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    1. Historical Gems

      by , 12-10-2017 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of December 10, 2017. Sunday.

      Dream Series: The Experience of Prescience, the Inexplicable Dream State Phenomenon. Part 8

      I find myself in an unknown setting, apparently participating in some sort of treasure hunt, though relating to the backstory, we are already in the area where the treasure is. Curiously, my mother-in-law is present without any association with conflict. Zsuzsanna and our children are also present as well as at least one unknown male.

      There is some sort of movie, though more like a slideshow, shown near one of the areas where treasure is stored. It is apparently of Vasco da Gama, though there are several other explorers and natives in very unusual outfits, each unique. One native has some sort of fancy oval and horizontally-striped shield over the front of his body, yet the imagery is rather sketchy and surreal.

      Over time, I marvel at the beauty of the various stones we find. They are divided into particular kinds, piled into kitchen cabinets, both at floor level and three-tiers from the ceiling. I do not yet see this as odd even though it is implied to be some sort of cave that has not been known of or explored since the 1500s.

      The cabinets are along two walls that meet. I find a group of blue and white stones that are presumably called “ice”. I find a bag on a shelf above these stones that reads “ice”. I am somewhat puzzled by the name, though only with a vague recall of ice being frozen water.

      At this point, I finally start to realize the error of my dream’s implications. I tell the others that this place could not have existed in the 1500s as the cabinets all look new and the design is modern. I find an unknown plastic object in the cabinet where the transparent bag that says “ice” on it is found. I say, “This could not be from the 1500s”. It is circular, possibly a piece of a sieve. I then say, “These are like kitchen cabinets. They could not have been made that long ago.”

      It seems more like the large kitchen of an unfamiliar house.

      I do not really see the point, but this dream turned out to be precisely precognitive as many dreams are relating to a specific thread with too much visual detail to be coincidence. Zsuzsanna’s sister had brought a bag of ice around today, identical to that of my dream (of a kind I had never seen before otherwise), and with no way of either of us expecting this. In fact, the very idea of this would have been otherwise absurd, especially as our freezer is nearly too full to even hold it. Some precognition is more so because of telepathy (for lack of a better word), but I have wondered since childhood about the specific nature and patterns that are more likely to be “sent”. Still, it is the most unusual and unlikely events that have more of a precognitive presence in my dreams.

    2. Precognitive Disney World “Visitor”

      by , 05-20-1973 at 11:20 AM
      Morning of May 20, 1973. Sunday.

      I am in the Cubitis living room seemingly late at night. I am aware that there may be someone on the carport. Unlike a number of other dreams, I am not wary about answering the door this late at night.

      Going near the door, it seems to open on its own. Looking out into the semidarkness, I see an unusual man who looks more like an artificial form, somewhat cartoon-like but also like a statue. He is holding some sort of lantern with his right hand, at about head level. To his left is an unusual unmoving dog, also which looks like a statue or artificial structure of some kind. I continue to gaze at the sight, the forms not moving but holding a comedic essence.

      When I went to Disney World later on in real life, taken by my sister Marilyn and her husband, a completely unexpected event, imagine my surprise when we went on the Haunted Mansion ride and this imagery was identical to what was seen on part of the ride. I had certainly never seen it before (other than in my dream) and I had never been to Disney World before. In fact, I told a random classmate that I was “going to Disney World” that summer even though I “knew” I was not (and I had said nothing like this to anyone else). How was I to know that my relatives would just happen to come down from Wisconsin and that my brother-in-law would just happen to ask me one morning if I “wanted to go to Disney World”?