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    1. To Serve the Preconscious

      by , 06-30-2017 at 12:30 PM
      Morning of June 30, 2017. Friday.

      I enter a prolonged dream state and remain mostly in instinctual dreaming depending on the situation. The same characters are consistent throughout for the most part. In normal lucidity, a dream can be taken full control of and vivified with the current conscious self identity. Creation and control is also predominant in instinctual dreaming, except there is no association with dreams or knowing or remembering what a dream even is and there is usually no current conscious self identity present. The nature of non-lucid dream control varies from faithful pretense in scenarios to passive expectation in how the dream is rendered and changed.

      In the beginning, I am with a group of unknown males, mostly in their thirties. We are trying not to be discovered by another group of males. At one point, we go into a small ramshackle building that seems like a barn (play on Barnum?) with missing external walls on at least one side. There are at least four rooms, but the layout is much like oversized public bathroom stalls. I go into one to attempt to stay out of sight and others go into other rooms. There are small piles of old wooden planks and gaps in some of the walls. Eventually, the other group knows where I am.

      The leader of the other group reminds me of P. T. Barnum. He discovers that I have telekinetic ability and wants me to work for him. This happens after several attempts to kill me. In one scene, an unknown male dressed in a ballet outfit shoots an arrow at me from about twelve feet away. I mentally cause the arrow to turn in flight and it goes back to him, hitting him in the chest, though I am not sure if he is fatally wounded. If I do not work for the leader of these men, he will continue to hunt me even though, over time, I defeat most of his team.

      Prior to the last scene, when it seems to be late morning, he tells me that he could really use me and seems friendlier. It seems he has no men left on his team. Curiously, it turns out that he wants me to clean the entire planet, rid the world of pollution and make it neater and more in order. He sits at a picnic table. My answer is still “no”, but I play around with my telekinetic abilities through various scenes. In one, I make scraps of paper on the top of a picnic table hover and come together in one pile. I see disordered towels, which belong to him. I cause the towels to become neatly folded on the picnic table’s top. He seems very passive at this point.

      As he watches me, I look out at the ocean. I see at least two sailboats and tell him to watch what I am going to do. I cause one to rise in the air as a man falls out into the water. The sailboat, while hovering above the water, bumps the other one, causing it to tip, though no one seems hurt. From here, my dream fades.

      The sailboat coming up out of the water (“rising from sleep / water”; the sails relating to bed sheets as a continuation of the folding towels association in making a bed after waking) is yet another version of waking symbolism involving water lowering or not being present where it would be expected (and water itself is dream state induction and symbolizes the essence of sleep). The last event is also akin to a flight symbol, a very common, over one in five of my dreams, precursor related to subliminal anticipation of a hypnopompic “fall” upon waking, including airplanes, birds, UFOs, the dream self falling, rising, or flying, and many other common forms. Still, many people seem to believe in certain forms of “dream interpretation” as a consequence of the Barnum effect.

      Barnum is a great personification of the preconscious and the emergent consciousness transmutation in the last scene. This likely comes from having to endure a few fake “dream interpretations” (though only recently on sites I do not post on as much as the main dream journal site and tumblr) even after explaining that I have no interest in second-hand “interpretation” from people who have no understanding of basic dream types or know anything at all about my life to this point (which makes second-hand “interpretation” even more ridiculous and offensive to an experienced dream journalist), me already explaining dynamics of my dreams at least in part, the “interpreter” (often of whom shows no sign of consistently remembering their own dreams) pretending negative context where none exists (though revealing their own life and mentality rather than mine of course - which is in fact what second-hand “interpretation” actually is, not a viable statement for the dreamer regardless of their typical politeness and willing submission to the Barnum syndrome).

      Stopping the arrow in flight and sending it back was a curious way to stop the waking mechanism without lucidly knowing this as my dream self. If it had reached me, it would have triggered the typical hypnopompic jolt (such as my lower back spasm sometimes triggered by the bird beak symbol or other flight-related symbols). However, this mechanism sometimes does not complete when certain levels of awareness are focused on it, though I still consider it a “chicken or egg” puzzle as to the causal factor.

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