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    1. An Unusual Journey

      by , 08-23-2020 at 10:57 AM
      Morning of August 23, 2020. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,606-03. Reading time: 2 min 42 sec.

      There were more kinaesthetic and somatosensory events in this dream than usual. The processes sustained my dreaming experience but resulted in an exaggerated and prolonged sensory focus that was predominant in the unusual narrative.

      In the first part, my instinctual awareness I am sleeping results in the opening scene being in an unknown bedroom. My conscious self identity mostly remains present throughout my dream. Zsuzsanna and I are going on a trip to another part of town (fictitious location). We are sharing an apartment with an unknown woman. I have to get dressed, but it is too difficult. My pants will not go up over my hips. I am annoyed by the irritating sensations. (This sometimes happens when I sleep with a heavy blanket.) Even so, the scenario eventually changes, and Zsuzsanna and I are walking along a dirt road.

      There is an exhibition in an unfamiliar region. Zsuzsanna introduces me to an unknown male named Chris. She supposedly knew him when she was younger and living in Nimbin (though that is impossible, as he is only about twenty years old). An unknown man takes a picture of Zsuzsanna, saying how beautiful she is and acting as if she is on her own and available. I take his camera and smash it, noticing that there is a roll of film inside with images of people. I am unsure if he will still be able to develop it, but I mangle the camera as much as possible and throw it on the floor. (This situation was influenced by a scene from “King Kong” I had seen a small part of last night. It is the scene where Carl discovers his destroyed camera. The only difference is that, in my dream, I could see transparent individual images in the film.)

      Somatosensory dynamics cause me to focus on my hands. I have a silver ring that used to be tight on my finger, but now it is far too big to stay on it. I move it around over my finger and tell others about the situation. It seems I am shrinking, or at least my hand is.

      Zsuzsanna and I are going to leave. I start to walk down a staircase on my own and (as is typical in dreams) imaginary kinaesthesia becomes predominant. The steps are individual stacked storage boxes, and some below me fall to the ground as I remain on the higher section. Other people cannot get down either. I consider that some people below can put the steps back, but they walk off. A woman at a counter in the building tells me I can turn and go to another area. I teleport to the back of the building by going under the large gap in the lower section. There are many people around. I soon teleport back and jump to the ground. I tell the woman at the counter (from outside the entrance, though the setting is ambiguous) that the staircase is illegal (because of being unsafe for the public). She cheerfully tells me that she knows it is obviously against the law but that it is only a temporary setup for the exhibition.

      Zsuzsanna and I and our youngest daughter are walking home. An enormous vehicle approaches from the opposite direction, and we go to the side of the street. However, the machine is so big it is over most of the area. The bottom of the long truck is over ten feet above us. It seems to be a street-building and maintenance device that pours the asphalt as it travels as well as smooths out the surface and performs other tasks. The driver is aware of us at one point and swerves slightly, but we still cannot get past and cannot continue safely either. There is a high-set chain-link fence on our left that prevents us from going another way. Despite the gigantic size of the vehicle, I push on its wheels and slide it away from us as if it weighed hardly anything (though I am aware of some weight and momentum).

    2. Halloween Party in January with Skull Ring

      by , 01-31-2016 at 07:31 AM
      Morning of January 31, 2016. Sunday.

      Dream #: 17,940-03. Reading time: 1 min 10 sec. Readability score: 70.

      This dream branched off into today’s volcano and “circling the globe” dream (without any apparent waking transition or consciousness shift other than the second dream situation becoming more vivid over time).

      My wife Zsuzsanna, our children, and I are going to a public Halloween celebration. My dream self does not perceive the presumed October date as incorrect.

      I will be wearing a hooded cloak, though I perceive it as light-colored at one point rather than black (of which seems more suitable to my implied character as the Grim Reaper). There is minor difficulty getting it to fit.

      My only other costume feature is a silver skull ring which goes on the middle finger of my left hand. The skull is upright when viewed by others when my arm is naturally at my side. There is a slide switch in the back of it that makes its eye sockets shine with brilliant light, so bright that it would light up the street. I see the two beams, but they are not overwhelmingly bright.

      As with many of my dreams, I take to the air in flight without thinking much about it. I notice an unknown young girl also flying to the party, ahead of me by about half a block. In these types of dreams, I decide to fly while considering it a completely natural event.

      My dream changes into the type where I need to push through barriers at times due to the unusual maze-like layout of various unfamiliar buildings. At one point, there is a very thick window on a high floor of a commercial building. I attempt to push through it and eventually succeed. I walk or fly through walls, with slight difficulty at times. Mostly, I fly around enjoying the view.