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    1. Filming with a Television Personality

      by , 12-03-2019 at 10:15 AM
      Morning of December 3, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,342-02. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      My dream begins with the instinctual anticipation of wall mediation, the usual maneuvering between dream space and waking space. There is no imaginary proprioception as cognitive arousal dominates my transition in this case. I sit on a bed in an unknown location without my waking-life identity. I read details in a newspaper for two television shows. I am to participate in the filming of a new series that involves a casual conversation with a celebrity. The “gatekeeper” (personified preconscious) between dream space and waking space is an unfamiliar Australian actor.

      I stand up when I see the word “EXCITE” flashing in midair (an instinctual association with cortical arousal). Even though I am in an indoor setting, the whole wall is open directly to the street, and an oncoming jeep is carrying the actor to my location. The preconscious simulacrum is a passive rendering. He sits on the bed as we talk about the conditions of his environment. “What is it like to live in such a hot, dry climate,” I ask him - as if I live in a different region. He talks about himself and his status. At this point, I notice a big cardboard box near the bed (compartmentalization of the process) that contains outdoor features such as grass, rocks, and small shrubs. There is also a seemingly tame Australian possum running around in the box. This feature is meant to induce recall of my waking life, as Zsuzsanna had a pet possum while we were writing to each other, but the heat (in real life) makes cortical arousal sluggish. Instead, I ask the man if all possums are as tame as this one. He answers in the negative. He seems slightly impatient.

      The processing changes back to cognitive. The simulacrum subsides for a time. I read about the actor in his fictitious television series from years previously, though the preconscious process heightens to the imaginary inference of intrusion. I read the name of the show as “Bryant’s Bandits” (typical redundant dream state phonetics like “Tony Karoni” from years ago).

      I instinctually try to reinduce my dream with water reinduction as virtual melatonin mediation. I teleport to a big lake. The actor is seemingly filming a new episode of “Bryant’s Bandits,” which is about men on a submarine with him as the captain, though they are not criminals but military. He stands atop the submarine while his men stand on the shore. The sleep-wake mediation becomes preconsciously authoritative, so I let myself wake into another hot day.

    2. A Library Visit and a Long Walk Back

      by , 07-17-2019 at 08:13 AM
      Morning of July 17, 2019. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 19,203-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      My dream begins with the usual water induction but which transitions into a non-lucid experience of my dream self being incorporeal and hovering above a big public pool that uses advanced technology to simulate ocean life, though only by causing splashes and movement of the water. There is no one around, even though the machinery is active.

      Eventually, I am corporeal and seated in a library while subliminally trying to increase my awareness by reading or attempting to read (a habit of instinctual dreaming since childhood). It is more like a classroom, as there are what seem to be school desks in the big room.

      Without getting up, I pick up a book on computer technology from an unknown male’s desk that faces mine, but upon riffling through the pages, I see that it is outdated by many years. I am unsure why he had it on his desk, but I put it back without saying anything.

      I turn around to see shelves on one wall to my right that feature many packages of unassembled cardboard spaceship pieces that are in transparent plastic wrapping, most related to the “Star Trek” franchise. This rendering stems from subliminal thoughts of vestibular system correlation, the most common dreaming process. As a result of the change in focus, I realize that I have been absent from my home for hours and should probably return.

      I walk, seemingly for a long time, though the setting and location are fictitious, yet my immediate new false memories dictate my imaginary journey. I walk through a long hall where there are no other people at first. (I more often fly around at this stage of a dream.) Eventually, I maintain a strange deliberate slow-motion jog that seems perfect and propels me higher from the floor than would be possible in reality. However, an unknown boy (preconscious simulacrum that is usually rendered to be the personified waking process) starts to make fun of my activity. I curse at him relentlessly, and he leaves through what appear to be the French doors of a business.

      I am in an unknown neighborhood with many dense bushes and low-hanging branches adjacent to the sidewalk. With instinctual dream control, I indulge in water reinduction (virtual melatonin mediation) to vivify and sustain my dream.

      I phase through any overgrown plants when needed as I effortlessly make my progress down the sidewalk. I enjoy the refreshing cooling raindrops on my skin as some of the water additionally streams from the branches above.

      I consider where my house is, but the area is fictitious. Despite this, a subliminal dream state awareness creates a false recall that my house is across the street from a store that sells mattresses and bedding. I see the word “sleep” on a big sign.

      I approach the corner apartment building where my family supposedly lives. Through the window, I see our youngest daughter get up from a chair and go to another part of the room. I am glad to be back home.

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    3. Technology and Yellow Pennant Flags

      by , 06-18-2019 at 12:18 PM
      Morning of June 18, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,174-02. Reading time: 36 sec.

      While in subliminal to emerging liminal mode, I engage in the imaginary pursuit of attempting to discern technology, including text, as a factor of cognitive arousal. I look at my computer in an undefined location. I have the idea to search for the most common words and imagery on the Internet.

