not necessarily relevant to common bilocation experiences in dreams), there are unseen immediate phasing layers all around the dreamer. This is no surprise, I suppose, due to the fact that sound, imagery, and other features of the universe also phase in ways the public would refuse to believe even when shown. For example, when you invert one sound wave over another (polarity reversal) the second being originally the same as the first, all relevant sound completely ceases to exist. However, this is not a matter of “cancelling out” as some suggest. Why? Because if you insert something that slightly changes one of the waveforms into one channel, you will still detect that they both still simultaneously exist, just in a different inaudible form. This of course, is quite intriguing in what it suggests about the nature of dreaming and human thought itself.
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    4. Ghost Town

      by , 07-02-1978 at 11:58 AM
      Morning of July 2, 1978. Sunday.

      There were a few different versions of this dream (including a couple “resets” during the same sleeping period) which was likely influenced by the television series “Gunsmoke”. I make my way to an old, smaller (unknown) ghost town on my own. There is a skeleton hanging from an old noose that had never been taken down. I had understood the town to be “cursed”, yet it also has some sort of secret.

      It turns out that the town is some sort of portal to the past. As I am walking along, I see an upright oval portal (higher up) in another area that is looking into the past. It is a man (about thirty) who still seems to be alive (but dying) and hanging from the noose. The “vision” soon fades. The town had been “cursed” because of his wrongful death - by the tavern entrance being turned into an active portal and the people being “pawns” of time itself.

      Later on, when I walk through the batwing doors of an old tavern (wooden floor), I am transported into the past, into the time when the town was at its peak in population and prosperity. Someone is playing the song “There is a Tavern in the Town” on a newer (and properly tuned) piano.

      I talk to a few people, including the man who had been hanged. Apparently, he had been hanged for murder. However, he seems very friendly and claims he did not do it. Eventually, a knife is thrown into someone’s neck from behind, just as they are leaving the tavern, and the friendly man I know is blamed. I go in and out of the batwing doors and back to the same time portal entry point. The song “There is a Tavern in the Town” keeps repeating (a thin man in a dark purplish vest and a white shirt and with a mustache and smoking a smaller cigar - is playing it), as I do this a few times, so the scenes repeat. Finally, I am able to see who actually throws the knife (an older, chubbier man of about forty with a black beard and dressed in ragged clothes). Eventually, as the cycle repeats, I am able to warn the other person. The villain gets away, though, but promises to do harm at some point in the future.

      Soon, I am in my own time; there is an unserviced player piano (originally thought to be a ghost involved by some visitors) playing “There is a Tavern in the Town”, but it is very out of tune (or in an unfamiliar minor key) and playing very slowly (similar to a particular Johnny Bond recording I used to own in real life - not sure, but it may be from the “On the Wagon” narrative - have not heard it in many years). It seems that the town was eventually made into a tourist attraction for a short time, prior to it finally being abandoned.

      I see a very eerie in-dream vision of an empty noose swinging in the wind (it was the same noose that had originally been used to hang the innocent man but is now empty). I had saved the young man from the hanging. He comes out from the portal and thanks me, but then tells me that time may eventually reset itself and he may have to face the idea of “being hanged again” and he then returns to his own time. Still, the skeleton and noose are gone when I make my way home. The “resetting” may not occur in my lifetime.
    5. Gateway Accordion

      by , 12-05-1974 at 03:05 PM
      Morning of December 5, 1974. Thursday.

      I am in the Cubitis living room with my father. We are both sitting on chairs. There is an impossibly large accordion near the southwest area of the room, standing upright and slightly taller than a person. The bass section with the bellows is separated from the other part and revealing a sort of eerie “tunnel” or more like a hallway inside the bellows and implied gateway to “another world”. A glow comes from inside the “hallway” which seems longer on the inside than the outside as the bellows are not stretched out that much, probably only about a quarter of the length possible (relative to a real accordion). My father is not speaking. It is more like an unusual contemplation by both of us of this implied “portal”. Nothing else happens though my dream at this point is very vivid. I do not think about going into it or what could come out of it, I am just aware it is there.
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    6. "Terra Cotta"

      by , 11-30-1974 at 03:09 PM
      Morning of November 30, 1974. Sunday.