      Following a complete search with an unknown program, I see the most common image is one of two types of yellow pennant flags. One appears as a regular triangular form pointing down, and the other has a comma-like curve to the left. They are about the size of avatars, in random order.

      My dream includes three emergent factors. Yellow stands out when returning to consciousness. Flags represent confirmation of territory (in this case, upper liminal space). My use of technology comes about when I try to heighten my awareness while in the dream state (the same as trying to read).

    4. Their Usual Senseless Comments

      by , 12-31-2018 at 11:18 AM
      Morning of December 31, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 19,005-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      There are threads of my conscious self identity present in my otherwise subliminal state, but only those which include a partial recall of my usage of the Internet for my online dream journal. [dream-related theme in a dream]

      The location is undefined and unknown (to my conscious self), though implied to be where I am currently living. The website that includes my dream journal is unlike any in waking life. There are three main panels, two vertical ones at the top and a horizontal one across the bottom. Its color scheme is mostly cyan and blue.

      I discover at least three comments on my dream journal entries of which are about a year old. Dream journal entries appear in the right panel and comments are in the left. The bottom panel is for website navigation. Each comment is about three short paragraphs in length and from an unknown person. Each comment is asinine and stemming from the usual misconceptions about dreams that plague people and this society as a whole. [reading to increase dream state awareness]

      One comment relates to natural melatonin mediation (as water induction and reinduction), which is also a factor of ultradian rhythm dynamics. However, the gist of the comment is asinine and ill-conceived. The other comments are relevant to so-called lucid dreaming but are erroneous in their assumptions. I will probably not reply to the comments. I am considering deletion without reading it all as all three commentators sound oblivious to the content of my journal. (The monothematic delusion and motivated reasoning of people who pretend to understand the “meaning” of dreams have been of zero interest to me since childhood because of my lifelong knowledge of the legitimate causes of induction, dreaming, and waking processes.)

      In my focus on the fictitious website, my dream changes into the recurring “paper technology” mode. The site now consists of sheets of A4 paper. I turn them as loose pages, being slightly puzzled as to what order they will preserve.

      The recurring distortion of “paper technology” has begun to interest me more over the years even though it is solely a factor of the dream state (as much dream content is). There are probable explanations for this anomaly, though there is also a certain level of ambiguity depending on my dream self mode and how much of my conscious self identity is extant.

      Electricity and technology are autosymbolism for the mind in the subception of REM sleep, analogous to neuronal energy and thinking processes (which are otherwise absent in the subliminal dream self mode). I developed reading in dreams in childhood to deliberately maintain focus on the dream state (which I learned from my mother and her acknowledgment of how text in dreams often changes or transforms into random letters).

      As with other induction, dreaming, and waking processes, it is not always preconsciously or interconsciously personified (other than in the last dream of a sleep cycle). “Paper technology” is probably only a factor of absence of wakefulness as with many dream state factors.

    5. A Cryptic Newspaper Headline

      by , 12-17-2018 at 09:24 AM
      Morning of December 17, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,991-04. Reading time: 1 min 22 sec. Readability score: 72.

      I am at a distorted variation of the Loomis Street house in late morning, in the living room. There is an unknown dark-haired female present of whom is likely meant to represent Zsuzsanna, as my conscious self identity is not extant. Mostly, I look at a newspaper. There are details about the Green Bay Packers, including random letters that supposedly relate to the status of their wins and losses. (I do not follow sports in real life.)

      I get into a conversation about the Green Bay Packers regarding their status. I inform the unknown girl when she asks about the football team that they are presently an “A.” After a short time, I am uncertain of this even though I had read about it. I look again at the newspaper. The headlines display “M, O, N, U.” I then tell the girl that they are a “U.”

      Reading is one of my most common activities in dreams, though sometimes unstable, such as letters or words changing, though this dream was stable. Since childhood, I have used it as a way to hone thinking skills and awareness while dreaming. However, the results have been surprising. Reading and discerning, as in this dream, seems to take priority over conscious self recall. That is, I can see the writing and read it, though I have no waking life memory of my current conscious self. I know of the Green Bay Packers, but do not recall I live in Australia or that I had not been to the Loomis Street house in over 20 years. That is how incredibly skewed and faulty dreams are.

      Still, there is something to learn here. The avatar seems to be the interconsciousness rather than the preconscious (as the simulacrum was not domineering as the preconscious typically is). I say that the team is “U.” So, I may be calling the transpersonal avatar “you.” The form would exist between man and mind. M, O, N, (mon or man), U, and the missing part is “mental,” as dreaming is within the mind. Monumental.

    6. Not Quite Forgery

      by , 06-23-2018 at 10:34 AM
      Morning of June 20, 2018. Wednesday.

      I am in an unfamiliar residence of which is implied to be our present home. A few members of my family had been looking through old letters and postcards. Although I read some of them, I only recall the writing on the last postcard I read, which is a mix of printed letters and handwriting.

      The message reads, “I am looking forward to that time when we will be able to determine whether or not we are in Bedlam”.

      The letter B of “Bedlam” is in fancy cursive and in uppercase. It has two extra curved lines that sweep back from the top and bottom.

      For some reason, I practice copying that person’s writing. I am not sure who had written or sent the postcard. Our oldest daughter seems both amused and amazed at my talent in copying the other person’s writing almost exactly. Music is playing from seemingly nowhere, of which I do not consider as being unusual.

      I cheerfully say, “Do you know how hard it is to make that kind of a ‘B’?”

      It does not take much intelligence to see the dream state indicator of which is “Bed” of “Bedlam”. This is a lucid trigger that did not activate and is a reference to determining whether one is asleep in bed. (I have experienced many such dreams over the years.) Louder and clearer music “from nowhere” near the end of a dream is common. It sometimes seems analogous to the ending theme of a movie.

    7. Synergism in Liminal Space

      by , 02-23-2018 at 08:36 AM
      Morning of February 23, 2018. Friday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am sitting on the floor of the Gellibrand Street apartment’s porch. (We have not lived there in years.) I am looking through and reading some coupons relating to free offers. By writing down four letters which appear on the coupon, KLRS, and then the next letter after each, underneath, LMST, it somehow causes a package to be immediately sent to our front door, though I do not open it as I focus on the unusual nature of this puzzling technology. I begin to ponder on how the company would know what I wrote in a notebook in my own home.

      I later write LMPR, and MNQS underneath. (Throughout my dream, I clearly read and write uppercase letters which remain the same, which is atypical of the dream state, as writing typically changes in many dreams when looking back at it again.) A handwritten message appears above the letters relating to the activation of a special offer. Similar events occur a few more times.

      I begin to wonder more about how this is possible. The setting changes (without my dream self paying much attention) to an unfamiliar location. It is a large room with a table. Dennis (an older half-brother on my mother’s side ) is present. (I have not seen him in real life since 1994.)

      I tell Dennis about the companies and clubs that somehow cause handwritten messages to appear in my notebook. I look through my notebook and, for a time, cannot find the evidence, though I eventually do and show him. One message is on what looks like black embossing tape with white letters. It easily comes off the page. Dennis is curious, but I consider he may not be convinced of this inexplicable technology.

      “Watch this,” I tell him. Instead of getting a code from a coupon, I make up a sequence. I write NOPQ, but decide to change it to LMNR, as I consider the code would probably not have four letters in a row in alphabetical order as such, even though they are otherwise in an alphabetical sequence. I then write MNOS underneath. A handwritten message appears out of nowhere that displays something like, “Thank you for activating your membership.” I use NORS, OPST underneath, and a similar message appears. I ask Dennis, “How are they doing this?” He does not reply. I use MNOS a few times (with NOPT), each time on a different page, and the same message appears above what I had written, relating to benefits of membership activation, though I eventually get, “You have already activated your membership. Thanks for your participation.”

      I start to consider that there may be hidden cameras everywhere. This seems to “explain” it, though I forget about the unlikelihood of writing appearing on paper from no discernible source.

      I write MNOS again and NOPT underneath. A large moving image of a Doberman Pinscher’s head appears on the wall. It is as if a film is being shown; the aspect ratio is square. The dog is apparently barking, but there is no sound. I perceive this as some sort of function to express a warning about repeatedly using the same code to activate something that had already been activated. There is no sense of threat at any time or any genuine wariness. In fact, I find it somewhat amusing even if it is inexplicable.

      Again, I ask Dennis, “How are they doing this?” There is now also an unfamiliar male in the room who I do not see as an imposer or related to the inexplicable events. I consider that he may be puzzled as well.

      Dreams are mainly ascending reticular activating system mediation (and modulation when the dream self by way of subliminal conscious self intent attempts to remain asleep) between transient dream self and whole conscious self identity, primarily being autosymbolism for consciousness reascension while subliminally exploring the dream state. Why so many people completely ignore this truth in favor of asinine pretense (often focusing on negative dynamics even where there are none) has baffled me since childhood. My development since early childhood, in understanding the dream state (and dismissing the tripe of books on the “meanings” of dreams while even marrying my literal “dream girl” in real life), has resulted in an extraordinary virtuous circle effect as seen in this dream, even though my dream self remains puzzled about the communication from my conscious self. Yes, that is what is happening. My conscious self is sending threads of communication (by way of the ECF, emergent consciousness factor, in RAS mediation) to my dream self to enhance skills which typically do not exist in the dream state (though some asinine individuals make the ridiculous claim that one cannot read in the dream state at all). It has nothing to do with “messages from the subconscious”, as my dream self IS the subconscious (and the subconscious is a dynamic band that has no viable temporality or consistent intelligence). Aside from that, only the conscious self has viable reasoning skills, including coherent perception of the written language, and yet here, my dream self maintains (again through the virtuous circle effect of having devoted much of my life to dream state study and enhancement of the dream state) some extent of control and feasible discernment regardless of not being viably lucid.