      I am wandering around in an unfamiliar area yet somehow am also aware it is part of my school. I find a large utility room, seemingly underground, which has a portal into another dimension in a west wall. This portal starts out as a very large, long square tunnel or metallic hall, somewhat like part of a huge ventilation system - yet large enough for a person to stand fully upright within. All of the sides; floor, ceiling, and walls; are like thin aluminum but not as pliant as would be the case in reality. Still, I make a sort of hollow clomping sound (with nuances somewhat like flexing roofing tin) as I walk through the silvery hall towards an unknown destination. At one point I notice a very large pipe with green sludge flowing out.

      After seemingly a fair amount of time turning down various identical passageways, I end up in another world, apparently an alien planet. The race of human-like beings are about seven feet tall on average and have striped purple and white skin in a zebra-like pattern. Their features remind me vaguely of a more detailed and “realistic” Doctor Seuss character (such as a hairless Grinch) as previous in-dream aliens have sometimes appeared, but still with that sense of cartoon-like unlikelihood in conscious afterthought.

      The dominant focus is of a giant beige-brown cobra (about six feet high when in striking position) that is known as “Terra Cotta”. It is originally kept in a cage of sorts by the “Zebra Men” but gets out shortly after I enter their world. It follows me back into my world (yet does not pose any direct threat at any time). Several friends and I plan to trap it back in its own world again, the main one being Charles D on his bicycle in one scene. There is some discussion of using it as a money-making endeavor with a carnival or some such, and also something about writing a book, but this does not clarify or continue.

      For some reason, “Terra Cotta” seems a very familiar titular form in-dream at one point, apparently via a false memory, of being the name of a well-known war movie; I think about Pearl Harbor. In real life, after my dream, I mentioned it to my best friend Toby T on the school bus and he apparently had a similar association.

      A partial influence of this dream may very loosely be based on the terra cotta warriors (also written as terracotta and terra-cotta) which I had not really known much about at this time. There is a terra cotta “monk with cobra” in Mianyang, China.
    7. The Old Shack (long-term precognition)

      by , 08-24-1970 at 12:22 PM
      Morning of August 24, 1970. Monday.

      This dream, I consider one of my most significant and “unexplainable” childhood dreams, as well as it being one of the longest of the time period. I called it “The Old Shack” in my original childhood journal. My dream’s back story started by three classmates and I (Tina L, Brenda W, and best friend Toby T) doing a real-life-based childish routine on the song “Sugar Shack” and pretending to mess up in timing, and going “whoops, it exploded… boom!” …“accidentally” (on purpose) flowing into the Nancy Sinatra song “Sugar Town”. School had gotten out June 5th this year.

      My dream featured a strange old (fictional) wooden building (a “sugar shack” I had supposed - but not really - one room had an old bed we all “slept” on which seemed to be oriented from the middle of the south wall) where one room on the north end of the main room seemed sort of “burned” or dark, with very loose and missing floorboards as well as missing wall and ceiling parts - and appeared in different ways at different times (in terms of age). The only other feature in this shack of note are ragged curtains with only about fifty percent of the cloth left. There was a strong emotional focus on my dream at the time, but I did not know why. My dream also had typically recurring elements. The juvenile (in this case) “four in a bed” concept likely but innocently could have been inspired by promos (or newspaper theater advertisements) for “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”, though I had no idea what the movie related to other than from the Mad Magazine parody us four read in real life (and of course did not really find that amusing - and it certainly did not encourage us into looking forward to being “idiotic” adults, though I usually enjoyed most features in Mad Magazine), though I do not know the day it was bought - the cover date says September 1970, but it likely was available in June 1970 or earlier. The hair color (three dark, one blonde) matched, and I had a brother-in-law named Bob and a sister (not Bob’s wife) named Carol.