      The dog in the final scene represents the obedience factor (as I have explained in my journal many times before) as well as this dream’s WAF (waking alert factor) by way of my subliminal attempt to sustain the dream state. The wall is a liminal space divider between dream self and conscious self identity. The (transpersonal) preconscious personification (the unfamiliar male in the room) remains passive in my dream self’s subliminal activity until I wake.

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    8. Floating

      by , 12-28-2017 at 06:28 PM
      Morning of December 28, 2017. Thursday.

      I stand before a brick wall with variegated brick colors. The glowing word “FLOATING” (in uppercase, with white letters) appears hovering in the air a couple inches in front of the wall at about face level. That is, each letter of the word itself is floating in the air (and has a neon essence) and I consider that is what the meaning of this feature is (as if associated with a “Sesame Street” short). I am non-lucid, so I fail to recognize the usual vestibular system symbolism, which directly symbolizes being in the dream state. The wall symbolizes the division between the non-lucid fictional dream self identity and the conscious self identity in waking life, though also metaphorically serves as the division between lucidity and non-lucidity while in the dream state.

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    9. The Roof Factor

      by , 12-20-2017 at 06:20 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am writing a booklet in my dream about a factor which has remained consistent since early childhood. It is called “The Roof Factor.” I am not lucid. In reality, I had thought about writing an entry on the concept. I focus on dreams about open ceilings and roof repair.

      Before I was nine years old, I came to understand some dream features signified the level of consciousness. I noticed dreams featuring open ceilings were more likely to occur in a certain level of awareness, in a particular part of the sleep cycle, when my conscious self identity was present to a greater extent than in other dreams (more than when such as a porch is rendered to represent the waking space). Most open ceiling dreams feature my current address and most often have more common dream state indicators. (Most of my non-lucid dreams have less conscious self connections and distort in anachronistic composites of various places I have lived in the past). It validates a ceiling or roof as representing a specific level of consciousness in a similar way as a wall or fence in relating to liminal space division, though with viable threads of conscious self identity. That is even more so with dream state indicators such as beds in being potential exit points or focal points of emerging consciousness factors. (I do not typify a ceiling or roof as a dream state indicator, as it does not directly relate to bedrooms or beds).

      I do a lot of writing and reading in my dream, going back over at least a dozen dreams with the roof factor. Eventually, I wake to feel vaguely annoyed at having “lost” all my writing. Experiencing a long dream while writing about them while not aware that I was dreaming was amusing and ironic.

      There were more dream references here than in other dreams in recent memory. They had an interesting connection with the replacement of our roof in real life after the storm had torn it off over a month ago, which was the scariest event in our lives.

      Readability score: 61.

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    10. Pat Fixing our Roof

      by , 12-11-2017 at 06:11 PM
      Morning of December 11, 2017. Monday.

      Thinking about our house actually having a roof again after over a month of this nonsense (since the storm tore it off), naturally some dream content would have an association with it, that is, in cases where my current conscious self identity is extant in an incidentally non-lucid dream. Because the personified dream self has no concept of time or space, or any semblance of intelligence or viable memory in non-lucid dreams of most stages of unconsciousness in the sleeping cycle, it is not automatically expected as a factor though. Curiously though, there were dreams about the roof repair and our landlord involved in it a few times prior to the real-life event (the storm that tore our roof off), so that is the literal prescience at work again.

      My foreman from years ago (Patrick S, who shot himself, and by which I had a prescient dream of his saying “goodbye” on the same day with no way of me knowing he would do this, as I had not seen him for months as it was) takes the role of our landlord without my dream self really noticing it.

      I am sitting on a beam above our ceiling, the area far more expansive than in reality. I am reading a paperback book. Above me is a solid roof, so my dream is illogical in implying a new roof is being built below it. Instead, on a different beam several feet away, is Patrick. He is nailing a small piece of tin in a vertical position aligned to what is then a wooden walkway. I feel somewhat aggravated (though not enough to trigger RAS and the waking event), as this seems to have nothing to do with the actual roof over our house, at least not the main sections.

      I somehow teleport to the area and he hands me a hammer and asks me to help him. One corner of the tin seems problematic, apparently with too many nail holes that have torn the tin, to be feasible to be nailed where it needs to be aligned. My dream distorts and then I am to get a ladder and go up to where I already am, which of course makes no sense. As I then attempt to climb the ladder to where I had already been moments before, the ladder is now actually a distorted composite of ladder, staircase, and bookcase (not the first time this specific feature has occurred in a dream). From here, I start to realize that the symbolism means I am dreaming and consequently (without holding back on RAS mediation or mode) soon wake.

      Although staircases symbolize the return to waking consciousness (when going up; as going down typically vivifies a dream, sometimes triggering apex lucidity, at least in my case, where I then have full conscious self control of the dream state), ladders do as well, though staircases are more common as such due to being far more of a familiar factor in waking life (which sounds strange I suppose, as dreams are otherwise so inherently surreal, often having little or no relevance to real life). The composite synthesis of the bookshelf factor (note I was reading prior to my teleportation to Patrick’s location) is parallel symbolism that validates the meaning of the staircase symbolism. That is, both represent the emergent consciousness stage of RAS mediation. This is because only the whole conscious self has thinking skills and basic language skills with such as books.

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    11. “Return of the Fairy Tale”, Reading Letters in Clayfield

      by , 01-05-2017 at 07:58 AM
      Morning of January 5, 2017. Thursday.

      My wife and family and I are living back on Gellibrand Street in Clayfield. When the mail goes, there are several items. I firstly focus on a large package.

      The package turns out to contain a book we did not order or expect to get, possibly because of being members of a book-of-the-month club. It is a very large and thick book with shiny gilded pages with the title of “Return of the Fairy Tale”. It seemingly includes fairy tales as well as poems and folk tales. I read one poem as our youngest daughter listens (though I cannot recall its content). I am not sure if we should keep the book as I seem to remember that Zsuzsanna has an older edition of the same book. We look for it and it is found near the bottom of her wardrobe. I ask her if we should keep the new edition we just received and it seems that we will. The older edition has a slightly different cover but is about the same size.

      After this, I go onto our porch to look at our other mail. There are two postcards from Margaret. In one, she starts off by talking about seeing her “pale face” looking back at her (from a mirror I assume). She writes that she is sorry to hear about my sister (Marilyn).

      Apparently, I had also written to a man in India of whom I had not written to in over twenty years. I had asked him about his address (which makes no sense because if I did not know his address he likely would not have gotten my letter). On his postcard, in somewhat sloppy handwriting, he only writes:

      “I do not remember my other address. I would like a comfy.”

      I am not sure what he means by “comfy”; if he means a footrest or some sort of apparel. (In real life years ago he had asked me to send him auto repair books and I did not have any.)

      I also notice a couple loose letters which are older love letters from Zsuzsanna though I am puzzled as to why they are with the recent mail. One letter includes a couple drawings. I had been sitting on the left end of the couch on the porch (liminal space) during this last segment.

      • The fifteen rupee tiger stamp is a sublimated coalescence prompt (as a tiger can swallow the dream self back into full consciousness) and additionally, mail usually symbolizes communication between the dream self and either the conscious self identity or the collective unconscious. Even so, and even containing the same dreaming and waking metaphors (and overall meaning) since earliest childhood, this dream’s rendering is unique.
      • Regardless of the nature of the book, a book usually links to conscious self identity (and critical thinking skills that are not wholly feasible in non-lucid dreams). Gilded pages relate to dawning awareness and sentience (as sunbeams coming in through a bedroom window).
      • The other book being in the wardrobe is a dream sign, as Zsuzsanna gets clothes from her wardrobe shortly after waking.
      • Most dreams, when waking prompts are not more direct or jolting, are to subliminally inform the dreamer to wake as in this case. This same “call to waking” (waking transition with waking metaphors) can be seen in tens of thousands of my dreams documented and studied over fifty years, and in very specific layered (redundant) ways (and often “no-brainers” that I easily grasped as a child).
      • Even “comfy” can be considered a dream sign, as it can refer to pillows and being in bed.
      • Even the line about not remembering the other address is a direct reference to the amnesic nature of the personified subconscious (dream self).

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    12. Ferris Wheel Robot Car Cruncher

      by , 11-17-2015 at 05:17 PM
      Morning of November 17, 2015. Tuesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I appear to be living back on Barolin Street but it has more of a rural feel. At one point, I go outside and it seems to be early evening, during sunset. Some sort of unexpected large movement takes place to my right (though in the distance) and there is mild anticipation over something unusual about to be seen. Something soon comes into view from between a couple houses on our side of the street. It looks like a detached Ferris wheel rolling slowly across the street and away from our neighborhood. I can make out its silhouette against the dark blue sky as it rolls towards the horizon.

      Later, my wife and children are outside. Curiously, there is a couch on the front lawn facing the street but at an angle towards where the rolling Ferris wheel was last seen. Zsuzsanna and our two youngest sons seem curious about what I saw and are seated there in expectation. Perhaps it will happen again.

      Meanwhile, I am looking through a magazine which has various articles about guitar music and rock musicians as well as at least one article about fishing (kind of a strange mix). We will be eating fish (either lutefisk or sushi, neither of which I have ever eaten in real life), which is in a cheap plastic salad container of the overpriced kind sold in grocery stores. However, I have an additional set of at least three smaller plastic salad containers, also containing some type of fish salad, that somehow came out of the magazine. I am not sure if they are fresh, as the magazine’s date is unknown, and I remain uncertain about eating anything.

      There are a few photographs related to fishing. One photograph shows a man fishing from a small boat. Somehow, the fishing line from the photograph is eventually hanging out of the magazine and gets caught up in features of other photographs and even the guitar strings in a photograph of a male rock musician performing (playing electric guitar) on stage. I pull on it a bit and try to work out what other pages or photographs it is connected to. It is in somewhat of a tangle across a few pages.