      In my dream, a normal rabbit (possibly modeled after my mother’s pet rabbit Cindy, though it seemed wild in my dream) had gone through the doorway that led in and out of the unusual room (though the floor did not seem strong enough or complete enough to walk on or even to actually enter the room). Later, it was a giant rabbit (bigger than a horse), but was not dangerous in any way. There is also a part where a snake grows larger but does not threaten us - though we do see it crawl past the open front door (on the east side of the building - the back door being on the west side), being about half the height of the doorway and this concerns Tina. At one point (when events are getting to a point where we need to leave), she says (in her “fake” British accent) “…but what about the rabbit?”

      Tina had placed a sparrow with a broken wing through the doorway at one point, and it had begun to grow larger. It eventually becomes a pterodactyl after flying over the shack and she seems a bit concerned about what she did. She also puts an old wilted bouquet of flowers (from the southwest dusty corner of the large room) through the doorway and the blooms become fresh. I am not sure how the room works at any point. Does it move through time (thus causing other things to change), or just make things bigger at times? I can understand how the sparrow became a pterodactyl if prehistoric “throwbacks” (as well as futuristic ones) are implied with time shifting, but that does not explain why the rabbit (and snake) - as well as my thumb near the last scene - just became larger.

      My friend Toby (who is wearing a cheap wristwatch) sticks his hand through the doorway to “test” it somehow (based on curiosity about how other things that had happened - such as the restoration of part of the torn curtain to becoming complete and like new) and ends up with a changed watch that is complex and computerized - there even seems to be a miniature slot machine video game on it (before I ever saw or heard of computer games as such). In real life, years later, such things actually existed as seen in my dream years before, which I found quite interesting.

      Near the final scenario, I had placed my right hand through the doorway and my thumb cramped up in great pain and grew nearly twice as large (I do not typically experience this level of pain in a dream).

      My dream had ended by me trying to reach an apparently known “portal” after running out the back door (though I am not sure what influenced this - possibly a “Star Trek” episode) and across a mostly featureless large grassy field, around the same time that the reddish pterodactyl (that had transformed from the sparrow) made a shadow on the ground near me as I was running (and I assume that it was ready to attack me) and I just made it through the old isolated trellis which was being used as an arched gate as part of a broken fence - which was supposedly the “portal” from my dream into reality (and probably the “cure” for whatever the room in the shack had changed) - though I am beginning to only become slightly lucid at this point (the situation nearly identical in mood and physical awareness to the event in the “Dogpile” dream of 1972 where I leaped through the front door of my Cubitis home) as I saw the pterodactyl become a sparrow again, and fall to the ground just after crossing above the supposed “portal”. (The pterodactyl shadow is likely a replay of a real-life event concerning a buzzard flying over me, of which numerous dreams were influenced by.)

      The outcome:

      Exactly six years later in real life (August 24, 1976)…I was in the hospital, my right thumb enlarged to nearly twice the size (exactly as in my dream) due to a completely unexpected medical condition, caused by an unexplainable series of four (and a half) cysts, all the same size except for the new one just starting, which all apparently had embryonic properties as if my body suddenly decided to grow a few other siblings from my thumb (though this followed other dreams which were also precognitive to this event). There was not the slightest indication of this until the summer vacation of 1976 when I first noticed the first one growing (with no hints or known causes beforehand), but did not get it checked out until there were four in a row, and by that time, a fifth had started closer to my wrist.

      The CBS late movie that was playing the night prior to the morning of my operation was “Night of the Lepus” from 1972 - about giant rabbits of the same size orientation as the one from my dream. There is more, but the detail is minor compared to the significance of the two main synchronous links.

      Though this pales in comparison to nearly endless unexplainable “mystery girl” associations and numerous other mysteries (including my present knowledge of fractals in the language and certain types of patterns), I still find this one interesting, all in all, relative to the main reason I started paying attention to my dreams when very young and why I started dream journalism in the first place - because no adult could be honest or tell me how dreams continuously “echoed” into reality, often with precise visual detail of something not seen (or even existing) until later. There is no excuse for such ignorance or denial (or replacing personal experience with incompatible religious beliefs) - as each person has a will to make a life for himself - and to validate his own understanding successfully.

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