      Eventually, the Ferris wheel (or a different one, as it comes from the same area and I do not recall the original event showing it rolling back to where it was), comes out in the same way as before. This time though, it stops and leans in our direction - though it is about a block away and not really threatening should it fall. It somehow transforms into a giant robot and picks up a white truck, crushing it and dropping it to the ground. I am worried about flying debris (even though it is not that close to us), so I get my family to go inside the house. Otherwise, the giant robot does not leave that area. It appears to simply be junkyard activity at this point, though the walking anthropomorphic car compactor is a rather fancy feature.

      There is another dream event, somewhat distorted and viewed from space, where an asteroid comes down into the ocean, causing a huge tidal wave that goes around the planet and covers most of the land on every continent. There is seemingly at least one “reset” where I “make sure” it goes all the way around to cover the United States evenly (though I am aware I had been living in Australia, which is the first to be covered). There is no fear or even much concern, just an odd emotion I cannot quite describe, with a slight giddiness, though not unpleasant. This is probably some sort of waking metaphor event; for example, destroying or “covering up” the dream state.

    13. Distorted Meandering and Media Manipulation

      by , 09-11-2015 at 09:18 AM
      Morning of September 11, 2015. Friday.

      The intersection setting has been more recurring of late, though I am not certain as to why. I suppose it could relate to a metaphorical “crossroads” in regard to trying to solve certain mysteries through extensive research and not really making as much progress as I would like (though I have achieved some amazing new breakthroughs). On the other hand, it could simply be an in-dream metaphor for the choice of remaining either at apex lucidity or choosing to become passive. Although this dream is lucid, it becomes quite distorted, as I mostly remain passive in order to observe, especially things like writing, though which I cannot fully read at any point as it is.

      My dream seems to start near an unknown intersection, though vaguely reminds me of Stadcor Street (in Australia) as well as King Street (in America). The setting is ambiguous though and seems to be indoors and out on the street at the same time. In fact, I even willfully shift our location a bit so that the “floor” of the setting seems to move out of the range of any potential traffic (though I do not see any vehicles approaching at any point.) I notice that my wife Zsuzsanna, who is seated on her knees, and who seems only slightly puzzled at my manipulation of “sliding” our dream placement, has some sort of computerized display on the “floor”, probably an iPad, though a little bigger. The fairly large writing is in landscape format.

      I try to read it and become completely clear and lucid for a short time, though this does not do much good as the writing makes no sense at any point. I notice the phrase “dog mxtre”, which I take to mean “mixture”, though it is mostly random letters and gibberish. There is something like “coup de gras” but mostly the screen is an incoherent mess of nonsensical words. The phrases do change a few times with one or two actual words here and there, but just when I think I am getting something interesting or potentially meaningful, I realize it is solely gibberish.

      During this time I find a newspaper article on events in a park that also somehow relate to sexual acts that are not permitted. There seem to be at least a hundred by-laws that specifically limit the nature of sensuality. It seems very clinical and yet senseless, as if society is ruled by a “mechanical” mentality that does not even recognize the nature or pleasures of organic life. One of the phrases relates how the heel of the foot is not to be used for gratification in making contact with the partner’s bottom (regarding the cleft). I do not go on to read much of the rest of the long list.

      From here, I seem to be in a room with my wife, though my mother (deceased October 2, 2002) is also present, along with a few other people in the background. The news is on, on television, and I go closer to watch it carefully, though only semi-lucid at this point. The news announcer is making references to how fantastic and amazing the sound of a snow leopard is. He goes on and on as the screen mostly shows the head of the snow leopard in profile, facing to the right. After several minutes, the snow leopard still has not made a sound, though I continue to watch. As the news announcer goes on and on in praise, there is not much movement of the animal. In fact, it looks a bit annoyed by the presence of the television cameras.

      Finally though, it makes a roaring sound, still with its head facing to the right of the television screen. However, it does not seem quite real. The news announcer continues to jabber mindlessly. Eventually, the snow leopard seems to speak in a very raspy and breathy voice, “Hank…has not been…ly…ing” (“Hank has not been lying” - in reference to the implied but false “honesty” of the news announcer), which is very low-pitched yet still with a discernible melody. I am aware however, that the video has been edited quite amateurishly to make the mouth seem to move with the words.

      My mother rolls her eyes and subtly shakes her head and looks frustrated and somewhat angry over the news announcer’s attempts to trick people with ridiculous manipulated video and audio.

      Yet again, my dream renders unlikely things my wife had seen with no possible way of me knowing. In this case, it was two elements; my wife being endangered by a thoughtless driver while walking near an intersection and also, as odd as it sounds, my wife had recently seen something on her own on television about an owner of a gray and white cat (similar colors as a snow leopard) trying to make it look and sound as if it was talking while it was meowing. However, my wife said the commentator in that case made a note that it was obviously fake due to the owner manipulating its sound as the camera held the same orientation as the image in my dream according to my wife. I have never been thoughtless enough to think something like that could be coincidence, especially as it happens continuously and often on higher levels of precision in imagery and events. I continue to remain baffled, not by continuous precognition and remote viewing since earliest memory but how other people do not experience this (or at least claim not to for whatever reason - it just does not add up).

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    14. Reading a Crime Novel on an Airplane

      by , 08-16-2015 at 02:16 PM
      Morning of August 16, 2015. Sunday.

      Rewritten for clarification and supplemented Friday, 25 August 2017.

      In the first part of my dream, I read at least halfway through a paperback crime novel (possibly by Erle Stanley Gardner, though this is not certain). I retain much of what I read for a few minutes after each page, enough to get a general idea of what the story is about, but I eventually forget most of it. It concerns a jewel thief who escapes by traveling by jumbo jet to another country while meeting a female on the airplane. He becomes interested in her and sees her again later on. She is a secretary that eventually goes to work for him.

      My reading of the paperback crime novel expands into an amateur play aboard the airplane. I find at least two people (unknown and unfamiliar) who I decide to act out the story with as our airplane takes off and flies to wherever we are going.

      One of these other passengers, who mostly stands to my left as I am seated on the right side of the airplane about the fourth seat back, is a young female who becomes wary about doing this as if perhaps she thinks that movies or plays made from novels are filmed or performed exactly as they are. For example, if an actor plays someone who is killed, the actor will actually be killed at that point. This seems to be an extraordinarily ignorant belief, yet in my dream, it seems typical of ordinary people to hold such beliefs. She eventually comments on the persona of the jewel thief in the story and decides to free herself of this little fictional drama and return to her own seat, no longer being interested. I am somewhat annoyed that the play was not completed, but my thoughts shift to other things.

      There is an idea that I need to make a beanie. The beanie will have a blue and white mandala design spreading over the center from the top down somewhat like a simplified spiderweb design. Another (unknown) female complains about me wanting to create the beanie (which I plan on finishing on the airplane before we land) from scratch and asks me why I do not just buy one. (In some ways, this is like saying to someone who wants to learn to play guitar to go out and buy a music CD or someone who wants to build a house to just look at pictures of houses.) At any rate, I explain to her how the design and creation has to be mine (similar to a real life event when I made a headband, as it had to be a design taken directly from my dream). I start working on my beanie, but I do not complete it before I wake.

      Meanwhile, I am given an on-flight meal which ends up leaving a horrid sweet taste in my mouth after waking. It is some sort of serving-tray-sized clump of thicker reddish jelly or conserves that is not fresh and is shaped somewhat like a land form relating to the Colorado Plateau. I do not want to eat it, but there is nothing else to eat so I eat most of it. I wake before the airplane lands.

      Time to explain the meaning of this dream, yes? I am certainly not talking about “interpretation” but about inherent meaning and why this dream is as it is.

      Firstly, I am on an airplane. This usually has nothing to do with waking life (unless prescient or based on literal dynamics from recent experiences) but is an obvious dream state indicator. This is primarily based on the floating sensation of entering sleep and the residual memory of such. (How difficult could it be for a person of average intelligence to immediately realize this?) Over twenty percent of my dreams have more obvious flight symbols. This includes tens of thousands of dreams over a fifty-year time period. As a result, can you imagine what I think when I read about “dream interpretation” as the term is often used? (To be honest, I do not think you could.)

      Then there is the paperback crime novel. Since being unconscious in the dream state is a “puzzling” state of awareness, the rendering becomes actualized in this case as a mystery novel and is even expanded into my dream’s environment as such (and how often would such an event occur in real life even symbolically?).

      Why am I making a beanie in this particular dream? I am trying to implement a connection to my outer (conscious self’s) awareness in real time (and completeness in consciousness regarding what a mandala represents). There is non-lucid dream control. A part of me knows I am dreaming (as is most often the case) yet the lucidity is not viable or held within my dream self’s inherently fictional memory. Making this cap is similar to other dreams involving my dream self attempting to initiate waking (and this is also why there is no dominant preconscious personification or other preconscious factor). The unknown female complaining about me wanting to make the beanie is possibly a distorted perception of me believing (or actually perceiving within the same level of consciousness as her as we are sleeping) that my wife does not yet want to wake. This is certainly not meant to sound negative. No one else could even come close to her beauty or compatibility with me.

      The weird dessert at the end of my dream likely relates to a few factors. (Red desserts have appeared in other dreams since childhood.) It may relate to having low blood sugar after a long sleep. It may be a rendering of the subliminal awareness of an odd taste in my mouth. Red dominating a dream typically means I have been sleeping a bit too long (or sleeping too long in one position). The association with a Colorado plateau may also indicate partial dehydration (and the need to rehydrate after waking, which is very important).

      See how this dream is based on the real-time dynamics of sleeping, dreaming, and waking rather than having feasible conscious self relevance as main factors in this case? A person of reasonable intelligence should be able to grasp this with no difficulty. Even so, most of my dreams have threads of literal prescience, which could not be discerned by “interpretation” either. Thank you for reading and understanding.

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    15. Healing, Flying, Loving

      by , 12-19-2014 at 06:19 PM
      Morning of December 19, 2014. Friday.

      Firstly, I am in some sort of group of mostly unknown males (not relevant to real life). There are two rows of perhaps seven or eight facing each other. It seems to be on King Street, though the front (northeast) apartment is much bigger. I seem to become angry and punch most of them extremely hard. This seems to at least partly be because each and every one of them is being condescending to each and every other, sounding more and more ridiculous, like a perpetual comic strip but with no comedic elements.

      After seemingly several minutes of this, I become slightly lucid (becoming more lucid over time). I have an awareness of an affirmation set and decide that instead of eliminating these people, I will heal them (including “fixing” their brain by bringing it into its most natural resonance somehow). I vaguely sense a “correct” oscillation and harmonic resonance inside their heads when I put my hand on the top of their heads and eventually place my hands on all of their heads. The effect is similar to feeling the vibrations when placing your hand on the body of an acoustic guitar when a chord is played.

      I heal their wounds and cuts as well. However, because I reach an apparent overly energetic stage which is supposedly “too powerful” to use directly (with my palms, for example - where the energy seems to emanate from), I need only lightly touch them with the back of my hand to restore them to their healthiest state - otherwise my power may cause them to “disintegrate”. I do not recall this event being like this in past dreams, as I formerly used my fingers and palms.

      From here, I walk out with a few (unknown) people. The porch roof is extended out more over the front yard than in reality (almost like a large lower awning) which seems frustrating relative to being able to fly out and up as soon as I want. As lucidity is dawning on me a bit stronger, I decide to fly out into the world. As I fly swiftly and efficiently, even deliberately over a longer sequence of telephone lines and power lines (which seem somewhat out of place and randomly going at an angle from the buildings and sidewalks), I notice how incredibly clear and visually defined my dream’s environment is. It is so well-rendered, I am amazed to a nearly breath-taking pleasure on the imagery alone; even more so, because it does not seem reminiscent of a real location. It seems to be near an industrial area of whatever town it is now meant to be. I notice a few buildings, a forest in the distance, and a few parked vehicles here and there, including a semi near a warehouse.

      I feel fantastic as I look down and about over the scenery. At one point, I see a pile with old books and magazines, but mostly atop a taller pile of just debris, at the end of an alley, which appears to be a public dumping area. The pile is almost as high as the two-storey possibly abandoned commercial buildings on each side. I land near the top of the pile and pick up what seems to be an old “Alvin and the Chipmunks” comic book (it may be an association with an old instrumental my father wrote and performed as well as the name of where we lived at one time in Chipmunk Coulee). There are three bats on the cover (which may be related to a short-term comic strip I did as a boy about three “rock star” bats in the early 70s based on an earlier recurring dream). I tell myself that because I know I am dreaming, I may be able to actually read the entire book. However, I mostly only seem to focus on one odd phrase, which is “Poly Calep” and seeing that distracts me from my plan to read the whole comic. Perhaps this is a name of one of the characters.

      From here, I am still aware of the people that had been at the meeting walking around not that far from where I am. However, I decide to enjoy more flying. I am able to again maneuver just slightly above power lines for a fair distance (which used to be problematic in dreams in my youth) without getting tangled. Oddly though, the power lines go up at an angle the farther I fly, but I still directly remain parallel to them the entire distance.

      From here, I find myself back at North Monroe Street, which is usually rare to dream of. I have not been there since early 1968. I notice a few people standing around near the outer hall to the west, where my older brother Earl lived at one time. I go with my wife (who had apparently been standing in the hall) into the apartment, which seems larger and much longer to the east. Of course, I plan on having a nice romantic interlude to see what can physically occur. At this point, my dream is almost entirely under my conscious influence in every way other than the “extra people” that annoy me somewhat (which is typical of this type of lucid dream until apex lucidity is reached). We walk past three bedrooms where I can see a person’s feet sticking out from under a sheet on each bed. As we continue to walk, a male relative (Kevin M) ends up following us as well. Just as my wife and I are able to get into a bathtub (which is perpendicular to the direction we are walking), which is already full of nice cool water, he is still behind us. However, as my wife and I begin to sit down in the water (already suddenly unclothed by mental will alone), I slam the mostly opaque bathtub’s sliding door (much like the setup from King Street) so that we are then isolated from all public perspectives. (I suppose that he could have technically still opened the sliding door, but this does not really occur to me at any level of thought so does not happen.)

      I am on my back and my wife sits on me in the cool water. The pleasure is quite augmented; a very clear sense of wetness and warmth (against the refreshing coolness of the water) and enhanced physical pleasure as well as spiritual unity and oneness. The only unusual distortion is that Zsuzsanna has tiny curly black hairs that create a narrower curved line going up and around her hips and back up towards her abdomen, somewhat like a doubled mirror-imaged harp design.

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